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Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Gujarat | TID: 18845272
1 Value: INR 188.97 Million approx. / 18.89 Crore approx. | Hiring services of transportation of xylene from mrpl.
Construction of RCC internal approach roads pol shed and scrapyard shed at GGS -iv.
Electrical work related to renovation of chemistry lab and office building at CTF.
Two years rate contract for construction of precast RCC post and panel fencing around 200 wells.
Due on 12-Aug-2016  |  16 Days to go
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Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 18890078
2 Value: INR 28.80 Million approx. / 2.88 Crore approx. | Appointment of Auctioneer for the Auctioning of UN-serviceable scrap vehicles of SWM transport division.
Due on 29-Jul-2016  |  2 Days to go
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Other Services | Gujarat | TID: 18770880
3 Value: INR 15 Million / 1.50 Crore | Supply of Stationary of School - Calculator casio, Tape Transparent 1”, sketch pen, correction pen, Eraser, Glue Stick, Gum Paste, Highlighter, Punch single nose, Sharpener, Stamp Pad, Stapler 24/6 ig, Stapler small no 10, Photostat Paper, Pen Drive 16GB (Kingston), Register Ruled 288 page, Photocopy paper (Legal size) 75 GSM, Caron paper Blue A-4 Size Corex, Duster Plain cloth, Stapler Machine H.P 45 Kangaroo, Stapler Machine Pin no-10 Kangaroo, Register 384 page century, Permanent Marker, Brown Packing Paper, Pencil, Packing cloth 2*2 meter , White, White board Marker Pen, Cello, Small scissor SizeNo 7,9 Kebica, Paper Cutter Kebica, L-size Plastic Folder file, White Envelopes with name print, White Envelopes, A-5 Size Envelopes with cloth mounted, Packing Tape Brown, White Favicol 30gms, Apsara Pencil with school Name printed, Stamp pad ink, Fevicol tube, Brown Tape, Godrej lock with 3 keys, Spring file, Spring file Half box, Inward resister 150 pages, Inward resister 200 pages, Outward resister 150 pages, Outward resister 200 pages, General resister book, Book issue resister, Dead stock resister 02 foliage, Dead stock resister 02 foliage, G.R. as per GSEB Board, Service book, S.S.C Result register, Duster, Chalk box-corex, Whitener Cello, Color chalk box(Dustless), Cash book – 150 pages, Resister of student attendance with school name printed, Student attendance register regular, Staff resister, Staff resister, Notice Board, Proxy period book, supplementary supervision book, Block supervision book, Progress report with school name print, Graff Paper, Map of India, Map of Gujarat, Map of whole World, Map of Asia, Format for Marking criteria, F.A-1,2,3,4. S.A-1,2 Format, Format of P.T result, 8 Page supplementary with school name, 12 Page supplementary with school name, 24 pages supplementary as per SSC Board exam with school name printed, Full size regular supplementary 04 pages, Full size regular supplementary 08 pages, Full size regular supplementary 12 pages, Supplementary as per SSC board – regular, Full size supplementary with school name printed, Full size supplementary, Color page A-4 size, Full scap Navneet 200 pages, Full scap Classmate 200 pages, Full scap Navneet 100 pages, Full scao Classmate 100 pages, Navneet Notebook 100 page, Classmate Notebook 100 page, 100 pages Triple line Navneet notebook, 100 pages Triple line Classmate notebook, 100 pages double line Navneet notebook, 100 pages double line Classmate notebook, 100 pages single line Navneet notebook, 100 pages Single line Classmate notebook, 200 pages notebook with school name, Grop pen cello, Cello softtech Pen, Pencil color, Water color, Branded Water color dish, Color brash no 1,2,3,4,5, Drawing paper, Marker Pen, Compass Box, Standard 6th Map book, Standard 6th Lab manual book, Graph book standard 6th Soft bound, Drawwing book Ketan, Drawing book, Scrapbook Navneet, Essy book set, English grammar book set, Lesson Diary (For student), Office Diary 150 pages, Voucher book 100 pages, Principal Log ook, Desection Box, Gum Bottle 150 gms, Pin 250 gms, F.A-01,02, S.A-01k,02, report, Geometry Box, Paper Solution Set set, Mark sheet slip as per subject, Movement register, Oxford dictionary (English), Maths Practice work set for standard 6th to 10, D.L resister, C. L resister, Stock register, Dead stock register, Binder File.
Due on 28-Jul-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Other Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 18636204
4 Value: INR 13 Million / 1.30 Crore | Providing Painting To The Birrd Hospital.
1. Providing Foot Path And Improvements To The Toilets In S.V.Arts College
1. Establishing Global Data Centre For Ttd At North East Corner Of Ttd Administrative Building
Construction Of Ultrasound & Mammography, Dsa Lab In First Floor In Front Of Mri Building In Svims.
Improvements To The Room Toilets From 2nd Floor To 5th Floors At Srinivasam Pac
Construction Of Lift Well And Machine Room In Sridevi Complex
Proposed Construction Of Generator And Panel Rooms For Data Center On South Side Of Ttd Administrative Building
Repairs And Improvements To Old S.V.High School Main Building
Providing Foundation And Erection Of Bull Exerciser
Supply And Fixing Of Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks At Sri Srinivasa Ayurvedic Pharmacy At Narasingapuram, Near Srinivasa Mangapuram
Construction Of Security Room In Tirumala Jeo's Bungalow
Construction Of Security Room In Tirupati Jeo's Bungalow
Providing Racks And Cub Board Shutters To The Office Of The Special Officer (publications) In Old Press Building.
Re-Construction Of Damaged Compound Wall At East Side Of D Type Quarters (near Vinayaka Nagar Ground) In Vinayaka Nagar
Providing Water Sump In The Premises Of Old S.V.High School.
Providing Brass Cleaning And Lifting Of Gatatopam And Other Related Temple Works At Sri Kvs Temple, Srinivasa Mangapuram For The Year 2016-17.
Providing And Laying Five Layer Water Proofing Cum Heat Insulation Treatment Mix Guard Hr5 Over The Roof Of Inventory Section In Ttd Administrative Building
Providing Name Boards To The Fodder Demonstration Plots And Modifications To The Rabbit Shed At S.V.Gosamrakshana Sala
Providing Galvalume Roof Shed At West Side Of Di Room In Ttd Transport
Providing Parking Area And Approach To Main Road At South Side Of Sridevi Complex
Supply And Fixing Of Wall Mirrors In Hostel Rooms In Sv Arts College
Painting To Kashyapa Hostel (womens) At S.V.Ayurvedic College Premises
Servicing (de-scaling) Of Solar Collectors In Vishnunivasam Pac
Supply Of Brass (scrap) Of Any Required Shape To D.P.W.Stores (civil), Ttd, Tirupati For Use In Jewellery Section.
Supply Of Furniture For Use In Offices Of Record Section, Sri K.R.T Temple, Hdpp, Vqc-I & Ii, S.V.Junior College
Proposed Compound Wall Around Garden Infront Of Opd, Svims.
Due on 29-Jul-2016  |  2 Days to go
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Power Plant | Gujarat | TID: 18647904
5 Value: INR 12.98 Million approx. / 1.29 Crore approx. | Sale of scrap materials [05 lots] laying at wtps - 1Ø Winding coil of 15.75 KV/240 KV,250MVA,CGL Make Gen. Transformer, Scrap APH Basket, Copper Scrap, Cast Iron Scrap, M.S.Scrap [Light Iron].
Due on 29-Jul-2016  |  2 Days to go
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Railways Transport Services | Multi State | TID: 18932908
6 Value: INR 12.50 Million / 1.25 Crore | Oxy-Cutting Of Scrap Rails Provided By RWF, Into Lengths Of Not More Than 12 Inches at Contractor S Premises & Returning Processed/Cut Rails To RWF.
Due on 17-Aug-2016  |  21 Days to go
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Security Services | Gujarat | TID: 18839859
7 Value: INR 9.17 Million approx. / 91.75 Lakh | Demolition of block D-9, 10, 11 & 12 with removal and disposal of debris and scrap materials including land leveling and site clearance.
1. Construction of water bore.
1. Special repair of residential and non residential building with miscellaneous civil work and infrastructure work.
1. Construction of anganwadi and library. (Gujarati Document)
Due on 04-Aug-2016  |  8 Days to go
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Power Plant | Himachal Pradesh | TID: 18906447
8 Value: INR 7.92 Million approx. / 79.24 Lakh approx. | Sale of Condemn Scrap (Coper and Aluminum) with Insulating material, Condemn Transformer Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Scrap/HV/LV Rods, Breather Load Seal /Ceiling Wire Scrap, Iron Scrap, T & P items, Discord Transformer Oil and other items.
Sale of Single Phase and three Phase Energy Electromechanical and Electronic Motors. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Due on 08-Aug-2016  |  12 Days to go
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Industrial Development Agencies | Maharashtra | TID: 18870876
9 Value: INR 6.20 Million approx. / 62.06 Lakh approx. | Sale of Metal Scrap Items (MS) & other Waste items. (Scanned Image - Marathi Tender)
Due on 03-Aug-2016  |  7 Days to go
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Railways Transport Services | Maharashtra | TID: 18602802
10 Value: INR 5.84 Million approx. / 58.47 Lakh | Heavy Repairs to Structure (Beam, Column, Ceiling Etc.) And External, Internal Painting Of Officers Flat Sky Scrapper & Rajdhani Base Kitchen Central.
Due on 01-Aug-2016  |  5 Days to go
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