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Education And Research Institute | West Bengal | TID: 18064875
1 Value: INR 160 Million / 16 Crore | Procurement Of Tools Equipment- Engine Petrol Mounted On Stand, Diesel Engine, Clutch System, Gear Box Mounted On Stand, Propeller Shaft, Differential Mounted On Stand, Starter Motor, Alternator, Steering System, A. Power Steering, B. Worm & Nut Type, Air Assisted Brake System, Brake System Hydraulic, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Radiator, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Old Two Wheeler, Double Ended Spanner Set, Ring Spanner Set, Box Spanner Set, Allen Key Set, Props, 3 Ton Mechanical Jack, 3 Ton Hydraulic Jack, Bench Vice, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Dial Gauge, Torque Wrench, Hydrometer, External Tube Type Wheel Alligner, Bore Gauge, Cutting Pliers, Nose Plier, Depth Gauge, Filter Adjustable Remover, Files, Internal Expanding Circlip Plier, External Expanding Circlip Plier, Air Compressor, Pneumatic Gun, Vehicle, Battery Tester, Battery Charger, Measuring Tape, Steel Rule, Multimeter, Oil Squirit Can, Fender Cover, Seat Cover, Tyre Pressure Gauge, Internal Caliper, External Caliper, Wrench Pipe, Monkey Plier, Ball Pean Hammer, Plastic Hammer, Punch, Screw Drivers ( Range), Tubular Spanner ( Range), Arbour Press, Tool Board, Feeler Gauge ( Range Set), Universal Puller, Grease Gun, Work Bench (two) Size, Grinding Machine, Wall Charts On Various Engine Systems, Wall Charts On Lubrication, Mcpherson Struts, Spark Plug Cleaner Machine, Injector Cleaning Tools Kit, Working Tables, Almira For Keeping Tools, Display Racks, Display/Boards/ Standees-, Different Types, Flip Chart Holder, Shopping Cart, Calculator, Public Address System-Microphone, Electronic Gadgets- Dvd Player, Display Photographs Of Different Types Of, Produce Categories, Gondolas, Cc Tv Camera, Computer, Lcd Tv, Demo Counter, Bar Code Scanner, Billing Dummy Software, Uv Light Fake Note Detecting Machine, Dummy Products With Barcode, Peghooks, Ladders, Loading Trolleys, Pallets, Mannequins, Barcode Printer, Display Tool Kit, Store Directory / Directional Signages, Adjustable Lights, Gun-Tags With Tagging Gun, White Board, Glow-In-Dark Signages, Security Tags - Hard / Small, Fire Extinguishers, Pos Machine, Stock Almirah Godrej, Tables (molded), Stools (molded With Steel Base), Desktop Pc, Laptop, Ups, Printer, Inkjet Printer , Web Camera, One Dot Matrix Printer, Inkjet/Desk Jet, Laserjet, External Hard Disk Drives, Thumb/Pen Drives, Linux Os, Tool Kit, Crimping Tools, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Blower, Multimedia Projector, Utp, Computer Maintenance Table, Revolving Lab Chairs For Computer Usage And Training, Computer Tables, Nic Cards. (10/1000 Mbps) , Cable Connectors, Rj45 Connectors, Handheld Metal Detector, Door Frame Metal, Rescue Stretcher, Fire Extinguisher, Hooter & Alarms, Wireless Radio Set 2 Pc. Of Wakitakki, Training Charts, Seat Harness, Full Body Harness, Pulleys, Mannequins, One Way Mask, Air Rifle(Model Cnly), Air Pistol(Model Cnly), Carabiners, Decender, Rope 55/Mtr(10 Mm), Helmet, Boxing Gloves, Kick Pad (leather), Judo Mat (2/1/40 Mm), Training Charts(Laminated), Almira, Hospital Bed, Bedside Locker, Back Rest- Required In Level 2/3 & 4, Foot Steps Required Inlevel 2/3 & 4, Cardiac Table, I V Stand, Examination Table, Cupboard, Suction Apparatus, Syringe Destroyer, Syringe Sterilizer, Needle Burner, Thermometer, Electronic B.P. Monitoring Machine, Stethoscope, Call Bell, Enamel Basin, Deaw Sheet, Air Cushion, Sand Bag, Fire Extinguisher, Weighing Machine, Oral Care Set, Urinal, A. Male, B. Female, Bed Pan, Steel Tray, A.Large, B. Medium, C. Small, Steel Basin, A. Large, B. Medium, C. Small 3, Artery Forcep, Dissecting Forecep, Scissor, Nail Cutter, Nail Filler, Steel Plate, Steel Glass, Steel Bawl, Spoon, Steel Jug, Bath Tub, Kidney Tray, Measuring Glass, Measuring Tape, Goggles, Pocket Mask, Stop Watch, Call Bell, Crr Manequins Pack Of 4, Airway Manequins, Ambu Mask (adult), Aed Trainer With Adult Pad, Advanced Male & Female Catheterisat Ion Kit, Wheel Chair, Stretcher, Spine Board, Walker, Crutch, Splint.
Due on 03-Jun-2016  |  9 Days to go
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Education And Research Institute | Delhi | TID: 17930250
2 Value: INR 23.47 Million approx. / 2.34 Crore approx. | Supply And Installing Of Apparatus And Other Items For Automobile Technology Stream In 35 Schools - Vernier Caliper Digital, External Micrometer (digital)Range, External Micrometer Range(Manual), Internal Micrometer Range(Digital), Dial Gauge (Metric System)with magnetic stand plunger type, Telescopic Gauge set of 6, Bore Gauge, Feeler Gauge Metric & British, Straight Edge, Divider, Inside Caliper, Outside Caliper, Torque wrench set of 3, Digital Multi Meter, Hydrometer Capacity, Timing Light, Depth Gauge Range, Bevel Gauge, Electrical Fuel Gauge, Tyre press. Gauge, Hydrolic Jack Maintenance Tools, Fasteners, Bolts Gr 8, Gr 5, Gr 2, Nuts, Studs, Screws, Washers, Roll-pins/Spring-pins, C - Clips, General Purpose Tools, Double Ended Spanner set, Ring Spanner, Socket Spanner set with 1 20 sockets, Side Cutting Plier, Round Nose Plier, Flat Nose Plier, Ball Peen Hammer with Handle, Cross Peen Hammer with handle, Screw Driver, Screw Driver, Phillips Screw Driver, Phillips Screw Driver, Hacksaw Frame fixed, Hacksaw blades, Cold Chisel Flat, Allen Key set, Oil Cane, File flat bastard, File square Rough, File flat smooth 2nd cut, File Rasp Cut, Emery Paper/Cloth, Chassie Frame, Cut model of any engine, Live Axle Assly with Differential & Final Drive / Cut model of same, Dead Axle Assly with Stub Axle, Components of Suspension system, Cut model of Shock Absorber, Components of steering System (at least each one), Components of Air Brake System (at least each one), Mechanical brake assembly, Hydraulic brake assembly, Components of Automobile, Electrical System (at least each one)0, Different coloured automobile cables, Cooling System, Lubrication System, Components Strainer, Oil pump, PRV, etc., Compressor, Gearbox (old) and clutch assembly, Fuse, Projector, Working Bench, Bench Vice, Table for Instructor, Chair For Instructor, Almirah, Student Chair with writing, arm, Hand Grinder 5, Greace Gun, Mallet hammer, Screw gauge, Center Punch, Automotive Repair kit.
Due on 26-May-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Education And Research Institute | Philippines | TID: 18037086
3 Value: PHP 7.95 Million approx. / 79.55 Lakh approx. | Providing of Combination Wrench Set, Socket Wrench Set, Wire Stripper, Torque Wrench, Feeler Gauge, Hydrometer, Dial Indicator, Bore Gauge, Hydraulic Jack for Automotive Servicing (NC I) Consumer Electronics Servicing Nc Ii Refrigeration And Airconditioning Nc Ii Smaw Nc I And Smaw Nc II.
Due on 30-May-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Agro Products | Philippines | TID: 18207924
4 Value: PHP 2.10 Million / 21 Lakh | Supply and Delivery of 7 Units Corn Planter, Screw driver, Open wrench, Holder of tools.
Due on 13-Jun-2016  |  19 Days to go
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Power Plant | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 18067630
5 Value: INR 2 Million / 20 Lakh | Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of Various Spares- Condenser 250 Watt, Igniter 400 Watt, Cable 2 Core Armored 25 Mm, Cable 3 ½ 35 Mm, Contactor Coils (tripping), (As Per Sample), Contactor Coils (closing), (As Per Sample), Cotton Tape, Cont. Pointset3 Ta 16, Fuse Hrc (2 Amp.), Fuse Hrc (5 Amp, Fuse Hrc10 Amp), Pliers (Taparia), Heating Element(Dist Plant), Heating Rod For Room Heater, Hooter (As Per Sample), Heater Plates 9”, Heater Coils 1500 Watt, Halogen Tube 500 Watt, Halogen Tube 1000 Watt, High Mass Lamp 250 Watt, High Mass Lamp 150 Watt, High Mass Lamp 400 Watt, Blower/Heat Convector 2000 Watt Make Usha / Bajaj, Indication Lamp(As Per Sample), Lamp 100 Watt Philips, Lamp 60 Watt Philips, Lamp 500 Watt Philips / Orient, Holder 500watt, Chargeable Torches ( Nano Andslite), Mano Plast Tape, M.C.B 5 Amp C Type Legrand / Havells, M.C.B 16 Amp C Type Legrand / Havells, M.C.B 20 Amp C Type Legrand / Havells, M.C.B 63 Amp C Type Legrand / Havells, Led Lamp 7 Watt (make Syska/Havells/ Philips), Led 15 Watt (make Syska/Havells/ Philips)., O.D.S Rotory Switch (as Per Sample), P.V.C Wire 1.5 Mm Havells, P.V.C Wire 2.5 Mm Havells, Power Hacksaw Blade, P.V.C Channels 2”, R.T.D (as Per Sample), R.T.D Wire, Rubber Coupling Bushes Square Type, S.S Combine 6 Amp Havells, S.S Combine 16 Amp Havells, Screw Driver Set Tapria, T.S.D Meter (as Per Sample), 3 Pin Top 6 Amp Gm, 3 Pin Top 16 Amp Gm, Transformer Oil, Thermal Overload Relay (2-5 Amp), U- Clamp Of Sizes, Brooms, Extension Cord 16 Amp, Titanium Putty (Devcon), Thermal Overload Relay(6-10 Amp), Thermal Overload Relay(25-40 Amp), Contactor 3ta 24, Contactor 3tf 52, Contactor 3tf 56, Nuts And Bolts 12 Mm, 2”,3”,4”, Nuts And Bolts 16 Mm 6”,8”, Nuts And Bolts 18 Mm 4”, 6”, 8”, Nuts And Bolts 19 Mm 5”, 6”, 8”, Galvanized Hexagonal Heat Bolt(As Per Sample), Balancing Stars For Shaft 8”, Rubber (bushes) (as Per Sample), S.S Shafts 40 Mm(10’), Level Indicator For Pressure Tank, As Per Sample), Non Return Valve (as Per Sample), Brass Bushes 36 Mm (inner), Brass Bushes 50 Mm (Outer), Coupling For 200 H.P Cooling Pump, Neoprim Rubber 3mm, Neoprim Rubber 4mm, Shaft Seal Studs(As Per Sample), Coupling For Oil Leakage Unit(As Per Sample), Fan For 200 H.P 3-0 Induction Motor, Piston With Ring Set 60mm, Piston With Ring Set 100 Mm, M.P Grease, Bearing 6316-Skf, Bearing 29324-E Skf, Bearing 6306 Skf, Bearing 3314-A Skf, Bearing 6310-2z Skf, Bearing 3n-49-Cz Skf, Bearing 22214 Skf, Nut With Bolts Full Thread 4”, Nut With Bolts Full Thread 6”, Rubber Cord 4 Mm, Rubber Cord 6 Mm, Rubber Cord 8 Mm/ 10 Mm, Rubber Cord 12 Mm, Elfy Tube 75 Gm, Welding Electrode 4 Mm(Spark/Electrolux) S.S Mo309, Welding Electrode 3.15 Mm (Spark/Electrolux) S.S Mo309, Welding Electrode 4 Mm((Spark/Electrolux) M.S, Welding Electrode 3.15 Mm (Spark/Electrolux) M.S, Welding Electrode 4 Mm (Spark/Electrolux) Cast Iron, Welding Electrode 4 Mm(Advani/Adorn Fontech) S.S Mo309, Welding Electrode 3.15 Mm (Advani/Adorn Fontech) S.S Mo309, Welding Electrode 4 Mm(Advani/Adorn Fontech) M.S, Welding Electrode 3.15 Mm (Advani/Adorn Fontech) M.S, Welding Electrode 4 Mm (Advani/Adorn Fontech) Cast Iron, M-Oil (20 W40), Pressure Guage 0-40 Kg/Cm, Petrol, Gear Oil (Gx90), Governor Oil Filter(Inner+Outer) G40, Prv Cup Seal, Champion Gas Kit 4 Mm, Gland Dori Of Sizes, Oil Seal(Rubber)( As Per Sample), Safety Valve For Compressor, Backlite Sheet, Foot Valve 2 ½”, Foot Valve 3”, Flanges 2” G.I, Flange 2 ½ G.I, Flange 4” G.I, Flange 6” G.I, Flange 8” G.I, Flange 12” G.I, Dailguage, Tachometer, Socket Set, Temperature Gauge (0 To 150 C), Cutting Wheel 4”, Rubber Coupling Bushes With Bolts, Grainding Wheel 4”, Cutting Wheel 6”, Grainding Wheel 6”, Dhoti Cloth, Emery Paper, Nitrile Rubber Shaft Seal 560 Mm, Gas/ Oxygen Hose Pipe, Oxygen Gas Refill, , Welding Glows, Hacksaw Blade, Hollimar Tube 100 Gms, Manila Rope, Nylon Rope, M- Seal 50 Gm, Welding Glass(Black+White), Welding Holder, Welding Cable, Finishing Wheel 4”, Emery Cloth, Carbon Brush (as Per Sample), Brush Holder (as Per Sample), Backlite Sleeve 18 Mm, Backlite V- Block, Fibre Washer 18 Mm, M10 Bolts 25 Mm, M16 Bolts 25 Mm, Ball Valve ¾”, Ball Valve ½”, Water Gas Kit, Oil Gas Kit, Spray Pump, Copper Cable 2-Core 2mm, Tripping Coil 36 Volts, 11 Kv Link Set, 33 Kv Link Set, L.T Bush Rod, 33 Kv Bush Rod, Coolant, Oil Filter, 33 Kv Pin Insulator, 11 Kv Disc Insulator, 11 Kv Tension Fitting, Pg Clamp (0.1), 11 Kv Drop Out Set, Guy Wire/ G.I Wire, S.T Poles 11 Mtr, Earth Wire, Aluminium Paint, Red Oxide., Aluminium Thimble 50 Mm, Aluminium Thimble 70 Mm, Aluminium Thimble 35 Mm, Aluminium Thimble 95 Mm, Angle Iron 65*65*6 Mm, Angle Iron 45*45*5 Mm, Polythene Colored, Harpic, Phenyle, Bathroom Brushes, Wipers For Bathroom, D.P Switch 63 Amp, M.S Channel 5ft Length (75x6x40 Mm), M.S Channel 8ft Length(100x45x6 Mm), Cadmium Compound, Cutting Plier (Big Size), Screw Driver(Big Size), Hammer 5 Kg, Measuring Tape (50’), Grease Gun Handle Type (5 Kg Capacity), Slide Wrench 4”, Hand Gr... 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Due on 02-Jun-2016  |  8 Days to go
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Coal and Lignite | Telangana | TID: 18006670
6 Value: INR 2 Million / 20 Lakh | Procurement Of Torque Wrenches For RKP.OCP Of Mm Area.
Due on 25-May-2016  |  Closing today
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Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 18079811
7 Value: INR 1.95 Million / 19.50 Lakh | Purchase of different items, trainee toolkit, shop-outfit and Machinery of Various Trades - Steel Rule 15 cm with metric graduation, Try Square 10 cm blade, Caliper inside 15 cm spring, Caliper 15 cm hermaphrodite, Caliper outside 15 cm spring, Divider 15 cm spring, Straight Scriber 15 cm, Centre Punch 10 cm, Screw driver 15 cm, Chisel cold flat 10 cm, Hammer ball peen 0.50 kg With handle, Hammer ball peen 0.22 kg With handle, File flat 25 cm. second cut, File flat 25 cm. smooth, File half round second cut 15 cm, Hacksaw frame fixed 30 cm, Safety goggles, Dot slot punch 10 cm, Allen Key set of 12 pieces, Electrician Screw Driver 250mm, Hands file 20 cm. Second cut flat, Philips Screw Driver set of 5 pieces, Screw driver 30 cm. X 9 mm. Blade, Spanner D.E. set of 12 pieces, Spanner, ring set of 12 metric, Spanners socket with speed handle, Steel tool box with lock and key, Wire cutter and stripper, Steel Rule 30 cm, Steel Rule 60 cm., Straight edge 45 cm steel, Surface plate 45 x 45 cm CI / Granite, Marking table 91 x 91 x 122 cm, Universal scribing block 22 cm, V-Block pair 7 cm and 15 cm with clamps, Square adjustable 15 cm blade, Angle plate 10 x 20 cm, Spirit Level 15 cm metal, Punch letter 3 mm set, Punch number set 3 mm, Punch hollow 6 mm to 19 set of 5, Punch round 3mm x 4 mm set of 2, Portable hand drill (Electric) 0 to 6 mm, Drill twist straight shank 1.5 to 12 mm by 0.5 mm, Drill twist straight shank 8 mm to 15 mm by ½ mm, Taps and dies complete set in box B.A, Taps and dies complete set in box with-worth, Taps and dies complete set in box 3-18 mm set of 10, File warding 15 cm smooth, File knife edge 15 cm smooth, File cut saw 15 cm smooth, File feather edge 15 cm smooth, File triangular 15 cm smooth, File round 20 cm second cut, File square 15 cm second cut, File square 25 cm second cut, Feeler gauge 10 blades, File triangular 20 cm second cut, File flat 30 cm second cut, File flat 20 cm bastard, File flat 30 cm bastard, File Swiss type needle set of 12, File half round 25 cm second cut, File half round 25 cm bastard, File round 30 cm bastard, File hand 15 cm second cut, Card file, Oil Stone, Stone carborandum, Oil Can, Pliers combination 15 cm, Soldering Iron, Blow Lamp 1 liters, Spanner D.E. 6 -26 mm set of 10 pcs, Spanner adjustable 15 cm, Interchangeable ratchet socket set with a 12 mm driver, Box spanner set 6-25 mm set of 8 with Tommy bar, Glass magnifying 7 cm, Clamp toolmaker 5 cm and 7.5 cm set of 2., Clamp "C" 5 cm, Clamp "C" 10 cm, Hand Reamer adjustable cover, Hand Reamer taper 4 -9mm set, Reamer parallel 12 - 16mm set, Scraper flat 15 cm, Scraper triangular 15 cm, Scraper half round 15cm, Chisel cold 9 mm cross cut 9 mm diamond, Chisel cold 19 mm flat, Chisel cold 9 mm round noze, Stud Extractor EZY - out, Combination Set 30 cm, Micrometer, Vernier caliper 15 cm, Vernier height gauges 30 cm, Vernier bevel protractor, Screw pitch gauge, Wire gauge, metric standard, Drill twist Taper Shank, Drill chuck, Pipe wrench 40 cm, Pipe vice 100mm, Adjustable pipe tap set BSP with die set cover pipe, Wheel dresser, Machine vice, Sleeve drill Morse, Vice bench 12 cm jaws, Vice leg 10 cm jaw, Fire buckets, Machine vice 100mm, Wing compass, Hand hammer 1 kg. with handle, Torque wrench, Hammer smith 2 kg. With handle, Tongs roving, Tongs fiat, Smith's square, Cold set rodded, Hot set rodded, Swages top & bottom, Swage block, Flatters (rodded) 55 mm square, Fuller top & bottom 6 mm 9 mm (Pair), Anvil 50 kg. with stand, Anvil stand, Shovel, Trammel 30cm, Pocker, Hardle, Leather apron, Prick punch, Mallet, Snips straight, Setting hammers with handle, Planishing hammer, Snip bent, Stake hatchet, Stake grooving, Gauge imperial sheet, Slip Gauge as Johnson metric set, Carbide Wear Block, Gauge snap Go and Not Go 25 to 50 mm by 5mm. Set, Gauge plug single 3 ended 5 to 55 by 5 mm. Set, Gauge telescopic upto 150 mm, Dial test indicator, Sine bar, Lathe tools H.S.S. tipped set, Lathe tools bit, Arm strong type tool bit holder R.H, Arm strong type tool bit holder L.H, Arm strong type tool bit holder straight, Stilson wrenches, Pipe cutter, Pipe bender spool type up to 25 mm with stand manually operated, Adjustable pipe chain tonge to take pipes, Adjustable spanner, Dial vernier caliper, Screw thread micrometer with interchangeable, Depth micrometer, Vernier caliper, Digital Micrometer, Comparators stand with dial indicator, Engineer\s try square (knife-edge), Surface roughness comparison plates, Digital Vernier caliper, Air blow gun with standard accessories, Air impact wrench with standard accessories, Air ratchet with standard accessories, Ammeter 300A/ 60A DC with external shunt, Angle plate adjustable 250x150x175, Angle plate, Automotive Electrical test bench, Belt Tensioner gauge, Chisels cross cut, Circlip pliers Expanding and contracting type, Clamps C, Compression testing gauge, Connecting rod alignment fixture, Copper bit soldering iron, Cylinder bore gauge, Cylinder liner, DC Ohmmeter, Depth micrometer... 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Due on 09-Jun-2016  |  15 Days to go
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Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 18079811
8 Value: INR 1.95 Million / 19.50 Lakh | Purchase of different items, trainee toolkit, shop-outfit and Machinery of Various Trades - Temperature gauge with sensor, Thermostat, Thread pitch gauge Metric, Timing lighter, Torque wrenches, Trammel 30 cm, Turbocharger cut sectional view, Tyre pressure gauge with holding nipple, Vacuum gauge to read, Valve spring compressor universal, vernier caliper, Vice grip pliers, Water pump for dismantling and assembling, Wire Gauge (metric), Single point cutting tool bit hss, Allen key set, Fix spanner set, Drilling machine bench sensitive, Forge portable hand blower, D.E. pedestal Grinding machine, Arbor press hand operated 2 ton capacity, Bench lever shears, Dual Magnetization Yoke, Gas Welding Table, Grinding machine, Liquid penetrant Inspection kit, Multi Scan Tool with oscilloscope, Pneumatic rivet gun with standard accessories, Spring tension tester, Tin smiths bench folder, Transformer welding set, Welder cable to carry 200 amps With flexible rubber cover, Lungs for cable, Earth clamps, Arc welding table, Oxy - acetylene gas welding set equipment with hoses, Gas welding table with positioner, Welding torch tips of different sizes, Gas lighter, Trolley for gas cylinders, Chipping hammer, Gloves (Leather), Leather apron, Spindle key for cylinder valve, Welding torches 5 to 10 nozzles, Welding goggles, Welding helmet with coloured glass, Tip cleaner, Steel Tape, Plier Insulated, Plier Side Cutting, Screw Driver, Electrician Connector, Heavy Duty Screw Driver, Electrician Screw Driver thin stem insulated handle, Punch Centre, Knife Double Bladed Electrician, Neon Tester, Steel Rule, Hammer, Gimlet, Bradawl 150 mm square pointed, Scriber, Pincer 150 mm, Terminal screw Driver, Hammer ball peen With handle, Plumb bob, Try square, Small crimping tools, Spanner set DE Set, Screw driver set (set of 5) 100-300 mm, File half round 250 mm 2nd cut, File round 150 mm 2nd cut, Soldering Iron 60 watt, Neon Tester 230 volt, Spanner Adjustable, Out Side Micrometer 0 to 25mm, Rawl plug tool and bit, Pully Puller, Bearing Puller 200mm length, Pipe vice 100 mm, Thermometer, Scissors blade, Crimping Tool, Wire stripper, Mallet hard wood, Hammer Extractor type, Outside and Inside Divider Calliper, Drill hand brace, Drill S.S. Twist block, Plane, smoothing cutters, Gauge, wire imperial, File Rasp half round, Soldering Iron, Desoldering Gun, Hand Vice 50 mm jaw, Table Vice 100 mm jaw, Pipe Cutter to cut pipes, Stock and Die set, Ohm Meter, Multi Meter, Digital Multi Meter, D.C. Milli ammeter, Ammeter, A.C. Ammeter, Power Factor Meter, Frequency Meter, Flux meter, Wheat Stone Bridge with galvanometer and battery, Laboratory Type Induction Coil, DC Power Supply, Battery Charger 15 volt current and voltage control, Hydrometer, Fire Buckets, Megger 500 volts, Limit Switch, Rotary Switch 16 A (Raw Material), Load Bank 5 KW( Lamp / heater Type), Brake Test arrangement with two spring balance 0 to 25 kg rating, Knife Switch DPDT fitted with fuse terminals 16 amp, Voltage Stabilizer Input, Hygrometer, Cut out Relays, Reverse current, Over current, Under voltage, Resistance type starter, Direct on line Starter, Star Delta Starter- manual, Star Delta Starter- semi-automatic, Star Delta Starter- Fully automatic, Automatic Reverse Forward starter, Auto Transformer type, Single Phase Capacitor Motor with starter switch 1 HP 230 volt 50 cycles, Shaded Pole Motor a.c. single phase, Lux meter, Inverter, Electric Hot Plate, Electric Iron, Geyser (Storage type), Mixture & Grinder, Washing Machine, Motor Pump set, Pin Type, shackle type & suspension type insulators, Forge with hand blower, Conduit pipe cutting and threading machines adjustable, Bar magnet, Drill bit, Horse shoe magnet, Crimping tool for telephone/LAN cable, Rubber matting 2 meter x 1 meter x 9mm, Fire extinguishers Dry chemical 5 Kg, Set of Rowel punch 8,10mm, Set of Wall jumper octagonal, Combination pliers insulated 200 mm insulated, Spanner set, Hammer Ball Peen, Hammer cross Peen, File flat, File flat round, File round, File triangular, Foot print Grip, Electric soldering iron, Safety belt with provision for keeping tools, Trowel 150mm, All types C.F.L lamp sets, Multi meter, Electrical power drilling machine, Voltmeter M.C, Ammeter M.I, Field regulator 0 – 1000 ohmic, 2 Amps, Single phase K.W.H meter digital, Single phase K.W.H meter analog, 3 Phase KW meter 15A 440 v, Clamp on ammeter 0-25A, Three phase K.W.H meter analog 25A, Three phase K.W.H meter digital 25A, UPS 500VA with battery o/p a.c.230V, DC Power supply 250v DC , 25 Amp, Single phasing preventer 415v, Two point starter for DC series motor, Soft starter 1ph, Lead Acid battery 75Ah 12v, Solar street light lamp set 12v , 18 / 24 watts, Autotransformer Single phase 0-300V 1kVA, Autotransformer Three phase 0-500V 1kVA, Hydraulic crimping tool.
Due on 09-Jun-2016  |  15 Days to go
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Power Plant | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 18150561
9 Value: INR 5.00 Lakh approx. | Supply Of Winch, Lifting Sling And Other Items For Chutak Power Station, Minji. Tirfor, Adjustable Type Torque Wrench, Length-12 Inch, Ratchet Arrangement For M10-M-36 Size Bolts, Round Polyster Sling -5 Ton, 10 M, Two - Speed Flexible Shaft Grinder FF-2.
Due on 08-Jun-2016  |  14 Days to go
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Philippines | TID: 18213480
10 Value: PHP 4.17 Lakh approx. | Purchase of various tools, materials and equipment, Bore Gauge, Socket Wrench, Vacuum pump.
Due on 07-Jun-2016  |  13 Days to go
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