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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10597389
1 Value: INR 32.24 Million (approx.) | Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing of Raw water pumps, Motors, Flow meter and 6.6 KV Raw water Pump house switchgear for 3 x 660 MW expansion Project. | Due on 15-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10597399
2 Value: INR 32.24 Million (approx.) | Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of raw water pumps, motors, flow meter and 6.6kv raw water pump house switchgear for 3x660mw expansion project. | Due on 15-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10633711
3 Value: INR 18.18 Million (approx.) |
1. Annual work contract for Operation & Maintenance of Ash handling plant 1X250MW, U-6.
2. Erection of Online sox-nox gas analyzer system at I & C-II.
3. Annual work contract of Operation & Maintenance of Ash handling plant 1X250MW, U-7.
4. Work of Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Pneumatically operated burner trip valves, Manual isolating valves & Non-return valves for unit 4 & 5.
| Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10607635
4 Value: INR 14.97 Million (approx.) |
1. Procurement of Lighting material.
2. Deployment of security staff for guarding & patrolling in Power Plant area & CHP area.
3. Servicing of Soot blowers during O/H of U-6.
4. Procurement of Miscellaneous material.
5. Establishment of Wireless RF connectivity from Urja bhawan to Dispensary section.
6. Deployment of Labour for Coal Stock monitoring in CHP.
7. Complete overhauling/servicing of Electrical hoist on Unit 6 ID Fan Motors.
8. Complete overhauling of HT motors of Unit-6 during AOH.
9. Various Maintenance & Supportive works during AOH of Unit-6.
10. Contract for Emergency conveyor transfer chute choke up removal & allied works in CHP.
11. Fabrication, Erection & Strengthening of Conveyor steel structure & Support in CHP.
12. Annual maintenance contract for fabrication, structural steel work & other minor repair work at various places in Power house area.
13. Complete overhauling of Apron feeder M/C No AF/017 in CHP Aug Plant.
14. Complete overhauling & repairing of Fluid coupling Type FCU-20 & FCU-41 in CHP, Stage-II.
15. Contract for cleaning of Stacker reclaimer along with Conveyor 109 including round the clock monitoring in CHP.
16. Providing services for online bunker scrapping of CHP Stg-II running Unit on as & when required basis.
17. Premonsoon cleaning of entire building terraces & connecting drains road side material in Power station area.
18. Providing alternative Drinking water supply arrangement.
19. Providing painting, flooring tiles & other Miscellaneous Civil works.
20. Contract for overhauling of Jyoti make CW/RWP/CTPL Pumps of KTPS, Unit No 5, 6 & 7 on as & when required basis.
21. Work of removal of Old Gear box & Installation of new/repaired gear box of cooling tower of Unit 5, 6 & 7 on as & when required basis.
22. Contract for servicing of Guillotine Gates & Dampers during U-6 OH.
23. Work contract for repair/ Reconditioning of ID Fan of Unit-5.
24. Contract for ESP external repair work during O/H of U-6 at KTPS.
25. Contract for ESP internal repair work of B & C pass during O/H of U-6.
26. Annual Maintenance Contract for housekeeping & other related works at POG-I, Safety, FQAD, OS-l & TSC.
27. inspection/Repairs to Deaerator & Vent condenser of KTPS, 210MW, Unit No 6.
28. Work of overhauling of various Vertical Pumps of Unit No 5, 6 & 7 & ETP on as & when required basis.
29. Manufacturing/Supply of Impeller shaft & sleeve as per sample drawing for Flowmore make Raw water pump.
30. Procurement of V Belt for various auxiliaries at ODP-II/BPH Site at KTPS.
31. Supply of Computer & Printer consumables & networking components.
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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10629135
5 Value: INR 9.70 Million (approx.) | Chemical Handling work/shifting & transportation of chemical and operation in pre / post Treatment at WTP. | Due on 03-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10613414
6 Value: INR 9.70 Million (approx.) |
1. Annual Work Contract for Cutting, welding & repair works at various places at WT Plant.
2. Work contract for replacement of Non metallic fabric expansion joints of various flue gas. secondary air wind box and cold air ducts at 210 MW unit no 3, 4 & 5 boilers during short outages & overhauls.
3. Structural repairs & rehabilitation for bunker boy slab and FST roof slab of Unit No5.
4. Daily cleaning works of all suits & drivers retiring room in VIP Guest house.
5. Work of Application / Repairs of Bottom Ash refractory during unit No 5 AOH.
6. Supply o f SS wire mesh for bottom ash hopper during Unit no.5 AOH.
7. Annual Work Contract for providing service of welding & cutting required for daily maintenance works & during short shut downs.
8. Annual Work Contract for cleaning of Water Coolers & Air Coolers of HT Motors (6.6 KV. 4000 KW).
9. Annual Work Contract for servicing of 6.6 KV / 415V LT Transformers.
10. Complete repair, reconditioning of suction & discharge butterfly valves of slurry pump.
11. Work of GTR & UAT Oil filtration & oil testing (As & when required).
12. Procurement of Dynamic oil seal assembly for Air Pre Heater main drive gear box at 210 MW unit no 3, 4 & 5 boilers.
13. Servicing & repair of load hangers, supports of critical pipe lines, small pipe lines, duct hangers of 210 MW unit no 5 boiler during AOH.
14. Chemical Handling work/shifting & transportation of chemical & operation in pre / post Treatment at WTP.
15. Annual Work Contract for Radiographic Inspection of HP Weld Joints at unit n o 3, 4 & 5 210 MW boilers during boiler tube leakages & boiler overhaul.
16. Work contract for various works at Admin building, NTPS.
17. Procurement of M.S. & H.T. Fasteners for APH Fans Soot Blowers BT mechanism, HP valves, coal mills, coal feeders etc for unit 5 boiler AOH and day to day maintenance work at 210 MW unit no 3, 4 & 5 bolters.
18. Maintaining Watch & Ward of cyclo / scooter / car round the clock at Admin building.
19. Upgradation of old PC with server configuration for online coal weighment system & old printers to A4 size All in one (print scan/copy/fax) of laser technology.
20. Assistance to various works during shut down of unit no 5.
21. Utilization of Expert services for insitu inspection of boiler tubes using RFET technique at unit no 5 during AOH.
| Due on 17-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10523028
7 Value: INR 6.51 Million (approx.) |
1. Annual work contract for Mechanical maintenance of Coal mills, Coal feeders, Seal air fan coal dust leakages attending work at Unit 5, 500MW TPS.
2. Servicing of Power cylinders control valves & Various make motorized valves in unit no 2 during overhaul.
3. Supply of Pressure gauges for various systems of 210MW unit 1 to 4.
4. Supply of Instrumentation cable.
5. Tender Carrying out the work of Coal nozzle assembly replacement during short shutdown as & when required basis.
6. Work of Transportation of H2/Co2/N2 gas cylinder at unit 5, 500MW.
7. Procurement of Worm gear & Work shaft for gear box of XPR 803 ½ HP Coal mills at unit no 1 & 2.
| Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10535114
8 Value: INR 5.15 Million (approx.) |
1. Annual contract for mechanical maintenance work of coal mill reject belt BC1 to BC4 at Unit No 1 to 4.
2. Internal External painting, to buildings at Colony & internal painting of suits of Chummery.
3. Providing & applying two coats of bitumen for arresting leakages over terrace slab of Unit-3 & 4 in T.G. area & other ancillary buildings.
4. Annual maintenance contract for fire detection system of 500MW.
5. Repair & reconditioning of bowl with bowl hub assembly for XRP 8031/ 2 HP coal mills at Unit No 1 & 2.
6. Procurement of damping pads for wagon tipplers In CHP-II.
7. Procurement of SDFC 320 fluid coupling & its spares for CHP-II, 500 MWTPS.
8. Supply of vibrating feeder tray & spares for vibrating feeder.
9. Supply of coal mill spares for coal mill XRP -1043 at Unit-5,500 MW.
10. Supply of digital motor protection relay for LT critical motors of 1x 500 MW.
11. Repairing of electronic cards of ESP controllers & numerical relays of Unit-5 (500 W).
12. Annual contract for hiring of various vehicles.
13. Supply of tarpaulin.
14. Replacement of broken glasses at T. G. / BFP / SWP / Seal oil pump, AVR room & out door building Unit -1 to 4.
15. Providing RCC wall from conveyors belt 9 upto CHP-I control room to avoid the insertion of coal dust / slurry from crusher area.
16. Supply of heavy duty abrasive resistant submersible slurry pump for handling of ash slurry in AHP-II, 500 MW Unit No.-5.
17. Supply of stationary material for 210 MW & 500 MW, TPS.
18. Construction of open shed for storage of material of 500 MW.
| Due on 30-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10549755
9 Value: INR 4.88 Million (approx.) |
1. Repairs/Servicing of Air coolers at various locations of St-II, CHP & Ropeways.
2. Annual contract for Miscellaneous works at EMC KTPS.
3. Maintenance contract for servicing of Flame scanners in Unit 5, 6 & 7.
4. Annual contract for lifting / shifting of LT Motors as & when required basis.
5. Procurement of Telephone jointing kit, Telephone set & its accessories.
6. Maintenance of Coal Mill DP lines including stubs, impulse lines, filter regulator, etc in Unit No 5, 6 & 7.
7. Providing & Fixing of R/shutters & other miscellaneous Work at Station Transformer U-6, KTPS.
8. Supply of hammering plate & bolts for crusher in CHP.
9. Contract for reconditioning of ID Fan shaft with impeller mounting hub of Unit No 6 as & when required.
10. Contract for Cable laying, cable connections, disconnections works.
11. Contract for repair of Impeller & Casing of ID Fan, FXWO TDIC 285 3TD 8A Radial of Unit 6 as & when required basis.
12. Annual work of sample collection, reduction & final sample preparation of raw coal sample from SECL, MCL, WCL.
13. Contract for removal of 2nos old unused ash slurry lines supporting overhead box type steel structure erected just above & across railways track near Railway station.
14. Repairing & Overhauling of EOT Crane (Swift 7.5 MT Capacity) installed at Booster Pump house at KTPS.
15. Providing & stacking of Garden material to garden at Urjabhawan.
16. Supply of various type of Hoses.
17. Monitoring of AAQ IN & Around of TPS.
18. Supply of End bushes for return simple idler roller for 900mm & 1050mm wide conveyor belt in CHP.
19. Supply of Geysers & its spares at EM colony, KTPS.
20. Comprehensive maintenance & servicing of air conditioners, water coolers, refrigerators at EMC, KTPS.
21. Supply of plumbing materials & fixture at KTPS, Colony.
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Power Plant | Maharashtra | TID: 10589580
10 Value: INR 4.86 Million |
1. Procurement of upper & lower journal housing for Unit No 3 & 4.
2. Procurement of chain electric hoist of 20 Ton capacity for workshop related work at BM-II, Unit- 5, 500 MW, TPS.
3. Procurement of fire hydrant & its spares required at 500 MW fire section.
4. Procurement of diesel engine spares (EM-II), 500 MW Oil filtration & allied works of HT transformers Unit -2, TPS.
5. In-Situ slip ring machining of Turbo generator Unit-2 as & when required basis.
6. Supply of spare material for Unit-2 Boiler side "OTIS" make elevator at TPS.
7. Work of renovation, modernization of existing Auto door boiler side elevators installed at Unit-2.
8. Annual Rate Contract for rewinding of LT motors below 90 KW / Control transformers & coils for the year 2014-15.
9. Turbine & Boiler side LT motor overhaul of Unit-2 during annual overhaul / short shutdown.
10. Boiler & Turbine side HT motors overhaul of Unit 2 during overhaul of unit.
11. Procurement of water wall deslager control valve for Unit No-3 & its spares for Unit No 1 to 4.
12. Application of Anticorrosive Epoxy paint to cooling towers pipe lines / raw water pump house / G. S. tanks (U-2) / Fire fighting pump house / air receiver tank / BFP lub oil cooler, air washer Unit (U-3& 4) & pipe lines.
13. Supply of liner plates for conveyor chutes in CHP-I.
14. Procurement & Installation of Aluminum partitions, sliding doors & racks for cubicles & other interiors for TM-II office spaces at Unit No- 5, Stage-II.
15. Annual work contract for L. P. welding of TM on as & when required basis at Unit no -5.
16. Reconditioning of BFP cartridge model FK6D30 alongwith required spares.
17. Overhaul, Repair & Reconditioning of ENERPAC & VANCOS make hydraulic jacks & pumps.
18. Providing & reconstructing UCR masonry compound wall of STP & behind civil maintenance store at gol bazaar & other misc. works.
19. Annual work contract for collecting, shifting transportation & stacking of stones in CHP & surrounding area at TPS.
20. Work of lifting, loading, transportation & unloading of coal from CHP-I & II premises to required locations within TPS premises on as & when required basis.
21. Supply of VFD with control panel for wobbler feeder No. 3 & 4 in CHP-I at TPS.
22. Annual contract for misc. civil works in power house area & other ancillary buildings at all level & locations.
23. Supply of spares for TG turning gear assembly (Over chutch of turning gear FXM 85 - 40 SX).
24. Procurement of silicon oil for HVR transformer for EM-II section, 500 MW.
25. Annual work contract for maintenance stamping & verification stamping & verification of weigh bridges belt weighers in CHP 500 MW TPS.
26. Annual rate contract for supply of Nitrogen free oxygen cylinder & oxygen cylinders.
27. Work contract for annual operation & maintenance of effluent treatment plant & STP at 500 MW.
28. Procurement of bottom ash hopper evacuation system spares for Unit No 1 & 2.
29. Cleaning of drain / sever lines & nallah in 500 MW unit premises TPS.
30. Annual contract for work of cleaning on annual basis at Major Stores.
31. Supply of log-books for 1 x 500 MW, Unit-5.
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