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Other Metal Products | Delhi | TID: 11334953
1 Auction Sale of It Items, Etc, Miscellaneous Items, Etc - Pc/At Nelco, Computer, Printer Sujata 132 Column, A) Uptron Pc/At, 132 Column 130 Cps Square Dot Matrix Printer, Printer- 80 Col Dm Japan, Summa Mouse With Button Diskets Manual And Adapter, Plotter With 8 Pen A3a4, 8bits Cpu, Hard Disk Drive 40 Mb With Ide Seagate Make, Computer Pc-, Personal Computer, Desk Top, Post Script Laser Printer 2mb Ram 300 Dpi, A4, 35, Inbuilt Ports, Parting Possible, Unicorn Companion, Floppy Drive 48 Tpi With Cover, Monitor (21st Century), Data Cable, Monitor Cable, Dsdd Fdd 48 Tpi(I&T), Data Cable, User Guide Dfs Manual, Unicorn Class, Color Monitor 14", Personal Computer, Wizard Pc/Xt Intel 8088 Based Cpu 10 Mhz Intel , 8087 Coprocessor 640 Kb Fdd 12" Soft White, Computer System, Computer Pc-At 80486, Pc/At/286 With Monochrome Monitor, 132 Col 240 Cps Dmp Tvse Printer, Pc Ibm Compatible 8088 /Ncc V2 10mhz, Ram 640 Std Bios 3, Pc/At/ 286 With Monochrome Monitor, Pc/At286 Cpu 80286, 16mhz, 1mb Ram, 32, Pc At 286, Cpu 12 Mhz, 1 Mb Ram, 32, Pc Xt Consisting Of Processor 888, Ram, Pc At, 80286 Cpu 12mhz, 1 Mb Main Memory, 1x5.25 Inch, Pc At, 80286 Cpu 12mhz, 1 Mb Ram Expandable, 1x5.25 Inch, Training Kit For Lan, 10 Pc At 80286 16 Bit Ram 1 Mb, Rom 32 Kb, Interface, 11 Pc At 386 33 Mhz, 4 Mb Ram 260 Mb, 12 Dot Matrix Printer 132 Col, Computer System 386 Cpu Based On 80386, Computer Pc-286 No.02805942 S.No, Pc 386 Monitor, Cvt (Power Line) 1 Kva Digitech), Philips Radio, Typewritter English 12”, Typewritter Goderj English, Facit Adding Listing M/C, Thermowear Jug, Electronic Typewritter , Pocket Calculator, Telephone Instrument Black, Floor Cleaning M/C, Acquaguard Se 1/1000, Room Heater S/Rod, Room Heater S/Rod, Typewritter Remington, Hindi. | Due on 30-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Kuwait | TID: 11291853
2 Supply of chemicals - the research department, research. pk rnase a (2.5ml), research kt all prep dna/rna/protein mini kit, research kt min elute pcr purification kit (50), research bt methanol for gas chromatography ms suprasolv, research bt methanol, research bt phosphate buffer solution (ph 7.2, 2l), research bt sodium chloride 500g/bottle, research bt 10 x tbe buffer, research bt chloroform, research kt wizard genomic dna purification kit, research kt goat anti-rabbit (igg). | Due on 05-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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