Support : +91-9328913634
Support : +91-9328913634

Eprocurement Services / Solution For Buyers

In addition to government and private tender information, to smoothen the Tendering process we have curated unique services specially for Buyers/procurers. In fact, tender tiger private limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of e-procurement technologies limited which not only offer end to end e-procurement but also disposal services via it’s portal

  • eTendering Application

    We offer end to end eTendering (sealed bid) solution as per IT Act 2000, CVC, World Bank eTendering guidelines. Till date more than 1 Lakh eTenders have been successfully enabled by us for various Government agencies across the world.

  • Request for Proposal (RFP / ROI / EOI )

    Our RFP can be used to invite Technical Proposal and indicative prices from Supplier and is very flexible to support all types of Goods, Works & Services procurement.

  • Request For Quote (RFQ)

    Our Request for Quote is a very flexible tool that can be used for all types of procurement. It can also be used as a price discovery tool to discover start price for Auction engine or to estimate the current market price.

  • Reverse Auction (RA)

    We offer a very robust Reverse Auction engine, which 100’s of Buyers are using daily to drive home saving in tune of 5% to 15% of annual procurement spend by making supplier compete with each other in real-time, on a click of a mouse.

  • eAuction / Forward Auction (FA)

    You can use our eAuction tool to dispose off scrap/old machineries as well as assets. Irrespective of what you want to sell, if you use our eAuction tool, we guarantee maximum revenues realization. Our Auction engine supports English Auction, Dutch Auction, Clock Auction, Transformational Auction etc.

  • Catalogue based Sourcing

    All your regular purchases can be automated using our Catalouge based sourcing portal such that every purchase manager in your group company can buy from same supplier, on same terms. Moreover it also give you indepth visibility of your buying pattern & increase scope of negotiation with your supplier for higher volume discount.

  • Contracts Management

    Our Contract Management System (CMS) automate entire cycle of contract management & thus ensures better visibility, timely completion & zero cost overrun. CMS can be used for all types of contracts i.e. Goods, Works & Services.

  • Indents & Requisitions Management

    All your Indents & Requisition can be managed using this tool, which also supports Indent aggregation such that you can drive home volume discounts from supplier by purchasing in Bulk or using our catalogue based sourcing tool.

  • Supplier identification

    We can help you identify more Suppliers which will eventually lead to more competition and lower price in case of procurement & higher revenues in case of disposals. This services can be availed using our Supplier Portal called

  • Digital Certificates

    To submit your bid online, you’ll have to digitally sign the same with a valid Class 3 Digital Certificate. You can get one from us. For more details please visit

  • Spend Analysis

    We can analyze your last year spend & suggest the your sourcing strategy that will guarantee savings & other intangible benefits.

  • Product Classification

    We also undertake product classification as per International Standards i.e. CVC, UNSPSC classification standards. This can help you get more detailed spend insight.