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Recreational Services | Gujarat | TID: 13448641
1 Supply of civil hardware, plumbing materials, non printed stationery, pre printed stationery, Provision items, Grain, Sanitation materials, cutlery items, Wheat flour, acrylic and 3D phota etc.
1. Providing and Supply of non printed stationery – spring type office file, box file, ball pen, refill, paper punch machine, black refill, carbon paper pencil, blank paper, rubber bend, U pin, pin, stapler pin, ruff pad, register, pencil, pencil rubber, pen rubber, sharpener, cello tape, attendance register, duplicate book, bill book, note book, stapler, sketch pen, gum tube, gum bottle, marker pen, marker pen ink, stamp pad, calculator, sealing wax, table bell, tag, plastic folder, conference pad, plastic scale, scissors, leather cover, highlighter marker set, liquid eraser bottle, white chalk, colour chalk, duster, correction refill, glass pen, billing machine roll, press button folder, CD writing pen, CD writing pen ink.
1. Supply of lamination phota, acrylic laminated phota, hanging phota, phota with frame, transparent photo, pouch lamination photo, 3D photo, 3D keychain, 3D hanging photo, 3D pocket photo.
1. Supply of Pre printed stationery – duplicate receipt book, various register, latter pad, various book, khakhi cover, plastic bag, ticket, box, zip lock bag with sticker, poster, Brochure, card, printed CD cover, PO book, non woven bag, immitation latter etc.
1. Supply of sanitary items – air freshener, tissue roll, toilet, cleaner, hand wash liquid, baygon spray, nap balls, coir roll, rubber mat, phenyl, plastic toilet brush, plastic broom, broom, plastic wiper, wet mop, dry mop, coir rod brush, nylone rod brush, rod brush, floor duster, table duster, plastic supadi, carpet brush, floor wash, all out machine and refill, bleaching liquid, acid bottle, insecticide and pesticides pump.
1. Supply of Civil items – cement, stone, cement sheet, bamboo, J bolt, metal screw, dream bits, nails, wood polish, aluminum fittings, aluminum handle, aluminum rod, hammer, steel chain, galvanized sheet, hexo blade round dish, cast iron grill, PVC net, pipe, nut bolt, stainless steel hook, birla putti, Sickle, hatchet, lime bag, hand gloves, helmet, welding rod, shovel, GI pipe, wire brush, fevicol, tape, yellow soil, white cement, iron screw, painting brush, paint, glass, glass items, MS fitting, Brass BP fitting, lock, handle, aluminum fittings, CP fitting, coupling, PVC pipe and fitting, Galvanized reducer, hexo blade, PVC foot valve, Gi items, PVC T, elbow, bathroom fitting, hardware items etc.
1. Supply of roof spray, dustbin, bowel, phenyl, harpik, nap ball, window glass wiper, tray, automatic air freshener refill, brush, tub, all out machine and refill, door mat, emergency battery, dry mop, candle, supadi, coir mat, bleaching, cup – Saucer, thermos, soap, thermo-call glass, detol liquid, mosquito liquid, baygone spray, cell, pencil cell, chair, wash brush, plastic bag, vacuum cleaner, door bell, steel glass, gauge trolley, broom, gloves, powder, lock etc.
1. Supply of wheat flour. (Gujarati Document)
| Due on 15-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | France | TID: 13460585
2 Proposal for Painting materials supply in Enghien Les Bains. | Due on 10-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Administrative Offices | Not Classified | TID: 13497886
3 Supply Of Tools/Materials - Cement, crusher dust/ sand, stone aggregate, stone aggregate, cement concrete hollow block, iron angle, m s rod, binding wire, m s nuts & bolts with double washer, thrade, m s nuts & bolts with double washer full, thrade, wire nails, ply wood, ply wood, ppgi roofing sheet (0.45 mm), ppgi plain sheet(0.45mm), ppgi plain sheet (0.63 mm), g.i corrugated sheet (0.30 mm), g.i plain sheet (0.50 mm), coach screw with cap washer, screw nails with washer, cement primer, wood primer, washable distemper, synthetic enamel paint, thinner, painting brush (amar), sliding bolt (aluminium), handles (aluminium), iron hinges, tower bolt (aluminium), ac plain sheet, w c pan complete set, pvc pipe, g i pipe, g i pipe fittings, stop cock (c.p), bib cock (c.p), wooden power plainer (make bosch), marble cutter/tiles cutter (make bosch), circular wood cutting blade for tiles, cutter machine, drill mchine (make bosch), handy concrete vibrator, pump set (make kirlosker), hose pipe, foot valve, g.i socket, g.i. Uninon socket, g.i. Uninon socket, g.i. Uninon socket, elbow, electric switch, electric wiring charge, g.i. Wire mesh of mesh size 100x100mm, r.c.c fencing post alongwith m.s. Hook, r.c.c fencing post alongwith m.s. Hook, pre cast r.c.c. Ring, pre cast r.c.c. Ring, pre cast r.c.c pipe, cane basket, tarpaulin sheet (plastic), flat end lever, felling axe, sand cast iron pipes, white cement, plum bob, level tube, aluminium hanging floor door stoper, square bar, claw hammer, try square, mixing pan, pvc door frame, pvc door, cowl pvc, pvc tank, wire brush, agricultural trolly (single tyre type,, make with g.i. Sheet), garden watering can (10 per ltr.s), professional 2 in 1 deluxe grafting &, cutting tool with aluminium handle, ahm p-125, bulb planter, stainless steel scoop - deluxe, stainless steel rake - deluxe, stainless steel hoe & cultivator - deluxe, bellota trowel - ahm 3001, sharpex secateurs with ergonomic, rotating handles, nursery shade net, measuring tape (steel, 30 per mtrs), pvc septic tank, diesel pump-set, suction pipe, foot valve, electric pump-set, suction pipe, foot valve, steel hand plainer, steel hand saw, brush cutter, door window clamp (make g.i), pvc corrugated sheet, sand stone, triangular file (small), chissel, chissel, augar, designer pvc walling material, pvc drum, empty bitumen drum, manual tri cycle(rickshaw/van), wooden platform with 4 side wooden, body of 45 cm height), hand gloves, ceramic glazed tile, spade with handle and sharped edged, pick axe with handle and sharped edged, crow bar, dhao with handle and sharped edged, bitumen, pruning knife curved type, cistern, twin ball, trowel, framing square, fastner, fastner, supply of shuttering For Mgnrega Works Under Rangat Block. | Due on 09-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Bhutan | TID: 13500447
4 Supply & Delivery of Painting Items (Painting Brush, Acrylic exterior emulsion paint, Acrylic distemper, SE Paint, Aluminium Paint with paste, etc.). | Due on 23-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Shipping | Pakistan | TID: 13513003
5 Supply of Paint Roller Refill. | Due on 08-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Delhi | TID: 13486915
6 Value: INR 4.99 Lakh approx. | Acrylic polysiloxane based coating (Painting System) on plate girders two spans (2x18.3M) at in HNZM Yard on HNZM-TKD section of Division. | Due on 22-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | South Africa | TID: 11721746
7 Supply of Window handles brass RH STD solid, All Purpose Putty 500g, Masonry Drill Bits 12mm, Masonry Drill Bits 8mm, Steel Drill Bits 10mm HSS, Toilet P-Pan LL White, 813mmx2032mm PD15 Meranti Stable Door, PVC P-Trap 38mm Sink Pl PVC P-Trap 32mm Basin Pl, Rivet Aluminium Nails 4,8mm x 10pkts, Single Door Wooden Commercial Doors, Screws Safe Top 65mm, Safe Top Roof Screws 120mm Brass Washer 15mm H/D (Tap Jumper), Cist-Comp Bata Siso L/L & IN (Cistern inner sets), Screws Chipboard S/Steel 5.0 x pkts, Nails 2 inch steel 5kg, Holder bat for Poly pipe 16mm, 225mm - Paint Roller (Only Roller complete without bucket), Clear Silicone 300ml, Vacuum Breaker 15mm, Twin pack Latco Pressure Contr (Valve) 600KPA 100 Lite Gesek (Geysers), Aluminium Window Handles, Corner Block + Cover (Oak), Geyser Econo 600KPA 200L, Geyser Econo 600KPA 150L Kwikot. | Due on 12-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Multi State | TID: 13291689
8 Supply of Brushes paint and varnish [oval] ferrule bound size 4/O superior conforming to IS- 487/1997 and bristles as per IS-1844/1993. NOTE TO TENDERES- This item is reserved for purchase only from Micro and Small Enterprise [MSEs]. | Due on 07-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Delhi | TID: 13296688
9 Supply of brake pad set, hanger block for bolster suspension, lower spring beam arrangement, STD hed HD bolt, door hinge straight, set of gear case bearing, adapter, paint ready mixed brushing zinc chrome, brushes paint and varnishishes, glass fibre secondary engine air filter, high capacity ½ inch regulating valve, bogie centre pivopt top, wheel assembly for auxiliary generator. (Scanned Image - Tamil Tender). | Due on 21-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Multi State | TID: 13367054
10 Supply of adapter (narrow jaw), injection moulded silent block, lower rubber washer, saddle for bogie bolster suspension, stainless steel pipe, refrigeration compressor motors, maintenance free battery, lead acid batteries, WRA DC complete, set of flexible hose assembly, FAH 3 B card, photocopier paper, modified HDPE lavatory chute with fixing arrangement, thermoplastic polyester elastomer (hytrel) upper washer, crank shaft, armature shaft, set of control card, set of AWS generator card B1-A1 & processor card B11-A1, set of spares for battery charger, PLC CPU card type PC-984, 984, 285C, polymide glass moulding wedges, spiral tube, brushes paints & varnishes flat, barrel, fluonex/fluoroelastomer lead wires, fluonex / fluorelaster lead wires. | Due on 07-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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