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Shipping | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 13907960
1 Value: INR 9.26 Million approx. | Open tender for conclusion of Rate Contract for Supply of one year for 03 types of Ships Husbandry Tools -Cutter bolt, wrench, impact, electric, cordless screw driver with Accessories. | Due on 09-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Jharkhand | TID: 13866520
2 Value: INR 3.03 Million approx. | Supply of Ridgid Make Pipe Wrenches and Spares. | Due on 23-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Assam | TID: 14017529
3 Value: INR 1.39 Lakh approx. | Procurement of tools and tackles - Adjustable wrench 12", Adjustable wrench 8', Pipe wrench 36", Pipe wrench 24", Pipe wrench 18", Pipe wrench 14", Pipe wrench 12", Plier 8", Nose plier 8", Allen key set upto 16 mm, Oil can 250 ml capacity, Ss foot rule 24", Ss foot rule 12", Revolving center 1", Revolving center 3/4", Revolving center 1/2", White tool 1", White tool 3/4", White tool 1/2", White tool 5/8", White tool 3/8", Tool holder 1", Tool holder 3/4", Tool holder 1/2", Tool holder 5/8", Tool holder 3/8", Carbide tool bit, v-shaped, Milling cutter 1/8" x 6", Milling cutter 1/4" x 4", Milling cutter 8 mm x 50 mm, Milling cutter 9 mm x 50 mm, Milling cutter 10 mm x 50 mm, Milling cutter 12 mm x 50 mm, Threading tap (bsw) 5/16", Threading tap (bsw) 3/8", Threading tap (bsw) 1/2", Threading tap (bsw) 5/8", Threading tap (bsw) 3/4", Threading tap (mm) 6 mm, Threading tap (mm) 8 mm, Threading tap (mm) 10 mm, Threading tap (mm) 12 mm, End mill cutter 6 mm, End mill cutter 8 mm, End mill cutter 9 mm, End mill cutter 12 mm, End mill cutter 16 mm, End mill cutter 20 mm, End mill cutter 25 mm, Pipe die set 1/2", Pipe die set 3/4", Pipe die set 1", Drill bit straight shank 3 mm, Drill bit straight shank 4 mm, Drill bit straight shank 5 mm, Drill bit straight shank 5.5 mm, Drill bit straight shank 6 mm, Drill bit straight shank 8 mm, Drill bit straight shank 10 mm, Drill bit straight shank 9/32", Thread gauge, Micro meter (inside) 50 mm, Micro meter (outside) 50 mm, Sledge hammer 5 kg, Ball pein hammer 1 kg, Wire gauge, Triangular file 6", Tyre pressure gauge, Feeler gauge, Twister screw driver, Half round file (2nd cut), Round file (dia= 3/8"), Round file (dia= 5/8"), Knife file (6" l), Square file (12" l), Depth gauge (0-6" range), Threading tap set (mks) 6 mm, Threading tap set (mks) 8 mm, Threading tap set (mks) 10 mm, Threading tap set (mks) 12 mm, Threading tap set (mks) 20 mm, Threading tap set 1/4", Threading tap set 5/16", Threading tap set 3/8", Threading tap set 1/2", Twist drill bit (straight shank) 1/16", Twist drill bit (straight shank) 3/32", Twist drill bit (straight shank) 1/4", Twist drill bit (taper shank) 5/16", Twist drill bit (taper shank) 3/8", Twist drill bit (taper shank) 1/2", Twist drill bit (taper shank) 11/16", Twist drill bit (taper shank) 9/16", Twist drill bit (taper shank) 13/16", Socketwrench set, Ring wrench 6/7, Ring wrench 8/9, Ring wrench 10/11, Ring wrench 12/13, Ring wrench 14/15, Ring wrench 16/17, Ring wrench 18/19, Ring wrench 20/22, Ring wrench 21/23, Ring wrench 24/26, Ring wrench 25/28, Ring wrench 30/32, D e spanner 6/7, D e spanner 8/9, D e spanner 10/11, D e spanner 12/13, D e spanner 14/15, D e spanner 16/17, D e spanner 20/22, D e spanner 24/26, D e spanner 25/27, Screw driver 8", Screw driver 10", Pipe wrench 12", Pipe wrench 24", Cutting plier 6", Cutting plier 8", Nose plier 6", Nose plier 8", Circlip extractor. | Due on 02-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Gujarat | TID: 14071616
4 Value: INR 91.93 Thousand approx. | Supply of various Gas Cutting Accessories and Tool & Tackles at SPS - Gas Cutting Torch Cuttogen, Gas Hose Pipes For Oxigen, Oxygen Gas Regulator Esab Make, Acetylen Gas Regulator, Emery Cloth Roll 50mx38mm Fine, Emery Cloth Roll 50mx38mm Midium, Hand Operated Grease Pump, Torque Wrench, Hss Groung Thread Hand Tap Set. | Due on 03-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 13935456
5 Supply of stores - Electronic fuel pump, Pressure plate and needle roller ser, Cap, Assy water tank (53 ltrs), Rubber tyres, Spring compression 250.825mm, Fine fuel filter, Major repair kit air compress, Rotor assy, Fuel water separator, Switch key, Brake fluid container, Mounting bracket top, Steering column lock with ign, Wheel wrench 21, Cushion assy rh front hard top, Rear drum brake, Jack hyd 4 ton with 1mtr hdl 195mm closed htx445mm open ht x 250mmlift, Un loader valve assy, Worm & valve assy, Nipple grease button head 1/8 bsp 9mm long body, Cap assy radiator, Graduated hand brake valve, Water temp gauge, Madrel for clutch disc alignment 1.7, Double ended tubular box spanner 17 x 19 is, Axial piston pump, Assy ac compressor (sd 7 h 15) (sv2), Element air cleaner, Weather strip door outer, Assy first leaf with bush, Joint piece, Rectifier assy, Clamp hose size 145 for hose 125mm to 145mm od, Shoes with lining, Plug sparking size 14mm reach 12.7mm, Crank shaft normal, Tmc assy with res and flwi, Gasket cylinder head, Cartridge lub oil filter, Regulator, Electronic control unit, Holder brush, Master cylinder tandem, Starter assy, Assy handle outer, Ignition cum steering lock, Ball socket hd comp, Armature assy, Brush set (insul brush), Double spark ignition, Fan clutch, Pump assy water, Clutch assy, Handle door, Assy radiator, Unit assy head lamp, Rear axle assy with brakes brake drum hub & linkages, Starter kit, Spring assy leaf, Multi meter (digital), Rpm meter, Fuel pump assy, Special tools kit (33 nos), Air filter element, Radiator, Wheel spanner 27x30 a/f, Brush gear assy, Wiper motor 17w-hi power, Bushing kit, Switch assy starting motor, Generator assy, Cyl tandem master cyl (with tank), Cord set high tension, Change over switch, Spg brake chamber repair kit (msp 5/1), Assy housing with diaphragm spg, Door lock front lh, Silencer assy, Laminated passenger door glass, Shaft assy propeller no 2, Differential gear kit. | Due on 28-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Petroleum Products | Pakistan | TID: 13939486
6 Supply of Work-Shop Equipments & Tools - 1. Oil Extractor Capacity 30 Liters, Drain/ Discharge 8 to 10 Bar Qty=01 No. 2. Engine Analyzer Automobile Portable, Multipurpose Result Printable Qty=01 No. 3. Air Impact Wrench 1/2 to 1 inch Drive, Heavy Duty with Portable Compressor Unit,Qty=01 No. 4. Flange Spreader. | Due on 08-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Iraq | TID: 13939718
7 Providing of valve & fitting, globe valve, horizontal check valve, foot valve flange, valve wedge gate, ball valve with wrench forged carbon steel conforming to astm a 105 trim (13%) chr socket weld ends, valve flanged wedge gate, horizontal check valve. | Due on 23-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 13979464
8 Procurement of Heavy Duty Slugging Spanners, Slugging Hammers & Pipe Wrenches Of Various Sizes & Capacities. | Due on 08-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 13988948
9 Supply of Methyl Ethyl Ketone Per Oxide, Paint Buxly 981 (Light Grey), Gas Mixture Hydrogen (2% 98%) Nitrogen, Relay & Cont Cleaner (100%) Trichloroethane, Lubricating Oil for Air Compressor, Refrigerant Compressor, Oil Linseed Raw In 40, Power Cable 3 Core For Cctv System, Pressure Transmitter, Hot Plate 4000 Watts (400 Volts), Scanner, Battery 12v 75ah Hankook (Black II)Rc, Battery for (1.2kva) Ups 12volts 36amps Hours 13, Lamp Fluorescent Cool White Bi Pin, 8wx, Desk Type Marine Telephone, Main Breaker 200 Amp, Circuit Breaker, Over Load Relay 400v/50hz, Thermistor Motor Protection Relay, Delay Relay, Contactor 24v, Half Wave Rectifier Input 440avac O/P 190vdc, Solid State Timer 230v Ac, 2 Apm 110v, Power Relay Plug In Type 4 Pole 24v/Dc with Free, Window Wiper Unit Sensor, Seamless O-Ring Seal, Gear Oil (750CC X 1) for Obm Engine, Paint Remover Organic Solvent Type Water, Chlorinated Lime, Technical, Refrigerant R404a, F-22 Gas, Clamp Hose Zinc Plated, Discharge Hose (Foam) for Fire Extinguisher, Co2 Gas Bottle, Bags Canvas Tool Satchel for A/C Maint, Spanner, Wrench, Forged Stl Wheel, Clamp, Lead Light C/W Grip, Pin Type Holder, Guard, Luminous Sheeting Roll, etc. | Due on 26-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Recreational Services | Luxembourg | TID: 13998465
10 Supply of Carrabin Spare Parts & Accessories, Spring Stop Switch Shooting, Extension Cross Reception, Spring Trigger Controlled, Shock Buffer, Mechanical Eyepiece, Sole Lacrosse, Nu Lower, Button of All Successful Recovery, Trigger Automatic, Hook Loader, Shaft Sleeve Trigger Automatic, Spring Trigger Automatic, Axis Trigger Automatic, Pin Lower Rear, Spring Relaxation, Spring Stop Pin Lower, Spring Button Retaining Assembly Recovery, Stop Pin Lower, Spring Hook Loader, Off Switch Shooting, Relaxation Area Hammer, Relaxation, Spring Barrel Fixing, Jumper Assemble, Button Hook Loader, Maintains the Hook Spring Open Head, Pin Lower Front, Maintains the Hook Head Open, Trigger Controlled, Nut Fixing Cross Extension, Switch Shooting, Pistol Grip, Cross Assembly, Button Hook Spring Keeps Open Head, Screw Washer Fixing Handle Gun, Ring Fixing, Hook Shaft, Axis Help Push to Close, Front & Rear Sight Wrench, Spring Trigger, Gauge Head Space, Tool Pin Slave, Elastomeric Insert Extractor Defender, Tool Install, Firing Pin Gauge Protrusion, Combination Wrench, Tool Reflector Chamber, Ruptured Extraction Cartridge, Vise Jaw Kit, Washer Torque Cover Flame, Spring Extractor, Plug Gauge, Canon 10 Inches Assemble with Gas Tube, Action Block Kit Upper Receiver, Segment Head, Pin Extractor, Axe Hammer, Axe Flap, Drive Pin Punch, Rivet Tool Swaging, Screw Handle Gun. | Due on 30-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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