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Safety Equipment\Explosives | Goa | TID: 11250616
1 Value: INR 20 Million | Fabrication & supply of mid sized water tender on tata lpt 709/38 cab chassis with cowl bs iii with equipments and accessories, chemical resistance delivery hose, suction hose, 2.5 mts length with 100 mm hose gm coupling, basket strainer, suction metal strainer of 100 mm size, universal wrenches, first aid kit box no.38 for 10 persons, rubber gloves, leather gloves, canvas gloves with anti skid palm, ordinary branch pipe, crow bar, spade, shears, ceiling hook with 12 ft. long wooden handle, fire beater with 6 ft & 12 ft. long wooden handle, full body harness inbuilt with 1.8 meter double lanyard and scaffolding hook, fire fly portable fire pump, foam branch - fb 5 x type with pick up tube, petrol driven portable generator of 3 kva, hydraulic door opening kit, dragger make self contained positive pressure breathing apparatus set, holmatro make battery operated combi tool bct 4120 with spare battery & charger, blower and exhauster, portable inflatable emergency lighting system, dragger x-am 2500 – multigas detector size, water proof rechargeable torch, first aid fire extinguisher | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Recreational Services | Luxembourg | TID: 11170648
2 Supply of Piranha Spare Parts, Filter Kit, Escobillon, Limpieza, Chemical Agent, Window Vehicular, Shock Absorber, Control Assembly, Shifter Fork, Rim, Wheel Pneumatic, Brake Shoe, Retentor Eixo Diant, Parts Kit, Steering, Tie Rod, Drag Link-Tie Rod, Drag Link-Tie Rod, Valve, Adjusting Sleeve, Valve, Actuator Assembly, Arm, Rearview Mirror, Cylinder Assembly, Bracket, Harness, Anti-Flattening Tub, Semi Guarnizione, Speed Sensor, Controller, Pump, Cooling System, Filter Element, Belt, Ball Joint, Shaft, Bushing, Fixture, Sling, Adapter, Heat Interchanger, Filter Element, Condenser, Compressor, Seal Assembly, Cartridge, Hose, Air Duct, Tubing Assembly, Hose Assembly, Coupling Half, Butterfly Valve, Case, Test Set, Straightener, Motor Vehicle Axle & Housing, Analyzer Set, Fixture, Lever, Counter, Adapter, Torque Wren, Wrench, Puller, Inserter And Remove, Screw, Nut, Pin, Retainer, Gasket, O-Ring, Stop, Bracket, Knob, Spacer, Switch, Test Connector, Relay, Electromagnet, Regulator, Voltage, Cable Assembly, Lead, Stop Light Tail Light, Pruefgeraet, Computer System, Display Unit. | Due on 27-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | West Bengal | TID: 11261168
3 Procurement Of Miscellaneous Items - File 300mm Bastard Rough Flat, SS Spring Balance, Cross Nut Saw, Torch, Hammer (Ball Pen Hammer), Hand Held Portable Drilling Machine, Tool Box Portable, Cylinder Key, Anti-Skid Net, Pipe Plastic Desk Washing, Sledge Hammer, hammer, Having Line 10Dia 30 Meter, Gun Line, Cargo Net, Sling, Hand Drill, Deck Washing Machine Min Working Pressure, vacuum Cleaner Heavy Duty Wet & Dry, Dumping Mates, Safety Helmet, Sharp Shooter Red Jackets, Electronic Display Boards for Helo Ops, Hadn Gloves Dotted, Hand Gloves Leather, Safety Hardness, Shatter Proof Goggles, Flashings/ Torches Rechargeable, Seaman Knife, Lifeline, Fire Resistant Blanket, Adjustable Wrench, Bolt Cutters With Arm Length of 60cm, Grab Hook or Salving Hook, Frame Hand Hack Saw Big, Side Cutting Pliers, Harness Knife Complete With Sheath. | Due on 14-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11267494
4 Supply Of Rule Steel 70 Ch Mk-1, Rang Scale, Rheostat (Ob-4349), Housing Lamp Holder (Ob-6915), (Ob-7560) Lead Electrical, Glass Reflex Optical Instt, Wire, Screw Sss 2.3x4, Cell Electrical Socket, Plcc Socket, Case 12h Range Finder 1a, Resistor 2k Pot, Scale Artillery No 3 Mk-2, Eye Piece Assy Optical Instrument Light, Prism Optical Instrument Pentagonal, Cap End, Faster Set, Turn Lock, P T Screw, Hose Water Rubber, Scale Plotting, Pen Lettering Set Deluxe, Compass Drawing Pivot Pencil Bow Spring, Case Plate Stencil Re- Draught Men, Scale Plotting No- 1b Oh Set, Screw Driver, Plunger No-2 Deluxe Pen, Compass Drawing Pivot Spring Bow Reversible Pen-P Pencil, Umbrella Survey Mk, Glass Frame Printing Plate, Board Sketching Mk-4, Key Compass Mk-2, Case Map Webb Tp, Sprinkler Water Hose, Set Square 200mm 60 Degree, Scale Plotting No 1c Oh Set, Screw Machine Ba Brass Flat Fillister Slot Drive Nickle Plated No6 X 5/32 In Lg Normal Class Thd, Prism Optical Sighting Assembled, Diaphragm, Strap Wrist Watch Gs, Scale Plotting No Ic, Spale Diagonal I-I 1000mm,Surving Set Prieise, Base Line No-2 Gd-2, Pricker Draughts Man Mk-1, Sterio Scope Arial Photograph Interpretation, Screw Driver Prism-1, Scale Plotting No 24, Tomy Pin, Screw Driver With 3 Blades, Capacitor Assembly Pun 25 Mfd 440vac For Ac 3.51kw, Round Grille Plastic Special Key For Lock, Wrenches 2 Pin Gland Screw Packing, Lp/Hp Out Range Hp- 150 To 450 Psi Lp- 0 To 100 Psi, Spanner Socket Reversible Ratchet Wrench 7.93750 Mm, Aci Ton For Sgle Lorry Radar Rep, Drier Liquid Line C- 303, Spanner Box Tublar, 6.44mm (1/4-In)Sq,, C/Wt-Han Blower Motor 1/12,, Hp 3ph Ave Make, Suction Line, Accumulilator Size 16mm, 4 Pole Magnetical, Contractor, Key Refrigerant Cylinder (9/32) Spl, Heating Element 2 Kw (3ph), Tool Flaring Tube 9.5250mm To 25.400mm Capacity, Air Filter 4061/1, Spanner Socket Reversible Ratchet Wrench 6.3500mm Square, Pad Lock Abloy, Tool Flaring Tube 4.76250mm To 15.8750mm Capacity, Comp Herm Sealed, Ah 5522e, Filter Driver Dn, D535, Bimetallic Belay, For Motor, Dead Nut For, Charging Line 6.3mm (1/4''), Gauge 6.3500mm Male Flare, Ac 8.78 Kw Feeders Lloyd Modle G 75 T 80(Modified), Air Conditioner 6.22 Kw Feeders Lloyd Model Modified D 48 580 (Modified) C1.5 Ton, Condenser Fan Motor 1/6 Hp1 Ph15 Amp 1400 Rpm 50h, Sale Paid Valve, Socket 7.93750 Mm ,Square, Mount For Compressor, Coneofrene, Condenser Refrigerating Air Cooled, Filter Fabric Non Over Polyester, Compressor Air, Punch Pneumatic Chipping Hammer (3/4'') 19.05mm,Retainer No Shd, Air Peg, Nipple Air Pnlet 19.05mm (3/4-In) Bspx38.00mm, Lable Spares Bag Hammer Drill Pneumatic Med Light Climax F2a, Spring Ratchet, Pawl, Spring Side Rod No5 Hd Hand Grease Gun With Rigid Extn And Narrow Hydraulic Coupler, Ring Compressor Plain Hp 50 Dia, Canvas Tool Bag, Spanner Pin, Bit Detachable Rm 63.50mm 2.1/2 Screwed Lh, Label Spares Bag Hammer Drills Pneumatic Med Light, Adapter Air Inlet 19mm Bsp Parallel 38.1mm, Pawl Ratchet, Bolt Retainer Assembled, Plunger Pawl N-5 Hd, Bit Detachable Rm 38.100mm 2.1/2 Screwed Lh, Chisel Pneumatic Chipping Hammer Blank, Single Tube, Adhesive 50ml Pully Cone Male 44, Mm Dia, Bar Boring And Jumping 1-22 M, Stirrups, Caps Driving, Bags Tool Filled, Rod Boring Coman ,Miu-L, Notice Mine Field, Chisels, Tube Diving Bar Jumping Wood, 1.22 Mm, Knife Cabion, Adopters, Key, Hex 5/16, Drivers 22.86 Kgs, Wheel Grading, Defender Ear Plug, Perforated S/Med, Notces Pickets, Angek 6 Ft, Clamps Tube Driving, Electronic Unit, Assy, Shaft, Boxes No Of Sugi, 0.425mx0.27300x0.275m, Bags Tool Empty, Piston Ring Set, Punches Tap Concerting 1a, Rock Drill Pronjar 120 Portable, Pulley Cone Female 76mm Dia Grave 7.1mm With Bod Gasket, Filter Element ,Fuel Tube (L-325mm), Gasket Nozzle Assembly Rubber, O Ring, Gasket, Needle Bearing 31.932x38.1x12.7, Fuel Filter, Rubber Hose Assembly, Gas Duct Valve, Exhaust Pipe Assembly, Piston Ring 90x3.15mm ,Gasket, Gasket, Case Punched Type, Equipment,1a, Tape Tracing 366, Meters, Ignition Cable, Switch Toggle Dpdt, On/Off 1.5amp, Fuse Link Cartridge, Ceramic 20a, Switch Spdt 420v Ac, Dc 0.4va Mini Toggle, Switch, Circuit Breather, Magnetic Unsealed Single Pole 9a 240, Vac, Light Frmi-S, Fuse 150a, Switch Push 6s 10mm, Interlock, Fuse P 608b, Fuse Pw 10a, Fuse Pw 80a S, Fuse 200a, Switch Toggle 2 Pole On/Off 440v, Ac/Dc 16, Brush Holder, Spindle, Switch Rotary 3 Pole 4 Position 30a 440v Ac/Dc Kayee Type Sprm-12370h 250v Oh, Fuse Holder Extract Post Type Rh-1 Square Fuse Holder, Fuse Link Cartridge Glass Slow Slow Blow 630 Ma, Fuse Link Electrical Axial Leakage Very Fast Actio N, Switch Rotary 16 Position 28 Ydc 3 Amps 0.05 Ohms Contact Resistance, Fuse, Connector Rectangular With Rolar- Sting Hexagon Rac, Switch Thermostat, Lamp Holder Bc Metal Cased 250v, Mount Resilient Cushy Foot Mount Insulator Type 005-1 Deflection 1120165, Fuse Link Cartridge Ceramic With Lag Brass 35a, Switch Rotary 4 Pole 4 Position 440v Ac 10a Types Rp-145, Switch Rotary 4 Position 2- | Due on 01-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 11301490
5 Purchase of different items, trainee toolkit & shop-outfit for various trades – Electric Hot Plate 1500 watt, Resistance type starter, A.C. Fan, Adjustable spanner/slide Wrench 15 cms, Alidade, Allen keys 1/16”to 1/2X1/32, Analog Component Trainer, Angle Gauge for tool grinding, Angle plate 10 x 20 cm, Angle plate size 200 x 100 x 200 mm, Angle Plate with slots 200 mm, Anvil 50 kg, Anvil stand, Apron leather 36” x 24” with belt, Arbor press hand operated 2 ton capacity, Arm strong type tool bit holder L.H, Arm strong type tool bit holder R.H, Arm strong type tool bit holder straight, Audio frequency two tone generator, Battery Charger, Battery Life Cycle Tester, Battery Monitoring System, Bearing Puller, Bench Vice 100 MM JAW, Bench vice 300mm jaw, Bench working 240 x 120 x 90 cm, Bevel protractor 250 mm blade, Blow lamp 1 liter capacity, Board drawing 1250mm X 900mm, Board drawing half imperial size, Bolster, Bourdon tube type gauges of various ranges, Box drawing instrument containing one 15 cm compass with pin point, pin point & lengthening bar, one pair spring bows, rotating compass with interchangeable ink & pencil points, drawing pens with plain point & cross point, screw driver and box of leads, Box sextant, BP indicator electronics digital, Bradawl 150mm x 6mm square pointed, Brake test arrangement with two spring balance, Bucket G.I. 35 CM DIA, Bunsen burners, Cable TV Line Amplifier, CALCULATORS SCIENTIFIC, Caliper 15 cm hermaphrodite, Caliper inside 15 cm Spring, Caliper outside 15 cm spring, Caliper transfer inside 150 mm, Capacitance meter Digital, Capillary plug gauge, Capsule type pressure gauges, Carbide Wear Block 1 mm – 2 mm, Carburetor repair tool kit, Card bard scales (8 in one box), Celonghat tracer, Center punch 4"/10 cm, Centre punch 9 mm x 127 mm, Centrifugal type tachometer, Chart stand 6’X3’ providing with hanging clip top & bottom plate, Chisel Cold flat 1 "/2.5 cm, Chisel cold flat 10 cm, Chisel Cold flat 19 mm, Chisel cold flat 20 x 150 mm, Chisel cross cut 3/8"X 1/8", Chisels steel 80mm blade, Clamp “C” 5 cm, Clamps C 100mm, Clamps C 150mm, Clamps C 200mm, Clamps for burret holding, Cleaning tray- Aluminum 45 x 30 cm, Cleaning tray G.I.45x30 cm, CNC Grooving tools (External & Internal), Cold chisel flat 18mm X 200mm, Cold chisel flat 25 x 200 mm, Cold Chisel flat and cross cut length 150mm, Collapsible tap with attachment, Combination Drill, Combination drill (centering), Combination set 12 inch, Components Storage Box, Compressors testers for small hermetic compressors fixed with electrical Indicating facilities, Connecting rod alignment fixture, Contactor & auxiliary contacts, Contactor 3 phase, 440 volt,16 a with NC auxiliary contacts, Conventry type die head, Copper bit soldering iron 0.25 kg., Crimping tool RJ 45, Cross staff wooden open type, d. Auto Transformer type, D.E spanner 6-32 mm, DC regulated power supply 0-24 V, 1Amp, De- soldering pump, Desoldering Gun, Diagonal cutter 15 cm, Dial thermometer remote control, armored capillary dial 75mm – 50C to +50 C, Diaphragm type pressure gauges of various ranges, Digital insulation tester, Digital LCR Q-Meter, Digital line frequency indicator, Digital Multimeter, Digital panel meters, 4 digit, Dimmer stat, 8 Amps, Diode valve, Divider 15 cm spring, Divider 20 cm. long, Dot slot punch 10 cm., Drawing machine (Horizontal), Dual DC regulated power supply 30-0-30 V, 2 Amps, DVD Player with amplifier, Earth megger 0-10 ohms, Electric soldering iron 6 watt pencil tip, Electrical drill portable drill with chuck and key, Electrician Connector, screw driver insulated handle thin stem, Electrician Screw Driver thin stem insulated handle, Electronic leak detector Digital type Capable, Electrononic Tool Kit, Elliptictrammel with ink and pencil for not less than 10 cm minor axis complete in case, End cutting nipper 15cm, End cutting Nipper Insulated, Engineer’s chain, Engineer’s square 15 cm. Blade, Engineers rule 300mm long, Engineers screw driver, Engineers square 150mm with 5’ tolerance, Erasing shield small size, Extraction thimbles 100mm, Extractor, stud ' Ezy out" Type, Feeler gauge .0005” to .25”, Feeler gauge 100 mm blade metric set- 10 blades, File cut saw 15 cm smooth, File feather edge 15 cm smooth, File flat 150 mm rough, File flat 25 cm. second cut, File flat 250 mm 2nd cut, File flat 250 mm smooth, File Flat 2nd cut 200 mm, File flat 8 "/20 cm rough, File flat bastard 300 mm, File flat rough double cut 200mm, File flat round 150mm smooth, File flat smooth 200 mm, File flat, fine double cut, length 150mm, File half round 200 mm 2nd cut, File half round 8 "/20 cm length rough, File half round 8 "/20 cm length, 2nd cut, File half round second cut 15 cm., File hand smooth 200 mm, File knife edge 15 cm smooth, File Rasp, half round 200 mm bastard, File round 200 mm 2nd cut, File round 8mm, 8 "/20 cm length, 2nd cut, File round 10mm, 8 "/20 cm length, 2nd cut, File square 15 cm second cut, File square 25 cm second cut, File squ | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Gujarat | TID: 11302233
6 Purchase of different items, trainee toolkit & shop-outfit for various trades – Masons plumb rule with spirit level, Masons square 30 cm x 30 cm, Megger 1000v, Melting Pot, Melting pot 200 mm x 150 mm, Mercury in steel remote indicating thermometers, Metal tubes for keeping drawings dia. 100mm and 1 meter long, Metallic tape 20M, Metallic tape 30M, Micrometer inside 2”to 8”, Micrometer metric 0-25mm, Micrometer outside 0-1”, Micrometer outside measurement 0 to 25mm, Micron vacuum gauge capable of reading upto 20 microns, Micro-phone Assorted types, Mini drafter, Miniature Circuit Breaker 16 amp, Motherboards (of different make), Moving coil ammeters (four each various ranges), Moving iron Ac-ammeters, Moving milli voltmeters, Moving millimeters, Multimeter analogue type, Multimeter digital 3.5 digit, Needle file set, Neon Tester (heavy duty), Networking tool kit, Non return valve 3/4'' & 1'', Nozzle Holder Jigs, Off-set rod 3m, Ohm meters multi-ranges, Oil can ½ pt, Oil can 500 ml, Oil cane 1/2 pint, Oil Stone 15 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm, Optical disk drives, Optical square box type circular, Optical square PWD pattern, Optical square PWD pattern, PCB making kit, Pan M.S. 25 CMS DIA, Parallel shank end mills, Parting tool holder with HSS blade, Pastle and mortar-Porcelain, Petrol nozzle, Philips screw driver Typeset of 5 pieces, Pickaxe, Piercing pliers & reversing valve with access fitting 6-18mm, Pincer 150 mm, Pinch of pliers/crimping pliers tool 6mm, Pipe cutter with built in reamer and space cutter, Pipe wrench size 50mm to 150mm, Piston grove cleamer, Piston ring compressor, Plan meter (digital), Plane table with stands with waterproof cover, Plane, smoothing cutters 50 mm, Planishing hammer, Pliers flat Nose 100 mm, Pliers Insulated, 150 mm, Pliers Side Cutting, 150 mm, Pliers round nose 100 mm, Pliers combination 15 mm, Pliers combination insulated length 200mm, Pliers flat nose 150 mm side cutting, Pliers long nose 200 mm, Pliers round nose 150mm, Plug gauge, Plumb bob 115grams, Plumbing hammer weight 200 gm, Pocket Multimeter, Pointer extractors (puller), Portable electric drill Machine, Pressure gauge Digital type diameter 63mm with recalibration set, Pressure regulating valve, Pressure switches of various ranges, Prick punch 6"/15 cm, Print trimmer cutting edge 100cm, Printing Frame 45cmX60cm and 80cmX60cm, Prismatic compass with stands, Proportionate compass, Protractor celluloid 15 cm full- circular, Protractor celluloid 15 cm semi- circular, Protractor celluloid circular, Puller 3 legged with flexible arm 300mm, Pulley Puller 3 lag 6'', Punch Centre, Punch hollow set, Punch letter set 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 mm, Punch number/figure set 3 mm., Punch round 3mm x 4 mm set of 2, Push Button Telephone set, Pyknometer, Radius curve metric 3 mm to 15 mm, Radius curve metric- 3 mm to 15 mm, Radius Gauge 1 to 7 mm & 7.5 to 15 mm, Railway curves, Ranging rods wooden fitted with iron shoe 2meters long, Rawal plug tool 6 mm, Rawal tool holder & Bit, Rawl plug tool with bit, Refrigerant cylinder 2.5 Kg with cap and rechet key, Relays, RF Milli Voltmeter, RF Modulation Meter, Ring gauges 5 mm to 25 mm by 2.5 mm, Ring spanner 6 -32 mm, Ring spanner set of 12 metric 8 -32 mm, Round Punch 3mm,4mm,6mm, Rubber matting 2 meter x 1 meter x 9mm, Safety belt with provision for keeping tools, Safety boots, Safety Goggles, Scale (Wood) Draughtsman 12”/30 cm, Scale card board, Scale –Metric and section wooden, Scales diagonal, Scales plotting box wood 6 metric scales 30 cms long with offset scales, Scientific Calculator (8 digit), Scraper flat 250mm handled, Scraper half round 25cm, Scrapper bearing, Screw driver 15 cm, Screw driver 20 cm x 9 mm blade, Screw Driver 3"X3/8" blade, Screw driver 30 cm x 9 mm blade, Screw Driver I2"X1/2" blade, Screw driver set (set of 5 ), Screw driver set, Screw Driver set, Screw driver, plastic handle, Flat tip handle 3mm TIP length 100mm to 150mm insulated, Screw pitch gauge Whitworth & Metric, Scriber (Knurled centre position) 150 MM, Scribing block Universal 12"/30 cm, Set of Rowel punch 8,10mm, Set of sockets (Morse Taper), Set square celluloid 25 cm,2mm thick with beveled edges 60 degrees, Set square celluloid, Set square transparent 2 mm thick with beveled edges 45 degree 20 cm, Setting hammer with handle, Shaded Pole Motor, Short hand chairs, Side Cutter 100 MM, Slip Gauges (workshop grade), Small crimping tools 100 mm, Snip sheet metal curved nose 200 mm, Soldering gun with stand, Soldering Iron 25 watt, 65 watt, 125 watt, Soldering iron 120 / 125 watt, Soldering iron 25 watt, Soldering Iron Change able bits 15 W, Solenoid valve 1/4 '', Spade, Spanner double ended 19mm to 31.8 mm, Spanner for sparking plug 14mm, Spanners Clyburn 15cm, Spare grinding wheel ajax type for carbide tool, Speaker columns/Sound columns, Speedometer (four different popular make), Spindle blade screw driver 100 mm, Spindle key for opening cylinder valve, Spirit level precision metallic 200mm, Spring tension scale 4.5 | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 11314153
7 Supply of ( 1) Blower exhaust, 2) Up relief fitting, 3) Down relief fitting, 4) Hydraulic pressure gauge, 5) Gasket, 6) Nut, 7) Relay main dc-100 110v ac-100 127v-50 60hz Y0002, 8) Gloves Ir elec size 10, 9) gloves, 10) Hood antiflash, 11) Steering cylinder assembly, 12) Trim sender, 13) Table lamp complete, 14) Impeller, 15) circuit breaker, 16) clamp, 17) Shaft for Impeller shaft assy, 18) Ring cross pin, 19) Refrigerant test kit, 20) Adjustable wrench, 21) Washer plate engine, 22) Supplemental coolant additive (sca) dca4 etc). | Due on 05-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Tamil Nadu | TID: 11328805
8 Supply of Wrench Torque Assy. /613.28.50CB-A. | Due on 18-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Fertilizers and pesticides | Maharashtra | TID: 11336430
9 Supply of Valve wheel wrench, super claw type valve wheel wrench forged | Due on 28-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | Kerala | TID: 11353641
10 Supply Of Stores To Orv Samudra Ratnakar At On Fob Basis, Calculator Scientific, 10 Digit For Engineer's Use , Diaphragm Pump Air-Operated, Wilden T-2, Alumnium, 1" Suction, Complete Set [Impa 59.16.01, BrandWilden], Diaphragm Pump Air-Operated, Wilden T-8, Aluminium, 2" Suction, Complete Set [Impa 59.16.03, BrandWilden], Allen Key (Long Series) Set Of 9 Pcs Size 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm,10mm, Allen Key (Long Series) Set Of 10 Pcs, Socket Spanner Set With Accessories, Battery Aaa, Battery Size Aa, Scientific Calculator, 10 Digits, Wall Clock Quartz, Sounding Tape 30 M (Heavy Bob) M.S.With Embossings, Chain Pully Block, Swl 3 Ton, 3 Mtr Lift, Cement 53 Grade, Bag Of 50 Kgs, Chlorine Tablet, Pkt Of 1000 Tabs, Cycle Tube, Saw Dust [10 Kg Bag], Stencil, Interlock, Brass, 0 To 9 And A To Z, 25mm, Stencil, Interlock, Brass, 0 To 9 And A To Z, 50mm, Antichemical Apron, Isp, Latex Rubber Gloves, Heat Detector, Apollo, Anti Chemical Goggle, Anti Splashing, Leather Apron For Welding, Leather Handgloves, Canadian Type, Welding Goggle, Coloured Glass, Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 1/2, Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 3/4, Worm Hose Clip(Jubilee), Ss, Size 1", Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 1.1/4, Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 1.1/2, Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 2, Worm Hose Clip (Jubilee), Ss, Size 2.1/2", Worm Hose Clip(Jubilee), Ss, Size 3", Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 3.1/2, Worm Hose Clip(Jubilee), Ss, Size 4", Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 5 ", Worm Hose Clip, Ss, Size 6", Pvc Nylon Braided Reinforced Hose, 20mm Id X 26mm Od, Pvc Nylon Braided Reinforced Hose,25mm Id, Reinforced Rubber Hose Air / Water, Size 19mm Id, Rubber Water Hose,12mm Id,Moulded/Braided, Anti Corrosive Penetrating Spray, Wd40, Hawco, Antiseize Aerosol,1000, Molykote, 300ml, Electronic Contact Cleaner, Ct-2, Klinit, Molybedenum Disulphide Spray, G-Rapid, Molykote, Quick Start Spray / 300 Ml, Abro /Pyroil, Red / Clear Insulating Varnish Spray, 3 In 1 Oil (Multipurpose) 50ml Btl, Kerosene Oil (18 Ltr Tin), Petroleum Jelly, Rustsolvent, Rustolene, Anti Seize Compound, High Temperature, 1000, Molykote, Copal Compound, Copper Based, Kopal, Molygraph, Molyslip, Copaslip (454 Grms Tin), Sweat Rags, Aodd Pump, 1" Suction, Wilden, Aodd Pump, 2" Suction, Wilden, Pneumatic Piston Pump For Emptying Oil From Drum, Riveting Machine, Pneumatic, Light Duty, Spare Cup Wire Brush, No-3,Scaling M/C, Tanker Safety Torch 2 Cell, 2217, Worksafe, Buffing Wheel Circular Wire Brush, Size 8 O.D. X 1 Thick, Carborundum Paste,400gm Tin,Grit Coarse, Carborundum Oil Stone
0, 205x50x25mm, Emery Cloth, Coarse 1" Width,50 Mtr Roll, Emery Cloth, Fine, 1" Width,50 Mtr Roll, Emery Cloth Sheet, Coarse,230 X 280 Mm, Emery Cloth Sheet,Medium,230 X 280 Mm, Emery Cloth Sheet,Fine,230 X 280 Mm., Grinding Wheel Circular (Black) 100mm Dia X 6mm Thk, Lapping Paste For Fuel Valve, Extra Fine, 50 Gms, Sand Paper Sheet, Coarse/Med/Fine, 230 Mmx 280 Mm, Wire Brush With Handle 12, 5 Rows, Adjustable Spanner, 4 Len, Adjustable Spanner, 6 Inch Length, Adjustable Spanner, 8 Inch Length, Adjustable Spanner, 10 Len, Adjustable Spanner, 12 Inch Length, Adjustable Spanner, 14 Len, Safety Helmets Isi Marked, Allen Key (Set Of 9 Pcs In Mm), Allen Key (Set Of 10 Pcs In Inches), Double End 12 Point Ring Spanner,32x36mm, Double End 12 Point Ring Spanner,36x41mm, Double End 12 Point Ring Spanner,41x46mm, Double End 12 Point Ring Spanner,46x50mm, Double End 12 Point Ring Spanner,55x60mm, Spring Callipers (Inside, Outside & Divider), 6, Spring Callipers (Inside, Outside & Divider), 18, C-Clamps, 6, Flat Chisels, 100mm X 1/2, Flat Chisels, 150mm X 5/8 Inch, Flat Chisels, 300mm X 1inch, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 17mm / 11/16, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 19mm / 3/4, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 21mm, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 23mm, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 27mm / 1.1/16, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 28mm / 1.1/8, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 30mm, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 32mm 1.1/4, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 33mm / 1.5/16, Combination Ring & Open End Wrenches, 36mm / 1.7/16, Crow Bar 1500 Mm Length, Hacksaw Blade 1/2"X 12",High Speed Steel, Hacksaw Frame, Adjustable Type, 12", Ball/ Cross Pein Hammer With Handle,1 Lb, Ball/Cross Pein Hammer With Handle, 2 Lb, Boiler Scaling Chipping Hammer With Handle, 1lb, Claw Hammer With Rubber Grip, 1 Lb, Lead Hammer, 1.1/2 Kg, Without Handle, Sledge Hammer Double Faced, 3 Kg, Without Handle, Wooden Bamboo Handles For 3.25 Kgs Hammer, Folding Ladder Aluminium, Paltform Type, 6 Feet Long, Straight Ladder Alluminium, Iron Shovel 970 Mm With Wooden Handle, M.S.Spanner 'F' Type 900mm Len, 37 Mm Gap Between Tong, Flexible Micro Hose For Grease Gun, 12 Len, Grease Gun Adopter, Size 1/8 Bsp X 30 Mm Len, Grease Gun Adopter, Size 3/4 Od X 1/4 Len, Grease Gun Adopter, Size 2 Od X 1/2 Len, Grease Gun Adopter, Size 2.1/4 Od X 1 Len, Grease Gun Nipple Brass Size 1/2 Npt, Grease Gun Nipp
| Due on 30-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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