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Security Services | Multi State | TID: 18813918
1 Value: INR 4.68 Million approx. / 46.82 Lakh approx. | Provision Of 07 X Amn Pds.
Supply Of Construction Material - Opc Cement 43 Grade In Bags 50,,Kgs, Quick Setting Liquid, Coarse Sand, Sand, Stone Aggregate, Hollow Blocks, Steel Roofing Trough, 12mm Dia Bolts With Nuts And Washer, Two Plates Of 150 X 150x 6mm Each Welded On Each And Each Plate, Mild Steel Soft Drawn Binding Wire, Ms Tmt Bar, Pbs Roll, Hdep Sand Bags, Synthetic Enamel Paint, Thinner/Turpentine Oil Branded, Lime Un-Slaked Conforming, Painting Brush.
Due on 01-Aug-2016  |  6 Days to go
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Security Services | Multi State | TID: 18869917
2 Value: INR 2.05 Million approx. / 20.57 Lakh | Supply of Water Storage Tank Triple Layer 500 Ltrs, Water Storage Tank Triple Layer 1000 Ltrs, Flushing Cistern PVC Combi Flush Model 2603 Of Cera Flushing Cistern Valve Less Symphonic Action Pipe, Ceramic Tiles, White Cement, Synthetic Paint, Anti Corrosive Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer, Painting Brush, CGI Sheet, Glass Putty, Acrylic Sheet, PBS Roll, Plywood 4' X 8' X 12mm, Mattress, Cement 43 Grade Packed In HDPE Bag, Bricks Class 'B', Sand Graval Mix, Welding Rod.
Due on 30-Jul-2016  |  4 Days to go
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Civil Works | Philippines | TID: 18850101
3 Value: PHP 1.49 Million approx. / 14.94 Lakh | Supply and delivery of Goods for Repainting of Guardrails and Concrete Bridges along National Secondary Roads, CRB Reflectorized Traffic Paint, white, Paint Brush, 250 pails Latex Paint gloss, white.
Due on 26-Jul-2016  |  Closing today
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Municipal Corporations | Philippines | TID: 18714719
4 Value: PHP 8.59 Lakh approx. | Procurement of construction equipment and materials for shoulder maintenance, Primer Paint, Sand paper, Paint Brush, Cement, Gravel, Curing Compound.
Due on 26-Jul-2016  |  Closing today
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Philippines | TID: 18956893
5 Value: PHP 7.17 Lakh approx. | Supply of G.I. Pipe, Steel Matting, Angle Bar, Welding Rod, Silver Paint, Red Oxide, Black Paint, Reflectorize Yellow Paint, Paint Brush 4in., Paint Brush (Roller), Maintenance Bridge Fences
Due on 08-Aug-2016  |  13 Days to go
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Security Services | Tamil Nadu | TID: 18965779
6 Value: INR 5.40 Lakh approx. | Supply Of Consumables Of (Atg) As Per Attached List - Brown Paper Sheet (Laminated), Brown Tape 2’’, Brushes For Painting (2’’), Brushes For Painting (4’’), Button Cell For Pointer, Cello Tape Transparent 1/2", Cello Tape Transparent 1", Cello Tape Transparent 2", Chalk Coloured, Chalk White, Chart Paper All Colour, Chart Paper White, Colour Adhesive Tape (Red) 1”, Compass, Corrector Pen 12 Ml (Whitner), Drawing Pin (Coloured Head), Drawing Pin (Coloured Head), Drawing Paper, Duster, Duplicating Paper A3, Duplicating Paper A4, Eraser Non Dust, Fevicol Tube 100gm, Feviquick 5ml, Folder FS With 20 Leaves, Folder Milky, Folder Leather, Folder Ring, Folder Signature Blue, Folder Zip/ File Holder, Glass Marking Pencil, Graph Paper, Glue Stick 15 Gm, Gum Bottle 300 Ml, Gum Tube, Highlighter, Lamination Sheet A4, Lamination Sheet A3, Laminated Brown File, Note Pad Size-03, Note Pad Size-02, Note Pad With Leather Cover, OHP Marker Pen, Paper Clip Multicoloured Plastic Coated, Paper Cutter Small, Paper Cutter Big, Pen Cello Gel, Pen Normal Allwrite (Blue), Pen Pilot Hi-Tech V5, Pen Renolds Jetter, Pen Perker, Pen Reynolds 045 Blue, Pen Reynolds 045 Black, Pen Reynolds 045 Red, Pen Add Jel, Pencill Cell AA, Pencill Cell AAA, Pencil HB, Pencil Sharpener (Table Fix), Refill Reynolds Jetter, Refill Reynolds 045 Blue, Refill Reynolds 046 Black, Pen Reynolds Trimax Blue, Pen Reynolds Trimax Black, Refill Trimax Blue, Refill Add Jel, Ribbon Silk, Scale Plastic 12’’, Scale Plastic 6’’, Scale Steel 12’’, Scissors Medium, Sketch Pen Set, Sheet Binding Coloured, Sheet Binding Transparent, Spiral Binding Small, Spiral Binding Big, Stapler No. 10, Stapler Pin No. 10, Stapler Pin No. 24/6, Stencil 10 Mm, Stencil 15 Mm, Stencil 25 Mm, Stick On Pad Coloured Larg3’’, Stick On Pad Coloured Small 2’’, Stick On Pad Coloured Medium 1’’, Safety Pin, Tacl Sheet, Thermocol Sheet, White Board Marker Blue, White Board Marker Black, Permanent Board Marker Pen Blue, Exercise Register 4 Qr (Hard Cover), Geometry Box.
Due on 16-Aug-2016  |  21 Days to go
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Power Plant | Himachal Pradesh | TID: 18750367
7 Value: INR 5.19 Lakh approx. | Supply of Miscellaneous Items - Grindingwheelsize100x4x16mmmake Bosch, Cuttingwheelsize100x2.15x16mmmake Bosch, Cuttingwheelsize125x22.2x3mmmake Bosch, Buffing Wheel Ss 4" X 1", Tongstoncarbiderotaryburrs6mmshank (Conical Shape), Burr Cutter , Welding Holder 400 Amp Make Esab/D&H/L&T/Ador, Twisted Cup Wire Wheel Size 100 Mm, M.S. Wire Brush (Heavy Duty), Old Dhoti White Cotton Type Size 3 X 0.90 M, Cotton Waste, Die Penetration Test Kit, Glass Putty, Mixing Thinner, Painting Brush 3" Ist Quality.
Due on 27-Jul-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Philippines | TID: 18849540
8 Value: PHP 5 Lakh | Supply Of Reflectorized Traffic Paint, Paint Brush, Paint Roller, Thinner, Empty Big Pale For Gutter Painting.
Due on 29-Jul-2016  |  3 Days to go
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Civil Works | Philippines | TID: 18925259
9 Value: PHP 4.99 Lakh | Supply & Delivery of Paint Enamel White,Brush Paint & Thinner Paint for Maintenance Activities.
Due on 09-Aug-2016  |  14 Days to go
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Recreational Services | Philippines | TID: 18953595
10 Value: PHP 4.02 Lakh approx. | Supply of Construction materials for the improvement of dilg regional office building (phase vii) at dilg ro 10 building - Glazed wall tiles, Granite, Waterproof compound, Cement, sand, Tile adhesive, PVC Pipes, PVC elbow, PVC wye reducer, Soap holder, Shower valve, PVC elbow, Coupling reducer, Paint roller & Paint brush.
Due on 29-Jul-2016  |  3 Days to go
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