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Non Classified | Russia | TID: 10278534
1 Value: EUR 71 Million | Construction Completion of the boiler house, CHS and heating mains in Zhigansk & Construction of intra-quarter mains in Zhigansk – HS-5 and HS-7. | Due on 25-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Health Services/Equipments | Delhi | TID: 11045835
2 Value: INR 20 Million | Procurement of Ayurveda & Pharmacy equipment - Herbal Chopping/cutting m/c, Multifunction Vegetable Slicer/Chopper, Juicer Machines, Herbal drum washing m/c, Herbal Disintegrator Machine, Mini pulverizer, Cyclone type pulverizer, Powder and mass mixer, Electric Hot air Tray dryer, Paste kettle, Multimill, Octagonal blender, Vibrio sifter, Tablet inspection Belt, Wooden vats 200 Litres, Planetary mixer, Electric Hot air Tray dryer, Electricity operated double jacketed vessel for preparing syrup, Electricity operated double jacketed closed pan for manufacturing oil, Electricity operated double jacketed closed pan for production of avaleha, Electricity operated double jacketed vessel, Cooking kettle - kettles fixed type 1 no., Storage container, Storage racks, Storage bins, Storage vessel, Storage vessel, Batch coding machine, Automatic Herbal Cleaning, washing, Drying, Grinding, shifting, Mixing, metal detection system for powder Section, Rapid mixer granulator, Fluid bed dryer, with Trolley, Pills machine (Motorized), Rotary RSP 16 stn “D” Tooling, Coating pan, Capsule autoloader, Ointment / Cream Manufacturing Plant, Programmed muffle furnace, End runner mill (granite), Edge runner, Ball mill, Pouch filling & sealing machine, Viscous liquid filling machine, Automatic Form Fill & seal machine(powder), Automatic Form Fill & seal machine. (coarse powder), Automatic Form Fill & seal machine, Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine, Blister packing machine, Augar Powder filling, bottle sealing, capping, labeling machine for AIIA sarita Vihar. | Due on 18-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Health Services/Equipments | Kerala | TID: 11129470
3 Value: INR 15.26 Million (approx.) | Supply of Medical Equipment- Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer, Alpha Bed (Ripple Bed) With, Motor, Flexible Fiber optic Bronchoscope, Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump, Non Invasive Cardiac Output, Monitor, Portable X Ray Machine, Dvt Prophylaxis Sequential, Compression Device, Fluid Warmer, Patient Warmer, Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Table Top Sterilizer, Video laryngoscope, Examination Lamp-Mobile, Examination Lamp-For Minor, Surgical Procedures, Ultrasonic Nebulizer, Ecg Machine-12 Channel, Digital Bp Apparatus, X Ray Viewing Panel, Furniture’s-Part B -Icu Cot With Mattress, Bed Side Lockers, Overbed Table, Fowler Bed- 2section, Change Locker-6 Compartment, Almirah, Conference Room Table, Office Table, Emergency Trolley, Wheel Chair, Change Bench, General Items-Part C- Television, Refrigerator, Hand Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner, Floor Cleaning Trolley, Computer, Clock, Torch, Induction Cooker, Water Dispenser With Cold And, Hot Outlet, Telephone, White Board, Consumable Items Part D- Pressure Infusor Bags., | Due on 17-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Non Classified | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 11216927
4 Value: INR 13.25 Million (approx.) | Providing Air Conditioning Booster System And Water Heating System Of Modern Hostel At Academy Of Admn. | Due on 23-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11184978
5 Value: INR 12.99 Million | Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of CSSD Equipment Double Door Autoclave, Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (ETO), Washer Disinfector, Heat Sealing Machine, Drying Cabinet, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Gauze Cutting Machine, Storage Racks, Distribution Trolleys, Work Table with Sink, Transfer Baskets, Work Table, Glove Examiner, Glove Washer cum drier cum powderer, Storage Cabinets, Rapid Sterilizer (Table Top), Control & Packing Table, Linen Fold Table For Clean Area, Electric Distributional Panel, Turnkey works, Comprehensive Maintenance Charges. For at District General Hospital, Sri Lanka. | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Karnataka | TID: 11209017
6 Value: INR 7.70 Million | Supply of Machinery Spares- Fuse, Switch, Relay Module, Power Supply OCB, Extension PCB, Pressure Hood, Filter, Stepping Motor With Cards, Fuse Link, Repeater, Bearing Sight, Transfer Module, Hinge, Outer Sphere PCB, Sensor PCD STD, Cable Loom, Service Pack STD, Bearing Repeater, Repeater Compass PCB, Prog, Stepping Motor With Cars, Lamp Neon, Bearing Sight, Type, Interface Electronics, Transfer Module UKM-DS, Lamp, Heater Complete, Pump Complete, Set of Small Parts, Outer Sphere PCB, Transfer Module, Serial Transfer Module, DSB PCBS Coarse & Fine, Gasket Rubber, Heater Complete, Filler Pipe, Transfer Module, Luminous Indicator, Transfer Module UKMDS, Sensor PCB, Fan, Connection PCB, Operator Unit STD20, Power Supply Unit (DC), Fan Complete Distributor STD 20 Compact, Filler Pipe, Fuse, DC/DC Module ‘Gyro’, CPU PCB U12, Cap, Set of Gasket, Set of Screws. | Due on 25-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Agro Products | Punjab | TID: 11247725
7 Value: INR 7.13 Million (approx.) | Construction Of Maize Dryer At Jj Farm Kapurthala Mc From Foundation Work To Plinth Level Construction Internal Roads Providing Fixing Gate. | Due on 14-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Air Transport | Maharashtra | TID: 11160934
8 Value: INR 6.37 Million (approx.) | Annual contract for repairing o titanium and stainless steel type industrial chemical hearers of electroplating shop (012 shop). | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Dam Work | Jharkhand | TID: 11026066
9 Value: INR 4.59 Million (approx.) | Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of 12 nos. Compressors 07 nos. Service Air Compressors and 05 nos. Instrument Air Compressors with 05 nos. Air Driers of Unit 1, 2 and 3, MTPS, DVC. | Due on 15-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 11220648
10 Value: INR 3.82 Million (approx.) | KTPS(A)-BM - Replacement Of Air Heater Tubes Along With Tube Sheets In 2nd Pass Of Air Heater And Replacement Of Worn Out Tubes In I Pass During 2014-15 Capital Overhauls In Unit-3 Of KTPS-A Station. | Due on 30-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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