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Power Plant | Gujarat | TID: 11700095
1 Value: INR 8.38 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of consumable Items, adhesive compound, welding accessories, Tools & Tackles & Sprays at STPS - , Grinding Wheel, Champion Make Taflon Tape Size 1/2 ", Gas Cutting Torch Cutogen Esab Make, Gas Welding Set, Welding Helmet, Welding Hand Gloves Leather Size 14" For Welding Assly, Hss Hacksaw Blade Size, Measure Tape 5meter, Wire Brush 5 Row, Hammer With Handle 3 Kgs, Adjustable Wrench Size 10", Pipe Wrenches, Double Ended Ring Spanners Sets, Double Ended Ring Spanners Sets, Rustolene (500 Ml Tin), Pen Oil - (500 Ml/Tin) Heavy Duty Rust Penetrator, Adhesive Hylomer Universal Blue, Oil Stop Leak Putty 114 Gms. Pack, Hemloc Cold Weld Putty, Gasket/Flange Sealant, Gas Cutting Nozzle 1/32", Cutting Nozzle Size 1/16", Cutting Nozzle Size 3/64", Oxygen Gas Regulator Esab Make, Acetylene Gas Regulator Esab Make, Welding Cable, Welding Electrode Holder Fully Insulated 600 Amp. Current, Red Oxide, Rust Removing Spray Wd-40 In Aersole Packing Of High Pressure Valves, Steel Measuring Tap 3 M Long, Needle File Set Consisting Of 12 Blades And Size, Hole Punch Set, Stanvac Z-111 Ac-500 Cleaner, Ac 90 Liquid Maint Multipurpose, Kli - Nit Ct-2 Self Spraying Type In 350ml Can Packing, Crimping Tools 1.5 Sqmm To 10 Sqmm, Tester Type Screw Driver, Double Ended Fix Spanner Sets, Allen key Set, Crc-2-26 Self Spraying Type In 500 Ml Aerosol Can Packing, Cleaner Spray Stanvac Make 8376, Red Insulating Varnish Spray-6084 500 Ml/Tin, Ac-90 Airosole Spray Liquid For Mart 415 Gms. | Due on 25-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Roads | Punjab | TID: 11756597
2 Value: INR 5 Lakh | Supply of cat b stores - Ring set spanner (Set of 12 Pcs 6-7 to 30-32) Make Taparia, DE Spanner Set (Set of 12 Pcs 6-7 to 30-32) Make Taparia, Cutting Plier 8" Make Taparia Nos Plier 6" Make Taparia, Circlip Pliers Internal 6" Make Taparia, Circlip Pliers External 6" Make Taparia, Heavy duty socket 24mm Make Taparia, Heavy duty socket 29mm Make Taparia, Heavy duty socket 34mm Make Taparia, Star type socket set L/duty (8mm to 24mm) Make Taparia, Star type LN key set (Set of 10 pcs 1mm to 10mm) Make Taparia, LN key set (Set of 10 pcs 1mm to 10mm) Make Taparia, Adjustable Wrench 12" Make Taparia, Pipe Wrench 12" Make Taparia, Hydro Meter (900 to 1400 Grevity), Box Spanner (6-7 to 16-17) Make Taparia, Deco romy Self starter repair toll kit Make Delco, Alternator repair tool kit Make Taparia, Plunger Spanner (Self Starter) Make Taparia, HRD Battery testing machine 30 AH to 180 AH, Universal press screw driver bit star type Make Taparia, Universal press screw driver bit plain type Make Taparia. | Due on 29-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 11783348
3 Value: INR 1.91 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Gas Group of Items - Oxygen Cylinder Key Liver, Flow Meter With Regulator & Jar For Pipeline, Main Oxygen Regulater For Pipeline, Vaccum Suction With Regulator For Pipeline (Set Of 2 Jar Of 1 Litr), Outlet Valve For Suction (Self Sealing Valve With Cover And Button), Tailpipe For Nitrous Oxide, Wrench (Screw Spanner), D. Wrench (16 To 32), Industrial Gloves, Thread Seal Tape. | Due on 10-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Maharashtra | TID: 11813354
4 Value: INR 74.98 Thousand (approx.) | Procurement of spares for jkoc mine - Anticorrosive black paint, Nylon rope 1'' [ 25 mm ], Nylon rope ½'' [12 mm] dia with hook 50, Mtrs. Length., Manila rope ¾'' [ 20 mm.], Slide wrench 15'' [ 375 mm.], Flexible wire rope 12 mm, Engg. Wire rope (flexible wire rope), 16mm, Pvc adhesive [steel grip tape 20mm [3/4''], Cotton tape 25 mm [1''], Rubber tape 6''. | Due on 06-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Non-Ferrous Metals | Rajasthan | TID: 11645968
5 Value: INR 64.84 Thousand (approx.) | Supply of Miscellaneous items - Araldite In 180 Gm Packing Complete With Hardener And Rasin, M-Seal General Purpose Epoxy Compound In Standard One Kg Packing (4 Stick Of Resin+ 4 Stick Of Hardener), Teflon Tape 3/4"X10 Metre In Length Min. In Standard Roll, Teflon Tape 5/8" X10 Mt In Length Min.In Standard Roll, Pre Assembled Hawk Type Conveyor Belt Fastners, Rubber Insert For Coupling Hrc130, Jaw Coupling Set, Neoprene Rubber Bush Strength 200kg/Cm2 Shore Hardness 65, Bush Hard Rubber Id-15 Mm X Od 30, Bush Hard Rubber Id-25mm X Od-40.0mm Length-50 Mm, High Speed Steel Hack Saw Blade ½ Inchx12inch-14tpi, High Speed Steel Power Hack Saw Blade 1-1/4 Inchx18inch-10tpi, High Speed Steel Power Hack Saw Blade 1inch X 12inch-14 Tpi Make Miranda, High Speed Steel Power Hack Saw Blade 1inchx18inch 10tpi Make Miranda, Adjustable Wrench ( Slide Wrench ) Made Of Carbon Steel Standard Pattern. Burnshed Handle With Ground H.D, Hollow Punch For Leather Size 18 Mm Or 23/32, Hole Punch For Leather Size 10.5 Mm, Make Taparia No. 1788, Pipe Wrench Adjustable As Per Is.No 4003 1978 Pt 1 & 2, Size 14 Inch. | Due on 23-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Jharkhand | TID: 11611843
6 Value: INR 50.27 Thousand (approx.) | Supply of i D spanner,6mm to 32mm ,ii Ring Spanner,6mm to 32mm,iii) Plier 8 iv Slied wrench10 v 1/2 Drive socket set,vi 3/4 drive socket set,vii Pipe wrech 12 viii) Screw driver 10. | Due on 26-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Ethiopia | TID: 11554770
7 Procurement of Flngn Tools & Instruments, Socket wrench1/2’’drive(6- 14mm&17,19,22,24,32mm, Combination wrench(8- 16mm&17,19,22,24,32mm), Combination pliers(180mm), Adjustable Wrench(150mm), Offset Hexagon key wrench(1.5mm-16mm), Side cutter(jumper cutter), Long nose(160mm), Slip joint pliers(240mm), Screw driver set(cross head), Screw driver set(slotted head), Plastic hummer(medium), Hummer carpenter (0.35-0.5kg), Crimping tool, Double open wrench(5-32mm), Cable cutter(170mm), mains testing screw driver(AC/DC), Flexible measuring Tape( 3meter), Soldering Iron(40w), Pliers Bent Nose, Pliers Flat Nose, Hacksaw with frame (metal), Carry case(leather). | Due on 25-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 11562033
8 Supply of Plate Floor Steel Rolled Black, Section T Steel Carbon Black, Lifebuoy Horseshoe,Pvcskin,Polythen, Cable Elect Pvc, Brush Lining Fitch Flat, Cable Elect, Piping Steel Seamless Outer, Bar Steel High Speed Hot Rolled, Boot Dust & Moisture Seal, Needle Singer Sewing Machine, Retaining Hook, Socket Wrench, Megaphone Fiber-Aluminimen, Screw Driver, Bags Canvas Mail, Rubber Sheet, Messenger Towing Rope, Weight Belts, Pin Drop Nose And Swivel, Pad Lock, Thimble Rope For Steel, etc. | Due on 29-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11630239
9 Supply of Winding Wire, Teraphthalete, Polyster Base, Enamelled, 0.326 Mm, Winding Wire, Copper Round, Teraphalete, Paly Base, Medum, Covering Size, Terminal, Board Moulded, Barrier, Screew Type, Double Row, Linked Frout, Collection 16, Way, Cable, Electrical, Polyethyeline, Insulated Pvc, Sheat, Wire, Electrical, Copper Dsc 22, Swg, Terminal, Instument, Dauble M-3, Cable Power, Electrical, Tinned Anneald, Copper, Conductor, Bush, Insulating, Chisel, Pdeumatic, Chipping, Hammer Blank, Punch, Pneumatic, Chipping, Hammer (3/4''), 19.05mm, Fuse Link, Cartridge, Ceramic 20a, Switch Spdt, 420v Ac Dc 0.4va, Mini Toggle, Switch, Currect Fuse, 1.5a, Circuit, Breather, Magnetic, Unsealed, Single Pole 9a, 240 Vac. Connector, Cable 6a, Pen Lettering, Set Deluxe No 7, Light Frmi-S, Stick Crook, Jointed 2a, Plunger No-2, Deluxe Pen, Rivet Snap Hd, 02x7 Is 2155, Steel, Buckle Self, Locking 25mm, Female Part, Black, Terminal Feed, Through, 350vac Peak, 10a Type Rel-1, Rivet Snap Hd, 0.25x8 Is 2155, Stap, Compass, Drawing Pivot, Spring Bow, Reversible, Pen-P Pencil 77, Mm, Punched, Washer A2.9is, 2016 Brass, Revet Snap, Head 02x7 Is, 2155 Steel, Glass Frame, Printing Plate, Large 1448, Sprinkler, Water Hose, Bearing Bridge, Inner, Battery Spare, Bty Ni-Cd Pack, Scale Plotting, No 1c Oh Set, Nipple Air, Pnlet 19.05mm, (3/4-In), Bspx38.00mm, Capacitor, Fixed Plastic, Dielectric Ins, Tub 3920 Pf, Prism Optical, Sighting, Assembled, Spring, Rock Control, Nozzle Assy, With Copper, Washer, Sleeve, Control, Spring Helical, Stick Crook, Jointeed 2a, Plate Spring, Tataining 1a, Capacitor, Assemblic Pun, 25 Mfd 440vac, For Ac 3.51kw, Round Grille, Plastic Special, Spring Ratchet, Pawl, Spanner Pin, Fuse P 608b, Single Tube, Adhesive 50ml, Caps Driving, Bags Tool, Filled, Tube Daiving, Bar Jamping, Wood 1.22 Mm, Label Sparess, Bag Hammer, Drills, Pneumatic Med, Light, Adopters, Drivers 22.86, Kgs, Defender Ear, Plug, Perforated, S/Med, Electronic, Unit Assy, Hose Water, Rubber 38mm, 10x15 Mtr Long, Punches Tap, Concerting¸ Rock Drill, Pronjar 120, Portable, Nut Plain, Hexagon, Semi, Conductor, Device Diode, Type S15 Br8, Current, Transformer, Ctr, Transformar, Power Step, Dawn, Fuse 200a, Sheath, Insulating, 38mm, Power Board, With Cable, Gasket¸ Cable, Electrical, With Copper, Conductor Pvc, Insulated, Screw, Power, Electrical Atc, Cable Power, Electrical, Copper, Conductore 2.5, Sq Mm Pvc, Insulated Pvc, Sheathed, Circular 3, Core, Spanner, Socket, Reversible, Ratchet, Wrench 7.93750, Mm, Plug Adjusting, Cover, Electronic, Communication, Equipment Top, Assembly Ptr, 1000, Tool No6, Binocular, Night Vision, Passive 101a, Brush Holder, Spindle, Plug Element, Model 50h For, Bird, Electronics, Wa, Blower Motor, 1/12, Hp 3ph Ave, Make, 4 Pole, Magnetical, Contractor, Capacitor, (Electrolytic/1, 00uf), Cable Radio, Frequency, Coasial, Impendence 75, Ohms 900vrms, Heating, Element 2 Kw, (3ph), Filter Driver, Dn D535, Flexible Pcb, Mount, Resilient, Cushy Foot, Mount, Insolator Type, 005-1, Deflection, 1120165, Switch Rotary, 4 Pole 4, Position 440v, Ac 10a Types, Rp-145, Lamp Filament, 0.06a Mes Clear, O/Alenght 23mm, Dia 11 Mm, Capacitor, Fixed, Metalised, Plastic +- 10%, 400v, Hexagoa Nut, M10, Pipe Flexible, For Gauge Oil, Pressure, Push Pin, Decomp, Ressor M 64, Steel, Socket 2 Pin 10, Amp With Chain, 8 Cover Make, Cromp, Switch Relay, 1001 Rse, Resistor Fixed, Ww Non Ins 75, Ohms +-5% 9w, Clip Electrical, Buildog M S, Cad Plated, 11mm X 17mm X, 27mm Positive, (Ed 10301/2), Ether Copsule, Lever Control, Hand, Emi Filter, Fused Eprom, Set Of 02, Power Sensor, Buzzer Peizo, Ceramic 75db, Min, Bush, Fuse Open Link, 50 Amp, O Ring, Bridge Piece, Plug, Stud, Case Punched, Type, Equipment,1a, Starter Ring, Fuse Link, Cartridge 250v, Ac 3.15 A, Schurtor Type, Ftt 5018, Connection, Fuel For Filter, Atomiser Assy, Includes, 17,18,19 And 20, Connector, Receptacle, Electrical 8, Pin 1.2a 250v Ac, Resistance, Preset 100, Ohms, 1w, Ignition Cable, Insulation, Tape, Electrical, 12.5mmx20mtr, Long, Stud For Inlet, Manifold, Exhast, M8x1.25x35, Lamp Filament, Reyont Cap 12v, 2w, Cable Power, Electrical Atc, 16 Mm2, Elastomer, Insulated, Single Core, Elastomer, Sheathed, Flexible. | Due on 22-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Karnataka | TID: 11645409
10 Procurement of hand tools - Flat bastard, Flat ii cut, Flat smooth, Triangle file bastard, Triangle file ii cut, Triangle file smooth, Square file bastard, Square file ii cut, Square file smooth, Half round bastard, Half round ii cut, Half round smooth, Round file bastard, Needle file, Try square, Try square, Tool makers clamp, Copper mallet, Hacksaw frame fixed, Hacksaw blades hchcr, File handles, Hacksaw blades hss, Hand reamer, Machine reamer, Tap set, Die stock and die, Sleeve, Drill chuck keyless , Drill chuck keyless , Spanner open end , Ring spanner, Chizel flat, Cutting plier, Nose plier, Adjustable wrench, Monkey wrench, Angle plate, Drill bits, Center punch, Prick punch, Bench brush, File cleaning brush, Hammer, ‘v’ block and clamp, Tap wrench, Dead center, Clamps - goose neck, Clamps - plain slot , Core drills, Counter sink drill , Revolving centre, Allen - keys, H.s.s drill bits, Knurling tool , Parting tool holder + parting tool bits , Scriber block - 2 no, Centre- drill , Adjustable dial stand, Dial ring, plunger dial stand, Oil stone slab, Diamond dresser, Carborundum, Lamination block, Magmetic v block with clamp , Tool makers clamp, C- clamp. | Due on 24-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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