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Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 13511057
1 Value: INR 421.33 Million | Construction of DP road EP-70 from North Ambazari Road to Amravati Road | Due on 24-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 13523195
2 Value: INR 64.39 Million approx. | Providing, Laying Lowering & jointing of DI, HDPE & MDPE pipe for strengthening the network of nilkanth nagar ESR. | Due on 29-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 13491871
3 Value: INR 4.49 Million approx. | Work of providing & laying undertaking swear line near H/O.
Construction od cement concrete pavement road at kalpana nagar.
Repair & various development works at football ground kavrasthan road.
Construction of CC pavement at bajirao mohalla.
Contruction of W.B.M road.
providing & laying under ground storm water drain line.
Asphalting of road at new diamond nagar.
Providing & laying cement concrete flooring.
Concreting of road.
Restoration of footpath & repairs to chamber on C.A road.
Development of road side shoulder.
| Due on 07-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 13510423
4 Value: INR 1.05 Million approx. | Repairing work at Durga Nagar School in Prabhag No 64 A
.* Providing / Supplying and fixing in position M.S. circular tree guard at Public various places 58 A
.* Providing and laying C.C Flooring B/H tupkar Square Area Somwari Quarter
.* Asphalting of road at bank colony Raghuji Nagar in P.No 59 B
.* Renovation and repair to meeting stage at Chandramani Nagar in P.No 58A
.* Providing and Laying C.C. flooring at Taj Nagar in lane No 1 to 3 Prabhag No 58B
.* Repair of BT road at chandan nagar and hanuman nagar and hanuman nagar untakhana in P. No 49A and B
.* Providing and Laying sewer-line at chandramni nagar in P. No 58A
.* Repairs of pot holes and damage road at various places in P.No 67B
.* Balance work of Bhim Nagar N.M.C. primary school in P.No. 67A
.* Providing and Laying underground pipeline at chandramani nagar nav acre area 58 A
.* Providing and fixing of road / plot numbering sign board at chandramani nagar and bairang nagar various places in prabhag No 58 B
.* Providing and Laying underground pipeline at Raghuji Nagar and Subhedar layout in P.No 59A
.* Providing and Laying RCC pipe storm water drain at various places in Prabhag No. 48B
.* Construction of strom water drain at various places in P.No 65A
.* Repairs of pot holes at various places in P.No. 65B
.* Providing and Laying sewer line at Durga nagar school in Prabhag No. 64A
.* Construction of Pathway around N.M.C school shic naar in P.No 47A
.* Repairs to NMC libarary building at Rajeev Gnadhi Park in P.No. 47A
.* Construction of Pathway at Azansha School in P.No 47A
.* Providing and Laying CC Pavement Behind Devdiya Hospital at Tm Mandir Priasr Queta colony in Prabhag No. 32B
.* Providing and Laying storm Drain at Gadebaba Nagar in P.No. 45B
.* Street Lighting at Traffic park in Prabhag No. 52A.
| Due on 10-Apr-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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