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Power Plant | Orissa (Odisha) | TID: 18069331
1 Value: INR 223.82 Million approx. / 22.38 Crore approx. | Job Contract for Retrofitting of Event Logger in Switch yard.
Contract for Ash Handling Plant of Stage-I for FY 2016-18.
Maintenance of Ash Slurry Pumps & Ash Disposal Pipe Lines From ASPH to Plant Boundary Wall, Ash Water R/C Pumps & Pipelines, SWRC Pumps & Pipe Lines for Stage-I & II for FY 2016-18.
Bi-Annual Rate Contract for Electrical Equipments of CHP-I & II.
Biennial Contract for Fabrication and Erection of Safety Related Jobs, T/H Grill Fabrication & Replacement and Rail Alignment of SR/PF/MMT of CHP.
Ash Brick Manufacturing Work at TSTPS.
Construction of 6th Raising of Lagoon-1 Stage-II Ash Dyke of TSTPS.
Supplying of One Year Old Fruit Bearing Tree Sapling for Distribution Among Schools, ECO CLUBS, NGOs Etc on Free of Cost.
Transportation Contract of General Cargo for Two Years, TSTPS.
Procurement of Poly Aluminum Chloride.
Procurement of Disturbance Recorder.
Due on 21-Jun-2016  |  21 Days to go
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Power Plant | Telangana | TID: 18240159
2 Value: INR 152.95 Million / 15.29 Crore approx. | Replacement of Reheater Rear Panels Assembly & Shifting of Superheater Criss Cross Links in Unit - 7 during 2016-17 Boiler OH.
Maintenance Contract for Milling System & Other Rotating Equipment in Stage - II & III.
Annual Rate Contract for Maintenance of Milling System, Fans and APHs in Stage - I (3 x 200 MW) Units.
Deployment of 02 Nos. Buses for 10 Hrs Basis for EDC and 24 Hrs Basis for CISF.
Engineering, Supply, Erection & Commissioning Works for Additional Ash Water Re - Circulation from Ash Pond to plant at STPS.
Area Development Near Administrative Building by Ash Filling & Nala Stone Pitching.
Due on 20-Jun-2016  |  20 Days to go
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Power Plant | Chhattisgarh | TID: 17959875
3 Value: INR 95.24 Million approx. / 9.52 Crore approx. | 1. Manufacturers for source standardization of welding electrodes on pan ntpc basis.
Construction of pre – engineered hostel family suits (02 nos).
Interior works for additional office space at 3rd floor magneto office.
Annual maintenance contract for 765/400 /132 kv switch yard and 2 nos of 132 kv hardvishal line for ntpc siput.
Annual maintenance contract for boiler rotary parts of stge -1 (3x660 mw) & stage -II (2x500 mw) boilers at ntpc.
AMC of mailing system stage -1 (3 660 mw) for year 2017.
AMC of ESP stage -1&II and fly ash system stage I at ntpc.
Design, supply, election and commissioning of VFD for CEP motors of st-II at ntpc.
Renovation of modernization of hydrogen generation plant under STG I mega R&M at ntpc.
Repair and maintenance work of field hostle 2-B (simulator block) at ntpc.
Engineering, design, manufacturing supply, erection & commissioning of LT switchboards in Esp Strengthening -I R.
Construction of CISF armoury and barrack and associated work.
Due on 07-Jun-2016  |  7 Days to go
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Power Plant | Sikkim | TID: 18227697
4 Value: INR 85 Million / 8.50 Crore | Construction of dining hall for bachelor accommodation at township for rammam -III HPP.
Construction of pre engineered stucture field hostel single room 2 nos block and field hostel double room one nos block for bachelor accomodation for rammam-III HPP.
Due on 27-Jul-2016  |  57 Days to go
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Power Plant | Bihar | TID: 18091771
5 Value: INR 79.40 Million / 7.94 Crore | Unloading of coal in track hoppers and other miscellaneous works in MGR; Vide CS 1006/5157 (C. No. 47000).
Due on 18-Jun-2016  |  18 Days to go
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Power Plant | Bihar | TID: 18100144
6 Value: INR 79.40 Million / 7.94 Crore | Rate contract for maintenance of dry ash system stage II.
Annual maintenance contract of server, PC and peripherals.
Annual rate contract for maintenance of heavy mobile equipments.
Unloading of coal in track hopper and other miscellaneous works.
Screen plate suspension bar and VGF HUB.
Supply of steel cord conveyor belt, various types of idlers for CHP, spares for BOBR wagon, black heavy duty LDPE sheet, fine chemicals, 21nos 400kv, 2ka CTs for switch yard.
Due on 20-Jun-2016  |  20 Days to go
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Power Plant | Telangana | TID: 18108915
7 Value: INR 64.86 Million approx. / 6.48 Crore approx. | Annual maintenance contract for the miscellaneous works of offsite area mechanical for the year 2016-17.
Supply of 30 meter and 16 meter height mast tower for CHP, Ash pond and reservoir areas.
Construction of material entry roads, drains and culverts.
Removal of old sheets and providing new asbestos sheets on godowns.
Due on 31-May-2016  |  Closing today
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Power Plant | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 18210752
8 Value: INR 63.43 Million / 6.34 Crore approx. | Development of 625 MW (5 Blocks of 125 MW each) Ananthapuramu Solar PV Project(s) At Ananthapuramu Ultra Mega Solar Park - Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Packing and Forwarding, Transportation, Unloading, Storage, Installation and Commissioning of grid connected minimum D.C. capacity of 625 MW (to be awarded to multiple bidders in single/multiple blocks of 125 MW each) Solar PV project on turnkey basis at Ananthapuramu Ultra Mega Solar Park.
Due on 07-Jul-2016  |  37 Days to go
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Power Plant | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 18175509
9 Value: INR 15.42 Million approx. / 1.54 Crore approx. | Replacement and repairing of ventilation duct in chp.
Construction of khanja road in manirampur, arkha, kishuni ka purwa, salenpur & sarseni.
Construction of plant boundary wall along mgr at ntpc unchahar.
Procurement of ctm, thermal imager with camera len protector & accessories, portable tube beveling machine,different size gate valves and nrv's, ss seamless 200nb pipes, ppc cement, mobile crane-12 ton, hydra crane, sulfur analyzer for coal.
Due on 07-Jun-2016  |  7 Days to go
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Power Plant | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 17836056
10 Value: INR 13.74 Million approx. / 1.37 Crore approx. | Modification of chemical house entrance PTP stage IV, fencing along side the 400kv switch yard perimeter and decoration fencing for stage IV front side of service building.
Restoration of concrete structure of TG deck foundation and its auxiliaries for stage I.
Due on 11-Jun-2016  |  11 Days to go
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