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Health Services/Equipments | Kerala | TID: 13274816
1 Value: INR 10 Million | Purchase of Chemicals, Reagents, Glasswares & Other Miscellaneous Items - Absolute Alcohol (99.9% Ethanol) Ar 500ml, Absolute Alcohol(Mbg)Analytic Spectroscopy Hplc 99.9% 500ml, Acetic Acid 2.5 Ltr, Acetonitrile Hplc Grade-500ml, Acetone Gr, 500ml Bottle, Acetone Ar Extrapure 2.5 Ltr, Acrylamide -500gm, Agarose 500gm, Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate 500 Gm(Ammonium Alum), Ammonium Acetate 500 Gm, Ammonium Chloride 500 Gm, Ammonium Hydroxide 500ml, Ammonium Per Sulphate Ar 500gm, Ammonium Peroxodisulphate Ar 500gm, Anti A1 Lectin 5ml, Anti A - Igm Monoclonal - Serum 10ml, Anti B - Igm Monoclonal Serum 10ml, Anti D Igg+ Igm Monoclonal- 10ml, Anti D Igm - Monoclonal Serum10 Ml, Anti H Lectin 5ml, Anti Human Globulin -Serum 10 Ml, 22% Bowine Albumin-5ml, Barium Sulphate Suspension-1ltr Bottle, Basic Fuchsin, Certified, 10gm, Biochemistry Qc Level I,Level Ii, Bis-Acrylamide 25 Gm, Boric Acid 500 Gm A.R/G.R, Bsa 500gm, Butan-1-Ol(Isobutanol) Ar 500ml, Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide 100gm, Chloroform 2.5 Ltr, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Ar 500g, Colchicine 1gm, Controls For Cyclosporin, Tacrolimus, Methotrexate, Crystal Violet 25 Gm, Cyclosporin Immunoassay Kit, Cyclosporin Calibrators, Cyclosporin Pretreatment Reagent, 3,3 Diaminobenzidine 25gm, Dimethyle Formamide 500 Ml, Dimethyl Sulfoxide Ar 100ml, Disodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate 500 Gm, Disodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate 250 Gm, Dmso 500ml, Dpx Mountant 250ml, Echo Friendly Environmental Disinfectant 1 Ltr, Eosin Yellowish Stain Powder,25 G,, Ether 500ml, Ethanol 100 % - 500 Ml, Facs Lysing Solution 100 Ml, Facs Cleaning Solution, Facs Sheath Fluid 20l, Ferrous Chloride 500gm, Ficoll Paque Plus 500 Ml, Formaldehyde (500 Ml), Formaldehyde Solution 40% (Clear Precipitate Free) - 30 Ltr, Formic Acid 500 Ml, Free Kappa-100 Tests, Free Lamda-100 Tests, Gel Cards For Blood Grouping, Geobacillus Stearothermophilus Strips-Biological Indicators(Pkt Of 100), Glacial Acetic Acid Gr 500ml, Giema Stain Powder 250 Gm, Glycine Ar 500g, Glycerol Ar- 500 Ml, Haematoxylin Powder 25 Gm, Hexane, Hbsag Rapid Test, Hcv Rapid Test, Haematology Qc Level-Low, Normal,High, Hiv Rapid Test, Hydrazine Hydrate 250ml, Hydrochloric Acid Ar 500 Ml, Hydrogen Peroxide 100 Ml Ip, Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 30%-500 Ml, Hypochlorite Solution (Sodium) (5ltrs), Immersion Oil 30 Ml, Instant Disinfectant For Sensitive Surface 500ml, Iodine Crystals 100 Gm, Isopropyl Alcohol 500ml, Isopropyl Alcohol 2.5 L, Light Green Stain Powder 25g, Lieshman's Powder 25 Gm, Liquid Paraffin 500 Ml Ip, Liquipap(Liquid Papain)5 Ml, Liss Coombs Gel Card For Crossmatching (With Solution), Methanol Hplc Grade-500ml, Methanol Gr, 500ml, Methanol L.R 2.5 Ltr, Methanol (Acetone Free) 2.5 Ltrs, Methylene Blue-25 Gm, Methylene Blue, Certified,100g, Methylene Blue Sterile 250 Ml, Methyl Violet,Certified,10g,, Methotrexate Immunoassay Kit With Calibrators, Mpt 64 Tb Antigen Rapid Detection Kit 25 Test/Kit, Multi Proteolytic Enzyme Based Detergent-1 Litre, Nitric Acid 500ml, Oct Compound(Cryo Embedding Media) 125 Ml, Orange G Stain Powder 25g, Paraffin Liquid Light-500ml, Paraffin Wax 58-60 C (Without Ceresin)500 Gm, Petroleum Ether-2.5 Ltr, Phenol 500 Ml, Phenyl Boronic Acid 25g, Phosphotungstic Acid 25g, Phloxine Stain Powder 25g, Phytoheamoagglutinin 25 Gm, Slide Tissue Adhesive Reagent(3-Aminopropyl Triethoxy Silane) Apes -100ml, Poly Vinyl Alcohol, 500g, Cold Water Soluble, 500g, Potassium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate 500 Gm, Potassium Iodide, Ar,100gm, Pottassium Chloride 500 Gm, Pottassium Permanganate -500 Gm, Rapid Card Test For Malaria, Salmonella O Polyvalent Antisera, Salmonella O7 Antisera, Salmonella O8 Antisera, Salmonella Hi Antisera, Salmonella Di Antisera, Sds 500gm, Sodium Chloride 5kg, Sodium Chloride Crystal 500gm, Sodium Chloride Ar Grade,500gm, Sodium Acetate 500 Gm, Sodium Carbonate 500gm, Sodium Bicarbonate 500gm, Sodium Borohydride, 100g, Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate 2-Hydrate Cryst.Pure 500gm, Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate 500gm, Sodium Hydroxide 500gm, Sodium Hypochloride 500 Ml, Sodium Nitrate 500gm, Silver Nitrate Astringent Powder 25gms, Silver Nitrate 100gm, Soap Solution(5 Litre Can), Sodium Iodate 25g, Sucrose Ar 500gm, Sulphuric Acid 500 Ml (98%Pure), Surface And Enviornment Disinfectant Fluid 500 Ml, Syphilis Card Test(Immunochromatography), Sterile Cotton Swabs In Test Tubes (Cotton Bud And Wooden/Polypropylene Stick)150x12mm With Label And Individually Wrapped In Plastic Covers - Pkt Of 100s, Sterile Cotton Swab With Wooden Stick - Individually Packed, 150mmx 2.5 Mm For Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing, Sterile Transport Swabs With Amies Transport Medium With Charcoal In Polypropylene Tubes,(50 Per Pack), Tacrolimus Immunoassay Kit, Tacrolimus Calibrators, Tris Hcl 100gm, Tritonx100 500ml, Triss Buffer 500gm, Trypsin 1 Gm, Tween-20 500ml, Urine Strips-Sugar - 50 Strips, Urine Strips-Sugar,Protien - 50 Strips, Urine Strips-Sugar,Protein,Ph,Sp.Gravity-100 Strips, Urine Strips-Sugar, Acetone-50 Strips, Urine Strip | Due on 20-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Real Estate Services | Maharashtra | TID: 13276706
2 Value: INR 4.17 Million (approx.) | Tender for The Rate Contract of Supply of Cleaning Material Items - Glass Cloth (Yellow) 24”X24”, Dry Mops With Rods, Wet Mops With Rods(Smart Color String Mop Color Coded (4 Colours), Odonil Cubes(50 Gm Per Piece, White Naphthalene Balls, Washing Powder, Jumbo Toilet Roll With Disperser, Antibacterial Handwash (Soft Care Enhanse), Harpic Flushmatic Cubes, Metal Polish 100ml, Carpet Cleaning Chemicals 5 Ltr 1can, Bathroom Cleaner Cum Sanitizer Concentrate 5 Ltr 1can, Perfumed Hygienic Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 5 Ltr 1can , Glass Cleaner Concentrate 5 Ltr 1can, Furniture Maintainer 5 Ltr 1can, Air Freshener 5 Ltr 1can, Toilet Bowel Cleaner 5 Ltr 1can, Floor Cleaner Concentrate 5 Ltr 1can, Caution Sign Flap / Board, Plastic Floor Squeegee With Rod - 55cms, Manual Grass Cutter, Toilet – Bowl Brush, 20 Liter Capacity Wringer Buckets (Single Bucket ), Hard Rake, Floor Scrubbing Brush (Nylon Bristles), Hockey Brush, Waters Urinal Screen, Scorth Brite, Medimix Soap , Coir Doormat 18”X12” Size Per Piece, Glass Cleaner Wiper (Unger-Visa-Versawindow- Squeegee), C Fold Paper 1 Box Cantain 20 Pkt, Micro Fiber Cloth, Big Garbage 10 Kg (Size 29X39), Small Garbage Bag 19 X 21, Hand Glows, Mask, Sanitary Cubes, Choke Up Pump, Coir Doormat 72”X36” Size Per Piece, Floor Wiper Medium Size (2 Feet), Dry Mops Refill (2 Feet Cotton), Wet Mops Refill (Set), Nylon Scrubber (Iron Bristles), Bleaching Powder, Spade / PHAVDA, Pick- Axe With Shaft Handle (TIKAV), Pan (GHAMELI) (Unbreakable), Mattock (KHURPE), 17+17 Liter Wringer Buckets (Double Bucket), Plastic Buckets (15 Litre) (Unbreakable), Plastic Dustbin With Lid 60 Liters (Unbreakable), Plastics Mugs –(1 Ltr) (Unbreakable), Supli (Unbreakable), Floor Scrubbing Brush (Iron Bristles), Electric Grass Cutter, Window Squezee - 25cms, Refillable Hand Wash Dispensers(600ml), Garbage Trolley (MS Steel) With Strong And Durable Wheels With Ball Barings, Good Sense Automatic Dispenser Spray For Odor Control, Odor Control Refills, Cori Mat Size-5’-10”X2’-10”, Cori Mat Size-2’-8”X1’-8”, Cori Mat Size-2x1’-2”, Room Freshener (Liquid Base) Good Quality Throughout The Year 2014 to 2016. | Due on 18-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings | Karnataka | TID: 13151656
3 Value: INR 3.92 Million | Supply and embossing of plastic cards to be supplied to canara Bank, issue section. Card division, tb wing ho (annex), naveen complex. | Due on 05-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings | Karnataka | TID: 13159006
4 Value: INR 3.83 Million | Supply and embossing of plastic cards to be supplied to canara Bank, issue section. Card division, tb wing ho (annex), naveen complex, 4th Floor, no.14, m g road. | Due on 05-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Roads | Rajasthan | TID: 13229466
5 Value: INR 3.60 Million (approx.) | Supply of Various Road Furniture’s & Road Marking Thermoplastic Paint Incl Glass Beeds Confirming To Most 803.4 On Road Sector Puggal Head To 1 Adm From 36.400 To Km 68.300 Of Road N-P-K And On Road R-A-G-J From 137.500 To Km 162.500 Under 101 Rcc. | Due on 19-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Delhi | TID: 13179087
6 Value: INR 3 Million | Supply Of Bucket plastic with handle to, carry water 15 ltr. Made from, fresh plastic of reputed trade, mark, Calculator 10 digit of large, display of reputed trade mark, Coaster of reputed trade, mark (one set of 6 PC), Coffee mug 6 pieces set, made of bone china of, reputed trade mark (one set of, 6 Pc), Cup plates made from bona, china in white color with gold, line on cup and plate with, sober look in medium size of, reputed trade mark( 6 PC), Dettol Soap 100 gm (Per, dozen) Dinner plate Bone china of., reputed trade mark (Per, Dozen), Dinner set bone China 51, piece of. reputed trade mark, Per set), Dustbin with cover size 10 ltr., made of standard quality, plastic of. reputed trade, mark(Per pc), Electric kettle (Bajaj) Per pc., Extension cords strip trye 15, AMP ISI Mark, Extension cords strip type 5, AMP ISI Mark, Foot mat double coir 3’x2’, standard quality, Foot mat double coir 6’x4’, standard quality, Foot mat rubberized 3’x2’, standard quality, Foot mat rubberized 6’x4’, standard quality, Glass (fency) one set, consisting 6 piece of. reputed, trade mark, Glass plain of reputed trade, mark (per pc.), Hand towel (white) 2’x1’ (per, pc.), Hot cases standard size with, ISI mark (per pc.), Leather file bags with trolley, of standard quality (per pc.), Colin 500 ml., Dettol Liquid soap 100 ml, Water jug 10 ltr (Mayur) made, of standard plastic of reputed, trade mark, Water jug 20 ltr.( Mayur), made of standard plastic of, reputed trade mark (per pc.) Mosquito repellent machine, Good knight) (per pc.), Mosquito repellent refill. (per, pc.), Mug plastic 500 ml. made of, reputed trade mark (per pc.), Naphthalene Ball 0.5 kg. Per, pkt., Notice board 3’x2’ (per pc.), Notice board 4’x3’(per pc.), Odonil 50 gm. (per pkt.), Officer pen stand with space, of All Pins, dak, calendar and, 2 pens. (per pc.), Pencil cell1.5V LONG LIFE, per pc.), Poker with handle (per pc.), Remote bell of ISI mark (per, pc.), Room freshener 50 ml, Service tray (Plastic) 2’x1’ of, standard quality (per pc.), Soup bowls with spoons one, set 6 pc. of. reputed trade, mark, Spoon steel of standard, quality per dozen, Table glass 10 mm, brown/black (per pc.), Tea set 15 pc. of reputed, trade mark, Three pin plug 15 AMP ISI, mark (per pc.), Three pin plug 5 AMP ISI, Mark (per pc.), Tissue paper (Wintex) one, pkt. of standard quality, Towel color 27”x54” of, standard quality (per pc.) Towel color 30”x72” of, standard quality (per pc.), Towel white full 30”x72” of, standard quality (per pc.), Towel white full 27”x54” of, standard quality (per pc.), Umbrella (water proof) of, standard quality (per pc.), White duster cotton 36” X 36”, per dozen, Yellow duster Malaysia cloth, 36” X 36”) per dozen, | Due on 18-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Delhi | TID: 13179181
7 Value: INR 3 Million | Procurement of General Stationery items - Sticker labels, white color, ball point pen blue color, permanent marker pen, file cover, 250 gsm, card board make single hole top left corner, with printing on front, photocopier paper, a4 size, writing paid, ball pen, laser jet toner, computer paper, double ply, note sheet paid, computer catridges, plastic folder, envelope 4x9, white, rubber band, pilot pen, vial openers, bowl plastic, disposable, polybag with zip, carry bag, indelible ink marker pen, printing of performa, printed register, complinace card, certificates. | Due on 12-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Civil Works | Delhi | TID: 13228818
8 Value: INR 2.81 Million (approx.) | Annual Repair & Maintenance Operation to roads under Sub Division M-4111 during 2014-15.
1. Providing thermoplastic paint on road.
| Due on 07-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | Haryana | TID: 13268747
9 Value: INR 2.75 Million (approx.) | Concluding The Rate Contract of Plastic Dropper (Medical Grade). | Due on 11-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Coal and Lignite | Maharashtra | TID: 13236087
10 Value: INR 1.99 Million (approx.) | Supply of Spares - Bearing Housing CF8M DE/ NDE, Lanter Ring Plastic, Bearing Cap -SS316, Shaft Sleeve (DE & NDE) - SS316, Shaft with Nut & Key -SS316, Neck Ring/Pin - CF8M, Stuffing Box Bush CF8M for Beconweir Make Pump Model SDD 250x350. | Due on 11-Mar-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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