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Power Plant | Gujarat | TID: 10269251
1 Value: INR 8.65 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Tools & Tackles - Manila Jute Rope Size 12 Mm, Cylinder Key (Spanner For Operating O2,Da), M.S. Wire Brush, 5 Row Total Length Of 475 Mm, Chiesel Size 1046, Taparia Make Chiesel Size 6", Taparia Make Chiesel Size-8", Taparia Chisel 10" Long, Chisel Octagonal-150 Mm, Chisel Length 200 Mm Cutting Edge 25mm, Taparia Hexagonal Chisel 12" Long, Jk Flat File Rough 12", J.K.Flat& Hand File Size 250 Mm Rough With Handle, J.K.Flat Files Smooth 6"Half Round, 8"Flat File Smooth, Flat File Smooth 10" (250 Mm), J.K.Flat Smooth File Size 12" X 1", Triangular File Size 150 Mm (6") Smooth., J.K.Round Smooth File Size 12" X 1", J.K.Half Round Smooth File 6", J.K.Half Round Smooth File Size 12" X 1", Half Round Bastard Rough File Size 12"X1", Half Round Rough File Size - 6" (Rough), Niddle Files Size 140 Mm With Cut '0' (Set Of 10 Nos. ), Leather Punches, 100 Mm Length , Hole Size 8 Mm, Hole Punch No. 20 Size 3/4" (20 Mm), D/E Open Jaw Spanner 16x17 Mm, Heavy Duty Magnet Stand For Alignment, Single End Long Span Fix Spanner 32 Mm, Fix Spanner Size 6 X 7 To 30 X 32 Mm Jhalani Make, Fix Spanner , Size - 36x41 Mm, Fix Spanner Size 6 X 7 Mm, Double Ended Spanners(Plain), 8 X 9 Mm Size, Fix Spanner Size 8 X 9 Mm, Double End Fix Spanner Size-10x11, Fix Spanner Size 10 X 11 Mm, Double End Fix Spanner Size-12x13, Fix Spanner Size 12 X 13 Mm ., Double End Fix Spanner Size-14x15, Fix Spanner Size 14 X 15 Mm Jhalani Make, Fix Spanner 16x17, Double End Fix Spanner Size-18x19, Fix Spanner 21x23, D/E Open Jaw Spanner 21x23 Mm, Double Open End Spanner Size 30 X 32 Mm Jhalani Mk, Double Open End Spanner Size 24 X 26 Mm Jhalani Mk, Fix Spanner25x28, Fix Spanner Size 32x36 Mm, Double Ended Fix Spanner Sets, Fix Spanner, Double Ended Fix Spanner Sets Contant, Adjustable Spanners 205 Mm Length, Sladge (Hammering) Spanner, Single End Ring Slogging Spanner 30 Mm, Single End Ring Slogging Spanner 28 Mm, Allen key, Allenkey-17 Mm, Allenkey-10 M, Set Of Allen Keys [1 To 17 Mm], Allen Key Set, Allen Key-14mm, Taparia Make, Adjustable Wrench, Unbrko Hexagon Wrenches, Adjustable Spanner 8", Adjustable Spanner 12", Adjustable Slide Wrench Size - 6"('Taparia'make), Adjustable Spanner 10" Long, Gedore Make Socket-Set ( Box-Spanner), Unbreko Allen Key Of Size 1/16" To 3/8", Single Ended Open Jaw Adjustable Spanner, Pipe Wrench Size 12"(300 Mm) Prod Np 1273, Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench Product No Hpw10, Pipe Wrench Size 18" (450 Mm) Length, Pipe Wrench Size 14" (350 Mm) Length, Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty Si-24", Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench Size 36", Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty Si-18", Pipe Wrenches,Size-24",('Taparia'-Make), Pipe Wrench 1272 Size10", Pipe Wrench 1272 Size12", Taparia Make Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench, Tubular Box Spanner Set With Tommy Bar, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 10 X 11 Mm, Fix Spanner Size 12/13, Ring Spaner No 13 Size 12 X13 Mm, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 14 X 15 Mm, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 16 X 17 Mm, Jhalani/ Taparia ring Spanner Si-16x17, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 18 X 19 Mm, Jhalani/Taparia ring Spanner Si-18x19, Ring Spanner 20x22, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 21 X 23 Mm, Jhalani/Taparia'ring Spanner Si-21x23, Ring Spanner Size 24x27 Mm, Ring Spanner-30x32, Ring Spanner Size 30 X 32 Mm Jhalani Make, Bi Hexagonal Ring Spanner 24x26 Mm, Ring Spanner Size 24 X 26 Mm Jhalani Make, Ring Spanner 25 X28, Bi Hexagonal Ring Spanner 41x46 Mm, Ring Spanner Set, Ring Spanner 5/8''x1/2'', Ring Spanner Size 12/13, Ring Spanner Size 21/23, Ring Spanner Size 24/26, Double Ended Ring Spanners Sets, Double Ended Ring Spanners Sets, Ratchet Handle Size 1/2" Sq.Drive Size A715, Bench Vice Size 4", Bench Vice Size 6", Bench Vice,Size-8",('Netco'-Make)., Bench Vice Apex Make -150mm, Screw Driver ( Special With Neon Bulbs), Screw Driver, Screw Driver Code931,450x10 Mm, Hammer 800 Gms With Handle, Hammer With Handle Size-500 Gms, Hacksaw Frame With Metal Handle Heavy Duty For 12" Hacksaw Blade, Copper Tube Cutter, Wire Stripping Pliers, Sledge Hammer Head Only Of Weight, Tin Cutter (H.D.) Cutter, Bearing Puller Set, Hss Ground Thread Hand Tap Set, Bench Grinder, Mini Angle Grinder, Grinding Disc, Half Round Bearing Scraper 12" Size, Slide Wrench Plier Size-305mm, Crimping Tools, Electrically Operated High Speed Pistol Grinder, Long Nose Pliers, Internal Circlip Pliers Size 8" No1440 Taparia Make, Inner Circlip Plier-1441, Circlip Pliers Internal Length 175 Mm, Circlip Pliers External Length 175 Mm, Circlip Pliers Internal S, Circlip Pliers External 1443 Size7", Combination Plier With Ca Sleeve 1621-8,210 Mm, Electrical Hand Blower 800 Watt, 230 Volt, 50hz, Kpt Make Pistol Grip Drill Machine Kpt-563, Hand Drill Machine Make'Wolf' 1/2'', Double Insulated High Power Compact Drill Machine., Drill Bit Set It/Addision,Size;2 Mm To 10 Mm., Hss Drill Bit Set 3 Mm To 12 Mm, 'Taparia' Insulated Pliers Size-8", Electrical Safety Equipment Tester Voltage Range, Flat Screw Driver, Product No932, Multi Purpose Digital Line Tester, Extension Bar Length | Due on 05-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Rajasthan | TID: 10554338
2 Value: INR 80.37 Thousand (approx.) | Calibration of standard Measuring and Test instruments --Process meter cum dmm 4.5 digit fluke, compact calibrator for-v,r,i. yokoga wa, 4 digit digital clamp meter 0-200/ Kyoritsu-2002, winding resistance micro meter, 0-5kv megger,0-100 gohms, 5 rangesevershed series-sh, digital time interval meter, tempture gun infrared thermo meter, tong-tester (digital clam meter), torque wrench, digital caliper 6", phase sequence meter, digital rpm meter, energy meter calibrator 3-ph. Sems accu. Check ht+ sr, pmmc multimeter motwane 8*mk-iii, fluke make 3 ph power analyzer model-434, digital phase angle meter, chauvin arnox clip-on type single phase Power analyzer. | Due on 03-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Coal and Lignite | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10521805
3 Procurement Of Pneumatic Tools For Tyre & Dozer Section Of Oc2 Rg3. - (1) Impact Wrench 3/4 In Sq Drive, (2) Pneumatic Die Grinder. | Due on 23-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 10545888
4 Auction sale of aquaguard water purifier, ultra violet water disinfection system flow rote, celling fan (comp)ansu, steel cots folding, cotton tape niwar in mtr, table fan (zolta/ almora), pad lock 50 mm, sten rack adjustable, water bucket iron, cotton tarpoline cook house, darroes red & blue cotton size 12’x12’, ceiling fan 40 mm orient, electric fan regulator, invertor 01 kva betek brand, batteries sealed acid 12 volt cap, electric blast, electric lamp holder brass, three pin plug, stool steel size 2’x1.5’x1.5’ steel plate, socket outlet, switch socket combine unit, switch single pole, water bucket 13”, metal shelving rack type closed shelves seven, duck cotton tarpoline cook house, petromax, chair tubler with arms, box 1x30 watted fitting, tub light frame, cash box, meat & milk shape table cloth green blazer, heat converter, dining table iron,washer man table (iron), durry red/blue 18’x15’, pad lock,polyester rain cap dechabel hood, chair tubler without arms, capacitor, inverter, wall clock, kassi handle wooden, almira large, pedestal fan, desert cooler, steel cots tubler not folding, air cooler, door curtain, change over switch phase 2 pole 32 amp, iron board with crpf crust, brass chain, cloth hussan medium in mtr, parat alluminium small, chamcha folding alluminim, volly ball, volly ball net nylon, carrom board set, chess board, skeeping rope, size 5’x4’, presser sensitive adnesive tape, flexible wire 3/20 in roll, ground sheet, crpf lathi, katora allu small, leader strep allu 10”, hpsv lamp 250 wall, parat allu medium, picket ope brass for q/guard, press washer man 10 kg, scissor garden, gas pipe, tub washer man 8 gln, tarpoline for cook house, water proof with cap, pad lock 75 cm, barrel moulded polithin water storege tank cp 300 ltrs, low density polythine black in kg, tea container 20 ltrs cap, switch 6 amp, socket 6 amp, body protector khaki, ultra voilet water disification system, pressure cooker 22 ltr cap, rifle rack 7.62 mm slr, sten rack 12 sten, sign board size 2.5’x2.5’, commercial gas chullah with regulator, burner & full assy, flood light intergail control, sign board size 4’x3’, shuttele cock yonex in pkt, wrist band, cylandrical vertical double lyer mainteed cap 500 ltrs, cylandrical vertical double lyer mainteed cap 300 ltrs, water storage tank tusker 200 ltrs cap, badminton rocket, body protector, cane shild, chine guard in pair, water lilter 16 ltrs cap, degcha alluminium 25”, degcha lid 25”, degcha lid 10”, degcha lid 9”, portable rechargeble flash light with charger, degcha alluminium 13”, degcha alluminium 11”, fiber glass helmet, camp table mk-iii size 3’x2’ hight 2.5’ pipe 3/4 gauge, degcha alluminium 10”, degcha alluminium lid, nylon net double nylon wire for security bunker size 10’x35’, picket iron 2’, palta small with handle, grass cutting talwar, water storege tank 500 ltrs, chair camp (type steel frame with fiber arms seat & back), degcha lead 13”, concertina coil in roll, fire extinguisher soda acid type 9 ltrs cap, water proof without cap, parat alluminium large, haricam lamp, loha iron 150 men set, sign board of coy office with brass letter hindi/english size 18”x6”, sign board of coy store with brass letter hindi/english size 18”x6”, sign board of coy comder with brass letter hindi/english size 18”x6”, single core unarmaed expl cable 59-60, gloves acid resistance, pick head, sand bag, sign board,, stretcher ambulance, table camp square pipe steel with single drawer & laminated top, degcha aluminum, degcha lid 12”, rifle chain 14.5 fit, mirror barber 5” x 3”, signboard 4”x3”, barbed wire in kg, k.oil heater tank cap. 5.200 ltr, testel wooden, torch three cell, barrel moulded, football cosco, badminton net, badminton rocket, table tennis bat, warm up shouse, hot case stainless steel ( ten men set ) 6 tiffin boxes, water filter 180 ltr, hot case with fiber plastic insulating body, change over switch single phase, change over switch three phase, cricket bat, cricket ball, hand ball cosco, lown tennis rocket, lown tennis ball, parat allu. large, karahi irom small, target tin sheet, target paper, shaving brush, apron for barber, hair cutting brush, comb-mk-iii, comb-medium mk-i, hand razor, spary bottele, towel hand big, towel hand small, hair cutting machine, barber cloth, shaving soap with plastic container, soap continer alluminium, steel container h2a, steel container ga large, tin box b 4c, canvas bag 51 mm, white cloth chair cover with arms, fisher man net nylon size 40’x10’ jsbomh jp;r 1.5”x1.5”, security light helozen 500 watt with rod, flexible wire in roll, electric wire 3/20 in roll, halogen light rod 1000 wat, table cloth blzer size 6’x4’, plastic dust bin, wall mirror size 4’x2’ with wooden frame, basta cloth in mtr, plastic bucket 10 ltrs cap, halogen tube rod 500 watt, inset killer, steel dallu, electric wire 7/20 in roll, lamp holder brass, phool jhadu, plastic sheet in roll, plastic sheet transparent, k/oil heater pripple tank system oil ca | Due on 18-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 10546059
5 Auction sale of Tarpaulin, Cotton Tape, Ground Sheet, Flit Gun, Water Proof Khaki, Cap Water Proof Khaki, Black Board, Black Board Folding Stand, Talwar Grass Cutting, Degcha Body Allu 25 1/2", Folding Chamacha, Tawa Iron Large 150 Men Set, Katora, Degcha Lid Allu, Torch Hand 3 Cell Eveready, Torch 3 Cell Stainless Steel Jeep With Led, Shovel Round, Pack Web 08, S/S Pack Web 08, Tub Washing 8 Gallon, Emergency Light (Philips), CRP Lathi, CRP Lathi, Pistol Line Yard, Rifle Sling 7.62 Mm Slr, Phawara, Door Mat, Hammer, Chisel, Try Gunia Squire, Hand Shaw, Iron Plane, Seknja, Try Squire, Basula , Oil Stone, Tape Mtr Steel 3 Mtr, Hacksaw Frame, Tin Cutter 10 ", Tea Thermos 10 Ltr Cap Stainless Steel, Parat Allu Medium, Door Mat No. 03, Horn With Unit Compete Make Ahuja, Matting Coir Red Colour In Mtr, Evaporative Air Cooler, Augure Set 6 Pc Contains, Tri Angular ( 10 Pcs Contain), Screw Driver 12 Inch, Hacksaw Blade, Adjustable Wrenge, Hand Drill Machine, Jumping Wrench Big, Hammer Ball Claw, Rush File Jk 12'', Hacksaw 12 Inch, Plus, Rupe File, Change Over Switch 4 Pole 32 Amp, Scissor 9 Inch, Gi Coil In Bdl, Door Mat Type Colour Size No.5, Portable Rechargea-ble Flesh Light, Barrel 500 Ltr Capacity, Volleyball Net Cotton, Hot Case Tiffin Make (Bonjour) 03 Container Puf Insulated Boll, Screw Driver 16”, Sekanja 6”, Balance Scale Indian 50gm 205 Kg With Metallic White, Appolo Light Big Size, Bukharie/Kerosene Heater System Tank Capacity 10 Ltr, Barbed Wire, Clock Wall Ajanta Samay, Iron Dhobi Electric 20 Pound 2.5m Lead, Presure Cooker 22 Ltr, Presure Cooker 22 Ltr, Volleyball (Sporton)Louts, Watter Filter Stainless Steel 24 Ltr Capa, Watter Tank Reno From Sintex 200 Ltr, Bat Minton Rocket(Yonex), Rifle Chine Security 5 1/2'', Meat & Milk Safe, Racks For Rifle 7.62 Mm Slr, Kerosine Oil Bukari With All Attach Ment, New Steel Drum Cap 200ltr, Steel Jaricane 20 Ltr Capcity, Wooden Balli, Harness Cloth Bp Jacket, Tramapad, Small target 30 cm x 30 cm wooden frame with tin sheet , Target tin sheet Fig 13, Wooden frame size 3x4x6, Small target 120 x 120 Cm wooden frame complete 4 x 4, Target tin sheet Fig No. 11, Target tin sheet, Wooden frame WITH TIN SHEET 1 X 1, Cotton tape niwar in Mtr, Bucket GI 13 Inch, Durreis size 10’ x 12', Door curtain, Window curtain, Pad lock, Gas patromax, Table cloth size 2x 1.1, C B Chair with out arms, C B Chair with arms, C B Chair with arms, Bench steel without back rest, Office table small, Dining table made of mild steel frame & sunmaica, Barber chair revolving, C B Chair with out arms, Door curtain, Window curtain, 3.20 Coil P.V.C in coil, Flexible wire in coil, Electric wire, 3/20 electric wire, Flexible wire, Flexible wire, Basket ball aba star sports, Sports shoes best quality, Sceneries, Pipe 3” dia pucianet, Table tennis ball 40 mm, Rubber pipe ¾, Foam pipe ¾, Pipe ½ in ft, Socket ½ inch, Electric switch board, Emergency light (make santosh), News paper stand hut type, Sceneries lamination size 1/3, Sceneries lamination size 3/2, Canon. Digital photo camera, Memory card(chip) 128 mb., Battery charger, Charger battery, Quarter plate in set, Mug cello, Tong steel, Emergency light rechargeable (Philips), Phowara (Tata), Heater (Maya), Micro phone jack, Quarter plate, Cup (48 nos a box), Table tennis bat with cover, Table tennis ball, Tea container 10 Ltr, Volley ball ( Nivia ), Dth antena/beston mdl. Super-dlx, Canvas punching bag, Phawara (Tata), Black belt, Quarter plate in set, Karahi iron, Foot ball (Nivia), Racket (yonex), Microphone jack xlr, Pillow relaxable, Dumble 2.5 Kg, Door, Tea container (10 Ltr capacity), P.V.C pipe best quality (inch dia) (in Mtr ), Tillu pump Crompton 1.5, Water container 500 Ltr capacity plastic body, Dish TV(Zeenaga), Heater Maya, Carom Board Stand Wooden, Ply Wood Size 6 X 3 X 10 Mm, Chain Stich Cloth Size 2.5 X 4, Plastic table molded, Plastic chair with arms, Plastic chair with out arms, Plastic chair with arms SUPRIME, Foot ball, Volley ball, Hand ball Cosco, Volley ball net cotton, Basket ball Cosco, Hand ball net nylon, Caram board with men, Chaines chakker with men, Chess board with men, Jersey and pant set, Lawn tennis racket, Badminton racket, Badminton racket, Volley ball net nylon, Plastic pipe 1/2 dia in Ft, Elbow ½", Union ½", Bib cork, Tee ½", Booster, Cable wire in Mtr, Pagri voil 5 Mtr length, Pagri patti, Pagri turrah, Moulded teapoy, Moulded trolley, Chinnes Chekra With Mens, Badminton racket ( Silver), Samsung CTV with remote, Ramayan cassette completer set, Durries cotton 10’ x 10’, Full tea set bone Chaina, Exhaust fan, Caram board with men’s, Carram board with men’s, Carram board with mens, Caram board with mens, Caram board with mens, Badminton net nylon, Radio make space, Badminton racket with cover, Badminton racket yonex, Measurement Tape, DVD Player, Pillow Relaxable, Panjabi Lacha Sikh, Jacket, Baju Bandh, Dhol Banner Zeri Embroidred, Khundi, Kato, Algoja, UPS Battery 12 VOLTS 7 AH EXIDE, Full Tea Set | Due on 18-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Maharashtra | TID: 10614215
6 Auction Sale Of Main Constituents Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal Scrap Arising From Sss Items, Ber Items, Ber E-Waste Items, Ber Hazardous Items- Capacitor Micro 160v-8mk, Unit 4c 102 (Yp), Barrel Assembly Left Hand No.7, Barrel Assembly Left Hand No.11, Stud, Ball Race, Sealing Ring, Coupling Block, Breaksing Motor Sr. No. 6671596, Bracking Motor Sr No. 6671590, Filter Insert, Motor Sl. No. 6849244, Torque Synchro, Zero Setting Ring, Cable Contact, Firing Lever X 92-5-1, Contact Device, Amplifier, Contactor X 23-201-71, Overcurrent Relay, Relay X 22-303-28 Vdc, Check Valve Connection 6, Check Valve Connection 13, Reducing Valve, Relief Valve, Pump Plessey C18k (Ut), Electric Motor, Contact Device, Electric Unit, Matching Unit, Indicating Unit For Coincidence Postion, Sealing Strip, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Gear Wheel, Carrier, Spring, Spring, Spring, Damping Plate Complete, Spring, Hoist Car Assembly Left Hand, Hoist Car Assembly Left Hand, Yoke Unit, Driving Unit Right Hand, Driving Unit Right Hand With 4 Piper Assorted Sizes, Electrical Motor, Dise Brake, Chain Wheel, Clutch Sr No. 77-19771, Driving Shaft, Shaft, Driving Shaft, Spring, Piston, Automatic Fuse, Overcurrent Relay, Resistor, Relay, Resistor, Push Button For Lamp, Push Button, Signal Lamp, Push Button, Push Button For Lamp, Contactor X 23-102-71, Electrical Switch, Transformer, Fuse Holder, Resistor, Handle, Fuse Base X 24-201-25, Relay X 22-302-28vdc, Relay X 22-302-115 400hz, Relay, Signal Lamp X 26-9008-28, Fuse Cover X 24-202-25, Rectifier, Ball Bearing N50-306-7209b, Transfirring Arm, Sliding Cable, Sealing Strip, Standard Parts Set, Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Rod, Cleaning Cloth, Geared Pin, Spring Compressor, Box (325x105x211m), Test Instrument For Amplifier Laying Machinery No.1185, Box (500x310x250mm), Test Equipment For Fuse Setting And Firing, Firing Circuit Testor, Pin Contact, Clamp, Fuse, Pin Contact X 11-9001-2, Terminal X 11-12-2, Socket Contact X 11-9001-1, Ittrj Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connections Length 60 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 54 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 43 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 90 Cms, Flexible Hydraulic Hose With End Connector Length 80 Cms, Cable Connector 38 Pins (Male), Cable Connector 19 Pins , Male Plug, Female Plug, Hand Driven Transmitter, Dynamic Transmitter D7-11, Phase Detectore Ra 818 115-120v, Recorder En 34t, Contact Panel 18 Pole 1 134 858, Contact Panel 25 Pole 114 728, Contact Panel 10 Pole 1 134 859, Test Panel, , Pin, Funnel 71-5241-7133, Hammer, Jimmy, Device For Disemgaging The Stop, Safty Pin, Sear Spring, 01-8 Rammer Sear, 01-9 Sear Pin, 1-10 Washer, Piston Ring, Reflector Lock, 01-24 Ring, 01-27 Pipe Connection Ring, 01-41 Fluro Plastic Ring, Contact, Switch, Buffer, Stop Spring, 02-13 Lock Ring, 02-18 Latch Spring, 02-19 Latch Pin, Lock Pin, 02-29 Stop Spring, 02-32 Stop Pin, 02-35 Extractor Spring, 02-37 Follower Pin, Feeding Device, 02-40 F D Spring, 02-41 Lock Ring, 02-42 Roller, 02-43 Cramp Iron Pin, Barrel Catch Pin, Stop Spring, Rivet, Lock Pin, Lock Screw, Piston Ring, Valve Spring, Washer, Ring, Pin, Safty Pin, Pneumatic Valve Ring, Cylinder Ring, Nut Bush, Valve Bush, Lock Ring, Washer, Follower Spring, Roller Pin Ring, Body Roller, Spring, Pin, Smaller Rack Arm, Shaft Lock Pin, Arm Spring, Larger Rack Arm, Contact Spring, Cartridge Case Ring, Front Ring, Safty Pin, Latch Spring, Rear Ring, Ring, Packing Ring, Spring Ring, Washer, Plug Gasket, Cotter Pin 32 X 32.019, Drift, Collar, Spring, Cylindrical Wheel, Main Gear, Hose 71-5241-2255, Hose 71-5241-2259, Filter, Pad, Reducer, Reducing Valve, Pipe M2m6 X 1, Mandrel, Gauge For Quadrant 71-5241-7107, Push Rod, Can For Thick Lubricant, Extractor Of Breech Ring Axle, Hook For Removing Of Rubber Ring, Thong, Wrench, Socket Wrench-10, Tap Wrench, Wrench, Wrench, Screw Driver 7810-1306, Screw, Ring, Lock Pin 4(P)2 2a 252, Ring C(P) 66-49-6, Lubricator With Ball M10 X 1, Insert, Receptacle, Cable Ht, Electric Motor With Spares, Electric Motor With Spares, Electro Pneumatic Valve, Micro Switch A802b, Generator )G) 650(F) With B (G) Gh, Electric Motor (D) 600t(F) With Brush Mtc-8, Selsyn Kc-4 Type, Contractor Of Km-100 D-B, Contractor Of Km-50 D-B, Plate P-66-10 3pc21-10, P(P) -4 Polarized Relay, Relay, Relay Of 8713 Type, Fuse, Fuse, Capacitor, Capacitor, Capacitor Kbg(I)-4-200-0.025+10%, Mains Defence Automatic Machine A3 C10, Resistance Mlt-0.5-200+-10%, Resistance, Diode, Rectifiering Diode, Diode, Transistor, Rectifiering Diode, Transistor, Stabilitron, Collar, Collar 40*62, Wire, Wire, Transformer, Spare Parts For Contractor, Spare Parts For Electrical Motor, Fuse Holder Ha4-810-008, Relay, Capacitor, White Pipe Iii-Tb-40t-230t-3-5, White Pipe, Black Or Green On Thread, Varnished Cloth, White Pipe, Sand Paper, Drift, Wrench, Wrench, Screw, Screw, Antom Forceps, Amplifier (U)-4m, Ring, Hose Working Pressure 150kg/Cm2, Hose Working | Due on 15-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Coal and Lignite | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10323272
7 Value: INR 25 Million | Supply of indigenous spares for CTX LHD of BG panel, heavy duty pipe wrenches, indigenous spares for jumbo drills of BG panel, slush pump assembly, seal kits for hydraulic cylinders and suspensions, 4 legged derricks, different sizes of TRR bits pertaining, standard mast diesel operated 150mm rotary blast hole drills, SMS / SME LDC explosive and accessories, undercarriage parts for BEML, spares for elmco elecon make SDLS and LHDs, neutral grounding resistors monitoring and protective system of bender make, EN steel rounds, cable bolting machine, nitrogen generators, baby pulverisers, and digital balance capital items, two jaw crusher and 6.2kg analytical balance & slim hole digital geophysical logger unit. | Due on 21-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Coal and Lignite | Chhattisgarh | TID: 10489417
8 Value: INR 8.92 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Hardware & Miscellaneous Spare Kit, Auxiliary Contactor, Repair Kit For Contactor, Thermal Timer, Over Load Relay , Operating Coil, Contactor, Timer, Auxiliary Contactor, Actuator, Operating Coil, Complete Contactor Unit, Over Load Relay, Operating Coil, Rope Sealing, Battery Terminal, Files Round, Hacksaw Frame, Combination Plier, Nose Plier, Screw Driver, Spanner Ring, Box Spanner, Slide Wrench, Hammer, Allen Key, Socket Set, Digital Multi meter, Analog Multi meter, Measuring Tape, Hand Drill Machine, Crimping Machine Complete, Tong Tester, Earth Tester, Belt Fastener, Soldering Wire, Hacksaw Frame, Hacksaw Blade, Combination Plier 8 Inch, Nose Plier 8 Inch, Screw Driver Set, Spanner Ring Set 6mm To 32 Mm, Digital Multi meter, Crimping Tool Rj11, Crimping Tool Rj45, Krone Tools, Tester Neon Line 500 V, Soldering Iron 65 W 230 V, Ht Nut & Bolt, Pin Insulator, Disc Insulator, Tape Empire, Tape PVC Steel Grip, Lighting Arrestor, Shackle Insulator, Post Insulator, Turn Buckles, Stay Rod, Bobbin Insulator, Telephone Cable Jointing Kit, PVC Cable Drop 0.9 Mm Dia, Manila Rope 25mm/1 Inch, Nylon Rope 1/2 Inch, Thinner, Red Oxide Paint/Primer, Painting Brush 4 Inch, GI Nut And Bolt, Ms Nut And Bolt, Wire Nails, Screw Wooden, M Seal, Tape PVC Steel Grip, Brass Gland, Stay Wire, Shackle Insulator, Air Break Switch, Adhesive Tape, Ht Tape, Tape Empire, Wire GI etc. | Due on 21-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10462934
9 Value: INR 3 Lakh | Supply of Tools - Screw Driver, Wire- Cutter, Long Nose Pliers, Phase- Tester, Adjustable Wrench, Hand Drill Machine, Punching Tool, Krone Tool, Emergency Light, Wrapping, Unwrapping, Tools, Digital Humidity Temperature Indicator, Wrapping Gun, Line Man Tool Bag, Digital Multi Meter, Digital Earth Resistance Tester, Digital AC/DC Tong Tester, Rodo Meter, First Ad Box, Vacuum Cleaner, Spanner Set, Drill Bit Kit, Adjustable Spanner, Hammer etc. | Due on 29-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10504014
10 Value: INR 2 Lakh | Supply Of Tools And Appliances – Combination Pliers 8 “, Combination Pliers 6”, Long Nose Pliers 6”, Tin Cutter 8”, Side cutter 6”, Hand Set ( Plastic Body), Punching Tool, Screw Driver Kit, Cable Cutter 6”, Cable Cutter 8”, Nipper 115 mm, Pillar Lock (long Neck), Wire Stripper 130 mm, OSA Tool, Phase Tester (70mm), Drill Machine 300 watt., Hammer with Handle(200gm.), Hammer with Handle(500gm.), PVC Sleeve( 1000 piece) pkt, Gainti 2 Kg., Phawra (Spade) 2kg., Multimeter (Digital), Blow Lamp, Adjustable Wrench 8”, Adjustable Wrench 6”, Hack Saw Frame 12”, Hack Saw Blade, Steel Measuring Tape 5 mtr., Fiber Glass Measuring Tape 50 mtr., Clamp Tester, Chisel 6”, Pipe Wrench 8”, Rodo Meter, Multi Meter Analog, Tool Kit, Compact Kit. | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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