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Civil Works | Punjab | TID: 17947647
1 Value: INR 2.53 Million approx. / 25.36 Lakh approx. | Annual/Repair & Maintenance of General Pool Residential Accommodation For Central Govt. Employees And C.P.W.D., Enquiry Office And Pump House In Sector - 46 A And B, During 2016-17.
White Washing, Distempering And Painting Etc.
Due on 10-May-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Education And Research Institute | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 17914148
2 Value: INR 1 Million / 10 Lakh | Supply of Stationary Items & Catridges – Paper Size A4 75 Gsm Jk Red/Century, Paper Size A4 Jk Red/Century, Board Pin Brass ., Pin Cushion Goodquality Or Equivalent, File Board Thick With Big Rope, Cell 9 Volt Dura/Eveready., Pencil Cell., Cd Remote Cell Aaa1.5 Dura, Big Cell Torch Cell Eveready., Dura Cell Aa Dura., Dak Dispapertch 200 Paperge Sangam., Dak Receipt Register 200 Paperge Sangam., Stamp Paperd (Ink), Dustbin Medium, Attendance Register Central Govt., Feviquick (Small Pouch), Plastic Tray Medium Cello/Rk, Plastic Tray Large Cello/Rk, Plastic Tray Small Cello/Rk, Carbon Paper Kores Pkt., Sharpener Natraj, Rubber Natraj, Pencil Hb Natraj, Correction Fluid/Pen Kores, Draft Paperd Green 100 Sheet (Printed Icar-Nbaim Logo), Draft Paperd Medium Size, Spiral Paperd (Printed Icar- Nbaim Logo)., Fevistic/Glue Stick Kores/Dsmat., Sticking Flaps Pkt., Stacking Paperd 3”X3” All Colour, Register 1 Qr. Sangam Special., Register 2 Qr. Sangam Special, Register 3 Qr. Sangam Special., Register 4 Qr. Sangam Special, Register 5 Qr. Sangam Special, Inventory Register/300 Paperges Index (Alphabet)., Pen Paper Soft Cello, Pen Racer Gel Reynold, Pen Grip Cello., Reynolds Fine 45 Carbure Pen Ball Point., Pilot Pen 05 Pilot, Pilot Pen 05 Ink Pilot, Paper Soft Pen Refill Cello, Cello Grip Refill Cello, Manent Marker Camlin, White Board Marker Camlin, Paper Weight Big Glass, Punching Machine Single Punch Kangaroo, Punching Machine Double Punch Kangaroo, Stapler Machine 10 Kangaroo, Stapler Machine Hd 45 Kangaroo, Stapler Machine Large 100 Paperges Kangaroo, Stapler Pin 10 Kangaroo, Stapler Pin 24/6 Kangaroo, Calculator 12 Digit Citizen/Seiki/Casio, File Cover Printed Green Colour/31.8kg., Gum Tube Kores, Dettol Liquid 250 Ml Detttol/Lifeboy, Colin Spray 500 Ml, Peon Book, Jems Clip Steel Bell Pkt., Jems Clip Plastic Coated Pkt., Alpin 100 Gm Bell Pkt., Tape Dispenser, Tape 1” Transpaperrency Roll, Tape 2” Transpaperrency Roll, Tape 1” Brown Roll, Tape 2” Brown Roll, Colour Tape, Cotton Roll 300gm, Dvd R Moserbaer, Dvd Rw Moserbaer, Pen Drive 4 Gb Scan Disk/Hp, Pen Drive 8 Gb Scan Disk/Hp, Pen Drive 16 Gb Scan Disk/Hp, Pen Drive 32 Gb Scan Disk/Hp, Transprancy Sheet Ds’mat Pkt., Photo Glossy Paper 130 Gss 20 Sheet Ds’mat/Kodak Pkt., Highlighter Pen All Colour Luxur, Clear Warp ., Folder L Shape Solo, Button Folder, Folder Good Quality, Refill For Reynold Racer Gel Reynold, Scale Plastic 12” Camlin, Scale Steel 12”, Double Tape 1”, Scissor Small, Scissor Medium, Scissor Big, Tags Thick White 6” 1000nos., T.A. Bill Forms, Inch Tap 5 Meter, Inch Tap 10 Meter, Inch Tap 50 Meter, Inch Tap 100 Meter, Mouse Usb Microsoft/Hp, Keyboard Usb, Folder Index File, Pilot V 5 Pen, Jotter Pen, Cello Trimex Pen, U Clip Plastic Pkt., Marker Pen Fat, Marker Pen Thick, Refil Blue, Pen Red, Plastic File, Notepaperd Neelgagan, Blank Cd, Cartridge Samsung 1640, Cartridge 49 A Hp, Cartridge 12 A Hp, Cartridge 88 A Hp, Catridges Hp05a, Cartridge Ricoh Sp 3510 Sf Black, Catridges Hp 51 A, Hp 2600n Colour Printer, Hp Colour Laserjet 3800 Dn, Cannon 328.
Due on 23-May-2016  |  18 Days to go
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Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 17878242
3 Appointment of Technical Consultant for Execution of various Projects Under Central Govt. AMRUT Scheme for KBMC Area.
Due on 09-May-2016  |  4 Days to go
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Agro Products | Gujarat | TID: 17918963
4 Expression of interest for appointment of agency for promotion, adoption and certification of organic farming through cluster approach under state and central govt. schemes.
Due on 06-May-2016  |  1 Day to go
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Agro Products | Gujarat | TID: 17953258
5 Reputed, Experienced, Technically, Commercially and Administratively Competent Agency For Promotion, Adoption and Certification of Organic Farming under State and Central Govt. Schemes in the State of Gujarat - (1) To develop clusters of farmers interested in adopting organic farming across 5,000 ha in Deesa Taluka in Potato crop, (2) To identify and train the identified farmers for organic farming practices through technical training programmes and input usage using organic package of practices to these crops in this region, (3) To establish FPO Certification program through ICS for making 5,000 ha 'Organically certified' within the period of 3 years, (4) Introducing various low-cost options like generating on-farm inputs, mixed farming practices, community compost units and rural entrepreneurship in the project area etc.
Due on 06-May-2016  |  1 Day to go
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