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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 11217946
1 Supply Of Equipment & Machinery - Grinder with two 18 cm wheels with twist drill grinding, Hydrometer, Washing pump, Cell Tester, Hydraulic press 5 tone, Starter test benches, VCP 1, Color TV Monitor, Capacitor Motor 1/4 H.P. Single Phase 250 V, Split Phase Motor 1/4 H.P. Single Phase 250 V, Universal Motor 1 H.P.AC/DC 250 V, M.G. Set Consisting Of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 5 H.P. 400 V Cycle, With Directly Coupled Compound Generator 3K.W. 250 V With Built In Panel, Board Consisting Of , 1. 3 Phase Air Circuit Breakers, 2. Star Delta Starter (Contact Type 8 Point) & Automatic Type, 3. D.C Circuit Breaker, 4. Suitable Voltmeter On A.C. & D.C. Side, 5. Sunk Field Regulators, 6. Suitable Line Ammeters On A.C. And D.C. Side, 7. Field Circuit Ammeter, 8. Indicating Lamps On Both The Sides (AC &DC), Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 3 H.P. 400 V With D.O.L. Starter, Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 5 H.P. 400 V With Star Delta Starter, Soft Starter 1ph, Digital And Analog Bread Board Trainer, Resistance Bridge( Including P.O. Box), Seven Segment DPM, LCD Based DPM, LAN Cards, Dipole Antenna + Dish Antenna, PA System With Mics And Speakers, Optical Disk Drives, Cable TV Set Up With Set Top Box, CCTV Set Up, Washing Machine ( Auto And Semi Automatic ), Mixer Cum Grinder, Steam Iron, Milk Skimmer, DTH Set Up, Gas Pressure Regulator Oxygen Double Stage, Gas Pressure Regulator Acetylene Double Stage, Suitable Arc Welding Table With Positioner, Trolley For Cylinder (H.P. Unit), Bench Shear Capacity Up To 5 Mm, Portable Drilling Machine (Cap. 6 Mm), Oven, Electrode Drying 0 To 2500 Kg Capacity, AC/DC TIG Welding Machine With Water Cooled Torch 300 A, Argon, Regulator, Gas Hose, Water Circulating Pump And Standard Accessories, Bench Grinder Fitted With Fine Grain Size Silicon Carbide Green Grinding, Wheel Dia. 150 MM, Die Penetrant Testing Kit, Magnetic Particle Testing Kit, Tip Cleaner, Portable Electric Drill,6mm Capacity(Wolf Type), Portable Disc Sander, 200mm Dia., Electric Heater, 1000/1500 W, Electric Blower (Portable), Moisture Meter, Grease Gun, Spanner Double Ended Set Of 14, Electrical Drying Oven(Small Type), Fire Extinguisher, Fire Buckets, Universal Wood Working Machine, Tenoning Machine (Single Ended), Combined Surface And Thickness Planner, Wood Turning Lathe, 150mm Height Of Centers, 1.75 Meter Bed., Set Of Turning Tools., Mortising Machine (Combined Hollow Chisel And Chain Type.), Bench Grinder Double End Pedestal, 200mm Wheel, Drill Machine With Drill Chuck, 12mm Capacity, Adjustable Saw Sharpener, Jig Saw(Wood Working), Fractional H.P. AC Motor, Fractional H.P. DC Motor, Micro Wave Diatherrmy, ECG Recorder, Bed Side Monitor, Defibrillator, Pace Maker, Dental X-Ray Equipment, Portable Ultra Sonic Scanner, Surgical Diathermy, Pulse Oximeter, Theatre Lighting System, Baby Incubator, U-V/ IR Lamps, Transistor Tester, Personnel Computer With Latest Configuration, Laser Printer, Micro Processor Trainer 8085 (With Medical Application Card)., Microcontroller ATMEL 8 Bit Trainer Kit, Inter Com. System For 12 Lines., Microscope, Short Wave Diathermy, Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Tutor, Suspension And Steering System Trainer, Cut Section Models Of Shock Absorbers, Stock Absorber Testing Bench, Spring Tension Scale – 0-4.5 Kg., Coil Spring Compressor For Suspension Spring, Turbo Charger , Variable Turbo Charger, Wheel Alignment Gauge – Magnetic Type With Turn Tables, Wheel Alignment Setup Instrument, Tyre Changer, Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System, Tube Vulcanizing Machine, Tyre Vulcanizing Machine, Camber Angle Gauge, Toe-In, Toe-Out Gauge, Wheel Balancing Machine With Accessory, Tread Wear Indicator, Cut Section Of Cross Ply And Radial Tyres, Disk Brake With Caliper Assembly, Drum Brake Assembly, Tandem Master Cylinder With Booster, Wheel Cylinder, Vacuum Assisted Hydraulics Brake Assembly With Vacuum, Booster, Brake Lining Riveting Machine (Foot Operated), Brake Testing Equipment (To Test Efficiency Of Vehicle, Wheremotion After Braking Is Plotted), Motor Vehicle In Running Condition (Diesel Heavy), Mechanical Hoist/Plate Form Type, Trolley Type Portable Air Compressor Single Cylinder With 45liters, Capacity Air Tank, Along With Accessories & With, Workingpressure 6.5 Kg/Sq Cm, Grinding Machine (General Purpose) D.E. Pedestal With 300 Mm, Dia Wheels Rough And Smooth, A.C Welding Transformer 300 Amps With Complete Accessories, Oxy-Acetylene Welding Equipment With Complete Accessories, Low & High Pressure), Spot Welding Machine With Complete Accessories, Guillotine Shearing Machine Foot Operation (1mt X 18G, Capacity), Fly Press / Ball Press No.4 Single Body, Pipe Bending Machine (Hydraulic Type) 12mm To 30mm, Spring Tension Tester, Bench Lever Shears 250mm Blade X 3mm Capacity, Gas Welding Table 1220mm X760mm, Hydraulic Trainer Kit –Basic Along With Accessories, Pneumatic Trainer Kit- Basic Along With Accessories, Electronic Component Trainer Kit, Cylinder Block, CI Engine, Overhead Camshaft & Camshaft In, Bloc | Due on 26-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 11322015
2 Expression of interest for Converting surplus skim/whole milk into skimmed milk powder and White Butter | Due on 04-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 11232150
3 Value: INR 300 Million | Design, Supply & Labor job for Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Dairy & Allied Equipment for Modernization & Expression of Coimbatore Dairy. | Due on 27-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 11250626
4 Value: INR 300 Million | Design Supply and Labour Job for Installation Testing Commissioning of Dairy and Allied Equipment for Modernization and Expansion of Dairy. | Due on 27-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 11257504
5 Value: INR 300 Million | Design Supply and Labour Job for Installation Testing Commissioning of Dairy and Allied Equipment for Modernization and Expansion of Coimbatore Dairy. | Due on 27-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Haryana | TID: 11170492
6 Value: INR 33.85 Million (approx.) | Supply, labour job for installation testing & commissioning of Effluent treatment plant of 1.5 MLD for dairy plant at IMT on turnkey basis.
Design, supply & labour job for installation, testing & commissioning of HT/LT substation with HT panel, distribution transformers, PCC & ancillary items for 10 LLPD dairy plant at IMT.
Design, supply & labour job for installation, testing & commissioning of 2x2000 KVA diesel generator set with control panel, chimney & control panel for 10 LLPD dairy plant at IMT on turnkey basis.
| Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Chhattisgarh | TID: 11218653
7 Value: INR 17.50 Million | Supply of Laboratory Equipments / instruments, Milk Processing Equipments, Dairy Plant Equipments (Capacity 10000 liters / Day) & lab wares. | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 11296709
8 Value: INR 12.90 Million | Improvements to work.
Construction of Lift well.
Supply, erection & Commissioning Kitchen equipments.
Providing inter locking pavers between GNC550 & 549 to HVC662 & 661 cottages(GNCRingroad-3).
Improvements to Silathoranamarea.
Providing protective grills for exit corridor in second floor of VQC-II.
Raising of Road dividers from RBRH – 3 to V. I. P toll gate, Sri.T.T.
Providing interlocking pavers for road side berms & in between cottages.
Developing Foot path from RBRHBus stand behind HT complex to KURH at Tirumala.
Construction of public toilets in RTC dispatch point area opposite to PAC-III.
Developing of parking areas at Eastern side of Donor's rest house near Balajinagar & opposite to New'F'typequarters, Tirumala.
Construction of 6.00 MLD Pressure Sand filter plant for main filter house at Tirumala.
Providing Temporary shed for New extra laddu to kenis sue counters at Northern side of laddu issue counters, Tirumala.
Improvements to proposed Centralized disaster response unit stores at Central Command & Control Room in PAC – IV.
Construction of toilet block near Japali Temple.
Providing cut stone flooring, step sand miscellaneous works.
Providing balance Cut stone flooring & Foot path to Japali Theer tham and Temple premises.
Providing Laddumoulding platforms.
Construction of compound wall & laying of internal pavements for 10ML Drapid gravity filter plant.
Improvements to toilets / bathrooms in Specialty.
Proposed improvements to Aswani hospital.
Laying of inter locking pavers for Kutcha road leading from PPV road to the Newly constructed filter house under construction Kasuvumandapam.
Construction of additional toilet block & improvements to existing toilets in APSRTC Bus station on South side at Tirumala.
Extension of shed for boiler near bhoondhiki then area at Tirumala.
Construction of Bamboo Gazebo shed at in front JEO's camp office, Tirumala.
Painting to the parapet walls, drain walls, MS rails, slogan boards.
Shifting, erection & commissioning of steam boilers & hot water tank available.
Annual maintenance contract & materials required for ghee storage tanks, sugar candy machines, tackerunit, sugar syrup machine, jaggery machine, steamlines, Bhoondhi mixer machine, butter mixer tanks, wet grinders & Parakamani trolleys, LPG systems & fire fighting systems, wet grinder, de-stoners & steam cooking vessels in all canteens.
Annual maintenance of re-winding of burnt motors & repairs to pump sets & motors.
Repairs to pumps of 5HP to 50HP capacity for filter house & garden pumping section.
Annual maintenance & materials required for maintenance of water lines.
Providing gold colour with poxy based coating to all - rounds teprisers.
| Due on 16-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Rajasthan | TID: 11092146
9 Value: INR 6 Million | Supply Installation Commissioning of Continuous Butter Making Machine 800kg. | Due on 30-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dairy Products | Rajasthan | TID: 11233804
10 Value: INR 3 Million | Dairy Consultant for expansion and DPR preparation - Expression of Interest is invited from reputed and experienced firms/individuals for empanelment of consultants for (A) Expansion of Dairy plants and (B) preparation of DPRs. | Due on 11-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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