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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 15067244
1 Supply/Purchase/Repair/Overhauling of Items -
1) 10 Pair PVC Cable.
2) ADSL2 + Testers with Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) Functionality.
3) Diagnostic Measuring Equipment (TDME) for ATCR and PAR System.
4) Boot Canvas Sports.
5) Jersy P/O Woolen.
6) Field Jacket Airmen.
7) PCM-3363D-1GS8A1E Embedded Board PCI 104, DVP 1412E MPEG Encoder Module, STG-PG-PPT-V1.0 Control PCB, V24C12C100B DCDC Converter 12 VDC, V24C5C100B DC-DC Converter 5VDC, MUSBA111- 30 Amphenol USB Connector, 851-02E18-32P50 32 Pin Body Mount Connector, RS 452-962 Cinch Connector 25 Pin, FEC 118-4045 Wire PTFE 22 AWG, FEC-935-4239 Resistor, FEC-166-8169 Receptacle 2mm Verticle 10 Way, DTSE9H USB 16GB, FEC223- 1783 l/L MS3470W12-10P Circular Connector 10 Way, RS 126-616 Fan 12 VDC, STG-PG-PPT- V1.0-B Bare Control PCB, FEC 104-5381 Opto Isolator.
8) 5842NL-K5890324K - UPGD SBC Board, 5842NL-VISTA-V321938-PIV SBC P-IV, G402-1009A Brushless Servo Motor, W41225A6100A1 Transformer, AL3.850.015MX SL8 Connector (Bend Plug), VXD1 Diode, 05-0287 Blow Vac, 960-202 Cd Box (40XCD3), 6625NL-SAP-507-3PR Esd Trolly, 16168479 MOD-V-323, 99052721 MOD Y-335, 99052722 MOD Y-543, 16106352 MOD Y-379, 16106535 MOD-C-455,1648695 Micro CCT FIP M-10105 IC, 99048380 Male Connector, 91362247 Variable Capacitor, 99049089 Relay 24 V, 99072133 IC 946 FP, 91349919 IC 941 FP, 16455247 Mercury Vetted Relay, etc.
9) Dry Batteries 12V 38 A for UPS (16).
10) Engine Oil 15W40, Blanket Thermo double ply single bed.
11) Local Repair of 12 TON AC Plant, Rigging Shoes High Ankle All sizes.
12) Pump Hydraulic, Actuator, Fuel Arm (L/R), Power Lever and Fuel Shut Off Assy (L/R).
13) Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton with Installation Charges 21 BA/4120PK0.
14) Complete Engine Overhaul BA No 20270 Toyota D/Cabin, Complete Engine Overhaul BA No 53431 Isuzu Truck (Scope o f work will be obtained from Log Sqn).
15) Coverall Engineering, Track Suit, Socks Black Nylon, Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton, Belt Broad Nylon, Towal Hand, Generator C/Piller 62.5 KVA (Repair /Overhaul), CAP S/D Airmen, TShirt Sports (All Sizes).
16) Purchase of Tyres size 8.25-15-14 PR-10, Lasani Sheet 4' x 8' x 1/2, Wood Partial.
17) UPS 500/650 VA Line Int, UPS 1 KVA Line Int, UPS 2 KVA Line Int, UPS 3 KVA Line Int (Internal Batteries only, Min 15 Minute backup at full load, Circuit Diagram, UPS, Warranty 01 Year of Batteries), Hard Disk 500 GB, Hard Disk 1TB and 2 TB (Internal) (SAS Internal, 7200 RPM size 2.5, Compatible with Flex (MFSYS25 & MFS5520VI), Additional power supply for Server (Compatible with Flex (MFSYS25 & MFS5520VI), LCD 27/19 Color M/Board 4th Gen (DH-81), Micro Processor 4th Gen Dual Core G3220 Series or higher with heat sink 03 Years Warranty, RAM 4 GB DDR III, RAM 2 GB DDR III 03 Years Warranty, Printer L/JET P1102, Printer L/J M401DN, Printer L/Jet CP1025, Printer L/Jet CP M251N (01 Years OEM Warranty), Foam Sheet.
18) Screw Opening Machine, AFT Jack PAD, Travel Recorder (PT No 4410PBT-Q1000XT), Speeder Electrical (PT No XTC-121), Compressor (AC Split 1.5 & 2 Ton), Hiring of Civil Transport Flat Bed with Container & without Container (40 & 20 Feet) and Truck to Karachi, Jacobabad Sukkur, Shorkot, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Multan, Mianwali and Quetta.
19) PAF Base Samungli Quetta requires Quotation for Ground Maintenance, Floodlights and Sports Accessories. For further details specs can be collected from OC 'P' Sqn PAF Base Samungli Quetta.
20) Track Suit (All Sizes), UPS 2.2 KVA, PA System, Video Camera Digital with accessories.
21) UV LED Light Specs Light Intensity 8000-10000 Watt Per SM, Portable with ultraviolet protection glasses and ultraviolet light meter, power option both portable battery & 220V, T-Shirt, Steering Pump LP of Fork Lifter BA No 28116, Engine Overhaul Nissan S/Cab BA No 20412 Model 2007.
22) AC Split 1.5 & 2.0 Ton (Reversible, Non-Reversible & Standing Unit) Separate Quotations are are Required, Chemicals For AC/Chiller Plant (RE-11 Complex, Chemrite FB9A3, Chemrite Z-208, Chemrite Z-214, Chemrite WT).
 | Due on 16-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 15083484
2 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling Of Mentioned Items - 200, 100 and 50 Pairs 0.6mm U/G jelly filled arm oured cable, Network Devices for Tactical use, Telephone Sets (Different Models), Spares for Next Generation Network (NGN), Intercom Exchanges along with Telephone sets, Caps for Gas Cylinders, Valve High Pressure Cylinders, Bed Sheet Blue, Durree Blue Small, Vest Summer, Tent 180 Lbs, Sand Bag, Shoes Rigging High Ankle.  | Due on 30-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 15172851
3 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling Of Mentioned Items - Spares for PAFCOM Exchanges, DVCS Spares, Batteries (Various Capacities) and APC Battery Packs for PAF NGN Sites, Voltage Surge Arresters for PAF NGN Bases, SMCC & VTWCC Spares, Aqqreqation and Access Switches for 16 FOBs, GMCC Spares, SRD Miniaturization Hardware, Pick up Single Cabin, Tender Water, Tyre for MAN Truck, Motorcycle Heavy 750cc, Micro Bus, Turbonyc Oil 210 Air 3514/A or Equivalent, Anti Icing Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII), Jet Engine Lubricating Oil (OM-10), Aeroshell Oil (SAE 15W-50) or Equivalent, Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid (OM-15) or Equivalent, Turbonyc Oil TN-600 or Equivalent, Target Screen Gunnery White Canvas Cloth, Pillow Ball Fiber, Track Suit (Various Size), Jacket Antistatic, Coverall Engg Off/Men, Toshak Cotton.  | Due on 08-Oct-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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