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Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11635276
1 Value: INR 20 Million | Procurement of medicine items - Dental X-Ray Films, Dental Occlusal X-Ray Film, Dental Paediatric X-Ray Film, Tab. Trypsin-Chymotrypsin 100000 Au Of Enzymatic Activity, Tab. Bromocriptine, Tab. Diethyle Carbamazin Citrate, Tab. Di-Iodo Hydroxy Quinoline, Tab. Haemostatic Group, Tab. Salbutamol - 2mg, Tab. Formaldehyde, Tab. Dapsone - 100mg, Tab. Mebendazole - 100mg, Tab. Methyldopa-250mg, Tab. Ampicilline - 125mg Kid, Tab. Metronidazole - 200mg, Tab. Aminophylline - 100mg, Tab. Chlorpromazin - 25mg, Tab. Spironolactone - 25mg, Tab. Bisacodyl Suppository (Adult), Tab. Clonazepam - 2mg.S/L / Mouth Dissolwing, Tab. Isoxusprin Hcl, Tab. Mefenamic Acid, Tab. Acyclovir - 200mg, Lactobacillus Sporogenes 150 Million Unit/Sachet, Tab. Povidone Iodine Vaginal, Tab.Trimethoprim-80mg + Sulphamethoxazole-400mg, Tab. Acetyl Salysalic Acid 325 Mg, Tab. Methyl Ergometrine - 0.125mg, Tab. Nifedipine - 10mg, Tab. Ketokonazole 200mg, Tab. Acyclovir 800mg, Tab. Indomethacin 25mg, Cap. Propranolol 20mg L.A./Timed Release Preparation, Tab. Disulfiram 250mg, Tab. Cefadroxyl 500mg, Tab. Metronidazole 400mg+Diloxanide Furoate 500mg, Tab. Tinidazole 500mg, Tab. Isosorbide Mononitrate 30mg Sr, Tab. Acetyl Salysalic Acid 75mg Enteric Coated, Tab. Hydrochlorthiazide 25mg, Tab. Torasemide 10mg, Tab. Diltiazem 90mg Sr, Tab. Ramipril 5mg, Tab. Amiodarone 150mg, Cap. Propranolol 40mg Long Acting Scored, Tab. Clonidine Hcl 100mcg, Tab. Prazosin 2.5mg Extended Release, Tab. Activated Charcoal 4gm, Tab. Piroxicam 20mg Dispersible, Tab. Levodopa 100mg + Carbidopa 10mg, Tab. Trihexiphenidyl Hcl 2mg, Tab. Prednisolone 20mg, Paracetamol Suppository 150mg, Paracetamol Suppository 300mg, Diclofenac Suppository 12.5mg, Diclofenac Suppository 25mg, Diclofenac Suppository 50mg, Diclofenac Suppository 100mg, Tramadol Suppository 100mg, Tab. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg, Tab. Bupropion 250mg, Tab. Ethamsylate 500mg, Tab. Pyridoxine 100mg, Tab. Codein Phosphate 15mg, Cap. Tetracycline - 250mg, Cap. Ampicillin - 250mg, Cap. Chloramphenicol - 250mg, Cap. Oseltamivir 75 Mg., Cap. Clofazimine - 100mg, Cap. Ampicilline - 500mg, Cap. Vitamin-A 50000 I.U, Cap. Clindamycin 300mg, Cap. Deferiprone 500mg, Cap. Indomethacin 25mg, Inj. Betamethasone-4mg/Ml (1ml Ampl), Inj. Vasopressin 200 Mg/Ml, Inj. Ascorbic Acid-100mg/Ml (5ml Ampl), Inj. Vitamin B-12 1000 Mg, Inj. M.V.I. (10ml Ampl), Inj. Fluconazole 200 Mg, Inj. Sodium Bicarbonate, Inj. Ethamsylate 250 Mg/Ml 2ml Ampl, Inj. Ketamine - 10mg/Ml (10ml Vial), Inj. Ketamine - 50mg/Ml (10ml Vial), Inj. Ceftazidime 500 Mg, Inj. Lignocaine - 4% Topical (30ml Vial), Inj. Terbutaline, Inj. Acyclovir 500 Mg, Inj. Metochlopramide 5mg/Ml, Inj. Benzathine Penicilline - 12 Lacs Unit/Vial, Inj. Chloramphenicol-1gm/Vial, Inj. Oxytocin - 5 I.U./Ml (1ml Ampl), Inj. Atropine Sulphate - O.6mg/Ml, Inj. Paracetamol - 150mg/Ml, Inj. Propofol - 10mg/50ml, Inj. Haemocoagulase, Inj. Electrolyte-G - 500ml, Anti Diptheric Serum 10000 I.U, Inj. Dicyclomine Hcl 10mg/Ml, Inj.Iodinated Ionic Water Soluble Contrast Media 60%, Inj. Iodinated Ionic Water Soluble Contrast Media 76%, Inj. Magnesium Sulphate 25% (2ml Ampl), Inj. Pheniramine Maleate 22.75mg/Ml, Inj. Prochlorperazine 12.5mg/Ml, Inj. Suxamethonium Chloride 50mg/Ml, Inj. Lignocaine 5% Heavy 50mg/Ml, Inj. Anti Mix Gas Gangrene Serum 10000 I.U./Vial, Inj. Streptokinase 15 Lacs I.U, Inj. Ceftazidime 100mg, Inj. Ephedrine, Inj. Butorphanol 1mg/Ml, Inj. Hydrocortisone 25mg/Ml 5ml Ampl, Inj. Amino Acid (20%/100ml), Inj. Adenosine 6mg/2ml, Inj. Metoprolol 1mg/Ml 5ml Ampl, Inj. Enalapril 1.25mg/Ml 1ml Ampl, Inj. Torasemide 10mg/Ml 2ml Ampl, Inj. Buprenorphine Sulphate 0.3mg/Ml, Inj. Pethedine 50mg/Ml, Inj. Granisetrone, Inj. Clonidine 150mcg/Ml, Inj. Fluphenazine Deconoate 25mg/Ml, Mist. Cough Expectorant, Liq. Codein Phosphate 15mg/5ml, Ciprofloxacin Eye/Ear Drops 0.3%/10ml, Ofloxacin 0.3% 5ml Ear Drops, Neomycin Sulphate + Hydrocortisone Ear Drops 5ml, Timolol Eye Drops 0.5% 3ml, Paradichlorobenzene 2% Wax Dissolving Ear Drop 5ml, Cyclopentolate Hcl 1% Eye Drops 5ml, Gentamycin 0.3% W/V Eye/Ear Drops, Clotrimazole 1% + Lignocaine Hcl 2% Ear Drops 5ml, Tobramycin 0.3% Eye Drops 5ml, Xylometazoline Hydrochloride 1% Nasal Drops 10ml, Oxymetazoline 5% Nasal Drops 10ml, Methylene Blue Dye 10cc Ampl, Syrup Amoxycillin - 125mg/5ml. 30ml, Inhaled Capsule Indacaterol 150 Mcg, Nitroglycerine Transdermal Patch - 5mg, Dinoprostone Gel, Syrup Chloroquine 50mg/5ml 60ml, Syrup Domperidone 1mg/Ml Suspension 30ml, Syrup Pedicloryl 500mg/5ml 30ml, Tropicamide 0.8%+Phenylphrine 5% Eye Drops 5ml, Vitamin D3 Granule 60000 I.U./Sachet, Barium Sulphate Enema Kit Disposable, Pow. Bleaching 1kg, Pow. Barium Sulphate 5kg, Oint. Neomycin 3400u+Poly. B 5000u+Bacitracin Zinc, Emla Cream, Permathrin 1% Lotion, Oint. Lignocaine 5%, Clindamycin Phosphate Gel 1% 15gm, Oint. Salicylic Acid 6% + Benzoic Acid 3% 30gm, Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 2.5% 20gm, Oint. Miconazole 2%, Liquid Solvant Ether I.P, Ethyle Chloride Spray 100ml, Liquid Eus | Due on 15-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11635505
2 Value: INR 20 Million | Procurement of minor surgical items – Disposable Infusion Pump, Linen Thread No.-40, Shaving Blade (I.S.I./Preferable), Suction Rubber Tube, Ecg Paper Roll (Schiller ) For Model Cardiart At-301, Aspiration Needle, Tracheostomy Tubes (Cuffed), Tracheostomy Tubes (Plain), Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle No.18g, Rectal Thermometer, Epidural Cathetor Only 20g, Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle No.16g, Disp.Kit For Collecting Pap's Smear, Merselene Tape With Needle, Merselene Tape Without Needle, Trocar Point Needle, Disp. Needle No 20 1.5, Filter Cartridge 5m, Chest Lids (Pead.), Fluroscein Sodium Ophthalmi Strips, Shirmer Tear Test Strips, Ecg Paper Roll Cardiart 6208 R, Red Rubber Hand Gloves, Viscera Bottle 1.5 Liter Capacity, Viscera Bottle 200ml Capacity, Bicard Part - A (Pottasium Free), Vp Shunt Medium Pressure, Vp Shunt Low Pressure, Pigtail Catheter No.14, Percutaneous Nephrostomy Melacot Catheter Set No14, Percutaneous Nephrostomy Melacot Catheter Set No16, Percutaneous Nephrostomy Melacot Catheter Set No18, Corrugated Tube 1mtr. Long, Printer Paper Roll For Ecg 50mm, Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy Needle, Guide wire Zebra Wire 450cm Long And 0.035 Gauge, Sclerotherapy Needle 21 Gauge, Tru Cut Biopsy Needle. | Due on 15-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11650537
3 Value: INR 4.26 Million (approx.) | Proposed Fabric Canopies at Aquarium for Municipal Corporation at Jagdish Chandra Bose Garden, Adajan - Design, supply and installation of Tensile Fabric Structure, including fabrication & installation of fabric canopy as per design and details, using white colored 0.6 mm thick architectural structural fabric, PVDF-IIE series by Hiraoka or approved equal having weight of 635 to 800 gms / sq. mt., meeting the ASTM D-751 standard in parameters of tensile strength, breaking elongation, tear strength, and adhesion, meeting the ASTM E-84 standard for flame retardancy, having polyester woven scrim & PVC layers sandwiched between acrylic lacquer layers on both sides and topped with PVDF lacquer layer, finished on top with special fluorine lacquer layer for dirt resistance, heat sealed at joints and other required locations. | Due on 09-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11635602
4 Value: INR 4 Million | Procurement of laboratory items – Tuberculin P.P.D. (10tu/0.1ml), Cyanmeth Heaemoglobin Standered, O' Cell (O' Cell Prepared In Liss Solution) 10 Ml, Arginine Decarboxylase Broth, Tellurite Blood Agar Base, Carbon Brushes For Remi R4c Centriguge, Disposable S.S. Microtome Blade For Leica Microtome Model-Rm2255, Electrophoresis Buffer For HB Electrophoresis, Cellulose Acetate Membrane For Haemoglobin & Protein Electrophoresis, Hematin Powder (Ptah Stain) 500 Gms, Disposable Micro Tips For Auto Pipetes, Forceps, Non Specific Esterase IHC Marker, Napsin, S. Acid Phosphatase With Thymolphthalein Mono Phosphate, Serum Testosterone Kit, Serum Gh Kit, Serum Insulin Elisa Method, Myloperoxidase Kit, Sheep Blood Agar Plate Disposable, Tungsten Halogen Lamp 20 W For Elisa Reader, Improved Neuber's Chamber Standard Qualit, Pap Pen For Glass Slide Marking In Ihc, Spreader Slides, Edta Bulb With Labled And Rubber Cap 5ml Capacity, Precoated Microscopic Slides For Ihc, Multichannel Micropipette 100 - 1000ul Variable (For Washin Elisa), Multichannel Micropipette 300ul Fixed, Turnicate Tube, Microscope Objectives Imported, Band Aid Spot-22mm Diameter, Capilarys For Absoluter Micropietts, Microscope Objectives Imported Oil Immersion Lence 100x, Tissue Cutting Knives, Microtiter Plate, Mycological Needles, Plastic Tube With Screw Cap Sterilised Dispo. 5ml, Gold Chloride, Dipotassium Edta (Draw Vol. = 1ml.), Micropipette 1 To 40ul, Micropipette 200ul To 1ml, Scalpel Handle No.4 (S.S.), Leukocyte Alkaline Phosphatase, Wide Field Eye Piece 10x, Wide Field Eye Piece 6x, Discarding Bowls Enamel, Microscopic Slide Of Single Cavity 75x25mm, Mould For Holding Tissue Block Big&Ss With Deep Cavity, Mould For Hold Tissue Block-Small, Standard Tube Holder For Vacutainer, Sv-5 Vials (5ml), Serum Storage Vial 0.5ml Capacity, Sv-1 Vial (Serum Storage Vial 1ml Capacity). | Due on 15-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11635716
5 Value: INR 6 Lakh | Procurement of dental items – Absorbent Paper Points No.15-40, Absorbent Paper Points No.45-80, Airotor Diamond Burs Of Mani, Airotor Handpiece Oil Spray, Calcium Hydroxide Paste (Pulp Caping), Denture Polishing Buff, Formocresol, Gi Sealant Varnish, Gutta Percha Cones No.15-40, Gutta Percha Cones No.45-80, Lab Stainless Steel Burkit, Lab Tungsten Carbidie Burkit, Lentulo Spirals, Mandibular Reconstruction Plate, Metal Discs For Diecutting, Packable Glass Ionomer Cement (Gun Type Capsules), Packable Posterior Restorative Composite Resin, Polishing Kit For Composits, Restorative Composite For Ant.Post.Restoration, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani Reamers No.6, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani Reamers No.8, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani Reamers No.10, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani Reamers No.15-40, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani K Files25mm Length No.6, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani K Files25mm Length No.8, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani K Files25mm Length No.10, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani Spreaders No.15-40, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani Gates Drill, Root Canal Instrument Of Mani Niti Files15-40 21mm, Sand Paper " 0 ", Stainless Steel Miniplates 1.5mm, 2 Hole With Gap, Stainless Steel Screws 2.5mm Diameter, 8mm Length, Stainless Steel Wire (26 Guage), Znoe Dpi Impression Paste, Devitalyzing Material, Coe-Pack Periodental Dressing, Temporary Znoe Dressing, Teeth Set (Partial), Atpanine Stone, Sand Paper Mandril, Straight Tissure Burs For Surger & Round Bur, Painting Brush, Cynoacryralic Paste Of Feviquick, Glass Slab, Mortar Pestle For Amargumation, Teeth Set (Partial) Denture Include, Rc Solvant For Dissolves Gp & Zoe, Photo Cheek Retractor ( Plastic ), Face Guard ( Plastic ), Root Canal Instrument Of Mani K Files 21mm No.6, Stainless Steel Miniplates 1.5mm, 4 Hole With Gap. | Due on 15-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11595002
6 Value: INR 755.80 Million | Work of Road, footpath. | Due on 05-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11582808
7 Value: INR 572.83 Million (approx.) | Civil work (17 work). | Due on 15-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11608276
8 Value: INR 103.86 Million (approx.) | Civil work. | Due on 10-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11610150
9 Value: INR 82.73 Million (approx.) | Construction of 25. mt. X size Elevated Swimming pool with Youth Empowerment Centre & allied works at TP - 36 Althan F.P. 101 in South West Zone. | Due on 04-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Gujarat | TID: 11533220
10 Value: INR 78.58 Million (approx.) | Civil work at various garden. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender) | Due on 09-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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