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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17815831
1 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling of 1. Establishment of 2nd DSI D Level Maint Testers Spares for SMS Lab, PK-16LE Qual and Wind Tunnel Tests, 2. Rocket 40 MM RPG-7 Training, 3. AB Fuzes with ECM Features, 4. 3.5 mHZ Probe gray scale (Ultrasound Machine), 5. Incinerator (Waste Management System), 6. Power Edge R430 (High End), 7. ATCR System Spares.
Due on 16-May-2016  |  17 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17816294
2 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling of - Medicines, Hiring of Civil Transport Flat Bed 43 FT Long, Tyres different sizes, Batteries different types, Fogging Machine Model ULV Stainless Steel, Gloves White, APC Vehicles, Repair of Fusion Splicing Machine, Barrier manually operated, Air Conditioner Non reversible 1.5 Ton, Star Barrier, Caliper, Internal Dial Guage, Tensiometer, Plug Guage, Sugar, Carton Boxes, Polythine Bags, Polythine Sheet, Bubble Sheet, Foam Sheet, Thermopole Sheet, Paints, Fabrication Of Single Cabin, Camera IR Eye 100LS PTZ (Repair), Distribution Surge Protector, Work Station, LP of Cylinder PTO Air BMC Ref Model BMC-832, Rag Coloured, Coverall Engg, Tube and Flap, Hino Coach, Isuzu Truck L/R, Powerpack Liebert PSI UPS 3000VA with accessories, GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit with development kit Xsens IMU with inbuilt GPS along with development Kit, Tarpaulin, Ground Sheet, Emergency Light, Thyristor, Capacitor, Relay, Adapter Connector, Switch Flow, Hard Disk 250GB, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, PPC Paper, Wood Kail, Ply Wood Lasani, Binding Cloth Rexine, Wheel Disc Alloy Rim, LED 42, Complete Engine Assy overhaul with accessories, Patient Lifting Trolly with Weight Scale, Complete Denting & Painting Required of Hino Flatbed Truck, Filter for chiller Plant, K-Oil for Chiller Plant, Gas F-134A, Data Processing Station, Cloth Uniform Pre-Cadets, Polyester Cotton, Surge Protective device, Security protective sheets & installation, Adjuster & Shock Absorber, Carbon Fiber Propeller, U8 Motor 100 KV, Volvo Diagnostic Tool, etc.
Due on 03-May-2016  |  4 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17816666
3 Collection And Disposal of Garbage.
Due on 02-May-2016  |  3 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17872477
4 Remove of Garbage From Base Operational and Residential Area for the financial year, 2016-17 for the period of 01 year (01 July, 2016 to 30 June, 2017).
Due on 06-May-2016  |  7 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17898888
5 Procurement of Spares for establishment of 2nd DSI Lab.
Due on 30-May-2016  |  31 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17898888
6 Supply of angiography suites (compulsory), ion selective electrode, mri system, q-swltch ndyag laser (for dermatology) & cryotherapy units.
Due on 11-May-2016  |  12 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17898888
7 Supply of Munitions Maintenance Equipment with Accessories.
Due on 25-May-2016  |  26 Days to go
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Security Services | Pakistan | TID: 17901200
8 Supply / Purchase / Repair / Overhauling of Mentioned Items - Luxury Cruise Boat, Electric Telepher (Crane) L/R, Universal Calibration System, DS1000-200 IC, Socket Tin Plated,, Capacitor, 1 KOhm Resistor, Issue Counter, Air Conditioners 1.5 Ton, Hose Air Delivery, Wood Kail, Plywood & Lamination Sheet, Tender Fire Crash Isuzu, Pulp Board White, Binding Cloth Blue, Multi Service Router, Anticorrosive Treatment of Hi no Coach, Engine Overhauling of Toyota Hiace, medicines, ADVRK Vehicle Flail Unit Repair, Power Interface Board, Rags Coloured, Stock Nett Cleaning Cloth, Printer of weighing equipment, Level Measuring Scales, Level Guage, Wing Scale, Tyres & Tubes of Different Sizes, Batteries Dry & Liquid, Periscope, Complete Engine Assy Overhaul with accessories BA No 1524 Road Roller, Coalser Element Filter, Refueller Separator Element Filter, Wheel Alignment Machine, Air Compressor, Tyre Vulcanizing Machine, Rectifier Charging Unit, Jack Lifting Lever Hydraulic 10 Ton, Trolley Breakdown, Charging Board Type B, Treadmill Life Fitness 95 T, Fabrication of Single Cabin, LED 24, Media Convertor Receiver PTZ, PPC Machine, Peripheral Board PCB Assembly, Detection Circuit, Switching Power Supply, Switching Power Supply Auxiliary, Housing Cap, Spring Button, Seat Assy, HP Gauge, Distributor, Pressure Gauge, Mission Analysis Display, DVR, Camera, UPS 3KVA, Local Repair of Holder and Injection Set, Sealing Compound AMS 3100 Class I or equivalent, Engine Oil, Bins, Cover, Pallet Mover, Hand Trolley, Ladder Double LEG, Strip Binding Machine, 42u Data Center Racks, Rack with built-in UPS and Battery, Power Cables, Network Cables, Fuel Injection Pump Tester, Hydraulic Lifting Jack, Hooks Engine Lifting Comp, Piston Vice, Valve Clutch Spring Tester, Ammeter, Lamp Inspection, Nozzle Testing / Cleaning Machine, Pads Rubber, Security Protective Sheet, Global Positioning Sys, Air Cusion Machine Roll, Pad Track Shoe Ape Vehicle, Purchase And Installation of Hydraulic Barrier.
Due on 10-May-2016  |  11 Days to go
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