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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 16719999
1 Supply, Repair & Overhauling of (a) Aircraft Nose Tyre (without tube), Aircraft Main Tyre (with tube), EOD Shoes, Categorization and repair of R-440 Missile LRUs and upgrade of Depot level test equipment - Proximity Fuze, Converter Assy, Control Sure Fin, Servo Motor Type, Receiver Transmitter, Pilot Interconnection Box Assy, Cable Front Part, Cable Fairing.
1. Belt Broad Combat (Variousj5izes), Digital X-Ray Machine, Microscope with Teaching Head (5 Heads), Laproscope, Orthopedic Beds, Freezer -70 Degree, Ultrasound with Linear, Vaginal, Section, Probes and puncture, Microscope with multiple Heads, RF Micro Needle System, Immuno-Assay Analyzer, Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment, OT Table, OT Light Ceiling, Freezer, Ion Selective Electrode, Automated Lens meter, Ophthalmic Operating Microscope, Optical Coherence Tomography, IOL Master (Biometry Machine), Medical/Surgical ICU Beds (Electronics motorized Bed) 5 function.
2. Central Sterilized Store Department (CSSD) Complete washer disinfector with Stream Autoclave 130 Ltr and 500 Ltr (each) and Ethelene Dioxide/ Formaldehyde gas Sterilizer and Sealing Machines Angiography Suites (Compulsory) .
3. Computed and Digital Radiography, MRI System, Slit Lamp Bio-Microscope, 3/5 part Automated Differential Counter, Q-Switch ND YAG Laser, C02 Fractional Laser, C-Arm Image Intensifier, Full Fowler Beds, Incinerator (Waste Management System), Corneal Topography Machine, Thermal Balloon Ablation, Ultrasonic Scalpel, Suction Machine & ECG Machine.
Due on 16-Feb-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 16813934
2 Auction of Salvage Vehicles and Scrap Stores.
Due on 16-Feb-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 16824424
3 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling Of Mentioned Items - RF Cable RG-214 with connector, Vest Full Sleeve (Combat Dress), Rank Badges / Shaheen Chevron, Vest Summer (Combat Dress), Cental Monitoring with 16-32 Facilities, 300 maStationary Bucky Table and Bucky, 3.5 mHZ probe gray scale (Ultrasound Machine), Mamography with spot film or compression, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), Microtome Facilities, Ligasure, Pachy Meter, Phacoemulsification Unit, Auto Refractokeratometer, Video Colposcope, Deliverv Beds, CTG Machines, Fetal Heart Detector, Coloscopy Examination Chair, Cryotherapy Units, Orthoscope.
Due on 25-Feb-2016  |  14 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 16894979
4 Rent out of PAF Plot located adjacent to Shaheen Vision CNG Bannu Road Kohat for construction / running of shops.
Due on 15-Feb-2016  |  4 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 16895062
5 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling Of Mentioned Items - Rag Coloured, Bomb Pylon Rack, Duplicating Paper, PPC Paper A-4, DO Paper A-4 (80 Gms), Wood Kail, Plywood & Lamination Sheet, Air Conditioner Split (1.5 Ton & 2.0 Ton), Air Conditioner Plant (15 Ton) L/R, Drum Parking Brake L/R (BA No 28145), Truck L/R, Repair of X-Ray Machine 600 ma with Fluoroscopy, Louvered Panel Racks with fitted Bins, Ac 1.5 Ton, Maintenance free Battery, Table Folding, Rack storage, Wood Partal, Industrial PC real time, Industrial PC, Power Interface, Driver rectifier, Special Chair for Controller, Fire Safety System, Tyre, Tube & Flaps, Noun Control Card, SMD Soldring / Desoldring Station, Work Bench Solution, Wire Dispenser, Manual Desoldring Pump, Flexible Precision Cable, Heat Gun, UPS 3KVA, Storage Bins, Precision Shunt 50A, Control Unit Screw Driver, Temperature Test System, LP Compressor (GH-3), Argon Punty Tester, Low Explosive Tester, Rack 42U, A/C Gun Special Trolly, Complete Repair of Projector Barcodata, Ship & Storage, 42U Data Centre Racks, LED 20, Engine oil, Judo Mat Professional, Judo Mat Practice, Mat Foam, Kicking Pad Small, Pistol, Rifle, stretching Rope. Moveable Mirror, Tyre Outer Cover, Controller Chair & MDF 100 Lines, Portable Barrier, Grease Silicon, Cloth Leather Black, Cloth Fire Proof, Naptha Compass, Wood working Machine, Gear Oil GL-5 Hydraulic Oil HD-10 and Engine Oil SAE-50, Local Purchase of PC Core i3, Elbow, DO Paper, Engine Overhauling of 3-5 Ton Truck YOP 1999, Disc Wheel Rim, Stainless Steel Barrel, Complete Engine Overhauling Hino Coach, Six months and 20.000 Kms warranty, Hino Coach Model 2004.
Due on 16-Feb-2016  |  5 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 16895395
6 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling Of Mentioned Items - Ground Segment Spares for (GESs) of KE-03 AWACS, Fork Lifter, Automatic Voltage Regulator (30,50,100 & 200 KVa), Fabrication of Double Cabin, De-Watering Pump.
Due on 02-Mar-2016  |  20 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 16942642
7 Supply Of PPC Paper, DO Paper, Laptop, Multimedia, Tyre, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, UPS, Spiral Binding Machine, Gum Binding Machine, SORM Machine, Image Setting Machine Small (Refurbish), Spiral Pressing Machine, Operator Test Processor, Storage Rack, Aiming Reduction Gear Assy (Repair), Engine Assy Overhaul, Plastic Battens for Storage of Explosives, First Line Tool Kit, Clay Pigeon Trap, Split AC 1.5 Ton Rev and N/Rev, Battery Maintenance Free 12V 65AH, Socks Nylon Black, Toshak Cotton, Cap S/D Airman Brathia (Purchase I Stitching), Engine Overhaul Isuzu Truck, Wood Kail, Foam Sheet of Different Thickness, Vibration Analyzer, Coach Air Passenger, Clothing Exchange Bags, Server, Laser Pointer, Pad Track Shoe, Nepho Scope, Towel Hand, All Type of Khaad, Bhall Matti, Sand, Cement, Concrete, Grass, Net & Grass, All Types of Paints, All type of Sports Gears, Bench Pump, Quad SDI DO HDMI Multi Viewer, Harmonic Generator, Black Magic Design.
Due on 23-Feb-2016  |  12 Days to go
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