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Other Metal Products | Multi State | TID: 12682753
1 Value: INR 1 Million | Offer Is Invited for 3 Years Comprehensive Maintenance Support For Cisco Network Equipment Including Server For Lan Management And Lan Management Software. | Due on 29-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  PQ Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | West Bengal | TID: 12163395
2 Auction Sale of All That Piece And Parcel Of Residential Plot For Allotment Of 3-Acre Wbhidco Plot No.Aa Iiia-2369 In New Town, On Long Term Lease-Hold Basis (99 Years) For Mass Housing Schem. | Due on 30-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | West Bengal | TID: 12163432
3 E-Auction For Selection Of An Agency For Management, Operation & Maintenance Of Facilities In Eco-Island Within Eco-Park In Newtown. | Due on 31-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 12524478
4 Auction Sale Of Electronic Timer, Battries , Electronic Timer, Hot Air Blower, O/U.A.C Ceiling Fan With Regulator, O/U Door Pvc 0.75x2.10m, O/U Window 1.20x1.80 M, Steel Door Double Leaf, Aqua Guard With A.S.D., Hi Breeze Air Purifier 3 Pin Ac230, Metallic Tape 15m, Chair Old And Used, 1200 Mm Gec Fan With Regulator, Electric Drill, Pan Balance, Office Rack, Lock, Visitor Chair, T.W. Office Chair, Revolving Chair, Office Side Rack, Asstt Chair, Ceiling Fan, O/U Podium, Crompton Geyser Old Used, Monika Water Purifier U/S, Hot Case, Hot Plate(Heater), Kapil Hand Drier, Cofee Maker, D.L.P. Infoces Series Latm 130 Si. No. 6x11200413, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner, Conference Chair, Floor Polishing Machine, Floor Cherubim Machine, 15 Mm Dia Gi Pipe (old & Used), 20 Mm Dia Gi Pipe (old & Used), 25 Mm Dia Gi Pipe (old & Used), 40 Mm Dia Gi Pipe (old & Used). | Due on 26-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Jharkhand | TID: 12530544
5 Auction sale of Old but Unused different items - Angle 1/8" X 1-1/2" X 1-1/2", Angle 5/16"X2-1/2"X2-1/2", Asbestos Thread Roll, Arcon 1 Box Full Oxweld, Bolt Taper Square Hd Aph 2" Long X 1-7/8", Bolt For Elbow Coupling (with Nut), Boards 5/8"X2" Long Bs, Corner Plate Back Stay, Box Ad 5 Seal, Box Wiring Wb-3, Bearing Bushing , Bearing Bushing , Bearing As Per S.K.D.O-60-0092s, Bearing As Per Sk-Do-60-0092-S, Bearing Per Sk00--60-8692-S Item F1, Brg Shaft Jack, Bearing Roller With Chain Connector Switches, Bearing Thurst, Bearing End Seal (aa2818), Bearing Pt. No. 00059983 (for Fd Fan Motor), Bushing Brg. 1st Set, Bushing Yoke 2" Ms-432, Bushing Yoke 1", Bushing Yoke 1-1/2", Bushing Yoke 31742-2, Bushings, Bushings, Bushings Item-178, Bushings Gland Packing, Bushings Adopter Dodge Taper Lock , Bush 5-7/8"Odx5-1/2" Id X 2-1/2" Long, Bend Return Style No. 22, Bend Return Style No. 11, Bend - J (cast Iron), Bar It-67218 1/2" Dia X 1-1/2 Long, Bar Sq A449-0-34-0, Bars Spacer 1t-65857-C, Bars Spacer Style - 1, Bars Spacer Style - 4, Bars Spacer Style - 3, Bar, Baskets Strainer, Basket Brass Perforated, Blower Complete Wall, Air Bracket Drg No. Ct/T-Misc-197, Blower Limit Stop Soot, Bars Spacer A182f-11, Push Button Push, Brush Carbon P62 Size 1/4"X5/8"X1/4" St. St (gr-e 25xof Lessing), Bucket No. - 883, Buckle Turn (assy.), Bells, 220/ 50-60, Block Gauge Glass, Block C.I. , Coils Stator ( For Ge Motor), Coils Stator ( For Ge Motor), Coils Stator With Winding Suppliers, Coils Stator With Winding Supplies, Coil Wound For Model
63912 Docrr Motor ( For Soot Blower), Coil Red Packing, Coil Variable Inductance, Connector Chain Item - U, Connector Chain , Connector Chain , Chain 902115-0001, Chain Valve Assorted Size, Connection Pressurised, Connection Lower Steel Tubing Assy., Connection Male Flex It-65939, Cable Assy. High Pressure , Cable Assy. Low Pressure Ig-3505, Cable Assy. Low Pressure , Cable For Box 28' 6", Cover Leather For Housing , Cleat Spacer Flat, Cleat Spacer Flat 1/4"X1"X1-3/4", Chord Rubber 12mm Dia , Chart Sundry Temp. No. 650k-1, Coller Shaft L.S., Carriage Travelling (assy.), Coupling Reducing Bs 1/4", Coupling Reducing Bs 1/2"X1/4" Sch 80, Coupling Love Joy L-190, Coupling Steel Casting O/D 9-15/16"X I/D 3-9/32", Coupling Steel Casting O/D 9-15/16"X I/D 3-15/16", Coil Induction, Cap 1/2", Cap Pipe 1-1/2" G.I., Choke Filter Ub 2920-3-P, Cup Racking Leather With Cup Packing Spring Made Of S.S, Capacitor Silicon Det Cr 203,In 603, Capacitor Pt. No. Mp 8665-E, Capacitor Trimmer 100-550mmfd, Capacitor Ceramic 500mmfd, Capacitor Silicon In 603, Capacitor Silicon Det Cr -201 In 603, Capacitor Silicon Dete 202 In 603, Capacitor Silicon Iin 660, Capacitor Mico 6800mmfd@ 500v, Capacitor Elect 100mfd@150v, Ua-2033-20p, Capacitor Elect 20-20/100mfd, Capacitor Elect 40-40 @ 450v A&B, Ua-2033-2-P, Capacitor Elect.40 Mfd @ 450%, Capacitor Elect.10/10/15 Med @ 300/250v.Aprc.Ua-2033-24, Capacitor Elect.50mfd @60v6v Det.C222,Ua-5225-10-P, Capacitor Elect.50mfd@6v.Det.No.C223,Ua-5225-10-P., Capacitor Elect.100mm @ 60cy., Capacitor Elect.5mfd @50v,te-1303, Capacitor 8mfd,450/500v0lts-Electrolytic(For No-Coal Flow Alarm), Capacitor 25mfd,25volt-Electrolytic (for No Coal Flow Alarm), Capacitor Mylar Mfd .01@600v, Capacitor Mylar .004mfd@1000v,umc-35-472, Capacitor Mylar .0047mfd @600v,ua-5971-472d, Capacitor Mylar 0.1mfd @600v.det.c213,ua-5971-104-d, Capacitor Mylar 0.1mfd @600v.det.c214,ua-5971-104-d, Capacitor Mylar 0.1mfd@600v@600v,Det.No.C211,Ua-5971-104-D, Capacitor Mylar 0.1mfd@600v, Capacitor 2mfd,200v Mylar, Capacitor 0.1mfd,400volts, Capacitor 0.2mfd,600 Volts, Capacitor,.silicon In 603, Capacitor,.001ffd@3kv Dd30-102, Capacitor 0.05mfd @250, Capacitor 0.05 Mfd @ 250v., Channel For Aph 8"X2"X9"-10", Channel Of Fabrication & Supply., Cleat With Bolts, Compound Drum, Coted Decrow Item C, Diaphragm, Door Air Preheater, Door Inspection (for Air Preheater), Diaphragm (neoprenecoated Decorn), Diaphragms El-924-366, Diaphragh & Gasket Assy., Disc 33162.11, Disc (for 4"X 6 Type 6036 Qwi Foster Valve
23523), Disc (for 4"X 6 Type 6036 Qwi Foster Valve
23523), Disc Stem Assy 2" Ms 261, Disc Stem Assy 1"Ms 261, Disc Stem Assy 1-1/2", Disc Disc-Inserts And Stem Assy., Disc Disc Insert And Stem Assy., Disc Disc Insert And Stem Assy., Disc Disc Insert And Stem Assy., Disc, Disc Insert And Stem Assy. For 2"
6981 Valves Spares., Disc,Stainless Steel Valve, Deflector Oil Bevel Gear., With 8 Angles & Straigh Edge., Element Steel 2" Per Skeo -60-0092-s, Elemment 2"Steel As Per S.K.E.O-60.009, Element 2" Steel As Per S.K.Eo 60-0092-S, Element Heater, Element Heater, Elbow Brass For Ignitor 1/4" , Filter Oil, Filter Air 3/8", Filter Oil, Ferule Pipe, Gland Flower, Gland, Fuse 1 Amp Slo-Blo Det No F201,Part,Fuse, Flap,Damper (small Size), Flange Coupling, Flange 2" (for Soot Blower), Flange With Bolts3", Flat(Bundle)1/8"X2-1/2", Flat Pieces(Steel) 1/8"X5", Bar Flat 1"X 2" M.S., Guide
316b46644, Gskets Of Sizers & Types Item
| Due on 31-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Textiles Product | Maharashtra | TID: 12600284
6 Demolition of ten sheds at & disposal of scrap materials consisting of Iron, Wood and Asbestos Sheets, etc. as is where is basis. | Due on 29-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 12629426
7 Auction Sale of Ethyl Acetate Residue Mixture on As Is Where Is basis. | Due on 26-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 12636877
8 Auction Sale of Mechanical surplus items, right turning tool holder bit, double ended boring bar bit, boring bar double ended one piece of squ re bit, lathe m/c carrier bend tail, pmc insta check ml 72 magnetic, thrminal chart paper recording width 4x50mm nos 49 for recorder model, red colour gauge glass strip, green gauge glass strips, gear, pinion shaft, lock nut, lock washer, spacer, carbon ring of rotor drive assembly, greater spring for carbon ring of rotor drive nos 12 assly, dodge taper lock bush, holding strip, hounding strip radial seal.he intermediate, seat straight edge assembly size & type 26h96, radial seal strakight assembly, pinion air seal cover, drift taper pin, pipe bracket assembly, suport plate, centre support plate, over running clutch, compressed air filter for air motor, lubricator for air preheater filter, air pre heater oil cooler, oil seal, trunnion bolt, bolt eye collar, spring grid, cable seat, hp welding plate, bearing housing, scoring disc for kay 812 wc model twin lobe blower, distance piece, lock washer, external circlip, seal sleeve, taper bush, timing gears, lock nut for gear locking, presser relief valve checking. carrying roller, bevel gear(37t) p.n0.106 mounted on pinion shaft nos 2 p.n0111 & match with bevel gear, helical gear, bearing ucp l 211 flanged bearing mt-3, input gear, carrying idler, flange, skirt rubber, rain cap p.n0.9 for belt conveyor roller, dust seal, labyrinth inner & outer, variable speed pulley belt 800x25w, cl speed variable pulley, industrial sprockets, adjustable heat and oil resistant polyster cord, gasket, teflon gasket for partetion plate for carbonate nos 5 condenser e-5 (p. no. 61a), cast able pc/cast 606, complete piston, endless bag divertor belts, balljoint, bag divertor tail pulley shaft, rubber ring, wire rope, crank shaft assembly, t. crane valve seat, crane valve exhaust, crane collect, crane water pump repair kit, crane rectifier unit, crank shaft, connecting rod, worm wheel bronze, top spilot, worm wheel, 0 ring set, guide ring shaft seal side, collet,g,ring for shaft seal ek4 comp am, locking plate, gasket for valve plate upper, oil filter, plunger for high pressure water jetting pump, seal kit for foot valve of high pressure water jetting pump, automatic unloader of water jetting pump, packings o' ring etc for stuffing box, hand chain sheel, gear with pinion, hand chain wheel traveling, loud axle folr me 41 spares, pinion, support brg ucf 205j dia 40, hydraulic oil pump, mp oil filter, relief valve, cylinder seal packing set for hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder packing seal set, oil pump, flow control valve, motor drum, tail pulley, idlers, pillow block brg ring, hyo hose, hydraulic hose pipe, thrust brg ross 500 dia, support hinge elastic, hydraulic hose, piston seal spares for hydraulic cylinder, static seal ring, solenoid coil, static sealing rin, suction strainer for flow regltor, brass nozzle for spray pond. | Due on 09-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 12637539
9 Dismantling & sale of 5x62.5MW old power plant MPPGCL STPS Ph-1 Unit 1,2,3,4 & 5. | Due on 16-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | West Bengal | TID: 12637586
10 Demolition of two Nos. of RCC Overhead Tank near Industrial Canteen (60000 gallons / 2.7 K L Capacity) and near G 37 42 of Dum Dum Estate (40000 gallons / 1.8 K L Capacity) and disposal of complete debris / material upto ground level. | Due on 30-Dec-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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