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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 14713212
1 Supply/Purchase/Repair/Overhauling of items - 1) Sugar. 2) Film Radiographic, Detector Tube, Refrigerant R134A, Wood Kail 1/2"x4'x8', Tyre (I) Pneumatic /900-20 Load Range 12Ply Rating Nylon Cord Thread 8 Ply Side Wall 6 Ply, Rechargeable Battery 12V, 150AHI Battery for UPS 160KVA, Battery 12V, 210 AMP (Ea As Req). 3) Coverall Engg Off/Airmen (All sizes), Rags Colored, Gas Freon (F-22), Oil Engine SAE 15W40 (APICI-4), Oil Engine SAE 10W40 (API SN), Hydraulic Oil SAE-90, Oil Steering Dexron II, Gear Oil SAE 90/140 (API GL4), Screw Opening Machine, AFT Jack PAD, DO Paper A4 80GSM, PPC Paper A4 75 GSM, Toners for Laser Jet Printers (All Types), PPC Machine Toshiba E-Studio 855 CBM (Complete Repair), Wood Kail, M/S U Channel (All Sizes), Angle Iron (All Sizes), Lamination Sheets, Ply Wood, Paint (All Colors), Thinner, Tyres & Tubes (All Sizes), Batteries Dry & Liquid (All Rating) (Ea As Req), Generator Set Diesel Engine (Complete Repair), X-Ray Scanning Machine (Complete Repair), Electrical Enclosure Assembly (Complete Repair) (Ea 01), Speeder Electrical (Part No XTC-121) (Ea 08). 4) Grease Protective (PX-7), Grease GP (KG As Req), Oil Brake Dot-3, Steering Oil Dexron, Gear Oil (SAE 80W140), Gear Oil 80W-90 (Ltr As Req). 5) Engine Oil (20W-50,10W-40) Gear Oil A-90, Telus Oil (T-40), Hyd Oil (Dexron 3), Batteries (All Sizes), Tyres (All Size), DO Paper A4 SA480 Rm, PPC Paper S-A4, Repair of Multimedia (Power Supply, Lamp, Lens, Switches etc), Track Suit Upper & Lower, T-Shirt (PT/Sports) All Sizes (Ea As Req). 6) Engine Oil (SAE 20W50), Rescue Equipment for Ski Chair Lift Details and Specification are available at (0992) 355320 Ext 2271 (Ea As Req). 7) Local Repair of 4 TON AC Plant (As Req). 8) 212-6 5120008885827 1/4" Hex Insert Bits (END PIECE), 212-8A 51200088858 26 5/16" Hex Insert Bits (END PIECE) Snap on Tools, 9493301 Electric Oven Type (Bourneount Furnace) Type Vulcan A130, Input Voltage 200-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, Temperature Range 0°C-1100°C Accuracy + 25°C, BH262A 6 "C" Battery Holder, LSH14 Lithium Battery Saft (Ea As Req) (Details specs can be collected from No 103 ALC PAF Nur Khan). 9) Shoes Jogger Cheetah 005 (PR As Req), Short Gym, Shirt Sport, Coverall Engg, Dongri For Cadets, Track Suit Airmen, Track Suit Cadet, Cloth Blazer Sports, Filed Jacket Long Size Small Male & Fe-Male (Ea As Req), Shoes Rigging High Anklet Size 9,10 & 11 (PR As Req). | Due on 06-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 14779222
2 Supply/Purchase/Repair/Overhauling of items - 1) Engine Oil 15W40/20W50, Gear Oil SAE 90, Rags Colored, PPC Paper A4 Size, DO Paper A4 Size 80Gm, Complete Engine Overhauling of D/Cabin Mitsubishi model No K74 BA No 20350, Complete Tank Change Hino Water Bouser TWFC (FF3HKK) BA No 3892, Portable Umbrella Large (for watchman), Smith's X-Ray Scanning Machine Model Hi Scan 5030si, PPC Machine Heavy Duty L/R E-Studio 456SE, Complete Engine Overhauling of Truck (H/Shahzore) Model H-100 BA No 53530, Complete Anti Corrision Treatment of Coach Service Daewoo BA NO 31328, Repairing of Chiller Plant (System) S No 1011774, Sand Bags L 14"x 33, Lube oil DTE-8467, Exhaust Cover, Air/Cond Split 1.5 Ton N/Rev, Track Suit (Large), Track Suit (X-Large), Ladder Aircraft BOA, Ladder Entrance Conformal, Cover Aircraft Ground, Tool Kit Maxi, Tyres (All Types), Batteries (All Type), Bins MDI (All Size), Dixen Angle Iron (Specs may be obtained from Log Sqn (Ea As Req). 2) PPC Paper A4 Size, DO Paper 75 Gm, 80 Gm, Rag Coloured, Battery 12V 40,60,65,70,80,90,100, 200 & 220 Amp (All Rating & Grading), Coverall Eng (Sizes 40,42,44 Small-Regular & Large), Boot Canvas Sports (All Sizes), Track Suit (Size 'L' & 'XL'), T-Shirt Sports Size (L & XL), Shirt Technicians & Combat Dress (Size L & XL), Durree Small, Pillow Slip Blue, Net Mosquito, Belt Broad Nylon, Boot Combat (Size 7,8,9,10), Bayonet Frog, Sling Rifle, Belt White (GC), Gloves White (Guard of Honor), Engine Overhauling / Engine Replacement with standardized Scope of work of Isuzu Truck, Nissan Truck, Shehzore, Ambulance Mitsubishi, M/Benz, Potohar Jeep, Suzuki Van, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Land Cruisers (TLC), Suzuki Cultus, Single & Double Cabins, Wood Kail, Wood Portal, Wood Dyar, Ply Sheets, Lassani Sheet (All Sizes), Purchase of Split Type Air Conditioners (Non Reversible 1.5 Ton), Repair of AC/Chiller Plant 3 Ton, 4 Ton, 5 Ton, 8 Ton, 10 Ton, Purchase of PPC Machine Heavy Duty, Purchase of Servo Protection System, UPS 2 KVA, 3KVA & 5KVA, Intelligent Workstation & LCD 17, 19" & 21, Engine Oil 15W40, Engine Oil 20W50, Gear Oil, Brake Oil (Ea As Req). 3) Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). 4) Sugar 4200 Kg to 4700 Kg. 5) Steel Trunk S-36x18x13. 6) Purchase of Limb Preservation System (LPS) Distal Femur Replacement Implants at PAF Hospital Islamabad. 7) Current Transformer 400 HZ for 60 KVA GPUs PT No 6115H/28510 2-0010 (EA 01) Production Control Officer No 104 AED, Opposite to Benazir Bhutto International Airport PAF Base Nur Khan Rawalpindi. | Due on 11-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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Company : pakistan air force
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