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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Belarus | TID: 18613230
1 Value: BYR 139.32 Billion approx. / 13932.30 Crore approx. | Reconstruction of the underwater crossing of the main oil pipeline Mozyr-Brest DN 600 and DN 800 km of main and backup 100-105 thread DN 800 km 103-105 r.Stviga through the replacement pipe.
Due on 18-Jul-2016  |  19 Days to go
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Belarus | TID: 18481004
2 Value: BYR 1.58 Billion approx. / 158.29 Crore | Purchase reinforced concrete pipes to the object Group of apartment buildings with social and guaranteed services for the population and a dormitory at the intersection of ul-Vygodsky Projected number 3.
Due on 29-Jun-2016  |  Closing today
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Industrial Development Agencies | Punjab | TID: 18619221
3 Value: INR 140.46 Million approx. / 14.04 Crore approx. | Maintenance of parks/green belts/road berms, removal of growth and malba including Horticulture, Civil and Public Health works in Sector 48-C to Sector 71,
2 Maintenance of trees, shrubs, ground covers and grass area of 200 feet road from Gurdwara Singh Shaheedan to USER S.A.S. Nagar as per schedule of specification of DN IT
3 Providing water supply scheme in balance area (Phase Kurali Town. Providing, lowering cutting, jointing and testing of Dl pipes and specials including excavation and refilling same and all other works contingent thereto.
4 Boring and installation of 5 No. deep tube wells of size 300mm x 200mm dia gravel packed up to 450 metres below ground level in Kurali town. 5 Boring and installation of 4 No. deep tube wells of size 300mm x 200mm dia gravel packed up to 450 metres below ground level in Kurali town.
6 Running and m aintenance of storm water drainage scheme from Mullanpur, Chandigarh barrier up to T-junction of Kurali Siswan road,
7 Operation and maintenance of 10 MGD capacity pumping station and sewage treatment plant in Sector 83, .
8 Running and maintenance of water supply scheme in Sector 79,
9 Dismantling and construction of boundary wall and Construction of sub station building.
11 Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 500 KVA indoor type servo voltage stabilizer at Golf Range, Sector .
12 Providing electrical connections to street lighting on 200 wide PR-9 Road, S.A.S. Nagar.
13 Providing lowering, cutting, jointing and testing of RCC pipe NP-3 with HDPE lining up to STP & over flow pipe from STP to choe at Dera Bassi, .
14 Construction of roads for Food Court, Sector 62, Nagar.
15 Providing/installation of irrigation system and beautification/ landscaping with three years maintenance on 200 feet wide road from Mullanpur/U.T. boundary up to T-Junction of Kurali Siswan road.
16 Development of horticulture works in park No. 23 & 24 Sector 55,
Construction of Restaurant in Ecotourism Project at Siswan Dam, Distt. S.A.S. Nagar. 18 Boring and installation of 1 No. deep tube well of size 300mm x 200mm dia gravel packedup to 450 mtrs below ground level in Purab Premium Apartments at Sector 88
Construction of dual carriage way high level bridge including approaches on N-choe on 100 feet wide sector dividing road, Sector 80-81.
Due on 14-Jul-2016  |  15 Days to go
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Non Classified | Haryana | TID: 18639926
4 Value: INR 78.19 Million approx. / 7.81 Crore approx. | Providing Sewerage .Scheme And Construction Of Sewerage Treatment Plant For Haily Mandi Town Of Distt. "Designing, Construction, Erection, Testing & Commissioning Of Automatic & PLC Controlled Withscada5.50 MLD Main Pumping Statioti; Rising Main Upto STP, Construction Of Automatic & PLC Controlled With SCADA 5.50 MLD Sewerage Treatment Plant Based On Sequential Batch Reactor(SBR) Technology, Including 700mm I/D RCC Pipe Effluent Channel Disposal Of Sludge And Diposal Treated Effluent Into Nala Complete In All Respect Including Boundary Wall, Staff Quarters, Approach Roads, Land Scaping, MCC Panel Room, CCTV Cameras, Transformer, DG Set & All Other Contingent Electrical, Mechanical, Piping And Instrumentation Works At MPS & Sewage Treatment Plant Including Operation & Maintenance For 12 Months During Defect Liability Period After Trail Run Of 3 Months And Five Years Thereafter At Haily Mandi Town Of District (Under State Plan ).
Due on 20-Jul-2016  |  21 Days to go
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Water Storage and Supply | Gujarat | TID: 18384178
5 Value: INR 25.38 Million / 2.53 Crore approx. | Extension of Existing Umedgadh Minor No.2 from Ch. 1510m to 4510m of SLBMC with use of under ground RCC NP2 class pipe line (solar base lift irrigation scheme).
Due on 06-Jul-2016  |  7 Days to go
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Water Storage and Supply | Gujarat | TID: 18384131
6 Value: INR 17.68 Million approx. / 1.76 Crore approx. | Extension of Samlapur minor Ch 1810m to 3010m of LBMC with use of RCC NP2 class pipes of 900mm dia. (Extension of command area on left side of Dharoi LBMC).
Due on 06-Jul-2016  |  7 Days to go
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Civil Works | Himachal Pradesh | TID: 18492713
7 Value: INR 13.09 Million approx. / 1.30 Crore approx. | Construction of Link Road vill.Sankar to Sohri HP-03-12A
Construction of Link Road vill. Sankar to Sohri from State-I to II in Kms.00-3.165 SH providing laying WBM-I-II-III Providing & Laying PMC including seal coat, B-walls, V-shape drain, PCC pavement parapets, 900mm dia RCC Hume pipe, culverts and sign board etc.
Due on 09-Jul-2016  |  10 Days to go
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Municipal Corporations | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 18539491
8 Value: INR 8 Million / 80 Lakh | Supply of PWD Material, Metal 6-20 MM, Metal 20-40 MM, Bolder 22.5-45 MM, Bolder 45-63 MM, Bolder 63-90 MM, Crusher Dust, Sand, Moorum, Earth Soil, Black cotton soil, Brick Local Standard Size Open Bhatta, Brick Fly Ash, Cement, Reinforcement, Winding Wire, Kheela, Iron Angle, Channel, 'T' Gurder, Hard Span MS Sheet, G.I.Sheet, G.I.Profile Sheet, AC Sheet, PVC Sheet, Expansion Sheet, Iron Door Complete, Iron Windo, Iron Ventilatore, Iron Grill, Relling, G.I. Grill, Relling, Rolling Shutter, Decorated Door, Decorated Windo, Aluminium Frem Door, Aluminium Frem Windo, Iron Pressed Door, Windo Relling frem, Iron Pressed Door, Windo Painal Shutter, Wooden Frem Door, Wooden Frem windo, Wooden Frem ventilatore, Plywood Frem Door, 13, Plywood Frem ventilatore, PVC Door, PVC windo, PVC ventilatore, Flush Door, Aluminum Section with glass complet work, Table Glass 5 MM, Table Glass 8 MM, Table Glass 12 MM, Table Glass 16 MM, Stone Size 20cmx20cmx20cm, Marble, Granite, Kota Stone, Floor Glaz Tile Syramic 0.6 x 0.6 Meter, Tiles 0.3 x 0.3 Meter, Chequre Tiles, Flag Stone, Paving Block 50 MM, Paving Block 65 MM, Paving Block 100 MM, RCC Fencing Poll 1.8M 0.1x1 With Nail, Barwed Wire 5 Fly, Lime, Distemper Dry, Oil Distemper, Sinthetic Enamel Paint, Enamel Paint, Red Oxide iron, Wodden Primer, Plastic Emerson, Whether Proof Paint, Tarpin, Putti, WC Western Standerd, WC Indian Style, Urinal Jents, Urinal Ladies, Wash Besin Complete Set, False Celing P.O.P, False Celing Zipsum, False Celing AC Sheet, RCC Hume Pipe NP2 900 MM, RCC Hume Pipe NP2 600 MM, RCC Hume Pipe NP2 450 MM, RCC Hume Pipe NP2 300 MM, RCC Pipe Half Round 450 MM, RCC Pipe Half Round 300 MM, PVC Pipe 6" 8kg pressure, PVC Pipe 4" 8kg pressure, PVC Pipe 3" 8kg pressure, PVC Pipe 2" 8kg pressure, Coaltar, PVC Membren, Concrete Mixer, Plate Vibretore, Niddile Vibretore, JCB Machien with fuel, Hitachi Machien Chain mountain with fuel, Plain Roller 10 Ton Capicity with fuel, Vibrater Roller 40 Ton Capicity with fuel, Tractore with trolly with fuel, Water Tanker, Centring work Complete, ACP Work.
Due on 08-Jul-2016  |  9 Days to go
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Health Services/Equipments | Haryana | TID: 18357588
9 Value: INR 6.50 Million / 65 Lakh | Augmentation Sewerage Scheme Hansi Town (Under State Plan).
Providing & Laying & Jointing of 200mm, 250mm & 300mm i/d S.W. pipe in Vikas Nagar, Balmiki Basti, Baba Banda Bahadur Uttam Nagar, Jagdish Colony,, Bhatia Kutia Vakil Colony and balance area of Hansi Town & All other Works contingents thereto.
Due on 29-Jun-2016  |  Closing today
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Municipal Corporations | Rajasthan | TID: 18555562
10 Value: INR 5 Million / 50 Lakh | Provide Of Construction Material – Metal Rod, RCC Hume Pipe, Gravel Bricks, Fly Ash Bricks, Sand, Crasher Broken Gitti, Binding Wire, Metal Door & Window, Enamel Paint & Samosam.
Supply & Transportation Of Water Tanker.
Hiring Of Cement Concrete Mixer, Diesel Road Roller & Other Items.(Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Due on 03-Aug-2016  |  35 Days to go
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