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Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Belarus | TID: 18153946
1 Value: BYR 9.36 Billion approx. / 936.25 Crore approx. | Purchase Of Scrap And Ferrous Metal Waste (scrap Iron).
Due on 08-Jun-2016  |  9 Days to go
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Water Storage and Supply | Iran | TID: 18237426
2 Value: IRR 2.84 Billion / 284 Crore | Sale of about 20,000 water meters scrap in the warehouse of Abja in Marvdasht.
Due on 11-Jun-2016  |  12 Days to go
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Power Plant | Iran | TID: 18138734
3 Value: IRR 840 Million / 84 Crore | Selling of 120,000 kg of scrap iron.
Due on 31-May-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Railways Transport Services | Philippines | TID: 18184160
4 Value: PHP 145.98 Million / 14.59 Crore approx. | Distribution of 81,100 cu.m. Ballast including Survey Works, Clearing and Grubbing, Scraping of Trackbed, Lifting of Track, Insertion of Ballast, Tamping and Regulating of Ballast, and Trac.
Due on 09-Jun-2016  |  10 Days to go
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Railways Transport Services | Punjab | TID: 18036481
5 Value: INR 18.91 Million approx. / 1.89 Crore approx. | Special Repair Of All Residential & Service Building In The Section Of Sse/W/Kkp Under Aden- I/Fzr (Gang Hut No. 1,3,7,8,10,11& 12 On Bti-Fzr Section And Gang Hut No. 1,3 On Kkpfka Section And Other Staff Quarters Excluding Gate Lodges & Duty Huts).
Improvement To Protection Work Of Bridge No 224 On Us And Ds Side On Ptk-Jat Section In The Section Of Sse/W/Jat Under Aden/Jat.
Provision Of Facilities Of Adarsh Station At Hiranagar Station On Ptk-Jat Section In The Section Of Sse/W/Kthu Under Aden/Jat.
Misc Tracks In Connection With Isolation & Upgradation Of Signaling At 10 Stations Kwj, Kxh,Hsq,Pja,Sqr,Lnk, God, Mxh, Mwx, & Mfm) On Juc-Fzr Section On Diviion.
Replacement Of Washable Apron On Platform No. 2 At Amritsar On Snl- Asr Section.
Repair To Roller Bearing Section, Ac Sheet Roof Replacement Of Hms, Repair To Scrap Repair To Gate 4,5,6 Roof Replacement Of P-Branch Time Section, Providing New Hall For Pass Section Library, Roof Of Electric Sub Station No 4,5,6 Repair To Wagon Shop Floor, Providing Zero Level Track Wagon Final, Improving Façade Of Mechanical Workshop& Repair Of Corroded Ac Sheet Roofing Of Shop By Cgi Sheets, Wagon Shop Roof Repair, Bogie Shop Roof Rpair & Ms Sheet Gutter Repair In B Shop And Repair To Inspection Path In Bogie Shop, Repair To Walls , Flooring, Plastering, Ceilling Of Account Complex And Similar Other Misc Works In Mechanical Workshop Under Sse/Ws/Asr.
Manufacturing & Supplying Of 40000 Cum 65mm Gauge Stone Ballast (Mechanically Broken) Duly Stacked And Loading Into Railway Wagons/Hoppers In Query Siding Sub Depot-I1 At Kathua (Kthu) Under Aden-B.
Provision Of Stainless Steel Benches, Rcc Benches, Steel Small Platform Shelters, Steel Dustbin At Udhampur Railway Station, Kathua Railway Station Ram Nagar (J&K) Railway Station On Division.
Provision Of One Additional Tubewells At Budgam & Provision Of Hand Pump Indian Mark-Ii In Railway Colonies And Various Station On Bahl-Brml Section Under Aden/Bdgm.
Due on 10-Jun-2016  |  11 Days to go
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Stainless Steel | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 18113399
6 Value: INR 12.16 Million approx. / 1.21 Crore approx. | Mechanical Maintenance of Equipment In Converter Shop, Hmdp, Lp Bay, Scrap Yard And Slag Yard In Sms-2.
Due on 07-Jun-2016  |  8 Days to go
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Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Haryana | TID: 18054964
7 Value: INR 11.91 Million approx. / 1.19 Crore approx. | Materials / Scrap Handling to Facilitate Upcoming BS-VI Project at Refinery, Haryana.
Due on 31-May-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 18067787
8 Value: INR 7.54 Million approx. / 75.41 Lakh | Providing & Fixing MS Grill to Balcony of New C & D Type Quarters & Tower of Rope Way Quarters at Colony TPS.
Turbine and Boiler Side LT Motor Overhaul of Unit-1 & Unit-3 During Annual Overhaul/ Short Shutdown.
Renovation, Modernization of Existing Services Building Lift at TPS Including Required Materials.
Work Contract for Coal Bunker Scraping at Coal Handling Plant-II TPS.
Supply of Cable Jointing Kit for CHP-II, 500 MW TPS.
Servicing of Burner Tilt Assembly Replacement of Coal Compartment & Repair of Wind Box Air & Oil Compartment at Unit No.1 During AOH TPS.
Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Opacity Monitor Set to C & I-II, 500 MW TPS.
Application of Rockwool Mattress & MS Ribbed Sheet/ GI Sheet During AOH of Unit-1, 210 MW TPS.
Repair of APH Outlet Duct to ESP Inlet Duct by Replacement of Eroded Plates and Replacement of Brancings & Supports During Annual Overhaul of Unit No.1 AOH During Forced/ Planned Shutdowns of Unit No.1 to 4.
Work of Utilization of Expert Services for Insitu Inspection of Boiler Tube Using REFT (Remote Field Electro-Magnetic Technique) at Unit No.1 During AOH.
Work of Arresting Flue Gas Leakages in DOG House, Pent House & Cat House Observed During Pressurization Test in Unit No.1 During AOH TPS.
Procurement of Boiler Skin Casing Material at Unit-1 & 3 AOH at TPS.
Application of Chemical Bonded Refractory in APH Outlet to ESP Inlet Duct During Unit No.1 Annual Overhaul.
Work of Replacement of Economizer Coils in Unit-4 TPS.
Servicing of Gates & Dampers of Air & Flue Gas Pat & Feed Gate of Bottom Ash Hopper During AOH of Unit No.1 of AOH.
Servicing of Critical Pipe Line Hangers of Various Elevation Including Scaffolding Erection at Unit No.1 of AOH.
Supply of Application of Chemical Resistant Lining Internally to DM Water Over Head Tank of Unit No.4 During Overhaul Period.
Supply & Application of Fire Create Refractory & Allied Works of BAH for Unit No.1 AOH at TPS.
Work for Furnace Cleaning With Cup Lock Scaffolding System During Short Down of Unit No.2.
Supply of General Purpose T & P's and Other Materials.
Servicing of Power Cylinders, Control Valves in Unit No.1 & 2 During Overhaul.
Servicing of Various Make Motorized Valves in Unit No.3 & 4 During Overhaul.
Biennial Work Contract for Assistance to em-I Staff, TPS.
Servicing of Buck Stay Assemblies Including Repair to Stirrup Assembly, leveler Guide Assembly, Movement Arrestor & Lug Plate Assembly During Unit No.3 AOH.
Servicing of Both FD Fans of Unit
1 During Forthcoming Overhaul.
Work of Insitu Repair of Critical Valve & Insitu Reconditioning of Main Steam Stop Valve During Unit No.1 AOH.
Due on 31-May-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Education And Research Institute | Rajasthan | TID: 18056801
9 Value: INR 5.32 Million approx. / 53.28 Lakh approx. | Auction Sale Of Scrap Items.(Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
Due on 30-May-2016  |  Closing today
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Railways Transport Services | Rajasthan | TID: 18021414
10 Value: INR 4.04 Million approx. / 40.44 Lakh approx. | Transportation Of New, Old Repairable Wheels, Materials, Scraps From Diesel Shed, Bgkt To And From Workshop And Other Sheds, Shops Of The Indian Railways For Two Years.
Due on 13-Jun-2016  |  14 Days to go
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