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Education And Research Institute | Maharashtra | TID: 11778257
1 Supply of Materials – Sand, Stone chips, Jhama, Cement, Reinforcement, Ceramic tile, Vitrified tile, Terracota tile, Kota stone, Paver block, M.S. Tubular Section, M.S. Steel window, Steel handle, Steel peg stay, M.S. Ornamental grill, Sal wood (for frame), M.S. Clamp - 40mmx6mmx125mm lenght, Iron butt hinge 75mm x 60mm x 3.15mm), Godrej Mortice lock (4 lever), Steel door stopper, Hydraulic door closer (heavy), Aluminium tower bolt 200mmx10mm Dia bolt, Flush type door -35mm trhick, G.I.Corrugated Sheet (0.63mm ), Aluminium works -, i) Fix glazing, a) Top member, b) Mullion, Glazing clip, ii)For two track sliding window -, a) Botom frame, b) Top& side frame, iii)Shutter for sliding window-, a)Bottom & top member, b)Style & side member, iv) Cleat angle, v) P.V.C. Roller, vi) Maruti lock, vii) 'T' Shaped EPDM gasket., viii) 'U' Shaped EPDM gasket., Bubble free float glass -10mm th, Bubble free float glass -6mm th, Indian sheet glass -4mm th., Collapsible gate, P.V.C.Door frame-, 60mmx50mmx2mm (section ), P.V.C.Door shutter-37mm th. for Construction of Food Court in Ladies Hall-1. | Due on 19-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | West Bengal | TID: 11843253
2 Supply of Materials for construction of food court in ladies hall 1. | Due on 19-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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