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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 18895576
1 Supply, repair and overhauling of Cap Ass (without Spring).
Due on 16-Aug-2016  |  18 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 18897235
2 Supply, Purchase, Repair, Overhauling, of Mentioned items - Air Filter Cartridge, Power Diode, Name Tag Shirt Combat Dress new pattern, Engine Assy new (with installation), Transmission assy APC vehicle (Repair), Metal Polish, Car Polish, Car Polish, Bleaching Powder, Soap Yellow, Dettol, Powder Cleaning, Soap Flakes, Cloth Polish, Black Polish, Soap Toilet, Stock Net, Chamois Leather, Cloth Muslin, Rags Co-loured, Plastic Polish, Micro Processor, Hard Disk, Power Supply, Telephone Set, UTP Cable, Oil Steering, Wood Partal, Air Cond Compressor, Tarpaulin Cover, Replacement of Engine Assy Sprinter, Engine Assy Overhauling Shahzore Truck, Trailer Flat Bed, Crane Heavy, Crane Tadano L/R, Head Phone Amplifier, Micro Phone Amplifier, Six Position Switch, Impedance Transformer, Laser Particle Counter, Polythene Bag, Raw Polythene, Polythene Sheet, Thermo pore Sheets, Wood Partal, Rubber Bushes (Large and Small) With Fitting, Engine Oil, Supply of Sugar, Repair & Overhauling of HP Compressor, UPS, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Battery, Oil Break, Steering Oil Dexron, Gear Oil, PPC Paper, OPTO Electronics Coupler & Power Transistor, Amprobe Meter, Bulb Search Light Heavy & Naval Search Light, Chemicals, Scanners, Boot Combat, UTP Cable, Tyre Tubeless etc.
Due on 02-Aug-2016  |  4 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 18991054
3 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling Of Mentioned Items. - Mobile Diesel Generator Sets 400 KVA, Digital Secure Portable Radio, Flat Bed Trailer 40 Feet, Truck Heavy 4x4, Aviation Fuel Filter / Water Separator, Water Bowser, Double Cabin, Pneumatic Tyre, Dump Truck, Mobile Sewerage Sludge Removing Units, Customization of Superstructure on Chassis For Tender Fire Domestic, Flat bed Trailer 20 Feet, Fabrication of Ambulance, Automatic Voltage Regulator, Fuel Resistant Runway Coating Sealant, Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid, Jet Engine Lubricating Oil, Hyd Fluid Fire Resistant, Turbonycoil, Industrial Video Scope, Quilt Cover, Towel Hand, Duree Blue Small, Quilt Single Polyester With Bag, Vest Summer, Drawer Cotton Short, T-Shirt Sports, Shoes Rigging High Ankle, Track Suit, Shoes Black Leather, Jersey Pullover.
Due on 25-Aug-2016  |  27 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 18999493
4 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling Of Mentioned Items - Waste Paper Cutting and allied material, Storage Battery, A/C Tow Tractor, Wheel Dozer, Engine Assy Overhauling Toyota Hilux, Engine Assy Overhauling Shahzore Truck, Hino Flat Bed LR, Sugar, Hiring of High/Low Flat Bed 40 Ft from Lahore to Multan, Name Tag Airmen Coverall, Air Force Tag, Jockey Cap Comb Dress, Socks Cotton Black, Pillow Foam I Polyester, Cap Sun Olive Green, Hilux, Hiace, Power Amplifier Electro Voice, Professional Pre Mic Mixer Dyn, Electro Voice Speaker, Guy Wire Hook Assy, Shaft Wire Hook Assy, Pully Gear Assy, Winch Driven Gear, Maker Gear M2 3D Printer, Harmonic Generator, Gear Oil, Tyres All Type of MT Vehicle, Batteries All Type of MT, Computer Paper, Variable Resistor 50K, Connector Cover, Inline Connector, Right Angle Connector, Rotary Switch, Frequency AC Drive, Complete Wiring and Cushioning, Complete Repair of Cylinder Block Assy.
Due on 09-Aug-2016  |  11 Days to go
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