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Security Services | Karnataka | TID: 11535878
1 Value: INR 2.40 Million | Supply Of Chipping Hammer Kit, Wrench Impact Electric, Saw Abrasived Disk Masonry, Shear, Planer Plastic And Wood Working UNDG Universal, Grinding Wheel For Angle Grinder, Grease Gun, Agitator Paints Haker, Jack Hyd Lifting, Lamp Blow 500ml, Vice Regular Head, Stud Rdmover Taper Type, Drill Stump, Tools Cutting Single Point High Speed, Chisel Flat, Caliper Combined, Drilling Machine, Punches Round, Spanner, Screw Driver, Bar Tommy, Blade Saw, Scraper Cabinate. | Due on 05-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Karnataka | TID: 11533276
2 Value: INR 7 Lakh | Supply Of Cup Wire Brush, Grease Gun Body Hand Operated, Alluminuim Step Ladder, Plier Circip, Wrench Allen Head, Punches Round Taper With Rod, Axe Felling, Drill Twist Morse Taper Shank, Punch Wad. | Due on 09-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Roads | Uttaranchal | TID: 11503935
3 Value: INR 3.80 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Cat B Stores / Equipments - MS Angle, MS Flat, MS Sheet, Fire Ply sheet, Gas Welding Hose, Sealing wire, Key for opening gas cylinder, Ana Bond, Ball Pin Hammer, File Triangular, Adjustable spanner, DE-Spanner set 12 piece, Hacksaw Blade, Cutting Plier, Combination Plier, Screw Driver, L N Key set of 9 pcs, Pipe wrench, Socket set light duty, Star screw Driver, Tool Box Empty, Ring-Spanner set 12 piece. | Due on 23-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Coal and Lignite | Maharashtra | TID: 11427852
4 Value: INR 74.98 Thousand (approx.) | Supply of anticorrosive black paint, nylon rope, manila rope, slide wrench, flexible wire rope, engg. Wire rope, pvc adhesive, cotton tape & rubber tape. | Due on 29-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Recreational Services | Luxembourg | TID: 11170648
5 Supply of Piranha Spare Parts, Filter Kit, Escobillon, Limpieza, Chemical Agent, Window Vehicular, Shock Absorber, Control Assembly, Shifter Fork, Rim, Wheel Pneumatic, Brake Shoe, Retentor Eixo Diant, Parts Kit, Steering, Tie Rod, Drag Link-Tie Rod, Drag Link-Tie Rod, Valve, Adjusting Sleeve, Valve, Actuator Assembly, Arm, Rearview Mirror, Cylinder Assembly, Bracket, Harness, Anti-Flattening Tub, Semi Guarnizione, Speed Sensor, Controller, Pump, Cooling System, Filter Element, Belt, Ball Joint, Shaft, Bushing, Fixture, Sling, Adapter, Heat Interchanger, Filter Element, Condenser, Compressor, Seal Assembly, Cartridge, Hose, Air Duct, Tubing Assembly, Hose Assembly, Coupling Half, Butterfly Valve, Case, Test Set, Straightener, Motor Vehicle Axle & Housing, Analyzer Set, Fixture, Lever, Counter, Adapter, Torque Wren, Wrench, Puller, Inserter And Remove, Screw, Nut, Pin, Retainer, Gasket, O-Ring, Stop, Bracket, Knob, Spacer, Switch, Test Connector, Relay, Electromagnet, Regulator, Voltage, Cable Assembly, Lead, Stop Light Tail Light, Pruefgeraet, Computer System, Display Unit. | Due on 27-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Recreational Services | Ethiopia | TID: 11449581
6 Supply & delivery of carpentry materials, tools & machineries, mortise cylinder door lock set with cylinder, cylinder oval for aluminium door, drawer front lock, hinge for aluminium profile, rim latch lock, drill bit, concrete drill bit, contact adhesive, cutter for carpet, super glue, penetrating oil, glove leather, goggle, blind rivet, binding tape, silicon sealant, glass cutter, wood glue, bolt & nut, parker screw, cutting disc, window handle, hack saw blade, knife cutter blade, router bit set, hand plane, hand saw, file flat, wood chisel, file triangular, mechanical toolbox set, monkey wrench, pliers, claw hammer, hammer, chain cutter, carpet kicker, portable electrical drilling machine, bench drilling machine, heavy duty hammering machine, portable grinding machine, portable electrical screw driver machine, chargeable screwdriver machine, router machine, welding machine & compressor. | Due on 05-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Water Storage and Supply | Uttaranchal | TID: 11455194
7 Annual Rate Contract for Supply of ISI marked Pipe Wrenches Heavy-Duty. | Due on 23-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Civil Works | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 11477927
8 Supply Of Certain Items Of Machinery And Equipment - X-Ray Equipments, O.T Machineries & Equipment, Dental Mach & Equipment, Gynea/ Obs Machineries & Equipment, Ophthalmology Machineries & Equipment, Sncu/Ped Machineries & Equipment, Orthopaedic Surgery Machineries & Equipment, Laboratory / Bloob Bank / Histopathology/ Micro Biology Machineries & Equipment, Ward Equipments Bedding/ Linen And Clothing - X-Ray Cassette 6½ X 8½, X-Ray Clip Steel, Developing Tray 14x 17”, Film Safe Lead Box, Portable X-Ray 60 Ma, Safe Light 8x6, Chest Stand Floor Model, Collimator ( 250 Watt 300ma ,500ma, 30 Ma,60ma,), Lead Door 3’x6’ (D Room), Mammography, Film Drying Machine, Timmer, Lead Appron, Thyroid Shield, Head Lamp Surgical, Gigle Saw Wire, Esmarch Bandge Tourniquet ( For Thigh And Arm), Pneumatic Tourniquet Electrically Operated., Cardiac Monitor, Laryngoscope (Adult And Paedatic), Ventilation Bronchoscope (Venture), Oxygen Regulator Double Dial, Oxygen Regulator Self Control, Airmotor Hand Piece ( Contra/ Angle/ Straight), Apex Locater, Amalgometer, Round Amalgam Matrix Band, Mallers Strip For Gic Filling & Composite Filling, Matric Retainner, Matrix Strip, Mouth Mirror Top With Handle, Morter & Pastels, Caries Excavator, Nikle Titanum Rotary Hand Piece (Niti), Dental Tweezers, Condensor, Ball Burnisher, Cement Spatula, Dental Probe, Dental Explorer, Graduated Probe, Apexo Root Elevator ( Right & Left), Root Elevator (Cryer) Right & Left, Dental Spoon Excavator, Electric Pulp Tester, Bone Ronger, Bone File, Post And Core Kit, Artery Forceps, Micro Motor Hand Piece, Lower Cow Horn Forceps, Upper Cow Horn Forceps, Paed Extractor Forceps Set, Adult Extractor Forceps Set, Adams Plier, Cement Carrier, Amalgam Carrier, Periosteal Elevator, Root Canal Stand, Chisel And Mallet, Tissue Forceps, Bone Cutting Burs, High Speed Suction Machine, Glass Bead Sterilizer, Needle Holder, Hand Scaler Set, Pead. Extractor Forceps Set, Ctg Machine, Pulse Oximeter, Outlet Forceps, Punch Biopsy Forceps, Endometrial Biopsy Forceps, Gonioscope Lens., Direct Ophthalmoscope, Phqcoemulsification Machine, Retinoscope Heine Beeta 200, + 90 D Voght Lens, Tonotomy Sciessor, Dcr Punch(Assorted Size), Periosteum Elevator, Lid Retractor, Calipers, Muscles Hook, Tooth Forceps, Punctum Dilater, Chopper, Iros Repository, Wire Vectus, Corneal Toothed Forceps, Steel Box For Cataract Set With Silicon Pad, X-Ray Viewing Box, Infant Weighing Machine, Adult Weighing Machine, Bp Apparatus, Stethoscope (Adult), Pulse Oximeter, Wall Mounting Height Measure Device, Liminar Flow System, Transilluminator (Cold Light), Apnea Monitor, Bili Blankit, Fibreoptic Bili Bed, Led Phototherapy Unit, Bp Monitor (Bed Side), Cfl Phototherapy Unit, Blue Light Phototherapy Unit, Stethoscope ( Pediatric), Electric Plaster Cutter, Plaster Spreader, Hand Drill, Tourniquets Esmarch (Medium/ Large Size), Manual Pump Operated Tourniquets, Bohlerbraun Frames, Cotical Screw 3.5mm, 4.5mm (Assorted Sizes, Cancellous Screw Fully & Partially Threaded, Malleolar Screw 4.5mm, 6.5mm (Assorted Sizes), Drill Bit 3.2mm, 2.5mm, 4.5mm, Plate Bender (Small,Medium,Large), Pliers With Cutters(Large Size/Medium), Steinmen Pin Cutter Larger Size, Nuts/Bolts, Rods(All Sizes), Italian Arch/Post, Wrenchs, Washers, Steffe And Moss Miami, Steffe Plate(Assorted Size), Austien Moores Prosthesis (All Sizes ), Bipolar Hip Prostesis (Assorted Sizes), Crutchfield Tongs (For Cervical Spine Traction), Steinmens Pin (Assorted Sizes), Stirups (Assorted Sizes), Crammer Wires ( Assorted Sizes), Semi Auto Analyzer, Heamometre (Sahli), Counting Chambers(Silver Line), Albuminometre, Urinometre, Centrifuge (Remi)(R-8c), Spirit Lamp, Donors Coach, Refrigerator, Digital Weighing Machine, Laminar Flow, Centrifuge, Hot Air Oven, Staining Rack, Autoclave Electric, Red Blanket Woollen 230x150cms., Pillow Cover Cotton White 28”X 1.2”X21”, Towel Turkesh 48x24 Inches., Bed Side Locker 16x16x32 Inches With Steel Top., Sterilizer Electric, Revolving Stool, Bed Side Screen With Parda, Bed Head Ticket Holder Ss, Ss Basin Big Size, Oxygen Trolley With2 Fixed 10cms Swilling Casters., Autoclave Electric Single Drum, Foot Sucker., Draw Sheet Full Size Green Colour 150x100 Cms., Operation Sheet Green Colour 220x160 Cms, Operation Sheet Centre Hole Green Colour220x160cms., Baby Mattress Cover, Baby Blanket Cover, Baby Blanket Woollen Camel Colour 124x94cms., Stretcher Folding, Wheel Chair Non Folding, Two Section Iron Bed. 206lx98wx56h Cms., Over Head Bed Table Steel With Sun Mica Top, Solid Linen Ss Trolley For80ltrs And 60 Ltrs Bucket., Dressing Drum Big Size, Suction Machine Electrically Operated With 2 Glass Jar High Pressure Vacuum Trolly., Rod For Electric Sterilizer (Kettle Element), Coir Mattress Isi Mark With 1 Inch Foam., Plastic Stool, Mattress Cover Adult, Instrument Trolley Ss Standard Size., Blanket Woollen Camel Colour 60”X90” Weight 1.800kgs., Medicine Trolley 30x18x32 Inches With 4 Dowers., Plastic Bucket 80ltrs, 60ltrs, 25ltrs | Due on 29-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Air Transport | Maharashtra | TID: 11486115
9 Supply of Spare Thermostat, Tyre, Main, Screw, Stop Segment, Guide Pin, Seal, Liner, Tube, Bush, Caption Light “Step”, Doubler Pilot Askew, Bush, Name Plate, Support, Tube, Hydraulic Hose, Distributor, Fairing Rear Left, Wrench, Cable-Lh, Cable-Rh, Dual Push Button, Magnetic Seal / Plug, Packing, Preformed, O? Ring, Bolt, Bolt, Screw, Metal Sheet, Igniter, Screw, Turret, Voltmeter, Tab Attaching, Torque Wrench, Nut, Crimp, Air Data Module, O-Ring, Shim, Adhesive(Aerazur Code F6101), Washer, Lock Washer, Roller, Screw, Pin, Kit Blade Feet Protection, Locking Bush Eq Left, Stop Pin, Shim, Back Plate, Spacer Bearing, Bushing, Fuel Hose, Strip, Hose, Spacer, Impeller, Washer, Connector, Cable-Lh, Micro Switch Right, Cable,Retaining, O'ring, Switch, Cover Transparent, Packing, Preformed, Name Plate, Rivet, Rivet, Contact, Packing S/V, O Ring, Nut for Dauphin N-N3 Helicopters. | Due on 02-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Fertilizers and pesticides | Maharashtra | TID: 11488742
10 Supply of AG-43567 Pipe & Slide Wrench. | Due on 21-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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