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Security Services | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 14397959
1 Value: INR 2.33 Million / 23.30 Lakh | Procurement of network attached storage - CPU, system memory, flash memory, storage capacity, hdd class type, hot shape hdd, hdd interface, ethernet, usb 2.0 (as host), usb 3.0 (as host), esata, hdmi port (local display), vga output (local, display), audio port, network protocol/services, supported web browsers, on-line register and, information delivery, hardware spec --- supported clients, supported windows 208, hyper – v, vmware, ctrix xen server, file system, ext3, ext4, xfs, desk management, raid levels--- online migration, online expansion, hotswap, hotspare, smart info, smart test, bad block scan, disk spin-down, global hot spare, disk roaming, iscsi target, iscsi thin, provisioning, stackable, mpio, mcs, clustering, scsi3 persistent, group reservation, network redundancy(link, aggregation), load balance, fail-over, 802.3ad, balance - xor, balance -tlb, balance -alb, broadcast, system management, lcd display, brower-based ui, e-mail notification, wake up on lan, power management, (schedule on/off), ntp, syslog server, data protection and security, remote replication, raid volume encryption, media server, media server, photo album server, itunes, aria2(support thunder, download), nzb download, transmission(bt download), network security, activity directory service, acl (share), acl (sub folder), ldap client, share folder acl, backup/restore, ftp write access only for, anonymous users, user quota, user & group backup, access guard (ip filter and, policy-based automatic ip, blocking), backup server, clint side backup software, instant usb backup, raid volume replication, usb/estat schedule backup, apple time machine, rsync backup, dropbox, elephant drive cloud backup, amazon s3 cloud backup, backup dvd backup, cd/dvd/blu-ray drive, (optional), windows utility, setup wizard, backup utility, mac os x utlility, setup wizard, backup utility, web disk management, simple surveillance server, cam/ web cam, supported languages, other, iso mount, recycle bin, web server -- mysql, user module interface, mail server, auto module installation, ssh, antivirus (mcafee), dvb-t(digital tv)- (optional), iphone app, power recovery, concurrent connection, performance, acoustic noise, power consumption, power supply For est of central repository at hq northern comd 41721/it/nas/gs/sys/15-16. | Due on 15-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 14461034
2 Providing of MCCB 220V 20AMPS 2Pole, Circuit Breaker 3phase, Module Power Wizard, Battery, Oil Seal, Bunks With Locker, M S Locker Stowage, M S Locker Cabnet Hanging, Element Heating Electric, 12 Years Life Design Sealed Lead Acid, Fan Electric, Iron-Laundry, Lamp Filament Cap Type, Trace Heater, Carbon Brush, Coaxial Cable With Installation Suitable, Output Fuse, Thyristor Fuse, Volt Meter Fuse, Input Fuse, Thyristor Fuse, Control Fuse, Output Fuse, Circuit Breaker Sel, Pressure Sensor, Hose Assy, Pressure Guage, Clamp Hose Worm Drive Ty Steel Zinc Plated, Sea Star Hydraulic Fluid, Air Cleaner Fine Test Dust (ACFTD) Calibration, Fuchs Renolin CLP 320 Oil, Oil OM 36, Food Grade Resin Soventfree Epoxy, etc. | Due on 14-Jul-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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