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Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 14385630
1 Value: INR 935 Million / 93.50 Crore | Construction of Flyover bridge at amroli junction, mansarovar junction and cross road junction in city on epc basis (design, engineering, procurement and construction).
Construction of ROB near udhana railway station at km 262/2-262/6 and ST-17-18 between station bhestan across multi location railway line near railway culvert no-437.
Work of advertisement rights on flyover bridge & bridge across at various zone area.
Work of Raod marking with thermoplastic paint & Providing & fixing various sign board on shreenathji fly over bridge varachcha & various bridges of city.
| Due on 01-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Maharashtra | TID: 13955632
2 Value: INR 880 Million / 88 Crore | Construction of Various RCC structures / Buildings and Refurbishing of existing Structures at BARC
.* Construction of RCC highway bay for nuclear facility at North Site
.* Construction of lift Shatt for CED north site
.*Installation of sign boards and allied civil works in various location at BARC Complex.
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Railways Transport Services | Jharkhand | TID: 14149253
3 Value: INR 535.99 Million approx. / 53.59 Crore approx. | Balance Work of Tender No. 27 Of 2011-12 (Open)/South & Tender No. 24 Of 2011-12(Open)/South for Earth Work in Filling, Cutting, Compaction, Construction Of Minor Bridges, Side Drain, Catch Water Drain, Retaining Wall, Turfing, Boulder Pitching, Boulder Backing, Land Boundary Pillars, Curve Board, LWR Board, SEJ Board From Km 148.616 To 150.520 And Other Miscellaneous Works In Adjacent Area In Connection With Construction Of New BG Rail Line From Barkakana To Ranchi | Due on 08-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Industrial Development Agencies | Rajasthan | TID: 14475562
4 Value: INR 101.45 Million approx. / 10.14 Crore approx. | Repairing, Maintenance, Cleaning, Construction, Up-gradation, Strengthening of Drain, Road.
Maintenance of Green Belt, Street Light.
Construction of Wall, Demarcation Wall, Boundary Wall, Bridge, Pillar, CD, Plot Demarcation, Tube Well.
Plantation Work.
Road Patch Repairing Work.
Recharging of Filter Media.
Repairing of Bridge, Road Junction.
Cleaning of Jungle.
Cleaning of Road & Disposal of Garbage.
Supply & Fixing of Sign Board, Interlocking Tiles.
Supply & Laying of Power Line.
Supply, Fixing & Management of Road Light & High Mast Light.
Provide of Water harvesting System.
Disposal of Debris.
Operating & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Center.
Supply of Precast RCC Box Culvert, Photostat Machine.
Widening, Strengthening & Asphalting of Road.
Improvement of Building, Road.
Re-carpeting of Road.
Shifting of Electrical Lines.
Up-gradation of Street Lights by LED Lights.
Strengthening of Burm by Interlocking Tiles. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
| Due on 15-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Chhattisgarh | TID: 14433792
5 Value: INR 96.92 Million approx. / 9.69 Crore approx. | Execution of P-Way linking works, supply and spreading of ballast, maintenance of track, supply /construction of various indicator boards, formation dressing work, side drain, cess repair with other allied and miscellaneous works between Kachhpura (including) to Shikara (excluding) in connection with Gondia-Jabalpur Gauge Conversion project | Due on 20-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railway Ancillaries | Karnataka | TID: 14100161
6 Value: INR 66.90 Million / 6.69 Crore | Fabrication, supply and installation works of signage and graphics inlcuidng all transportation, loading and unloading etc, for five underground metro stations, viz cubbon park, vidhana soudha, sir,, M. visveshwaraya kempegowda and city railway stations in east west corridor inlcuidng tunnels. | Due on 10-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | West Bengal | TID: 14305571
7 Value: INR 58.12 Million approx. / 5.81 Crore approx. | Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Level Crossing Lifting Barrier, Fencing, Making Of Approach Road, Fitting & Fixing All Level Crossing Sign Boards, Construction Of Gate Qtr. At L-Xing Nn-87 (2 Unit Type-Ii), Fixing Of Kilometer Post & Hectometer Post Etc., Painting Of Minor Bridges, Bridge Inspection Step, Fouling Mark & All Other Ancillary Works In Between Km 126.19 To Km 155.21 In Connection With Bg Doubling Of New – Samuktala Road Section Of N. F. Railway. | Due on 21-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Belarus | TID: 14501428
8 Value: BYR 50 Million / 5 Crore | Fabrication and installation of information and signposts. | Due on 16-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Gujarat | TID: 14225023
9 Value: INR 40.68 Million approx. / 4.06 Crore approx. | Providing of 03(Three) Nos Road Under Bridge To Eliminate Manned Level Crossings No. 175, 176 And 204 On Palanpur-Khodiyar Section By Assembling Pre-Casted RCC Box Segments, Launching Them By Road Cranes In Full Traffic Block Including Provision Of Temporary Divfersions I.E. Earthwork, Soling, WBM Etc, Required Signage, Speed Breakers, Lifting Barriers And Temporary Duty Bunks And Other Related Miscellaneous Works Related To The Road Under Bridges. | Due on 10-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 14427219
10 Value: INR 31 Million / 3.10 Crore | Supply, erection and Commissioning of new kitchen equipments for Sri Akshaya Annaprasadamkitchen block.
1. Construction of shelter at the Eastern side of MTVAC.
2. Supply of bulk water meters for quantifying the water inflow and distribution.
4. Supply, installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Fighting system to S.V. Museum.
5. Painting rangolies and sign boards for all festivals in Srivari Temple and four mada streets.
6. Erection and removal pendals for Radhasapthami in four mada streets.
7. Providing movable Q line from emergency staircase to elephant gate toilets in VQC-I quadrangle.
8. Supply and Erection of flex boards & banners for srivari Brahmotsavams.
9. Arrangements for temporary sheds & Q lines for vaikunta ekadasi & January 1st in Narayanagiri Garden.
10. Annual white washing, cement painting and painting to mandapams ,gopurams and vahana mandapams matt finish painting to prakaram walls and sthalapuranam for srivari Brahmotsavams.
11. Providing temporary sheds to the TV relay station ,police station flower exhibition stalls and hospitals for srivari Brahmostavams.
12. Providing rain proof super structure to the photo exhibition stalls srivari Brahmotsavams.
13. Annual painting to sri bedi Anjanaya swamy temple, supadham and painting to barrication of grills in four mada streets.
14. Providing ornamental mandapam in four mada streets during srivari Brahmotsavams -2015.
15. Providing barricading with MS pipes in four mada streets for srivari Brahmotsavams 2015.
16. Construction of movable Q shed for physically challenged persons in VQC-I quadrangle.
17. Improvements to toilet blocks of new Kalyanakatta complex.
18. Improvements to toilet blocks of old Kalyanakatta complex.
19. Providing storm water drain and Sewer line near Vaikuntam Queue Complex-II.
20. Providing M.S. gates and grills along the foot path leading from PAC-IV to the road leading to Asthanamandapam.
21. Providing sheet roof over fire escape staircase of Sannidhanam guest House.
22. Providing UDS main line from Kotha Mandapam to Gali Gopuram along Alipiri footpath.
23. Widening of Srivari padala mandapam, Narayanagiri Hills.
24. Improvements to Varahaswamy Rest House-II.
25. Construction of 6.00 MLD Pressure Sand filter plant for main filter house.
26. Construction of Sub-way for footpath pedestrians near RTC bus stand junction.
27. Providing 'W' metal beam crash barriers at straight and steep reaches in Ist Ghat road.
28. Construction of Toilet block and Improvements to 3rd floor of Kitchen and Dining hall.
29. Construction of Kalyanakatta in front of SGRH.
30. Construction of Mini- Kalyanakatta & Luggage Keeping centre at HVC.
31. Laying of BC renewal coat over the existing BT portion and Providing "W" metal beam crash barriers in 1st Ghat Road.
32. Improvements to the Sapthagiri Guest House block no2.
33. Improvements to the Sapthagiri Guest House block no3.
34. Construction of 1 MLD sewage treatment plant with FBBR ( Fluidised bed bio reactor) Technology at rear side of Annamaiah Bhavan Rest house.
35. Widening of Footpath in front of Mokallamitta in 1st ghat road.
36. Construction of ornamental arches (Sapthadwaras) along the 2nd Ghat.
37. Up-gradation of the existing STP of Block-B to TTP near Gogarbham dam.
38. Laying of distribution pipe lines from Kasuvumandapam filter house to Silathoranam line,RBRH & main filter house.
39. Providing Bituminousconcrete renewal coat leading from Venkateswara Rest house to PPV toll gate and internal roads at Vedavignana peetam.
40. Strengthening the curves and road in 2nd ghat road.
41. Providing platform adjacent to existing foot path for keeping movable Q line sheds in ATC car parking.
42. Annual painting to pushkarini, parveti mandapam and vaibhavastava mandapam.
43. Supply and fixing of sign boards (health dept. slogan boards) for srivari Brahmotsavams.
44. Providing photo exhibition stalls for srivari Brahmotsavams 2015.
45. Providing gates at the entrance of road (RBRH-3) leading to main temple.
46. Miscellaneous works for flower exhibition in srivari Brahmotsavams - 2015.
47. Supply and erection of Back light boards to sapthadwarams in four mada street.
48. Hire charges for erection and removal of pendals in connection with srivari Brahmotsavam in Vikas Rest house.
49. Supply and fixing of Stainless steel grating at the top of drain in front of Vahana mandapam.
50. Raising of drain walls at rear side of compartment 9 to 15 in VQC-II.
51. Improvements to the maintenance rooms in front of RBRH-I.
52. Hire charges for engaging of the gas cutting sets for Srivari Brahmotsavams -2015.
53. Providing water proof treatment over roof of Arjitham office and Vigilance office.
54. Providing Urgent repairs to the public toilets in CRO area.
55. Construction of shed for Gurkha's in Srivari Mettu mandapam footpath.
56. Improvements to General toilets blocks at Sector-IV-No13,14 on road side near Filter house circle & road side
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