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Other Metal Products | West Bengal | TID: 12163432
1 E-Auction For Selection Of An Agency For Management, Operation & Maintenance Of Facilities In Eco-Island Within Eco-Park In Newtown. | Due on 31-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Delhi | TID: 12873242
2 Auction Sale Of Tool & Equipment, Scrap, Furniture - Room Heater, Wall Clock, Lock 35mm, Lock 40mm, Heat Convector, Hot Plate , Electric Kettle, Lock 70mm, Lock 65mm, Steel Lock 70mm With Key, Combination Plier, Ranging Rod, Tradle Sewing Machine (only 5 No.), Tradle Sewing Machine , Tailor Super Delux Trade Sewing Machine, Trade Sewing Machine , Tailor Super Delux Trade Sewing Machine, Button Covering M/C, French Square, Wooden Tailoring, Tracing Wheel, French Square, Shaper Set, Duplex Board, Measuring Tape, Measuring Tape, Brush For Cleaning, Duplex Board, Electric Steem Press, Electric Steem Press, Electric Press Automatic, Electric Press Automatic, Electric Press , Electric Press Automatic, Ring Fram, Measuring Tape, Electric Iron Automatic, Electric Iron Automatic, Electric Press Steam, Electric Press Steam, Ring Fram 10cm, Thimble Steel, French Curare/Square, French Curare/Square, Hanger Coat Wooden , Leg Shapper 30", Blanket, Wooden Tailoring Square, Coat Brush, Tracing Wheel, Measuring Tape, French Square, Leg Shapper , Shepper Saf Plastic, Brush For Cleaning, Electric Press, Iron Automatic, Iron Automatic, Shapper Wooden, Steam Press, Steam Press, Scissor 9" , Scissor Small 10cm, Scissor 10", Triming Scissor, Scissor Cutting 8",10", Scissor 10", Plair Comprination200cm, Hammer Plastic, Left Hand Scissor 250cm, Lock 50mm With Keys, Lock 70mm, Lock 65mm, Desk Type Calculator, Wall Clock, Dup Lex Board, Shapper Set, Scissor 10", Scissor Cutting Left Hand 10", Scissor Cutting Steal Plastic Handle, Pinking Scissor, Combination Plier, Lock 50mm , Dari 9'X15, Coat Brush, Combination Plier, Pattern Notcher, Hammer Plastic 300mg, Enginering Rule 300mm, Sewing Machine Handle, Button Covering M/C, Sewing Machine Tradle, Hand Sewing Machine , Fashion Maker Machine Motorised, Button Covering Machine, Button Hole & Fixing Machine, Pinking Scissor, Triming Scissor, Scissor 8", Thimble Steel, Leg Shapper, Pattern Notcher, Screw Driver 250mm, Screw Driver 100mm, Combination Plier 200mm, Hammer Plastic, Enginering Rule 300mm, Lock 65mm, Wall Clock, Steal Lock 70mm, Steal Lock 65mm, Godown Lock, Lock 65 Mm, Pliar Combination 200 Mm, Chisel Flate 150 Mm, Nose Pliar 150 Mm, Wrench Adjustable Length 150 Mm, Electrican Tester, Rcl Lcr Bridge Meter, Scraper Tringular, Benchvice 75 Mm, Benchvice 75 Mm, Scissor Gas Cutting 25 Cm, Electrical Drill Machine 250 Volt 6.4 Mm, Stop Watch Digital, Lapping Plate, Screw Driver 150 Mm, Soldering Iron Exchangable Copper Tip 65 Watt, Measuring Tape 2 Meter, Tong Tester Portable 0-30 Amp, Plarcing Valve Both Fitting, Screw Driver 100x 6 Mm, Steel Lock, Refrigeration Compersion Type 300 Ltr. Double Door, Godown Lock, Electric Press Steam, Scissor 8", 9", Leg Shapper 30"-76cm, Scissor 10", Measuring Tape, Godown Lock, Neon Tester, Gesture Duplicator Modle Hand Operated, , Easy Chair Wooden, Steel Almirah Glass Door, Steel Locker With 8 Nos. Pigon Nole, Computer Chair Armless, Dual Desk, Steel Locker With 8 Nos. Pigon Nole, Executive Table Sunmicatop, Steel Locker , Stool Steal Wooden Top, Stool Steel Wooden Top, Draftting Table, Draftting Table, Woden Chair /stool, Steel Locker, Showcase 1200x600x15mm, Showcase 1200x600x15mm, Pressing Table, Display Board, Cutting Drafting Table, Steel Locker, Steel Almirah 78"X36"X19", Steel Locker With Pigon Hole, Pressing Table, Steel Table Summica Top 4'X2.5'X2', Mirror With Stand 1500x600x150mm, Display Board, Dual Desk, Steel Table With Summica Top 4'X2.5'X2', Dual Desk, Wooden Chair Armless, Drafting Table Box Type, Steel Chair Without Arm, Steel Chair Armed, Dual Desk, Locker Steel With 8 Pigion Hole, Steel Almirah Big Size 78"X36", Computer Chair , Locker Steel With 8 Pigion Hole, Wooden Stool, Dual Desk, Electronics, Batteries Storage Lead Acid, Marker Generator, Power Supply 0.30v 500 M.Amp, Dc Voltmeter 0-50v, Dc Voltmeter 0-10v, Thermo Couple Meter R-F 0-500 M.Amp, Comercial Receiver Transister Typem/W, Pocket Transister, Multimeter (small), Cc Tv Camera With Stand & Colour Monitor, Colour Tv Set Ec Spactra Super Model With Anteena T. 2043 20" Ec, Black & White Tv Set Ec, Colour Tv Set Make Bpl With Antina And Trolly, Insulation Tester 230v/ 250v, 6kv., Digital L.C.R. Meter, Soldering Iron 35 Watt, Soldering Iron 65 Watt, Soldering Iron 10 Watt, Dc Amp Meter 0-1 M.Amp 2.5", Dc Amp Meter 0-50 M.Amp , Biometric Reader With Fingers Scan And Card Reading Facility. | Due on 31-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 12873304
3 Auction sale of e-waste items, lost and found items - One handi camera (Canon) with charger, One camera Nikon , One handi camera(Sony )with charger , cell phone 7 nos (seven), two dameged cell phone Lava & Reliance, Charger with lead , One Charger , Camera Cannon with cover + Memory card, Mobile phone samsung two , Lava one , Micromax One, Dongles Photon One, Reliance , Three Mobiles ( Samsung, Nokia, Yug) , Charger 1nos, Data cards 3 nos , Pouch containing pen drive, keys, Camera Panasonic Lumix (DMC-FH2), Mobile Tata Indicom, Mobile Nokia one, Micromax , Unix , Data card two nos , Mobile Nokia One , One Samsung mobile, One Nokia mobile, One charger , One sony handi camera , Two charger, One charger with adpater, One charger , One ear phone, Camera Kodak One , Bag Containing, (F) one key with box , (G) Spectacle 5 nos with cases, (H) One watch automatice mark carrier with steel chain. , (A) knife simple 2 nos, (B) Locking chain 5 nos , (C) Scessior 5 nos , (D) Nail cutter 5 nos , (E) One book same borne , (G) One level checking instruement., Bag containing , (A) jacket 4 nos old used , (B) One sweater orange colour., One bag cloth made containing , (A) other articles, (B) one children game., Orange cotton bag containing , (A) Two Towels , (B) Two pairs kids shose, (C) One pair Shoe bally, (D) Toys camera, (E) Spoon, Polythene Bag white Containing, (A) Two shawals ( One black & one red), One Bag , (A) Ladies shawal One, (B) One jacket grey chack Reversible , (C) One vanheusen XXXL, (D) One sweater New castle (44) , (E) One Jacket priknit light grey (42) , (F) One sweater blue , (G) One ladies sweater black casblance , (H) Artifical flowers & graland in green cotton Bag., Yellow cotton Bag containing, (A) Spoons , (B) nail cutter, (C) Scessior , (D) Chain , (E) Mirrors , (A) Pink Hat ladies 1 nos,(B) jacket blue / grey Nike, (C) jacket marron One, (D) Gloves woolen one pair , (F) Novels 5 nos , (E) Spectacles , (G) Ludo, Leather Bag smalls , (A) cotton Bay maroon containing two suits ladies., (B) One shawal., Belt back , Cotton Bag light green with, (A) Blanket small , (B) leather not cover , (C) Ladies purse , (D) White cap , (E) Brush , (F) Woolen cap , (G) One pair glove , (H) Toys 3 nos. , One Black stoll , One Pouch hand made containing jewwllery , Yellow cotton Bag containing, (A) Spectacles 4 nos, (B) Anklete one pair silver, (C) Wrist watch golden sonata , (D) Artificial Mangal sutra, Black Shawal , Anklete silver single pice, Spectacles 7 nos , Sun Glass with cover 1 nos , Sunglass with cover containing, Ring silver, Blue cotton Bag containing, (A) Bichua one, (B) Ankleteone, Ladies leather purse small, (A) two ears ring , (B) One small wooden box , One small wooden box , Black stoll , High neck sweater blue/grey one, One pair ladies chapple (Mochi), Steel tiffan one , Ordinary bag containing, (A) Misc. Items, (B) Scissors , (C) Knife , (D) Chain , (E) Nail Cutter , Ordinary bag containing , (A) Kids Toys one , (B) Sunglass kids two, (C) Spectacles four nos, (D) Wrist watch (Seiko Quarts), (A) Two Ladies wrist watch Titan & Ramson, (B) Three Gents wrist watch Seiko, fastrack & Lafuma , Blue hand bag cotton containing some makeup items , Black jacket mark Mohini , One Blanket with plastic attechee , Ladies Hand bag c ontaining, (A) three baby bottel, (B) Four steel glass., (A) Flood lights, (B) Mali's khachi, (A) One yellow colour jacket, (B) One red colour blanket, Black colour cotton bag containing, (A) Two Pants , (B) Two shirts , (C) one towel, (D) one underwear, (E) One vanyan, Blue cotton bag containing, (A) ladies hand bag decorative 7 nos, (B) Two Shirts , Hand Bag red & Blue containing , (A) Muflar 7 nos , (B) Two Shawal , (C) Three pices sports shoes , (D) One ladies kurta , Set light box one nos, red colour ordnary hand bag containing, (A) Two single bad sheet , (B) One Mug plastic, (C) one small towel, (D) One ladies jersy black., Bag containing , (A) Two shawal , (B) One parne, (C) Two muflar black, (D) One zipper, (A) One shawal, (B) One cream jacket, (C) One T/suit jacket , One black hand bag cotton , (A) Small photo of baba barfani 6 nos, (B) One monkey cap, (C) One pair socks , Black colour hand bag, (A) One mata chunni, (B) One Baby Blanket , (C) One topi , (D) One sweater, (E) One baby jean pant, (F) Two jacket, Blue color t/bag /attachee (Faraway) containing, (A) 5 pair shoe sholes , (B) Three T-shirt, (C) perfume/soap/paste/powder etc., cotton hand bag containing , (A) One ourse, (B) One shaving kit, (C) one spec , (D) T/burush, (E) One paste, Cottton bag containing, (A) One kamar belt, (B) One water bottel , (C) used clothes , green colour ordinary bag containing , (A) One Lahnga, (B) One piece ladies chapple., White color ordinary bag, (A) One Sharee , (B) One green colour ladies koti., Red colour sha | Due on 02-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Delhi | TID: 12873616
4 Auction Sale Of Fitter Us Items, Scraps Items, Unserviceable Tool Equipments, Machiniery, Finished Goods And Furniture Items, Electronics Item, Batteries - Universal Marking Block, Steel Almirah Big With Keys, Steel Cub Board 18 Pigeon Hole, Bench Vice 4”, File Flat 2nd Cut 12”, Flie Flat Smooth 10", Outside Caliper Spring 6”, Ball Peen Hammer .22gm, Spirit Level 150 Mm, Hand Reamer Set Of 3 Pcs ¼,3/8,1/2, Allen Key Set Of 5, Drill Twist 4.2 Mm Parallel Shank, Center Punch 10cm, Tap Set 5mm, Hacksaw Frame Fixed 30cm, Steel Rule 12”, Divider Spring Type 6”, Flat Scraper150mm, Screw Driver 6”, Needle File Set Of 12 Pcs, File Half Round 15cm, File Square 2nd Cut 6”, Flat Chisel 19mm Flat, File Half Round 10”2nd Cut, Drilling Machine Pillar Type ¾ Capacity Without Drill Chuck Praga With Single Phase Motorised, Pedestal Grinder Double Ended Motorised Heavy Duty 3ph., Pedestal Grinder Double Ended Motorised, Vernier Caliper 8”, Drill Machine Vice 4", Try Square Adjustable 6”, Hacksaw Frame Adjustable 12”, Bench Vice 5", Bench Vice 4’, Try Square Fixed 4’, Ball Peen Hammer 1.5 Lbs, Cross Peen Hammer .22gm, Drill Twist 12mm, Drill Twist 4mm, Combination Plier 6”, File Flat Basterd 300mm, File Flat Basterd 200mm, File Flat 2nd Cut 8”, File Half Round Bastred 200mm, File Triangular 200mm, File Round 150 Mm, Steel Almirah Big With Keys, Steel Locker 08 Pigion Holes, Dual Desk, Universal Marking Block, Needle File Set Of 12pc, Vernier Height Gauge 300mm, Vernier Bevel Protractor, Knife Edge File 6”, M.S Scrap, C.I. Scrap, G.I. Scrap, Comprossor Freeze King 1/4 Ton Capacity With Air Cooled Condenser Receive And 1/3 H.P Motor, Autometic Voltage Steplizer 20a, 220v , Bench Vice , Refrigerator 285 Ltr Double Door Frost Free Freezer 215/70 Ltr Make Whire-Pool, Split Type Air Conditioner (1.5 Tom Cap) Sidwal Make, Reverse Cycle Ac/Heat Pump.4500k/Hr, Electri Motor Crompton 1/3 Hh.P 220v 50 Cycle Single Ph., H.P Cut- Out Ranco Make, H.P L.P Cut -out , L.P Cut- Out, D.O.L Stenrter Ac Si[[;U 3 A3p/415, Wooden Work Bench (r/tv), Wooden Almirah Big, Wooden Instructor Table, Refrogerator 135 Ltr (leonard), Tube Bender, Hack Saw Frame 6", Measuring Steel Tape 6'/2', Ice Tray, Oil Seprator 1 Ton Cap, Heat Exchanger 1/4*3/8, Thermo Static Expenstion Value Kdh, Starter 3 H.P, Screw Driver 250mm, Screw Driver Plastic Handle 6mm Tip, Desert Cooler, Steel Pad Lock Harrismon 60mm With Keys , Aqua Guard (h1-flow) Fliter Cum Water Purifier With Acc, Ice Cndy Plant 9000 K/Cac , Hp 3 Ton Cap With Techincal Specification As Per Annexur-Iii Encl. And All Acc, Cold Storage Plant 15000 K/ Cal/Hr Cap. With Detailed Technical Specification As Per Annexur-Ii An Iii Enclosed, Quick Coupler 1/4", Spring Scissors 6", Electric Motor Ae-1 1/3 Hp, 220v, 50hz, 1hp, Sensor Theromometer Digital, Automatic Voltage Stablizer 20a/220v, Bottle Cooler 110 Ltr Cap With Sealed Compressor 1/6 Hp Chandra/1r, Refrigerator 135 Ltr Lenonard, Aqua Guard H.1-Flow Water Filter Cum Purifier With Acc, Refrigerator 285 Ltr Double Door Frost Free 215/70 Ltr Make Whirl Phool, Wooden Stool, Wooden Work Bench Size-6'*4', Wooden Work Bench (r/tv), Steel Chair (armless), Eracuting Cherging Station, Sewing Machine (hand Operted) Marrit , Sewing Machine With 1/2 H.P Motor Usha, Tradle Supor Deluxe For Sewing M/C, Sewing Machine Cover Wooden, Sewing Machine Foot Operated, Sewing M/C With Tradle Singer , Fashion Maker Singer Tradle With Acc With Motorised, Hem Folder , Tubles Foot , Amonia Printing Machine Model K/3 With Acc, Drawing Dask Wooden , Steel Table With S/Top, Wooden Stool , Steal Chair W/O Arms, Typing Table Sunmica Top, Typing Table Wooden, Centre Punch 4", Centre Gange 60", Bench Vice 5", Micro Meter O/S 0-25, Hack Saw Frem Adjustable, Steel Chair (armless), Composite Office Table, Micro Meter O/S-25 -60, Split Die 1/2" Bs.W, Dog Chuck 8", Dog Chuck 10", Round File 20cm, Hack Saw Fream Fixed , Dol Starter, Table Composite, Tapor Shank Twist Drill 6to25, Tap Die Det 1/2, 5/8 , 4/5 And 1/2 To 1", Steel Chair W/O Arm, Steel Cup Board 18 Locker, Die 3/8" Split, Revolving Centre Mt-3, Steel Rule 6", Drill Chuck With Arbor , Self Contring Chuck 6", Flat File 10", Micrometer 0-1', Flat File 25cm, Kena Brand Preciturn 3 Model All Geared Centre Lathe M/C Of 2336mm Bed Distance Between Centre 1500mm With Accessores Sn No. 1 To 29, Lathe M/C Make Enterprises 1500 With Complete With Std. Acc And Extra Equipment As Per Supply Order Bed No-3368 With Acc Sn No. 1 To 7, Mkls All Geard Head Lathe Model Enterprises 1330mm/ 1000 Lathe Bed 133,182,183,194 With Acc Sn No. -1 To 19, Kena Brand Precition Model All Geared Center Lathe M/C 1830 Mm Bed Sewing Over Bed 350 Mm Distance Between Center 1000 Mm With Acc Sn No 1 To 29, Lathe M/C Model S.K 1500 M/C No 280 Fitted With Motor 5 H.P Coolant Pump Shanker High Precision High Production Heavy Duty All Geared Head Lathe M/C Bed No.-1878/1971 With Acc. 1 To 9, Mk Enterprises 1550 Lathe M/C Wih Standard Acc Bed No.-3609 With Acc Sr No.-1 To 7, | Due on 02-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 12873771
5 Auction Sale Of Used Plant & Machineries – Pvc Extruder, Profile Printing Line, Pellietizer, Pvc Batch Mixer, Master Batch Mixer, Pvc Waste Grinder, Diesel Generator Set, Air Conditioner, Water Softener Tanks, Frp Cooling Tower, Water Pumps Monoblock, Panel Cutting Machine, Buffing Machine, Cutting Machine, Fly Press, Electrical Transformer. | Due on 06-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 12902069
6 Sale of Used Plant & Machineries | Due on 06-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 12902782
7 Auction Sale Of Battries, Electronic Timer Etc - Electronic Timer, Godrej Type Writer, Hot Air Blower, O/U.A.C Ceiling Fan With Regulator, O/U Door Pvc 0.75x2.10m, O/U Window 1.20x1.80 M, Steel Door Double Leaf, Aqua Guard With A.S.D., Hi Breeze Air Purifier 3 Pin Ac230, Metallic Tape 15m, Chair Old And Used, 1200 Mm Gec Fan With Regulator, Electric Drill, Pan Balance, Office Rack, Lock, Visitor Chair, T.W. Office Chair, Revolving Chair, Office Side Rack, Asstt Chair, Ceiling Fan, Compac Desktop Model Cr 1530 P-4 Cpu And 17" Monitor, Ups 500va Wipro, O/U Podium, Electronic Type Writer, Crompton Geyser Old Used, Monika Water Purifier U/S, Hot Case, Hot Plate(Heater), Kapil Hand Drier, Cofee Maker, Computer Set, D.L.P. Infoces Series Latm 130 Si. No. 6x11200413, 1.5 Awra Ups, Laptop Acer Trawel Make 52 St, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner, Plain Paper Fax Machine Model No. 737 Brother M/C Godrej, Godrej Make Fax Machine Model No. 737 Brother, Xerox Make Pe 16 Multi Function Fax Machine, Rico Make Model No. Ft 4015 Sr. No. 2905749458, Xerox Photostat Machine Model No. 5821, Conference Chair, Xerox Make Photostat Machine Model No.5821 Sr.No. 2905738693, Xerox Make Photostat Machine Model No.5821 Sr.No. 2905748265, Lg Make Flat Color Tv 53 Cm With Stabilizer, Floor Polishing Machine, Floor Cherubim Machine, Gi Pipe (old & Used). | Due on 06-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 12904324
8 Sell of one lot consisting of assorted e-waste items. | Due on 31-Jan-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Gujarat | TID: 12904372
9 Sell of old computers and peripherals | Due on 06-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Tamil Nadu | TID: 12929931
10 Auction Sale of DLC Equipments- Cot Rack(Main), Cot Rack(Extn), Rt Rack, Cards, Battery, Scrapped Packaged Type Ac Units With Accessories (make Fedders Lloyd) Kept At No.1- 7 Tr Pac Type Ac Units(Indoor&Outdoor Units), Copper Pipe5/8”, Copper Pipe 1/2”, Ug Al/Cu Cable, G I Duct , Air Grill, Remote Alarm Annunciation Panel(Small). | Due on 03-Feb-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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