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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Macedonia | TID: 15131781
1 Value: MKD 23.00 Million approx. / 2.30 Crore approx. | Purchase of Supplies for interventional cardiology, Manifold, Angiographic syringe contrast, Hose extension, Set of Y connector, Hydrophilic set for transradial access, Pump inflation principle of rotation, Hydrophilic set for transfemoral approach, Wire Guides, Hydrophilic Wire Guides, Diagnostic angiographic catheters, coronary catheters, Coronary Cobalt Chromium, DES coronary stents cobalt chrom, Wire guide for PKI in chronic total occlusions, System compression femoral artery for multiple use, Jumpsuit full protective apron X-ray overlay with belt buckle, Protector for thyroid.  | Due on 13-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 15001624
2 Value: INR 21.83 Million approx. / 2.18 Crore approx. | Supply of testing equipments - optical fiber cable splicing machine (single fiber), OTDR (mini), optical power meter (type-A) and (type-B) and feeder cable for 900 MHz, 1800 MHz & 2.1 GHz / UMTS frequency bands with accessories for RF feeder cable 7/8 (type-II) for 900 MHz 1800 MHz & 21 GHz / UMTS frequency bands (drum length 360 m), Feeder connector (female type) 7/8, feeder connector (male type) 7/8, jumper cable (I-I type) male to male (5 meter length), jumper cable (I-I type male to female 5 (meter length), jumper cable (I-L type_ male to male (5 meter length), jumper cable (I-L type) male to female (5 meter length), IF cable for ericsson mini link, IF cable for nokia mini link, wether proofing tape.  | Due on 15-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Rajasthan | TID: 15091360
3 Value: INR 20.41 Million approx. / 2.04 Crore approx. | Procurement of discrete wire connectors, Modular connectors, Cable Route Tracers and Digital cable fault locators Chamber of AGM(MM) O/o CGMT, 2nd floor Doorsanchar Bhawan, Lalkothi.  | Due on 22-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Macedonia | TID: 14818594
4 Value: MKD 13 Million / 1.30 Crore | Purchase of medical supplies, Button cord, Bracelets, printed with laser number, soda lime, Laboratory mechanical timer with alarm, Masks with inhalation hose, lamps for physical therapy with infra-red radiation with stand, AgNO3 silver nitrate laboratory, Paper flaps spirometer, enema with PVC canister, Brushes for taking swabs, Means of cold disinfection of instruments, Disinfectant floor and wall surfaces, Cleaning and disinfection (surgical) hands with SPF hands, Active cleaning and disinfection of instruments and endoscopes concentrate for preparation of solutions purpose, Cleaning and disinfection of surgical tools, Agent with a high degree of disinfection of endoscopic instruments, Solution for rinsing the bladder and urinary tract, Prolean network for hernia, Jankauer set, condoms, Blue metilen, Apparatus for pressure manometer, Pumps for fire pressure, Sleeves apparatus pressure, Glicerolum, Parafinum liquidum, Acidum boricum, Aethanolum, Formalin, Ephedrin hidrohlorid, Vaselinum album, Contrast the RTG recording digestive tract, Tabletting salt, Home milk food for infants, wooden spatulas, digital heat meters, Latex gloves, Surgical scalpels, Intravenous cannulas with stopper, liquid formulation (means), Set for epidural anesthesia, Nasal oxygen set, Test indicator (multiduel) tape control sterilization, control sterilization and labeling of sterile sets and instruments chemical change of color, urine bag, Spinal needles, iodine, contrast agent injection at RTG recording, Connector, CTG paper, Alexandrova syringe, plastic bags camera laparoscope, silicone tubes for suction, hemostasis, Electrode, Temperature boards of bed, sanitary Watts, surgical universal set, Bandage, PVC Syringe, PVC Injection, Needles, Tubes, Nelaton aspiration catheter, Foley catheter, Redon drain, abdominal drainage catheter, Gastric probes, Baby Systems, Pipettes, glass tubes, Glass beaker, Polydioxanone, Polyglycolic acid.  | Due on 14-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Macedonia | TID: 14905079
5 Value: MKD 12.56 Million approx. / 1.25 Crore approx. | Purchase of Medical supplies, Set for central venous catheter, Systems for measuring the pressure gauges, Epidural filter set, foil catheters, Dufour catheter, needle, Balton catheter, Set for suction, universal connector hose, Extensions T inlet to the central oxygen, Three-channel connection for infusion pump, system for the infusion pump, Pressure gauge, Connectors for tube, Rektalen catheter, Urological drain, Baby Systems, system for transfusion, Endotrahialni tubes, Nazogastri term probe PVC, Tiemann catheter, Nelaton catheter, Abdominalen dren, Redon drain, Torakalen drain.  | Due on 16-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Rajasthan | TID: 15083934
6 Value: INR 9.24 Million / 92.40 Lakh | Supply of discrete wire connectors, 20 pr modular connectors (ST type), cable route tracer, digital cable fault locator.  | Due on 22-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 15019666
7 Value: INR 9.04 Million approx. / 90.43 Lakh approx. | Supply Of Tech Stores - X2/5920-000551 Fuse Holder With Cap 380v Ac 6.3a, Y3/Misc-Ugs-Ugsps-0013 Battery Alkaline Non Rechargeable, Y3/6145-000179 Cord Power Electrical 3 Core Atc, Z1/5998-018242 Circuit Card Assy Filter Card, 25w, Z3/Lorros-1110-0767-00scr Cap Socket Hd, Z3/Lorros-1110-0804-00 Din 912 Ms X 30, Z3/Lorros-6507-0018-12 Rope, Z3/Lorros-6507-0501-10 Lightening Protector Surge/Fire Rj 45 Sb, Z3/Lorros-6507-0403-03 Batteries Yuvasan P4-12, Z3/Lorros-6507-0604-01 Bnc Receptacle, Z3/Lorros-6507-0704 -01- El Box 15a Fuse, Z3/Lorros-6502-0513-00 Connector Ms 347 4112-35, Z3/Lorros-6507-0780-12 Bnc Cable (2) at COD.  | Due on 07-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 12532791
8 Value: INR 8.67 Million approx. / 86.76 Lakh approx. | Supply of Hand Set Assembly Complete with Connector  | Due on 02-Dec-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Philippines | TID: 15039889
9 Value: PHP 7.70 Million approx. / 77.03 Lakh approx. | Supply And Delivery Of Construction Materials Pipe, Sagrod, Rod, Stone, Cutter, Primer, Paint, Reducer, Sandpaper, Angle Bar, Steel Plate, Anchor Bolt, Clamps, Grinding Stone, Deformed Bar, Plywood, Lumber, Nail, Cement, Aggregates, Flat Bar, Tie Wire, Fittings, Steel Bar, Grinding Disc, Cutting Disc, Brush, Wire, Tape, Connector, Panel Board, Circuit Breaker, For Grandstand Project.  | Due on 04-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 15019733
10 Value: INR 5.15 Million approx. / 51.51 Lakh approx. | Supply Of Tech Stores At Cod Washer , Spring Lock, Star Identification Case, Camera Colour, Bore Sight Retentino Vss Adaptor, Grophic Over Lay Card, Utility Pcb, Focus Motor Assy, Trs Pcb, Window Assy, Optical Sensar Assy, Jumper Cables, Fuse 15a/24dc, Power Cable 201v, Connector Rg-45, Control Unit 5a Fuse.  | Due on 07-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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