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Security Services | Telangana | TID: 16671031
1 Value: INR 2.98 Million approx. / 29.82 Lakh approx. | Purchase of TE Consisting of 3 items Viz, Pipes, Stopper Special, Plate resilient mount bushing and Seat, and Consisting of 10 items -mast base, Wrenches, Shackle etc.  | Due on 15-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 16929336
2 Value: INR 1.99 Million approx. / 19.90 Lakh approx. | Supply of Lv7/Maruti 2930-000684 Tank Water Reserve, Lv7/Maruti 41461m79000 Plate Shackle Inner, Lv7/Maruti 3040-003568 Cable Assy Control, Lv7/Maruti 33661m51020 Tray Battery, Lv7/Maruti 14110-80c00 Manifold Exhaust, Lv7/Maruti 09816m00083 Wheel Wrench 21, Lv7/Maruti 09471m12057 Bulb 12v 21/5w, Lv7/Maruti 2530-004747 Cyl Assy Hyd Brake Master, Lv7/Maruti 32500m70f00 Regulator Assy, Lv7/Maruti 38860m76m00 Relay Assy, Lv7/Maruti 17120-81a00 Clutch Assy Fan, Lv7/Maruti 2920-002341 Regulator Assy, Lv7/Maruti 3040-016115 Cable Gate, Lv7/Maruti 09285-00002 Oil Seal, Lv7/Maruti 17400m83010 Pump Assy Water, Lv7/Maruti 18590m81a10 Sensor Map, Lv7/Maruti 51810m80900 Piston Kit Master Cylinder, Lv7/Maruti 12810m71c32 Tensioner Comp Timing Belt, Lv7/Maruti 09814m00015 Comb Screw Driver, Lv7/Maruti 09305m13002 Bush Sprg Shackle, Lv7/Maruti 2990-013694 Pipe Exhaust Center, Lv7/Maruti 31132-80090 Brush, Lv7/Maruti 2520-003414 Plate Clutch, Lv7/Maruti 33705m80c30 Cord Set High Tension, Lv7/Maruti 09283m68002 Seal Crank Shaft Rear Oil, Lv7/Maruti 29972-80050 Oil Seal, Lv7/Maruti 99000m24120-471 Bulb Head Lamp 12v 45 40w, Lv7/Maruti 53401-83310 Cylinder Assy Rear Wheel Rh, Lv7/Maruti 18213m80c11 Oxygen Sensor, Lv7/Maruti 34100m80580 Speedometer Assy, Lv7/Maruti 35100m80011 Unit Assy Head Lamp, Lv7/Maruti 16100m72f00 Pump Assy Oil, Lv7/Maruti 51200m80900 Cylinder Assy Master W/O Booster, Lv7/Maruti 14190-80c01 Pipe Comp Exhaust, Lv7/Maruti 14190-830a0 Pipe Exhaust Center.  | Due on 19-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 16757220
3 Value: INR 1.47 Million approx. / 14.75 Lakh approx. | Supply of Bolt (12x90), Bolt No 2(8x120), Bolt (12x38), Washer, Seal Front Oil (32x47x6), Oil Seal, Handle Jack, Cover Cyl Head, Ring Set Piston Std, Valve Intake, Cap Oil Filter, Cap Oil Filter, Cover Boot, Carpet Floor Tunnel Front, Boot, Mounting Muffler, Fan Eng Cooling, Boot Lever No.1, Pipe Brake No. 6, Mounting Rh Front/Lh, Mounting Rh Rear, Oil Seal, Brush Starter, Insulator, Lever, Brush Generator, Cord High Tension No-1, Lamp Assy Comp Rh, Lens Back Up Rh, Lens Back Up Lh, Cover Fuse Box, Switch Assy Stop Lamp, Horn Assy Low, U Bolt Front Spring Lh, Bumper Spring, Ring Bearing Retainer, King Pin, Joint Rubber, Bush Column, Connector Tie Rod End, Pad, Pin Low Speed Select Guide, Gasket Oil Pan, Handle Door Lh, Handle Door Rh, Lever Assy Lh, Boot Piston, Boot Pin, Switch Assy Backup Lamp, Lamp Assy Combination Rh, Lock Side Window Lh, Carpet Centre Floor Rh, Carpet Centre Floor Lh, Carpet Floor Tunnel Rear, Male Rear Gate Stop, Channle Glass Bottom, Band Open Stopper, Latch Assy Door Rh, Latch Assy Door Lh, Cylinder Assy Rear Gate, Cover Gate Handle, Handle Inside Lh, Trim Door Rh, Trim Door Lh, Scrape Inside, Weather Strip Door Rh, Sunvisor Assy Lh, Weather Strip Back Door, Inspection Spot Lamp, Warning Triangular, Pipe Brake No 3, Towing Hook Assy, Gauge Assy Fuel Level, Arm Clutch Release, Coil Ignition, Joint Assy Axle Shaft Rh, Joint Steering, Yoke Joint Flange, Spacer, Clamp, Pump Assy Oil, Lock Sidewindow Rh, Cylinder Assy Frnt Door Lh, Fly Wheel, Throttle Body Set, Valve Assy, Gasket Cyl Head Cover, Thermostat, Filter Assy, Knuckle, Steering, Lh, Cover Brake Drum Dust, Bolt (10x18.5), Tank Assy Fuel, Rail Assy Inside, Case Shifting Lever, Socket Wrench, Panel Front, Tank Assy Fuel, Housing Front Axle, Speedometer Assembly.  | Due on 12-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Agro Products | Philippines | TID: 16931197
4 Value: PHP 1.44 Million / 14.40 Lakh | Providing of Various Machinery And Equipment, Mobile Corn Sheller, Pneumatic Tires, Basic Tools And Accessories, Materials And Performance Specifications Should Conform With Paes 208200 Power-Operated Corn Sheller As Tested By Amtec, Adjustable Wrench And Basic Tools For Engine.  | Due on 29-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 16853870
5 Value: INR 1 Million / 10 Lakh | Purchase of different items, trainee tool kit and shop out fit - Scriber 15 cm, Oil Stone, Out side micrometer, Connecting rod alignment fixture, Belt Tensioner Gauge, Steel rule 30 cm inch and metric, Stud extractor set of 3, Engine Bearing model, piston model, Fuel feed pump for Diesel, Injector – Multi hole type, Pintle type, Piston Ring expander and remover, Radiator cut section-cross flow, Radiator cut section-down flow, Taps and wrenches - Metric, Valve spring compressor universal, vernier caliper 0-300 mm with least count 0.02mm, Gas welding Goggles with Colour glass 3 or 4A DIN, Engineers stethoscope, Brake Test arrangement with two spring balance 0 to 25 kg rating, Piston Ring Groove cleaner, Tandem master cylinder with booster, Dividers spring, Toe-in toe-out gauge, DC Ohmmeter, Steel measuring tape 10 meter in a case, Glow plug tester, Depth micrometer, Cylinder bore gauge, Outside micrometer, Anti theft device, Allen Key set of 12 pieces, Engineer’s square 15 cm. Blade, Hand reamers adjustable, File triangular 15cm second cut, File square 20cm second cut, AC alternator slip ring puller, Drill point angle gauge, Files assorted sizes and types including safe edge file, Spanner Clyburn 15 cm, Insulated Screw driver 20 cm x 9mm blade, Chisels cross cut 200 mm X 6mm, Insulated Screw driver, Executive Auto Electrical tool kit, Piston ring compressor, Scriber with scribing black universal, Telescope gauge, Blow Lamp 1 litre, Electric Soldering Iron 230 V 60 watts 230 V 25 watts, Stud remover with socket handle, Surface gauge with dial test indicator plunger type i.e. 0.01 mm, Pipe Flaring tool, Granite surface plate, Straight edge gauge, Air Brake Assembly, Wiper motor assembly, Working Model of power windows, File flat 350 mm bastard, Alternator assembly used for LMV, Cut section working model of centrifugal clutch assembly, Cut section working model of Single plate clutch assembly, Distributor –Duel advance type, reluctance type, Tester sparking plug ‘NEON’ Type, 5 Point relays any company with standard used in automobile car, Cotton hand Gloves 8”, Pinking Shears, Tailors Square – Plastic, Screw Driver Set, Pattern Punch, Electric Automatic steam press, Table Sharpener, Sprayer 1 LTR, Pattern Notcher, Measuring Tape 150 cm, Seam Ripper, Water Tub 60 cm dia, Waste Bin Big and Small, French Curve Set of three, Rubber mat (5ft x 3ft), Blanket for padding of Pressing Table, Tailor’s Card Scale Triangular, Calculator Desk Type, Leather Apron, Viscometer Redwood viscometer, Instrument for determining ‘g’, Gate Valve DIA 25mm Gunmetal, Mechanical board for testing triangle and parallelogram of forces including all accessories, Diaphragm valve, Apparatus for measurement of co-efficient of expansion, conductors, Searle's apparatus for young's modulus, Resistance box 0 -500 ohms, pH meter, Resistance coils, Reynolds experiments equipment, Steel Tape 15 M Length, heat, Safety goggles, Butter fly valve - 25mm Gunmetal, Centrifugal pumps - 25mm Capacity, V-Blocks 3" X 1½" (pair) with clamps, Gear pump, Needle valve DIA 25mm - Gunmetal, Ball valve DIA -50mm S.S., Battery eliminator, Globe valve DIA 50mm C.I., Tool bit holder as arm strong L.H, Specific Gravity bottle, USB Mini Dongle for Bluetooth devices Connection, Bluetooth headphone &mic set, External Solid State Hard Disk 1 TB, Hydrometer, Desoldering Gun, Spanner set, Ammeter, Conduit pipe cutting and threading machines adjustable, Laboratory Type Induction Coil, Bradawl, Hygrometer, Snip Straight & Bent 150 mm, Copper bit soldering iron 0.25 Kg, Plier insulated 150 mm, Crimping tool for telephone/LAN cable, Horse shoe magnet, Knife Electrician D.B., Lux meter, Foot print Grip 250mm, Scissors blade 150 mm, Ohm Meter; Series Type &shunt Type, Wire stripper 20 cm, Heavy duty screw driver 200 mm, Hammer ball pein 800 gm with handle, Electrical knife 100mm, Side cutting plier 150 mm, screw driver 100 mm with plastic handle, Electrician tester, 0.25 inch bredowl, Crimping tool, Safety belt with provision for keeping tools, Screw driver set, Plumb bob 115grams, Rawl plug tool & bit, Rheostat, Hand drill Machine, Buzzer motor for winding testing, External internal growler for small armature, Ammeter 0-5 A.C, Volt meter 0-30-100 volt D.C, Measuring tape 3 meter in case, I.C.T.P switch 415 volt 16 amp, I.C.T.P switch 415 volt 10 amp, mili ampere meter 0-600 mv, Growler, Mixer/grainder, 1 phase ceiling fan 1400mm, Soldering iron 60 w/230 v, Oscilloscope 20MHz, Battery Charger digital type with manually current adjustment, DC power supply, Flash back arrester, Flash back arrester, File flat 25 cm. Smooth, Drawing board, Set of Rowel punch, Small crimping tools, Spanners socket with speed handle, Torque wrench (14 to 68 Nm), cross pane hammer 100 gm with handle, Bearing Puller, Vernier Micrometer, Tool Cemented carbide assorted shaped, Machine Chase M-12TO m-21, Coventry Die head, Bore dial gauge stems, Air impact wrench with standard accessories, Air ratchet with st... Show More | Due on 11-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Pakistan | TID: 16780209
6 Value: PKR 9.68 Lakh approx. | Supply of Felt, Impact Tool Air Operated 750 Lbs/Ft, Battery Volt Meter 100 V D, M.S Flat Iron, Rubber Gasket Sheet, Dis Pharm Reducing Valve, Lantern, Back up for Computer, Battery 200 AMP, Screw Wrench 12, Hydraulic jack 20 Ton, Digital volt meter Avo 60 Volt DC/AC-CD800, Air Duck Boot, Hand Grinder, Torque Wrench 500 Ft/Lbs, Air Element Fitter, Filter Coloser Filter.  | Due on 11-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 16911696
7 Value: INR 8.84 Lakh | Purchase of different items, trainee toolkit & shop-outfit for various trades - Allen Key set, Caliper inside 15 cm Spring, Calipers outside 15 cm spring, Center Punch, Dividers 15 cm Spring, Electrician Screw Driver, Hands file 20 cm. Second cut flat, Philips Screw Driver set of 5 pieces, Pliers combination 20 cm, Screw driver, Screw driver 30 cm. X 9 mm. Blade, Scriber 15 cm, Spanner Double Ended set, Spanner ring set, Steel rule 30 cm inch and metric, Steel tool box with lock and key, Wire cutter and stripper, AC alternator slip ring puller, Air blow gun with standard accessories, Air impact wrench with standard accessories, Air ratchet with standard accessories, Ammeter 300A/ 60A DC with external shunt,ISI Standard and Reputed brand only., Angle plate adjustable 250x150x175, Angle plate size 200x100x200mm, Anti theft device, Anvil 50 Kgs with Stand, Belt Tensioner gauge universal, Blow Lamp 1 litre, Car Jet washer with standard accessories, Carburetor – Solex, Mikuny for dismantling and assembling, Carburetor repair tool kit, Clamps C 100mm, Compression testing gauge suitable for diesel Engine with standard accessories, Copper bit soldering iron 0.25 Kg, Cut section models of shock absorbers, Cut section of cross ply and radial tyres, Cylinder bore gauge capacity 20 to 160 mm, Cylinder liner- Dry & wet liner, press fit & slidefit liner, DC Ohmmeter 0 to 300 Ohms, mid scales at 20 Ohms, Depth micrometer 0-25mm, Dial gauge type 1 Gr. A, Different type of piston model, Drift Punch Copper 15 Cm, Drill point angle gauge, Drill twist 1.5 mm to 15 mm, Electric Soldering Iron 230 V 60 watts, Electric testing screw driver, Engineer’s square 15 cm. Blade, Engineers stethoscope, Executive Auto Electrical tool kit, File flat 20 cm bastard, Files assorted sizes and types including safe edge file (20 Nos), Fuel injection pump dismantling tool kit /Universal Vice, Garage stand, Gloves for Welding, Glow plug tester, Grease Gun 1kg capacity, Grease Gun heavy duty trolley type 10 kg capacity, Growler, Hacksaw frame adjustable 20-30 cm, Hammer Chipping 0.25 Kg with handle, Hammer copper 1 Kg with wooden handle, Hammer Mallet Pen dia.100mm, Hammer Plastic Pen dia.75mm, Hand operated crimping tool, Hand reamers adjustable, Hand Shear Universal 250mm, Injector – Multi hole type, Injector – Pintle type, Injector cleaning unit, Injector testing set, Lifting jack screw type 3 Ton capacity, Magnifying glass 75mm, Oil Stone, Outside micrometer, Petrol nozzle, Pipe cutting tool, Pipe flaring tool, Piston Ring expander and remover, Piston Ring groove cleaner, Portable electric drill Machine 6 mm, Radiator pressure cap, Right cut snips 250mm, Rivet sets snap and Dolly combined 3mm, Set of stock and dies – Metric, Shear Tin Man’s 450 mm x 600mm, Sheet Metal Gauge, Sher Tinmans 300mm, Soldering Copper Hatchet type 500gms, Solid Parallels in pairs, Spanner Clyburn 15 cm, Spark lighter, Starter motor axial type, Steel measuring tape 10 meter in a case, Straight edge gauge 2 ft, Stud extractor set, Stud remover with socket handle, Surface gauge with dial test indicator plunger type, Tachometer, Taps and Dies complete sets, Taps and wrenches - metric, Temperature gauge with sensor 0-100 deg c, Tester sparking plug ‘NEON’ Type, Thread pitch gauge metric, Timing lighter, Toe-in, Torque wrenches 5-35 Nm, Trammel 30 cm, Tread wear indicator, Tubed tyre of car, Tubed tyre of trucks, Tubed tyre of motorcycle, Tubeless tyre of cars, Tubeless tyre of trucks, Tubeless tyre repair kit, Tyre & split rim wheel assembly, Tyre pressure gauge with holding nipple, Universal puller, V’ Block, Vacuum gauge to read 0 to 760 mm of Hg, V’ Block 75 x 38 mm pair with Clamps, Valve Lifter, Valve spring compressor universal, vernier caliper, Vice grip pliers, Water pump for dismantling and assembling, Wheel cylinder, Wiper motor assembly, Wire Gauge, 4 Point relays, Bench lever shears 250mm Blade x 3mm Capacity, Pneumatic rivet gun with standard accessories, Spring tension tester, Tin smiths bench folder, Spanners socket with speed handle, Adjustable spanner, Grease Gun, Piston ring compressor, Punch Letter 4mm, Scraper Triangular, Scriber with scribing black universal, Spanner T. flocks for screwing up and up-screwing, Thread pitch gauge Metric, Leather Hand Gloves, Cotton hand Gloves, Leather Apron leather, Stainless steel Wire brush, Leather hand sleeves, Leg guards leather, Rubber hose clips, Rubber hose oxygen, Rubber hose acetylene, Arc welding single coloured glasses, Arc welding plain glass, Gas welding Goggles, Safety goggles plain for welder, AG 4 Grinding wheels, Welding helmet fiber, Welding hand shield fiber, Chipping hammer with metal handle, Chisel cold flat, Centre punch, Divider, Stainless steel rule 300mm, Scriber 150 mm double point, Flat Tongs 350mm long, Hack saw frame fixed 300 mm, Hammer ball pane 1 kg with woodan handle, Tip Cleaner, Engineering Try square 6”, Spindle key, Screw Driver, Number punch 6 mm, Letter punch 6 mm, Universal Weld ... Show More | Due on 25-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 16837996
8 Value: INR 4.17 Lakh approx. | Supply of Miscellaneous Materials - Style 59,Oil Non Metallic Compressed Asbestos Fiber Jointing Sheet 03mm, Winding Cleaning Agent, Super Electro Safe Winding Cleaning Agent, Sponge (Oil Absorber), Torch Steel Body, Painting Brush, Painting Brush ,Width 2'', Teflon Tape 3/4'' ,Length-12 Mtr, Teflon Tape 1/2'', Length-12mtr, Collared Eye-Bolt(M-12), Collared Eye-Bolt(M-16), Brass Bar ,Size-3/4'' Dia, Brass Bar,Size 1/2'' Dia, Cutting Wheel, Welding Glass(Black), Welding Glass(White), Hole Punch 16mm, Hole Punch 18mm, Hole Punch 20 Mm, Epoxy Gel Coat (Red), Hardner EH-411 For Epoxy Gel, Cotton Hand Gloves, Emery Tape Roll, Empty Tool Box, Welding Helmet, Measurement Tape, 05 Mtr (Steel), Shim Cutter 12'', Pipe Wrinch 6'' (Heavy Duty), Pipe Wrinch 12'' (Heavy Duty), Filler Guage, Grinding Wheel, PVC Insulation Tape Roll 3/4'',, Length- 25m, Clamp (Hose Clip 1 1/4''), Air Hose Pipe (Nylon Braided PVC Hose)ID-12mm, Pan Oil (Rust Remover) 500 Ml Pack, Neoprene Rubber Cord Dia 6 Mm, Sandering Disc 7'' Rough(10 Nos In A Pack), Sandering Disc 7'' Fine(10 Nos In A Pack), Carbon Steel/ Alloy Steel Die Set, Socket, Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs Set, Soldering Rod, Liquid Soldering Flux, Welding Earthing Clamp, Hose Pipe for Mechanical Maintenance Of Tg Units And Its Auxiliaries At Indira Sagar Power Station, Narmada Nagar, Dist.  | Due on 24-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 16720686
9 Value: INR 2.20 Lakh | Procurement of Torque Wrenches for Rkpocp of Mm Area.  | Due on 12-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Municipal Corporations | Philippines | TID: 16816311
10 Value: PHP 1.49 Lakh approx. | Supply And Delivery Of Various Water Service Connection Materials/Fittings, Water Meter With Complete Accessories - Ever (brass Type), Stop Cock With Padlock Ring, Nipple, Flatscrew, Star Screw, Plier (combination), Side Cutter Plier, Steel Tape, Pipe Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Pipe Cutter, Pipe Dies, Pipe Vise etc  | Due on 11-Feb-2016  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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