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Education And Research Institute | Kuwait | TID: 15227286
1 Supply of Chemicals for research department, PK 5 RNase, KT 2 All Prep DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit, KT 2 MinElute PCR Purification Kit, BT 2 Methanol, BT 10 Methanol (2.5L/bottle), BT 1 phosphate buffer Solution pH, BT 3 Sodium chloride 500g/bottle, BT 3 Trizol LS reagent (200ml/bottle), BT 5 50 X TAE Buffer, BT 10 RNase Zap(250ml/bottle), BT 1 Chloroform, BT 2 Ultrapure DNase/Rnase free Water pack of 6x1Bottles, KT 2 QIAquick PCR Purification (28106) kit, KT 2 DNA Extraction Kit, KT 2 Total RNA Isolation Kit, KT 5 Qiamp DNA mini Kit, KT 4 Wizard Genomic DNA Purification Kit, KT 2 QIA amp viral RNA mini kit, CS 10 Absolute Ethanol, LI 15 Ethanol, EA 15 Absolute Ethanol, PK 2 PBS tablets, Each tablet, BT 1 Apes, ML 1 Normal goat serum, KT 1 Vecta Mount, KT 1 Vecta Shield, VL 1 Goat Anti-mouse, VL 1 Goat Anti Mouse, KT 1 Goat Anti-Rabbit, Immersion oil, PK 1 Actichlor plus / Disinfectant tablets, BT 2 RBS pF detergent concentrate, CS 5 Ficoll-Paque Plus, KT 1 Human TNF alpha Elisa Kit, CS 1 Acetic Acid (glacial), BT 3 Potassium Chloride, LI 1 Acetone Chromasolv, BT 2 3M Sodium Acetate, etc.  | Due on 03-Nov-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Health Services/Equipments | UAE | TID: 15399993
2 Supply of lab item, hq (pathology & genetics), reagents and consumables for genetics tests- amplidex fmr1 pcr kit, wizard genomic dna purification kit, dntp's- cat no u 1420 (promega), 100bp dna ladder-cat no- g2101 (promega), magnesium chloride solution, m1028, 1 ml bottle (tube) (sigma), dimethyl sulfoxide (100 ml)-lot no- 80h-0836, bigdye terminator v3.1 cycle sequencing (100 reactions)- lot no- 0605145 (applied bio systems), 36-cm capillary array, plate retainer 96-well (4/pk), plate base 96-well (4/pk), 10x genetic analyzer buffer with edta.  | Due on 05-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 15510179
3 Auction Sale Of Y3-6145-000296 Cable Assy 3 Core With Drum, Y3-6145-000296 Cable Assy 3, Y3-Wb-3481 Cable Elect, With Drum, 45.000 Kms (s), 1800.000, (appx) Kg, Y3-Wb-3481 Cable Elect, Z7-6220-000165 Lens Headlight, 2127(S), 531.750 Kg, Y1-Misc-Bw-4080vx Board Wizard Bw4080 Vx, 02(S), 85.00 Kg, V5-740-56-Sb-2 Telescope, Z1-5985-000735 Antenna Man Pack, 129(R), 103.200 Kg, V6-Ios-367 A Stand Instt, , Z3-5995-000964 Cable Assy, , Z3-5840-000512 High Tension Unit, Z3-5910-006053 Motor Gen, Z3-6105-000326 Motor Bearing Drive, 14(S), 225.708 Kg, Y2-5805-001569 Multiplexer (1+6+2) 1a, 14(R), 331.800 Kg, Z1-5999-006576 Panel Electronic Circuit, 2387(S), 35.805 Kg, Z1-5950-008062 Transformer Audio Freq, 287(S), Y3-Wb-2582 Cable Power Elect, Y1-Ya-806 Insulator Field Cups, 146348, (s), 29269.600 Kg, Y1-5895-000808 Common System Digital Auto 1a, 01(R), 2500.00 Kg, Y1-5895-000808 Common System Digital Auto 1a, 01(R), 2500.00 Kg, Y1-5805-001109 Ulsb 15 Line, 01 (r), W8-Wa-1910 Picket Screw, 19493(S), 16315 Kg, Z1-5945-000243 Reley 4 Poles Changeover, 215(S), 7.310 Kg, Z1-5945-000243 Reley 4 Poles Changeover, 215(S), 7.310 Kg, Z1-5945-000243 Reley 4 Poles Changeover, 215(S), 7.310 Kg.  | Due on 13-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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