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Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 13580482
1 Auction Sale Of Flat 1 Bhk. | Due on 15-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 13591177
2 Sale Of Flat No. A 404, 1 Bhk, Flat No. A 504, 1 Bhk, Flat No. A 702, 1 Bhk, Flat No. A 703, 1 Bhk, Flat No. A 704, 1 Bhk, Flat No. A 705, 1 Bhk, | Due on 15-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 13650307
3 Auction Sale Of Flat No. A 404, 1 Bhk. | Due on 15-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 13667285
4 Auction Sale of Flat. | Due on 16-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 13716045
5 Auction Sale of UPS Small, Old FAX Machines, Computer Dumb Terminals, Old/Damaged Tube, calculators, Old/Damaged Window Air, Conditioners, Line Printer EDP, Old Type writers, Old Xerox Machine, Damaged Printers LIPI, Inverter/UPS, Monitors, Key Boards, Printers, UPS, Old Server, Mouse, Cartridges, Old Telephones, Old damaged Fridge, Damages Tube light frames, Old/Fire Fighting cylinders, Old Gas Stoves with burners, Street light domes, Damaged Air Coolers, Old/Damaged Iron door, Old Pump Motors, Old Water coolers, Damaged Exhaust Fans, Old Water Coolers, Old/Damaged Plastic Chairs, Revolving chairs, Damaged Tables, Old/Damaged SINTEX water, overhead Tanks, Old water filters, Old Wet Grinders, Old/Damaged Geysers, Revolving Chairs, CI Pipes, GI Pipes, Iran Drums(small)/paint drums. | Due on 27-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 13719808
6 Auction Sale of E-Waste, General Waste. | Due on 29-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | West Bengal | TID: 13742892
7 3 Years Maintenance Contract for Our Data Center Located - Modular UPS 16 KVA + Power Module with ATS, Switches (APC) 4 KVA UPS (APC), DG Set – 35 KVA (Cummins), AIR CONDITIONERS – 5.5 Ton Precision (Blue, Star), AIR CONDITIONERS – 2 Ton Split *2 (Blue Star), Access Control System – Solus with Software (SACS), Fire/Smoke Alarm System, FM 200 Fire, Suppression System (Siemens), Pest Repellant System (Maser), CCTV System (IP Based) (4 Cameras – Dome type+TV), Civil & Interiors, Electric Work with all cables and switches at MSTC/15-16/ET/1. | Due on 30-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Punjab | TID: 13759337
8 Auction Sale Of E.I./ Snow Items, Try Alumunium Items, Electronic Items - Blanket Ei, Trouser Bd Serge, Shirt Angola, Vest Woolen Hs, Cap Comforter, Jungle Boot, Gum Boot, Drawer Woolen , Gloves Knitted , Vest Woolen Fs, Sleeping Bag, Mattress Kapok, Cap Balaclava, Gloves Lather, Boot Cvombat Rubber, Snow Pani Palla, 70 Ltrs Rucksuk, Bukhari Silencer, Two Men Tent Complete, Tent Arctic Medium Complete , Rubber Pipe Bukhari, Try Alumunium, Hot Case Roll Cello, Hot Case Melton, Full Plate Bone Chaina, Qurter Plate Bone Chaina, Office Chair Seet Back Kushan, Office Tabale Sunmaika Top 4x2, Amarjensy Light Panasonic, Sofa Wooden Single Seetar, Chair Visiter Kushan, Computer Chair , Chair Godrej, Center Table Folding, Foot Mait 1.5x2, Electric Weighting Machine, Food Warmer Stan Less, Electric Water Tank, Chapati Jali (cont.), Jute Mate 5ft Length , Parda Ring, Electric Press, Balti Plastic 5ltr, Coster, Wall Clock, Dust Bil Steel, Extendable Tent Complite, Lock With Key , Subbal, Chair Steel Freme, Stand Da -978 With Niles, Plastic Speed Bump Da-100 With Niles , Pili Stand Da-977 With Niles, Cone 1mtr Da-814 (itbp Spekar), Plastic Chain, Plastic Balti 20ltr, Plastic Mug, Plastic Table Superiur Quality, Stove 10 Ltr , Electric Warter Tank, Jericon Iron 20ltr., Rifle Rack, Photo Visiter Lamination, Plastic Balti 5ltr, Fire Huk, Fire Stegusher (fome Type), Fire Piter, Cricket Kit Complite, Fire Stegusher Portable, Fire Stegusher Portable Alumunium Cap, Stick Man Set, Siezer Tailor, Hair Brush, Fuhara Warter, Barbar Electric Machine, Barbar Hand Machine, Barbar Siezer, Comb Large, Comb Small, Ustra, Mochi Machine , Neil Cutter, Seving Brush, Aari, Siezer Mochi, Tipai Mochi, Hammer Mochi, Jamur, Barbar Spry Machine, Heat Glow Karoshine, Dari Big, Lock , Dari Small, Aquaguard, Cotton Niwar , Hair Brush Barbar, Barbar Machine, Siezer Barber, Spry Botal, Apron Barbar, Patila 13", Patila 12', Patila 11', Patila 10", Patila 9", Patila 8", Parat Large Alumuniam, Parat Alumuniam, Parat Alumuniam Small, Presur Cooker 22ltr., Karchhi Folding, Jharna Small, Jharna Mediam , Jharna Large, Forman Set, Iron Balti, Meet Chopat, Tawa 150 Man Set, Jharna Iron Medium, 45 Man Set Complite, Electrical Warter Storege With Iron Stand , Fire Stuguser Fortebal, Thurmus Milton 2ltr, Chuha Dani, Kichen Chaku, Plastic Stul Neelkamal, Duragan Light, Chair Kusan, Balti Iron, Water Filter Candel, Plastic Foot Mat, Chair Plastic Neel Kamal, Rabbar Paipe 1.5 Inch, Sup Cash Plastic, Codeless Bell, Cloth Hanger Iron, Fire Stuguser Shish Fire 500 Ml, Rubber Pipe Diea 5cm Bukhari , Laltan, Lock 500mm Harisan, Foot Mat Rubber, Warter Camper Milton 5ltr., Rifle Chain, Store Tant Rech Pole, Tarpaulin 7x7 (tirpal), Tent 180 Lbs Complete , Tent Astembal , Forstatation Multizime 220watt With Cara Long , White Borde 4x5, Bolly Ball Pump, Gaiti Dusta Sahit, Bolly Ball Poul, Plastic Gamla, Lock With Key , Washer Man Tub, Foot Mait Nariyal 3x2, Bucket Plastic, Mug Plastic, Stove 10 Ltr, Soap Case, Calculator, Foot Mat Cotton, Dining Chair, Chair Plastic, Full Plate , Dining Table 8' X 4', Sweet Dish, Blanket Single Bed, Juice Mixture, H Amli Fire, D G O Cock Cable, Centile Tifine, Moser Player Dvd, Glass Steel, Potato Chipper, Table Cover, Soup Bowl, Tea Spoon, Service Spoon, Samsung Monitor 15", Hawa Picture Display, Karokari Bowl Steel, Carpet Sf, 5 In 1 Phillips, Kerosene Oil Bhatti, Jute Mat 3' X 5' Sqft., Foot Mat 4' X 2' , Wall Hunger, Water Canner, Photo 18/24", Water Tank With Stand, Steel Coaster, Fly Killer, Rubber Pipe ½" Mtr, Rubber Pipe 1" Mtr, D G Photo, Stove 05 Ltr, Helogen Heatter, Kerosene Room Heater, Bettery For Vps, Dvd Writer Samsung, Hdd 120 Gbs, Cassing Hdd With Lether Case, Cassing 5.25" Almo Web, Photo 10/20", Hardisc 32 Gbs, Emergency Light , Thermous, Dustbin Steel, Adopter 32 Bore, Notice Board, Tray Set Milton, Mug Plastic, Dining Table Size 8' X 4' X 2.5', Solar Water Heating System 06 Solpt Capacity , Tv Philips, Samsung Colour Tv 20", Colour Tv Philips 14" , Splitter 4 Way , Stabilizer , Radio World Space , Colour Tv , 5 In One Music System , Amplifier Model Uni Sound Ahuja With Caste Player , Mobile Phone Batteries Bc -5c , Steplizer 1kv, Vacuum Cleaner , Dragon Light , World Space Radio , Tv Lg 21" , Juicer Mixer. | Due on 08-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Punjab | TID: 13759413
9 Auction Sale Of Gi Pipe 20 Mm Dia Items, Solar Battry 12 Volt (exde Items, P/T Switch 5 Amp Items, Plastic Chair Superior Items, Blancket Ei Items, Cobl Complete Items, Dipistick Gauge Items, Door Glass Machine Items, Burnt Oil Items, Electronics/Battery Items - Gi Pipe 20 Mm Dia , Gi Union 15 Mm , Gi Union 20 Mm , Gi Socket 15 Mm , Gi Elbow 15mm Dia , Gi Elbow 20 Mm Dia , Gi Tee 15mm , Cp Angle Cock 15 Mm , Gate Valve 32mm, Gi Nipple 15x100 Mm , Gate Valve 40mm, Cp Bib Cock Long Body, Gi Socket 25mm, Brass Float Valve15mm, Pvc Conncetion 15mm , Cp Pillar Cock 15mm , Braas Gate Valve 25mm, Brass Stop Cock 15mm , Brass Gate Valve 20mm, Gi Soket 20mm , Gi Union 40mm , Gi Elbow25mm , Gi Elbow40mm, Pvc Bib Cock15mm, Gi Nipple 15x150mm, Gi Pipe 15mm, Brass Float Valve 15mm, Brass Stop Cock 15mm, Cp Brass Bib Cock 15mm, Brass Gate Valve 15mm, Gi Union 15mm, Gi Tee 20mm, Gi Union 20mm , Gi Socket 15mm , Gi Tee 15 Mm , Gi Union 32mm, Pvc Conection Pipe 15mm, Brass Gate Valve 32mm, Pvc Waste Pipe 40mm, Gi Reducer 15x20mm, Gi Elbow 25mm, Cp Pillar Cock 15mm , Gi Pipe 25mm, Gi Pipe 20mm, Gi Pipe 15mm , Pvc Bib Cock , Brass Bib Cock 15mm, Brass Float Valve20mm, Solar Battry 12 Volt (exde ), Solar Fixtures For Solar Home Light , Solar Fixture For Solar Street Lights With Holder Light Circuit Automatic Cuircuit Cfl 11 Watt -2 No And Complete Body With Cover (12v.d.c.- 40watt), P/T Switch 5 Amp, P/T Socket 5 Amp, P/T Switch 15 Amp, P/T Socket 15 Amp, Chowk (electronic) 40 Watt, M.C.B. 06 Amp, M.C.B. Isolater 2 Pole 40 W, M.C.B.16 Amp, Tube Fatty 4' Long, Chowk 40 Watt Copper, Tube Starter 40 Watt, Pandant Holder, Battan Holder, Bell Buzzer, 3 Pin Top 5 Amp, Al. Thimble (6-100 A), Isolator 63 Amp 4 Pole, Kit- Kat 32 Amp, Kit- Kat 63 Amp, 3 Pin Top 15 Amp, Plastic Chair Superior, Dinar Set Milamine, Steel Spoon, Dyning Banch, Bed Sheet Single Bed, Cup Sosar Set, Mattres Gadda, Quilt With Cover, Matres Gadda, Hot Case Steel Carrier, Tea Container, Full Plate Bone Chaina, Room Heater Dubble Rod, Thamos Mash 1 Ltr, Mattress Quire Karlon, Cup Soar Bone Chaina Set, Service Tray Aluminium, Tray Medium Plastic, Dholak With Nut Bolt, Catlari Set, Lid Emarjency Light, Cash Roll Three Piece Set, Cash Roll , Borosil Gilass Small Set, Sun Flam Multi Gril Toster, Borosil Gilass Midium Set, Steel Tray, Spoon, Catori Steel, Borosil Gilass Big Set, Wine Gilass, Beer Mug, Service Spoon Steel, Table Lamp Elec. Big, Playing Card, Tea Catali 5 Ltr, Frypan Egg, Pillow, Pillow Cover, Diwar Clock, Heet Pilor, Quilt Set, Mattress Size 6'X4', Calculator, Chair Pl;Astic Without Arm, Chair Pl;Astic Without Arm, Blancket Ei, Trouser Bd, Shirt Angola, West Woolen, Short Woolen, Cap Comporter, Hand Gloves Knited, Jungle Boot, Socks Siachen , Over Garment Blouse, Bag Sleeping Siachen, Gloves Glacier, Fibre Pile Jacket Brown, Fiber Pile Pant Brown, Tent Epip Complete, Tent Arcetic Medium, Niwar Cotton In Mtr, Cobl Complete, Oil Cooker Burner, Bukhari Silencer Complete, Rubber Pipe Bukhari Mtr, Bukhari Controller, Alfa Therma Compect , Bukhari With Pipe , Bukhari Bend Pipe, Nutan Himveer Bukhari, Hitking Bukhari, Beral Iron 200 Ltr, Jerican Iron 20ltr, Dipistick Gauge, Gear Box Mounting, Road Spring Bush, Bearing King Pin, Road Spring Pin, Brake Shoe, Wipper Arm, Cap Radiator, Oil Fillter By Pass, Combination Switch, Air Cleaner Filter, Element Main, U Bolt, Hub Nut Bolt, Oil Seal , Oil Filter, Clutch Cylinder Master, Bearing Ball, Clutch Cyl R/Kit, Accelerator Cable , Lamp Assy Combination, Lift Pump, Uj Cross, Cap Frt Axle , Clamp Hose, Diesel Filter, Head Gas Ket, Stop Cable, Bush And Washer, Oil Seal, Wheel Bearing, Rod Spring, Accelerator Cable, Rear Spring Bracket, Rear Spring Bush, Oil Filter, Spring Bush, Air Filter, Cylinder Kit, Bearing, Side Mirror Stand, Diesl Filter, Hose Pipe Set, Star, Switch, U Bolt, Star Box, Star Plat, Commandant Plate, Alternator Regulator, Packing Seal, Oil Seal Assy., Rear Brake Lining, Front Disk Pad, Front Pad, Handle Regulater, Uj Cross, Rod Spring, Banjo Bolt, Hub Seal, Accelerator Wire, Diesel Filter Plate, Wheel Bearing, Wheel Disk, Rear Foot Rest, Front Grill, Glow Plug Timer, Oil Filter, Diesel Filter, Heater Plug, Door Handle, Shifting Rail Shift, Propeller Shaft Bolt, Oil Filter , Housing Rear Axte Tube Mg , Caliper Assy. Mg, Sylincer Assy. Mg, Pressure Plate Mg, Ac Pump Assy. Mg, Left Side Complet Seat Mg, Water Pump Assy. Mg, Distiributtor Assy. Mg, Distiributtor Assy. Mg, Watter Pump Assy Tata, Door Glass Machine , Carburtor Kit, Wheel Cylinder Kit, Coil Ignition, King Pin Bearing, Buffer Pad, Hose Pipe, Air Filter, Speedo Meter Cable, Engine Mtg, Cable Gate , Recti Fire Plate, Conndencer, Bush, C.B Point, Bendex Pinian, Feed Pump Repair Kit, Roter , Side Indicctor Assy, Fuel Filter Mpfi, Fuel Filter Normal, Brake Shoe, Wipper Arm, Suspension Bush, Bearing Stearing, Lock Washer , Clutch Fork, Copper Bush, Ignition Switch, Fly Wheel Ring, Cord Hight Tension, Thermosate Assy, Master Sylinder As | Due on 08-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Punjab | TID: 13759489
10 Auction Sale Of Clothing Items, Electronics Items, Tyre 9.00 X 20 Items, Battery Wt Items, Brunt Oil - Bag Sleeping , Bag Sleeping Inner, Mattress Kapok, Coat Parka Outer, Coat Parka Inner, Scarf Woollen, Under Pant Woolen, Vest String Knitted , Cap Balclava, Snow Goggles, Snow Shocks, Snow Boot Rubber, Snow Patti, Snow Pani Palla, Snow Gloves, Rucksack 70 Ltr , Bag Sleeping, Cap Balclava, Scarf Woollen, Under Pant Woolen, Snow Shocks, Snow Goggles, Snow Gloves, Snow Patti, Snow Pani Palla, Vest String Knitted , Boot Combat, Sleeping Bag Inner, Blanket Ei, Pant Bd Searge , Shirt Angola, Shirt Angola, Drawer Woolen , Cap Comforter , Cap Comforter , Gloves Knitted , Jungle Shoes, Jungle Shoes, Blanket Ei, Pant Bd Searge , Shirt Angola, Vest Woolen H/S, Drawer Woolen , Drawer Woolen , Gloves Knitted , Jungle Shoes, Jungle Shoes, Vest Woolen H/S, Vest Woolen H/S, Gum Boot, Gum Boot, Gum Boot, Blanket Ei, Pant Bd Searge , Shirt Angola, Vest Woolen H/S, Vest Woolen F/S, Vest Woolen F/S, Vest Woolen F/S, Drawer Woolen , Cap Comforter , Gloves Knitted , Blanket Ei, Cap Comforter , Cap Comforter , Gloves Knitted , Gloves Knitted , Siling 12 Mtr, Avlanch Cord, Rapeling Rope 61 Mtr, Boot Marching, Boot Claiming, Jersey Mountaineering, Tent Arctic Med. Inner Fly, Tent Arctic Med. Pin Iron, Hamber 2lbs, Pin Iron, Tent Arctic Med. Iron Khuti Small, Axe Peek Haver Handle, Dubbin Water Proof, Snow Saval Light Hand Blade With Handle, Cobl Fuel Tank Assembly, Spiner For Bukhari, Stove Heating Silencer Type, Tent Arctic Med. Bag For Pole, Stove Type Kamal Base Burnner, Tent Arctic Med. Side Pole, Rucksack Light Weight, Bukhari Burner Type, Bukhari Silencer Type, Bukhari Rubber Pipe, Cobl Mark Ii Burnner, Cobl Assembly Complete, Heat King Bukhari Complete, Controller Bukhari, Spiner For Bukhari, Two Men Tent Outer Fly, Two Men Tent Inner Fly, Oil Cooker Burnner Assembly, Two Men Tent Complete, Cobl Complete Mk Ii, Standing Pole Twe Men Tent, Side Pole Two Men Tent, Tent Arctic Med. Complete, Tawa For Oil Cooker, Tent Arctic Med. Bracket Hanger, Camp Ketle With Lid, Oil Bukhari Burnner Complete, Tent Arctic Small Complete, Tent Arctic Med, Hamber 2 Lbs, Tent E.P.I.P. Salita, Tent 180 Pound Complete, Tent E.P.I.P. Complete, Tent 180 Pound Pin Iron, Tent E.P.I.P. Mk Iii Outer, Tent E.P.I.P. Mk Iii Inner, Tent E.P.I.P. Mk Iii Standing Pole, Tent E.P.I.P. Mk Iii Bag Salita, Tent E.P.I.P. Mk Iii Disk Wooden, Tent E.P.I.P. Mk Iii Malt Wooden, Store Tent Khitiyan Lakadi, Tirpal 7 X 7 Mtr, Tent E.P.I.P. Complete, Tripal 10x10 Mtr, Bed Sheet Bombay Dying, Pen Drive Dell-4gb, Chair Plastic, Pillow Cover, Table Sunmica Top 4 X 2.5, Pillow , Cup Soccer Set, Caserole 850 Ml, Hanger Plastic, Quilt With Cover, Tracking Shoes, Over Garment Blouze, Snow Google Spare Glass, Socks Wollen Siachen, Carry Mattress, Ruksack 70 Ltr, Pancho Glacier, Over Garment Blouze, Over Garment Trouser, Siachen Sleeping Bag, Mattress Caryymat, Water Bottle Milton, Electrical Ladi, Flexible Wire 40/70 Roll, Moni Fire Delux, Battery Vdo Camera Sony, Carom Board, Volyball , Volyball Net, Badminton Racket, Basket Ball, Chair Plastic, Center Table Plastic, Cricket Kit, Foot Pumb Volyball, Skeeping Rope, Knee Pad, Shutle Cock, Hockey Stic, Tt Bat, Tt Ball, Football, Handball, Cermonial Dress Comp., Pagri Green Cloth, Formation Sign, Scarf Cermonial, Tracksuite Itbp, Pt Shoes, Merathan Shoes, Judo Mat Synthetic 3x6, Skeeping Rope, Whistle Plastic, Bigul Copper, Sport Shoes, Chair Plastic, Camp Stool, Camp Chair, Lawn Tennis Ball, Pointer Steel Folding, Scissors, Battery Charger 1.5 V, Memory Card Reader, Podium, Ups, Hexa Blade, Chair Cusion Back Cover, Paper Tray Plastic, Scenary Various Size, Thermose 1 Ltr Monalisha, Lock Harrison , Scald Iron, Fly Killer , Fly Bitter, Rechargable Cell, Dustbin Plastic 40/60 Ltr, Office Nameplate Dual Language, Stainless Steel Plastic Jug, Lock Harrison, Mug Plastic, Borosil Glass Med. Set, Dustbin 40/60 Ltr, Stove With 2 No. Burner, Towel Hand Big, Tea Set Bone China, Towel Small, Sodium Light Fitting, Wall Clock Digital, Towel Med., Wall Hanger Iron, Bucket Plastic 15 Ltr, Electrical Iron, Gainti Iron, Jug Plastic, Stove With 4 No. Burner, Stove With 3 No. Burner, Curtain Of Door, Curtain Of Window, Water Filter 20 Ltr, Foot Door Mat 4 X 2, Jug Plastic, Wall Clock Digital, Electrical Clock, Watt 1 Kg, Blazer Table Cloth, Water Camper 6.5 Ltr, Nylon Rope, Tray Steel, Gainti , Harrison Lock With Key, Brass T, Itbp Banner Green Velvet With Crest, Quarter Guard Base Plate 20 Gauge Dual Language, Brass Letter 19th Bn Itbp Dual Language, Formation Sign Brass Itbp 20'' X 18", Flag Itbp 6' X 4', Rubber Gloves, Tourch 3 Cell , Bucket Plastic, Mug Plastic, Umbrella Small Black, Brosil Glass Med., Coaster Set, Table Cloth With Itbp Crest, Lunser Flag With Crest, Tripal Canvas 20' X 20', Flag Of Tibbet 5 X 1, Fawda , Duri Cutton 10 X 10, Belcha, Pen Stand, Finit Pump, Bucket Plastic 20 Ltr, Chakla Belan Set, Thermose , Herican Lamp, Chopad, Doo | Due on 08-May-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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