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Education And Research Institute | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 9834953
1 Supply of machinery, equipment & furniture - venturimeter & orifice meter, reciprocating pump test rig, centrifugal pump, kaplan turbine testrig, pelton wheel turbine test rig, francis turbine test rig, major losses in pipes apparatus, impact of jet, compression testing machine, torsion testing machine, spring testing machine, pendulum impact testing machine, rock well cum brinell hardness tester, universal testing machine with attachments, metallurgical microscopes- monocular/ binocular, disc polishing machine, ultra sonic test to detect flaw, dye penetrant test, refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory -- refrigeration tutor, ice plant tutor, experimental cold storage trainer, vapor absorption refrigeration tralner- electrolux, tool kit for refrigeration & air conditioning, heat pump, mechanical workshop -- milling machine, slotting machine, planing machine, lathe machines, shaping machine, radial drilling machine, power hacksaw, welding transformer, thermal engineering laboratory - air compressor test rigs, mercet boiler, mechanical engineering laboratory -- bomb calorimeter, junkers calorimeter, conradson’s apparatus, orsat’s apparatus, dead weight pressure gauge tester, cam laboratory - cnc lathe machines, cad laboratory -- personal computers, soft ware-auto cad, pro-e/ unigraphics/ catia, fuels, models for diploma in mechanical engineering course, furniture items – tables, s.type chair (arms), steel almarah, computer table, steel racks, stools, dual deks, plastic chairs, work bench, work bench (carpentry), class rooms tables, drawing boards, electrical work bench, computer chairs, ac machines -- shunt motor 3 hp coupled to three phase, dc machines laboratory, electrical measurement laboratory -- earth resistance measuring kit, three phase digital energy meter, 1-phase auto transformer, voltmeter , mi type, ammeter, mi type, voltmeter mc type, rheostat, dynamometer type wattmeter etc. Electrical wiring, power electronics, electronics laboratory, micro controller laboratory -- 1. 8051 microcontroller trainer kits, computers with assembler software, digital electronics laboratory -- digital ic trainer, electrical workshop, industrial automation laboratory. | Due on 30-Jan-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Tamil Nadu | TID: 10125150
2 Supply of Thermoelectric refrigeration/ heat pump. | Due on 26-Feb-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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