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Security Services | Rajasthan | TID: 10582745
1 Value: INR 80 Million | Collection Of Metal Scrap- Copper, Aluminium ,Iron, Mixed Metal Scrap ,Brass, Tungsten, Automatic Grenades (AGL), Hardened Aluminum. | Due on 28-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Electrical Products | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 10568453
2 Value: INR 1.64 Million (approx.) | Material Handling In Scrap Yard (32 Stores) And Surplus Material (98 Stores) – Segregation & Making Into Lots. | Due on 03-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Industrial Development Agencies | Maharashtra | TID: 10583439
3 Value: INR 1.50 Million (approx.) | Maintenance And Repair To Barvi Water Works, Jambhul. - Repairing & Overhauling Of Flocculator Drive, Traction Mechanism & Replacement Of Scrapers Including Desludging Etc Of Clariflocculators At Jambhul. | Due on 29-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Kerala | TID: 10507611
4 Value: INR 1.18 Million (approx.) | Disposal of unserviceable Single Phase mechanical meter scrap(17775Kg), 3 phase mechanical meter scrap (359Kg ), Single phase static meter scrap (6641Kg.), 3 phase static meter Scrap (583 Kg.), Iron scrap (8840Kg), PVC scrap (cable) (1347Kg.) Damaged CT-PT Unit (3 Nos.) (Weight approximate) at Circle Store Perumbavoor situated . | Due on 28-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Gujarat | TID: 10269251
5 Value: INR 8.65 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Tools & Tackles - Manila Jute Rope Size 12 Mm, Cylinder Key (Spanner For Operating O2,Da), M.S. Wire Brush, 5 Row Total Length Of 475 Mm, Chiesel Size 1046, Taparia Make Chiesel Size 6", Taparia Make Chiesel Size-8", Taparia Chisel 10" Long, Chisel Octagonal-150 Mm, Chisel Length 200 Mm Cutting Edge 25mm, Taparia Hexagonal Chisel 12" Long, Jk Flat File Rough 12", J.K.Flat& Hand File Size 250 Mm Rough With Handle, J.K.Flat Files Smooth 6"Half Round, 8"Flat File Smooth, Flat File Smooth 10" (250 Mm), J.K.Flat Smooth File Size 12" X 1", Triangular File Size 150 Mm (6") Smooth., J.K.Round Smooth File Size 12" X 1", J.K.Half Round Smooth File 6", J.K.Half Round Smooth File Size 12" X 1", Half Round Bastard Rough File Size 12"X1", Half Round Rough File Size - 6" (Rough), Niddle Files Size 140 Mm With Cut '0' (Set Of 10 Nos. ), Leather Punches, 100 Mm Length , Hole Size 8 Mm, Hole Punch No. 20 Size 3/4" (20 Mm), D/E Open Jaw Spanner 16x17 Mm, Heavy Duty Magnet Stand For Alignment, Single End Long Span Fix Spanner 32 Mm, Fix Spanner Size 6 X 7 To 30 X 32 Mm Jhalani Make, Fix Spanner , Size - 36x41 Mm, Fix Spanner Size 6 X 7 Mm, Double Ended Spanners(Plain), 8 X 9 Mm Size, Fix Spanner Size 8 X 9 Mm, Double End Fix Spanner Size-10x11, Fix Spanner Size 10 X 11 Mm, Double End Fix Spanner Size-12x13, Fix Spanner Size 12 X 13 Mm ., Double End Fix Spanner Size-14x15, Fix Spanner Size 14 X 15 Mm Jhalani Make, Fix Spanner 16x17, Double End Fix Spanner Size-18x19, Fix Spanner 21x23, D/E Open Jaw Spanner 21x23 Mm, Double Open End Spanner Size 30 X 32 Mm Jhalani Mk, Double Open End Spanner Size 24 X 26 Mm Jhalani Mk, Fix Spanner25x28, Fix Spanner Size 32x36 Mm, Double Ended Fix Spanner Sets, Fix Spanner, Double Ended Fix Spanner Sets Contant, Adjustable Spanners 205 Mm Length, Sladge (Hammering) Spanner, Single End Ring Slogging Spanner 30 Mm, Single End Ring Slogging Spanner 28 Mm, Allen key, Allenkey-17 Mm, Allenkey-10 M, Set Of Allen Keys [1 To 17 Mm], Allen Key Set, Allen Key-14mm, Taparia Make, Adjustable Wrench, Unbrko Hexagon Wrenches, Adjustable Spanner 8", Adjustable Spanner 12", Adjustable Slide Wrench Size - 6"('Taparia'make), Adjustable Spanner 10" Long, Gedore Make Socket-Set ( Box-Spanner), Unbreko Allen Key Of Size 1/16" To 3/8", Single Ended Open Jaw Adjustable Spanner, Pipe Wrench Size 12"(300 Mm) Prod Np 1273, Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench Product No Hpw10, Pipe Wrench Size 18" (450 Mm) Length, Pipe Wrench Size 14" (350 Mm) Length, Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty Si-24", Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench Size 36", Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty Si-18", Pipe Wrenches,Size-24",('Taparia'-Make), Pipe Wrench 1272 Size10", Pipe Wrench 1272 Size12", Taparia Make Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench, Tubular Box Spanner Set With Tommy Bar, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 10 X 11 Mm, Fix Spanner Size 12/13, Ring Spaner No 13 Size 12 X13 Mm, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 14 X 15 Mm, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 16 X 17 Mm, Jhalani/ Taparia ring Spanner Si-16x17, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 18 X 19 Mm, Jhalani/Taparia ring Spanner Si-18x19, Ring Spanner 20x22, Bihexagonal Ring Spanner Size 21 X 23 Mm, Jhalani/Taparia'ring Spanner Si-21x23, Ring Spanner Size 24x27 Mm, Ring Spanner-30x32, Ring Spanner Size 30 X 32 Mm Jhalani Make, Bi Hexagonal Ring Spanner 24x26 Mm, Ring Spanner Size 24 X 26 Mm Jhalani Make, Ring Spanner 25 X28, Bi Hexagonal Ring Spanner 41x46 Mm, Ring Spanner Set, Ring Spanner 5/8''x1/2'', Ring Spanner Size 12/13, Ring Spanner Size 21/23, Ring Spanner Size 24/26, Double Ended Ring Spanners Sets, Double Ended Ring Spanners Sets, Ratchet Handle Size 1/2" Sq.Drive Size A715, Bench Vice Size 4", Bench Vice Size 6", Bench Vice,Size-8",('Netco'-Make)., Bench Vice Apex Make -150mm, Screw Driver ( Special With Neon Bulbs), Screw Driver, Screw Driver Code931,450x10 Mm, Hammer 800 Gms With Handle, Hammer With Handle Size-500 Gms, Hacksaw Frame With Metal Handle Heavy Duty For 12" Hacksaw Blade, Copper Tube Cutter, Wire Stripping Pliers, Sledge Hammer Head Only Of Weight, Tin Cutter (H.D.) Cutter, Bearing Puller Set, Hss Ground Thread Hand Tap Set, Bench Grinder, Mini Angle Grinder, Grinding Disc, Half Round Bearing Scraper 12" Size, Slide Wrench Plier Size-305mm, Crimping Tools, Electrically Operated High Speed Pistol Grinder, Long Nose Pliers, Internal Circlip Pliers Size 8" No1440 Taparia Make, Inner Circlip Plier-1441, Circlip Pliers Internal Length 175 Mm, Circlip Pliers External Length 175 Mm, Circlip Pliers Internal S, Circlip Pliers External 1443 Size7", Combination Plier With Ca Sleeve 1621-8,210 Mm, Electrical Hand Blower 800 Watt, 230 Volt, 50hz, Kpt Make Pistol Grip Drill Machine Kpt-563, Hand Drill Machine Make'Wolf' 1/2'', Double Insulated High Power Compact Drill Machine., Drill Bit Set It/Addision,Size;2 Mm To 10 Mm., Hss Drill Bit Set 3 Mm To 12 Mm, 'Taparia' Insulated Pliers Size-8", Electrical Safety Equipment Tester Voltage Range, Flat Screw Driver, Product No932, Multi Purpose Digital Line Tester, Extension Bar Length | Due on 05-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | West Bengal | TID: 10644404
6 Value: INR 2 Lakh | Supply Of Des Items To Mv Sentinel – Door Mat Coir, Brass Fresh Water Tap 1/2" Wall Mounting, Flush Valve, Complete Assembly, Monoblock Mixer, For Wash Basin, Toilet Seat Closed Front, With Cover, Cargo Net Sling P.P.Rope, Size 12' X 12', Thimble, G.I, Dia - 12mm, Alloy Steel Bow Shackle Swl - 5 Tons, With Idlr T.C., Alloy Steel Dee Shackle Swl - 3 Tons, With Idlr T.C, Desk Calculator, 12 Digits, Dual Power, Tyre Fender, Used Aircraft Tyre, Tyre Fender, Used Tempo / Truck Tyre, Tyre Fender, Used Motorcar Tyre, Chalk Stick Colour, Box Of 100 Sticks, Chalk Stick White, Box Of 100 Sticks, Wall Clock Quartz, Rat Trap/Cage, Municipal Pattern, Sail Needle, S.S. Triangular, Sea Sickness Bag, White Cement, Dog Leg Brush For Epoxy Paint, Width 1", Dog Leg Brush For Epoxy Paint, Width 2", Dog Leg Brush For Epoxy Paint, Width 3", Dog Leg Brush For Epoxy Paint, Width 4", Flat Paint Brush For Epoxy Paint 1", Flat Paint Brush For Epoxy Paint 2", Flat Paint Brush For Epoxy Paint 4", Pencil Brush, No 6, Chipping Goggle / Safety Goggle, Gloves Working Cotton, Non Slip Dots, Cotton Hand Gloves (Hosiery Type), Dust Mask With Air Filter, Safety Helmet, Assorted Colour, Split Leather Handglove, 14 With Palm & Veinguard, Work Vest, Self Bouyancy, Stearn Type, Gangway Net 15mtrx4 Mtr,6mm P.P.Rope,Mesh Size 100 Mmx100mm, Laminating Machine, Laminating Pouches A/3, Laminating Pouches A/4, Masking Tape, 2 Width, Roll Of 55 Mtrs Approx., Hasp & Staple Brass, 4", White Board Marker, Toilet Brush, Nylon, Wire Brush Straight Handle, Long,L375mm, Broom Coir, Broom Corn, Duster Cloth, 450 X 500 Mm., Metal Polish 500 Ml Tin, Brasso, Snake Wire Pipe Cleaner, Dia. 6 Mm X 5 Mtrs., Bleaching Powder, Marline 3ply Untarred, Marline 3ply Tarred, Stainless Steel Putty 500 Gm, Loctite 495 - (20cc), M-Seal(1kg Pkt), Playing Cards, Plastic Sheet, 0.1mmx915mmx50 Mtrs Roll, Glass Cleaning Spray / 500 Ml, Colin, Hand Operated Insecticide Pump, Toilet Cleaner Harpic, 500 Ml/Tin, Insecticide Liquid Spray, 300 Ml/Tin, Iron Wool, Air Freshner, 420ml/Tin, Caustic Soda, Deodorant Block 100grm/Pkt, Liquid Detergent, Napthalene Ball, Washing Soda, Armchair, Swivel Pipe Frame, Dustpan Plastic With Handle, Dustbin Lever Type Plastic 10 Ltrs, Plastic Sand Scoop, Duster Cloth Size 280 Mm X 370 Mm, Bio-Degradable Garbage Paper Bag 22"X36", Rubber Solution 1ltr, Split Pins Ms, 4 Mm Dia X 4 Len, Cement 53 Grade, Bag Of 50 Kgs, Cycle Tube, Saw Dust [10 Kg Bag], Stencil, Interlock, Brass, 0 To 9 And A To Z, 25mm, Stencil, Interlock, Brass, 0 To 9 And A To Z, 50mm, Paint Remover ( 4 Ltr Tin ), Rustsolvent, Rustolene, Emery Paper Sheet Grit Medium,230x280 Mm, Emery Paper Sheet Grit Fine,230mmx280 Mm, Hacksaw Blade 1" X 12", High Speed Steel, Sledge Hammer Double Faced, 1 Kg, Without Handle, Sledge Hammer Double Faced, 3 Kg, Without Handle, Grease Gun, Lever Type, Scrapper,L Shaped,Double Ended,Steel,12", Measuring Tape, Steel, 5 Mtr Len, Sounding Tape, Carbon Steel, With Brass Bob, 15 Mtrs Len, Stainless Steel Rule, 6, Stainless Steel Rule, 12, Seizing Wire Copper, Seizing Wire M.S. Dia 1/8, Seizing Wire Stainless Steel,0.5 Mm Dia, Split Pins Ms, 1 Mm Dia X 1" Len, Split Pins Ms, 2mm Dia X 2 Len, Split Pins Ms, 2.5mm Dia, 2 Len, Brush Deck Nylon Without Handle 7", Split Pins Ms, 9 Mm Dia X 5 Len, Machine Screw M.S, 1/2" Len, Machine Screw M.S, 1" Len, Machine Screw M.S, 1.1/2" Len, Machine Screw M.S, 2" Len, Iron Nail, Araldite, 180 Gms Tube, Carpenters Glue 1 Kg, Fevicol, Plastic Funnel Dia - 4", Thread Seal Tape 1 12 Mtr Roll, Champion, Nylon Pvc Braided Hose 25mm, Pine Oil, Oil Can 250ml, Grease Gun (Big Size), Rubber Plunger 4", Sand, Rat Guards For P.P. Ropes Gi Australian Type, Rat Trap Metal, Wire Sling 1ton Capacity 2m With T/C, Dook Hooks Brass 6", Dook Hooks Brass 4", Padlocks Small 5 Levers 3 Keys, Padlocks Medium 6 Levers 3 Keys, Padlocks Large 7 Levers 3 Keys, Hydraulic Door Closer Heavy Duty 8 ", Hydraulic Door Closer Heavy Duty 8 " (Bottle Type), 1/2" Tap Spindle (Inner) (Brass), 1/2 Inch Fresh Water Tap (Steel), Shower Head, Tap Washer, Wooden Steps For Pilot Ladder, Rubber Steps For Pilot Ladder, Spreader For Pilot Ladder, Broom Hard 450grm Wt., Safety Helmets Isi Marked, Strap For Safety Helmet, Leather Handgloves Good Quality (Size 14"), Indian Red Ensign (3' X 2'), Sci House Flag - 3' X 2', Fire Hose-63 Mm Dia(Reel Of 18.3 M Len.), Gum Boots Full Size With Lining Inside. Size 8, Gum Boots Full Size With Lining Inside. Size 9, Single Piece Rain Coats With Cap-Xl Size, Single Piece Rain Coats With Cap-Large Size, Pp Rope,3strnd,220 M.Len, 8 Mm Dia, Bucket,Plastic,With Handle, 15 Ltrs, Bucket,Plastic,With Handle, 20 Ltrs, Mug, Plastic, Capa -1.5 / 2 Ltrs, Shower Head Dia - 12 Mm, Seaming Twine, Vim Powder (500 Grm Pkt), Polythene Roll,1mtr X 100 Mtr,300micron, Two Cell Torch Brass Body Small Mouth, Insecticide Liquid Spray 320ml, Chipping Hammer. | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Fertilizers and pesticides | Punjab | TID: 10553736
7 Value: INR 27 Thousand | Supply of Urea Scrapper Jib Chain. | Due on 02-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Stainless Steel | Jharkhand | TID: 10456410
8 Sale of Materials, various Industrial Arising (e.g. Defective steel items, Cobbled Plates, AMG HR Plate/Sheet, CR Coil/Sheet/Cutting, GPGC etc.), Idle Assets, Used & Scrapped Township Stores items (e.g. Mobil/Grease Drums, various Rolls, Conveyer belts etc.), Miscellaneous Arising, Coke fractions and Coal Chemicals (e.g. Crude Benzol, HP Naphthalene etc | Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Maharashtra | TID: 10480709
9 Auction Sale Of Scrap Of Cement Coated Pipes. | Due on 26-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Stainless Steel | Orissa | TID: 10504160
10 Sale of Materials, Iron & Steel items consisting Def. CR Coils, Def. HR Coils, Saleable GP / GC Scrap, Def. Plates, CR Coil Ends, CR/HR Sheet Cuttings, Def. CRNO, Pipe End Cuttings & Scrap Pipes, Coal Chemical Items, Coke Dust and Scrap & Waste Mag.-Carbon Bricks, MBC (-12 mm size), Zinc Dross items i.e. Zinc Ash, Zinc Bottom, Zinc Top etc. Scrap/Waste Steel Rolls / Adamite Rolls of various\ weights & sizes, Scrap/Waste Cast Iron Rolls of various sizes & weights, Iron & Steel & non-ferrous scrap, used / rejected drums of different sizes, plastic jars, motors, batteries of assorted sizes, S.S. Scraps, Rubber Scraps, Conveyor belts & other miscellaneous scrap items. Various unserviceable small asset items such as vehicles / material handling equipments, Lab equipments, motors of various sizes, etc. Other misc. unserviceable items and obsolete / surplus items like asbestos rings, GE Loco, Hardness Testing Machine, Lox Tank & other Idle Assets | Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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