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Other Services | Meghalaya | TID: 12612686
1 Value: INR 2 Million | Procurement of Plumbing and Carpentry Items etc for the Institute - Door Latch 10" (Dark Brown) Aluminium (Godrej/Creative), Door Latch 12" (Steel Made) (Godrej/Creative), Door Stopper Aluminium (Godrej/Creative), Drill Bit (Wall) 6mm, Drill Bit (Iron) 4mm, Wall Mirror 19" X 15" (Rhino), Door Closer (Godrej/Creative), Door Handle 6" ( Dark Brown) Aluminium (Godrej/Creative), Door Handle 4" ( Dark Brown) Aluminium (Godrej/Creative), Dendrite, Fevicol, Primer for wood (White), Luxol Paint (Snow White), Luxol Paint (Cream Colour), Luxol Paint (Grey Colour), Asian Paint Apcolite (White), Asian Paint Apcolite (Oxford Blue), Asian Paint Apcolite (Signal Red), Asian Paint Tractor Distemper (Emulsion Smooth Wall Finish), Colour Chalk, Terpin, Paint Brush 2", Paint Thinner, Spirit (Polish), Tower Bolt - 7" (Dark Brown) Aluminium, Hacksaw Blade (Double), Alu-Pipe 12 ft. ¾" (Curtain Rod), PipeBracket (Steel) ¾", Steel Pipe 1", Bracket 1", Biding (Wood) ¾", Biding (Wood) 1", Biding (Wood) ½", Biding (Wood) 1 ½", Biding (Wood) 2", Chapra (Chellac), Sand Paper 100, Sand Paper 120, File J.K. (for Sharpening Saw), Altrab (Steel) 1 ½", Altrab (Steel) 2", Altrab (Steel) 2 ½", Clip/Hook (for Notice Board/Photo Frame/Name Plates), Painting Brush 3", Plain Sheet 7 feet, Hinges - 2", Hinges - 2 ½", Hinges - 3", Hinges - 4", Nails 1", Nails 1 ½", Nails 2", Nails 2 ½", Nails 3", Screw (Wooden) ¾", Screw (Wooden) 1", Screw (Wooden) 1½", Screw (Wooden) ½", Screw (Wooden) 2", Block Board Plywood (BlueFox/MerryGold), i. 8ft x 4ft - 19mm thick, ii. 8ft x 4ft - 12mm thick, iii. 8ft x 4ft - 6mm thick, iv. 8ft x 4ft - 4mm thick, Sunmica, i. 8ft x 4ft - (Cream Colour) 1mm, Cricket Bat for real deuce ball (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Cricket Bat for Tennis Ball (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Cricket Ball real deuce (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Cricket Tennis Ball (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Stumps (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Keeping Gloves (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Batting Gloves (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Batting Pads (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Keeping Pads (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Helmets (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Groin Guard (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Mat (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Net (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Bails (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Table Tennis Board (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Table Tennis Bat (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Table Tennis Ball (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Carrom Board 16mm Standard Size (Good Quality/Federation/Board Certified), Tennis Ball (Hard & Heavy), Shuttle Cork, Tennis Ball (Medium), Basket Ball, Football, Cricket Bat for Tennis Ball, Heavy Duty Digital Weighing Machine (Cap. 100 Kg), Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker, Tilting Kadahi, Stainless steel food serving trays with compartments, Electric Blender/Mixer/Grinder, Cooking vessels aluminium, Cooking vessels aluminium, Cooking vessels aluminium, Cooking vessels aluminium, Cooking vessels aluminium, Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker, Cooking vessels aluminium, Knives (for vegetables), Knives (for bread), Khasi Knives, Tea Strainers (steel) Large, Tea Strainers (steel) Medium, Tea Strainers (steel) Small, Rice Serving spoon (stainless steel) Large, Rice Serving spoon (stainless steel) Medium, Rice Serving spoon (stainless steel) Small, Curry Serving Spoon (Stainless Steel) Large, Curry Serving Spoon (Stainless Steel) Medium, Curry Serving Spoon (Stainless Steel) Small, Tea sets (ceramic), Casseroles Medium, Casseroles Large, Casseroles 1300 ml, Kettles aluminium, Kettles aluminium, Kettles aluminium, Tava small, Tava large (commercial), Hot case (carrier) medium, Cups & Saucers (ceramic), Sugar pots (stainless steel), Quarter plates (for serving breakfast/snacks, etc), Ceramic & Stainless steel, Rolling pins & board, Plates (ceramic full size), Cooking ladles steel (with long handle), Trays stainless steel for private ward, Steel basin, Steel basins, Forks (stainless steel), Teaspoons (stainless steel), Aluminium mugs with long handle, Mugs stainless steels, Plastic containers, Plastic containers, Plastic containers, Plastic containers, Plastic containers Small, Milk pots for serving stainless steel, Table spoons stainless steel, Knives large size for chopping meat, fish, etc, Bamboo baskets, Plastic drums, Plastic drums, Plastic drums, LPG Gas stove single burner commercial type (High, Pressure), Electric heater for cooking, Cooking range 2 burners, Water glasses, Steel Glass, Serving Trays, Serving Trays, Microwave Oven, Hot Plates, Electric Kettles, Coaster, Glass for Juice, Karai, Karai, Karai, Jug (Plastic), Jug (Steel), Steel Thali, Banarasi Karai, Puri Strainer, Dinner Plates, Aluminium Kettle, Aluminium Kettle, Tea Urn, Tea Urn, Co | Due on 08-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 12525626
2 Value: INR 4.26 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of adjustable Torque Wrench(Ratchet type) and heavy duty ring spanners for ARW maintenance work at CHP-A, CSTPS. | Due on 24-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Karnataka | TID: 12564508
3 Value: INR 4.07 Lakh (approx.) | Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning Of Double Acting Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench And Pneumatic Impact Wrench With Accessories At Sharavathy Generating Station,. Clearing Of Floating Weeds / Water Plants Accumulated In The Power Channel Leading To Shimshapura From SBR To NBR Channel Mouth. | Due on 23-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Maharashtra | TID: 12475575
4 Value: INR 74.98 Thousand (approx.) | Procurement of Hardware Items – Anticorrosive Black Paint, Nylon Rope 1'' [ 25 Mm ], Nylon Rope ½'' [12 Mm] Dia With Hook 50, Mtrs. Length., Manila Rope ¾'' [ 20 Mm.], Slide Wrench 15'' [ 375 Mm.], Flexible Wire Rope 12 Mm, Engg. Wire Rope [Flexible Wire Rope] 16mm, Pvc Adhesive [Steel Grip Tape 20mm [3/4''], Cotton Tape 25 Mm [1''], Rubber Tape 6''. | Due on 19-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Fertilizers and pesticides | Haryana | TID: 12472279
5 Value: INR 24.40 Thousand | Supply of Tools - Pipe Wrench 18"(450MM), Offset Pattern Box End Striking Wrench, 1/2 Inch Drive Standard Length Hex Bit Socket; Metric High Polished Chrome Finish, 6-piece Hex Bit Socket Set on Clip Rail. | Due on 18-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 11772287
6 Request for Proposal for Procurement of Spares - Rule Gauge, Snap Gauge, Snap Gauge, Feeler Gauge, Feeler Gauge, Feeler Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Plug, Plug, Gauge, Gauge, Caliper, Slide Caliper, Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Template, Standard, Standard, Standard, Standard, Stand For Indicator Gauge, Tap, Mandrel, Mandrel, Rotator, Insert For Balancing, Puller, Hock, Purpose Designed Wrench, Appliance Mandrel Dia17, Support, Fixture, Bearing Support, Mandrel Dia 70.2, Set Up, Device, Device, Device For 11th Stage Blade, Plant, Head Type, Feeler Gauge, Measuring Head, Feeler Guage, Plate, Plate, Fixture Indicator, Gauge, Plug Gauge, Plug Dia 3.2, Internal Gouge For Checking Holes Dia D=16.5mm, Plug Gauge 14, Internal Gouge Smooth For Checking Hole D=20mm, Clamp Dia 70, Snap Gauge, Clamp Dia 82, Round,Single Side Sheet Thickness Gauge For Dia 115(-0.023), Clamp, Snap Gauge, Snap Gauge=14, Threaded Plug M 6*1, Gauge, Special Mandrel, Snap Gauge, Wall Thickness Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Indicator, Profile Graph 252, Plate, Device, Deapth Gauge, Plate, Lever Snap Gauge, Pneumatic Mechanism, Profile Meter Model 252, Post C-11-8-125x125dtin 405, Centre Shaft Dia 3.2mm, End Measure 1-H2, Ring, Standard, Deapth Gauge, Special Slide Caliper, Snap Gauge, Snap Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Filler Gauge, Gauge, Ring(Dia 122mm), Ring, Snap Gauge, Threaded Plug Gauge, Threaded Plug Gauge, M18*1.5 Threaded Ring, Threaded Ring Gauge, Threaded Ring Gauge, Gauge Thread M 10 X 1, Threaded Ring Gauge, Ring, Gauge, Gauge, Ring, Device, Gauge, Device, Standarad, Standard 125 Mm, Standard, Standard, Device For Graphite Seal, Attachment Torque Wrench, Fixture, Device, Device, Appliance, Internal Dial Gauge, Gap Gauge, Special Gauge, Plug Gauge, Ring Guage104.5, Standard Piece Dia 198.6mm, Template R1.5, Template R0.4, Template R0.6, Radii Gauge, Template 0.6x45 Deg, Template 0.9x45 Deg, Standard, Standard, Standard, Tip, Indicator, Tip, Ball Tip, Grouped Appliance For Blazing Manifold, Attachment To Check Runout, Planetery Reduction Gear, Roller, Gap Gauge, Gap Gauge, Clamp, Special Gauge For Dimension 47mm, Guage, Gap Type Limit Gauge, Gap Gauge, Gauge(130.6), Snap Gauge, Gauge, Dial Indicator Depth Gauge Fore Checking Depth Of Thread, Depth Gauge, Feeler Gauge, Guage, Wall Thickness Gauge, Guage, Plug Gauge, Plug Gauge, Plug Gauge For Checking Hole Dia 3mm, Guage, Guage, Guage, Plug Gauge, Guage, Gauge, Gauge, Gauge Dia 9 Mm, Guage, Two Side Internal Gauge For Dia 2.027+0.013, Guage, Plug Gauge, Gauge, Surface Plate, Round,Single Side Sheet Thickness Gauge For Dia62(-0.06), Clamp, Ring Dia 165, Ring, Ring, Ring Gauge, Ring, Ring Gauge, Device, Ring, Ring Guage, Mandrel, Threaded Internal Gauge For Checking Thread Ytc 6x1, Thread Plug Gauge For Checking Thread Yt5x0,8, Gauge, Plug, Stopper, Stopper, Stopper, Plug, Thread Ring, Gauge, Ring M12x1, Ring M12x1, Threaded Ring Gauge, Threaded Ring Gauge, Ring Mi8x1.5, Ring M18x1.5, Ring, Ring, Gauge, Gauge, Special Gauge, Guage, Special Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Special Gauge, Template For Checking Chamfer 0.8x45 Deg, Gauge, Caliper, Gauge, Spl Purpose Gauge, Spl Purpose Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Gauge, Spl Gauge For Checking Contact Pattern Of Taper, Ball Dia 4 Mm, Gauge, Radii Gauge, Plate, Surface Plate Checking Flanges Surface For Flatness By B, Device, Ring For Checking Non Flatness, Template, Gauge, Temporary Shaft, Template, Template, Standard, Refernce Piece For Dia 18.84 Tobe Used With Appliance, Standard, Standard For Chord, Counter Sinking Tool Dia 11.4mm, Countersink Dia 9.8, Jig, Set Up, Rotating Pivot(Center), Yoke, Spl Set Up Tool, Mandrel, Mandrel With Graduation, Circlip Extractor, Mandrel, Mandrel 25 Mm Dia, Mandrel, Mandrel Special To Bending Loading Tabs, Device, Plug For 1st Support, Device, Wrench, Mandrel, Remover, Support, Appliance For Locking The Vanes, Stopper, Device For Tightness Test, Rubber Locater, Fixture For Reaming Torsion, Support, Ring, Mandrel For Locking Tab, Puller, Cone, Cone, Cone, Mandrel, Appliance For Locking The Vanes, Blank For First Support, Guide Pins, Simulator Ring Of First Support, Support, Support, Fixture, Mandrel Dia 71.2, Fixture, Mandrel, Mandrel, Attachment For Torque Wrench For Tighting Nut, Attachment For Y5353-0118, Set Up, Muzzle, Appliance, Fixture, Appliances, Fixture, Device, Device, Standard, Fixture, Appliance, Fixture, Support, Device For Pneumatic Test, Device For Pneumatic Test, Appliance For Hyd Test, Fixture For Checking Leak-Tightness, Device, Appliance For Hyd Test, Appliance For Hyd Test, Appliance For Hyd Test, Adapter, Fixture, Indicator Holder, Device, Cassette For Instrument Y5368-0047, Appliance, Appliance For Checking Arrangement Of Holes And Run Out, Fixture For Displacement Of Axis, Device, Device 9th Stage Blade, Device, Device For Checking Profile Of Blade Aero Foil Portion, Fixture For Checking Arrangement Of Nipples, Roller, Mandrel, Milling Cutter, Bending Dye, Set, Dolly, Engine Mount for Mi Series H/C. | Due on 01-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Tunisia | TID: 12262744
7 Provision of security tools gas, Pliers, pliers double rack, Hacksaw Frame, Spare blade for saw frame, round blade screwdriver 4mm diameter screws fondue, Spanner 18x19, pipe wrench pipe with 2 heads of 10 mm, Wrench, Key claw small model, Key claw large model, flat chisel bronze, hammer bronze fitted wood. | Due on 23-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Shipping | Goa | TID: 12409895
8 Supply Installation Testing Training and Commissioning of 01 No. of Hydraulic Torque Wrench with Power pack | Due on 22-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Animal and Animal Feeds | Andaman And Nicobar | TID: 12466258
9 Supply Of General Store, Electrical Items, Tool & Spare Parts For Fisheries Department, A & N Islands, During The Year 2014-2015 - Compressor Oil, (Servofriz 57) 1 Barrel, Ammonia Packing ¼ “, Ammonia Packing 1/8”, Thread seal tape roll, Steel Grip Insulation tape, 10 mtr. Roll, CPVC Cement tube, suitable for use with, CPVC Pipe and fittings, CPVC T joint 50x40 mm, CPVC Union Socket, 25mm, CPVC Pipe joint socket, 25mm, CPVC Elbow 25 mm, CPVC Valve 25 mm, CPVC Union socket, 40mm (1- ½”), CPVC Valve 40 mm, (1- ½”), CPVC Elbow 40 mm, (1- ½”), CPVC Valve 2”, CPVC Union Socket 2”, Cotton Banian waste, Rubber Gasket Sheet, 1/8”, Rubber Gasket Sheet ¼”, Emery Cloth 80, Emery Cloth 60, Grey enamel paint 2 Ltr., Tin, Post Office red enamel, paint 2 Ltr Tin, Green enamel paint 2 Ltr, Tin, Black enamel paint 1 Ltr, Tin, Yellow enamel paint 1 Ltr, Tin, Thinner 1 Ltr. Bottle, Painting Brush 2”, Painting Brush 1”, Wire Brush, PVC Hose Pipe 1” dia, thick quality (30 Mtr. Per, Roll), PVC Hose Pipe ¾” dia, thick quality(30 Mtr. Per, Roll), G.M Gate Valve 1” dia, G.M Gate Valve ¾” dia, Anabond AB 60 (Multi, purpose Spray 85 ml, bottle), Gum Boot/Forest Boot, (No.7), Industrial Helmet, Canvas Gloves/Thermal, Gloves (Medium), Thermo Coat, (for use in Cold Storage), ELECTRICAL ITEMS, Fuse wire 200 Amp, Insect Killer 20 Watt, double tube, Electronic thermometer, Model 7510P with probe, Cosmic DOL Starter 1.5, kw, 2HP, Contactor, 12amp, Relay 2.5-4amp, Isolator Euro breaker 4, pole, 100amp AC, MCCB 250A, 415 V, 25, KA Simpack NKF 250D, Contractor 3 pole 415, volts ML 1 No volt coil, 240/250 v L & T make, suitable for 5HP 3 phase, water pump, Over load relay MN2,, 50A max timer Amps 9 to, 15, L & T make, suitable, for 5 HP 3 phase water, pump, 1HP TEFC Squirrel cage, Induction motor 415 V 3, phase 50 cycle 1400, RPM, 24’’ dia axial flow fan 6, blade suitable for 1 HP, motor shaft, Copper wire .075 sq mm, Copper wire 1.0 sq mm, Electrical test lamp set, Fuse carrier set, male, Female 400amp, ISI with, bus bar link, TOOLS, GWS Professional, Electrical angle grinder, Hand drill machine, Drill bit set 4” to 13” mm, Cutting wheel 4” suitable, for angle grinder, Steel Buffing brush, rough 3” suitable for, angle grinder, Steel Buffing brush, smooth 3” suitable for, angle grinder, Grinding Stone 4 x 6 mm, Box socket set 10 to 34, mm, 22 socket and 05, accessories, Allen Key set 1mm to 13, mm, Hydraulic jack (round, shape bottom) with, handle 1.5 ton capacity, Hacksaw blade 1” both, side teeth Heavy duty, Side cutting pliers with, cable stripper, Screw driver kit, consisting of 8 screw, driver, Adjustable wrench 255, mm, Flat file-Rough 12”, Round file-Rough 12”, Half Round file-Rough, 12”, Indicator Assy Oil, (Bolted), Screw Cap Socket Hd., ½” x ¼” BSW, Nut- Hex ½”, Stud ½” x 2-1/8”, Nut- Hex 5/8”, Stud 5/8” x 2- ¾”, Valve Assy – Discharge, Valve Assy- Suction, Ring – Compression, Std., Ring – Oil, Std., Nut Assy- Drake 5/8”, Bolt Connecting rod, Shim Connecting rod, Insert – Bearing (C.E), New – seal Assy., ‘O’ Ring inner for new, seal, ‘O’ Ring outer for new seal, Strainer Assy-Oil, Oil filter cartridge, Safety Valve Assy ½” x, 250 PSI, Ring- Compression Std., Ring Oil Std, Oil Filter Assy, NEW SEAL Assy, Mating Ring New Seal, Assy, Carbon Ring New Seal, Assy, Oil Filter Cartridge, High Pressure Guage, (-30” VAC-300 PSI), Low Pressure Guage, (-30” VAC-150 PSI), Oil Pressure Guage 30”-, 300
, Suction Valve Assembly, Discharge valve, assembly, Big end bearing, Shim for big end bearing, Oil Indicator Bolted, Retainer Oil Indicator, Lock Pin-Wrist Pin, Piston Wrist Pin, Rod Assy – Connecting, Bolt Assy- Oil Pump, Crank Assy – Oil Pump, Spring for New Seal, Assy., Guide for New Seal, Assy., Bearing – Main, Strainer Assy – Oil, Piston Guide, MS angel Valve ½“ Screwed, MS globe Valve ½“ Screwed.
| Due on 19-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 12478288
10 Supply of Wrenches Torque 0-400 Nm (dial Indicator Type 19mm Squre Drive Complete With Adopter For 12.7mm Squre Drive). | Due on 30-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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