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Railways Transport Services | West Bengal | TID: 10296921
1 Value: INR 4.93 Million | Appointment as sole concessionaire to the Company for Advertisement-right on Kiosks of 2630 Tram Poles which are scattered in and around all along with Tramlines for a period of 3 (three) years.
2. Emergency laying of Cables from Dalhousie Substation to B.B.Ganguly Street via Lalbazar Crossing.
3. Emergency Painting & Numbering of 110 CTC Traction Poles along R.A.K. Road – Elliot Road.
4. Emergency Laying of Cables from Shyambazar Sub Station to Galiff Street.
5. Emergency Painting & Numbering of Poles along Surya Sen Street & Amherst Street.
6. Emergency design ,fabrication and installation of Tower with Telescopic Ramp and allied structures for Tower Wagon on Tata LPT 909 WB 34 EX2 BSIV Chassis.
7. Emergency Renovation of front and back stair block of Head office including the stair block at Esplanade Control Building at 12,R.N.Mukherjee Road.
8. Emergency Thorough repair of R.C.C. overhead tank at Gariahat Depot.
9. Annual maintenance and repair to Depot shed, building, Head office building / civil works – North Zone.
10. Emergency Sinking of deep tube well at Nonapukur Workshop.
11. Emergency Fabrication & erection of M. S. railing at South end garden adjacent to Rani Rashmoni Road within Esplanade Control.
12. Emergency Construction of 3 Nos. Fountains at Esplanade Control area.
13. Emergency Construction of semi under-ground water reservoir at Kalighat.
14. Emergency Construction of overhead steel structure for placing PVC drinking water tank at Gallif Street Terminus.
15. Emergency Construction of Toilet Block for Bus Engineering Staff within Tollygunge Depot.
16. Emergency Fabrication & Erection of M.S.Structure for Placing PVC Water Tank at Belgatchia Depot.
17. Emergency Construction of proposed Semi Underground Water Tank within Belgatchia Depot.
18. Emergency Repair & renovation of Bus Shed & allied civil works within Lake Depot.
19. Emergency Laying of Tram Track on concretized pavement from Shyambazar Tram Depot upto Gallif Street Tram Depot (Double Track).
20. Emergency Shifting of existing alignment of down Tram Track from the in-gate upto the Tram Shed with concretized pavement at Tollygunge Tram.
21. Emergency Civil & allied work for renewal of Tram track with concretized pavement Along Surya Sen Street to B.B.Ganguly Street Junction.
22. Emergency supply & delivery, foundation work, erection, laying, earthing , fixing of High must Tower & Lamp at Esplanade Control area.
23. Detail surveying and preparation of GAD(3 copies) for renewal of Tram Track with concretized pavement at Surya Sen Street(Jagat Cinema) to B.B.Ganguly Street(Bank of India) via Amherst Street.
24. Emergency Shifting of existing reserve Tram Track from eastern side boundary wall to the outside of eastern side wall of Tram Shed within Belgatchia Depot Phase-I.
25. Emergency Civil & allied work for renewal of Tram track within Ballygunge Loop Phase-I.
26. Complete bus body renovation of Bus no. WB04/D 1470, WB04/D 6282, WB04/D 6026, WB04/D 1742, WB04/D 1743, WB04/D 1745, WB04/D 6020, WB04/D 6019, WB04/D 6018, WB04/D 1469, WB04/D 5450 & WB04/D 5455.
27. Annual contract for underground cable or traction pole restoration works on emergency basis.
28. Emergency Construction of Warehouse within Nonapukur Workshop
| Due on 04-Mar-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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