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Ref. Number : 16525503 Tender Number : 2015_DTET_62596_8 Tender Prod. No : 2015_DTET_62596_8
Requirement : Supply, Testing , Installation And Commissioning of Hand Tools, Instruments, Shop Outfit, Equipment & Machinery - Foot Rule ( Two Ft. Four Fold )/ Steel Rule, Marking Knife, 200 Mm. Length, Carpenter Square 200 Mm, Square, Bevel 50 Mm., Carpenter Making Gauge, Carpenter Mortice Gauge, Saw Hand 450 Mm., Saw Tenon 300 Mm., Plane, Jack Metal 335 Mm. X 50 Mm Cutter, Plane Smoothing, Metal 200 Mm. X 50 Mm Cutter., Chisel, Firmer (Bevel) Edge 6 Mm. 10,15,20 And 25, Mm.Width (5 Nos.), Chisel, Mortice, 06,10,15 Mm. (3 Nos), Screw Driwer 300 Mm. (Cabnit Maker), Mallet Medium Size, Claw Hammer 500 Gr., Oilstone(Carborundum) Universal Silicon Carbite, Combinationrough And Fine 200x 50x25 Mm, Hand Brush For Bench Cleaning 450 Mm., Lcd Projector-Minimum 2700 Ansilumens With Xga, Resolutionand All Necessary Arrangement., Measuring Tape 3 Meter, Contruction Scale 1 Meter, Wing Compass 300 Mm., Trammel, Rip Saw 600 Mm., Compass Saw 350 Mm., Trying Plane Metal 450 Mm. X 60 Mm. Cutter, Plane Ravvet Adjustable 250 Mm. X Meters X 9 Mm., Cutters., Plough Plane With Set Of 8 Cutter Up To 12 Mm., Width, Spoke Shaves 50 Mm. Cutter, Plane Adjustable Circular 250 Mm, Router Plane, Moulding Plane Set, Cabinet Screper 100 Mm., Gauge Chisel, Firmer, 6,10,12,16,20,Mm, Gauge Chisel, Scribing 6,10,12,16,20,Mm., Pincer 50 Mm., Country Drill With Bow (Ball Bearing Type), Ratchel Brace 250 Mm. Swap, Centre Bits 6,8,10,12., Expansion Bit Sets., Breast Drill 6 Mm.Capacity, Combination Side Cutting Pliers., Number Punch 12 Mm., Slip Stone 100 Mm., Round Crow Bar With Chisel And Claw End 1070 X, 25 Mm., ‘T’ Bar Cramp 0.6 Meter., ‘T’ Bar Cramp 1.25 Meter., ‘T’ Bar Cramp 1.75 Meter., Carpenter Vice 250 Mm Jaws., Saw Sharpwning Vice 250 Jaws., Carving Tools Set., Goggles Pair., Glass Cutter., Nail Punch., Surface Plate 600 X 600 Mm., Oil Can., Instructor Table (Half Secretariate), Instructor Chair., Stool, Chalk Board With Easel., Meterial Rack., Portable Circular Saw Machine, Portable Planing Machine, Power Drill Machine, Portable Sander Machine, Portable Jig Saw Machine, Portable Router Machine, Power Screw Driver, Combind Surfacer And Thickness Planer Floor, Drills Chuck 12 Mm Capacities, Adjustable Saw Sharpener, Electric Heater 1000/1500 W 1 Nos., Moisture Meter, Greese Gun, Spanner Double Ended Set Of 14, Leather Hand Gloves 14”, Cotton Hand Gloves 8”, Leather Apron Leather, S.S Wire Brush 5 Rows, S.S Wire Brush 3 Rows, Leather Hand Sleeves 16”, Safety Boots For Welders, Leg Guards Leather, Rubber Hose Oxygen 8 Mm Dia, Rubber Hose Acetylene 8 Mm, Safety Goggles Plain, Ag 4 Grinding Wheels, Welding Helmet Fiber, Welding Hand Shield Fiber, Chipping Hammer With Metal Handle 250 Grams, Chisel Cold Flat 19 Mm X 150 Mm, Centre Punch 9 Mm X 127 Mm, Dividers 200 Mm, Stainless Steel Rule 300mm, Scriber 150 Mm Double Point, Flat Tongs 350mm Long, Hack Saw Frame Fixed 300 Mm, File Half Round Bastard 300 Mm, File Flat 350 Mm Bastard, Hammer Ball Pane 1 Kg With Handle, Tip Cleaner, Try Square 6”, Spindle Key, Earth Clamp 600a, C-Clamps 10 Cm, S.S Tape 5 Meters Flexible In Case, H.P. Welding Torch With 5 Nozzles, Oxygen Gas Pressure Regulator Double Stage, Acetylene Gas Pressure Regulator Double Stage, Co2 Gas Pressure Regulator, With Flow Meter, Argon Gas Pressure Regulator With Flow Meter, Metal Rack 182 Cm X 152 Cm X 45 Cm, First Aid Box, Flash Back Arrester (Torch Mounted), Flash Back Arrester (Cylinder Mounted), Welding Transformer With All Accessories ( 400a, Ocv, 60–100 V, 60% Duty Cycle) Oil Cooled, Ac/Dc Gtaw Welding Machine, Air Plasma Cutting Equipment, Air Compressor Suitable, Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Spot Welding Machine To 15 Kva With All Accessories, Portable Gas Cutting Machine Capable Of Cutting Straight, & Circular With All Accessories, Bench Grinder Fitted With Fine Grain Size Silicon Carbide, Green Grinding Wheel Dia. 150 Mm, Ag 4 Grinder, Suitable Arc Welding Table With Positioner, Trolley For Cylinder (H.P. Unit), Hand Shearing Machine Capacity To Cut 6 Mm Sheets, And Flats, Oven, Electrode Drying 0 To 350°C, 10 Kg Capacity, Work Bench 340x120x75 Cm With 4 Bench Vices Of 150, Mm Jaw Opening, Oxy Acetylene Gas Cutting Blow Pipe, Die Penetrant Testing Kit, Magnetic Particle Testing Kit, Fire Extinguishers (Foam Type And Co2 Type), Fire Buckets With Stand, Portable Abrasive Cut-Off Machine, Welding Simulators For Gtaw, Welding Simulators For Gmaw, Instructors Desktop Loaded With Windows And 20” Colour, Monitor - Processor Intel Core I5 Or Latest Hdd 1 Tb Or, Welding Process Dvd/ Cds, Welding Inspection Dvd/ Cds, Welding Codes Dvd/ Cds, Lcd Projector, Steel Rule 300 Mm, Wing Divider 200 Mm, Centre Punch 100 Mm, Spring Dividers 150 Mm, Ordinary Wooden Mallet, Soldering Copper Hatchet Type 0.25 Kg, Cross Peen Hammer 0.25 Kg With Handle, Protractor With Blade 150mm, Steel Tape 2 Meters, Ball Peen Hammer 0.5kg With Handle, Scriber 150 Mm X 3 Mm (Engineer's), Prick Punch 100mm, Hatcher Stake, Left Cut Snips 250mm, Hand Shear Universal 250 Mm Id, Hollow Punch Set Round 3 Mm Dia, Chisel Cold Flat 25 Mm X 250 Mm ., Pneumatic Rivet Gun, Bossing Mallet, End Tacked Mallet, Needle File (Swiss File) 150 Mm, Combination Turning Up And Wiring Machine With All, Accessories & Attachments, Power Press 2 Tons, Work Bench 1820 X 1310 X 760 Mm, Metal Rack 1820 X•1520 X 450 Mm, Fire Extinguisher Soda Acid Type, Fire Extinguisher Foam Type, Fire Buckets With Stand•, Co2 Welding Machine Complete Set 300amps With All, Accessories & Attachments, Tig Welding Machine Complete Set 200 Amps With All, Accessories & Attachments, Universal Cutting Machine With All Accessories &, Attachments, White Magnetic Board Size 1200mm X 900 Mm, Ups, 1000va, Minimum 30 Minute Backup, Suitable For One Pc, Lcd Projector- Minimum 2700 Ansilumens With Xga, Measuring Tape 150 Cm, Seam Ripper, Thimble, Tailor’s Card Scale Triangular, Tailors Square – Plastic, French Curve Set Of Three, Thread Cutter, Scale Plastic 24”, Scissors 25 Cm, Pinking Shears, Leg Shaper – Plastic, Garment Hangers, Screw Driver Set, Table Sharpener, Pressing Table, Blanket For Padding Of Pressing Table, Rubber Mat 2x1 M.X9mm, Sprayer, Waste Bin Big / Small, Pattern Punch, Pattern Notcher, Pattern Hanging Stand, Water Tub 60 Cm Dia, Stand For Hanging Dresses, Electric Automatic Steam Press, Sewing Machine – Single Needle Lock Stitch Industrial, Model, Double Needle Machine, Button Hole Machine, Button Sewing Machine, Bar Tack Machine, Feed Off The Arm Double Needle, Machine Attachments, Chairs With Low Back Rest Or Stools For The Machines, Display Board Covered With Glass Or Acrylic Sheet 120 X, 90 Cm, Pigeon Hole Almirah 10 Lockers & Separate Locking, Arrangements For Trainees, Locks For Above Pigeon Hole, Wall Clock, Calculator Desk Type, Dummy Lady (Different Size), Dummy Men (Different Size), Dummy Kid (Different Size), Instructors Desktop Loaded With Windows And 20” Colour, Steel Rule 15 Cm With Metric Graduation, Caliper Outside 15 Cm Spring, Divider 15 Cm Spring, Straight Scriber 15 Cm., Centre Punch 10 Cm, Screw Driver 15 Cm, Chisel Cold Flat 10 Cm, Hammer Ball Peen 0.45 Kg. With Handle, Hammer Ball Peen 0.22 Kg. With Handle, File Flat 25 Cm. Smooth, Hacksaw Frame Fixed 30 Cm., Safety Goggles., Steel Rule 60 Cm., Straight Edge 45 Cm Steel, Surface Plate 45 X 45 Cm Ci / Granite., Marking Table 91 X 91 X 122 Cm., Universal Scribing Block 22 Cm., V-Block Pair 7 Cm And 15 Cm With Clamps, Square Adjustable 15 Cm Blade., Angle Plate 10 X 20 Cm., Spirit Level 15 Cm Metal, Punch Letter 3 Mm Set. ., Punch Number Set 3 Mm., Punch Hollow 6 Mm To 19 Set Of 5, Punch Round 3mm X 4 Mm Set Of 2, Portable Hand Drill (Electric) 0 To 6 Mm, Drill Twist Straight Shank 1.5 To 12 Mm By 0.5 Mm, Drill Twist Straight Shank 8 Mm To 15 Mm By ½ Mm, Taps And Dies Complete Set In Box B.A, Taps And Dies Complete Set In Box With-Worth., Taps And Dies Complete Set In Box 3-18 Mm Set Of 10, File Warding 15 Cm Smooth, File Cut Saw 15 Cm Smooth, File Feather Edge 15 Cm Smooth, File Square 15 Cm Second Cut, Feeler Gauge 10 Blades, File Triangular 20 Cm Second Cut., File Flat 30 Cm Second Cut., File Round 30 Cm Bastard., File Hand 15 Cm Second Cut., Oil Stone 15 Cm X 5 Cm X 2.5 Cm, Oil Can 0.25 Liters., Soldering Iron 350 Gm., Blow Lamp 0.50 Liters., Spanner D.E. 6 -26 Mm Set Of 10 Pcs., Spanner Adjustable 15 Cm, Interchangeable Ratchet Socket Set With A 12, File Warding 15 Cm Smooth, File Cut Saw 15 Cm Smooth, File Feather Edge 15 Cm Smooth, File Square 15 Cm Second Cut, Feeler Gauge 10 Blades, File Triangular 20 Cm Second Cut., File Flat 30 Cm Second Cut., File Round 30 Cm Bastard., File Hand 15 Cm Second Cut., Oil Stone 15 Cm X 5 Cm X 2.5 Cm, Oil Can 0.25 Liters., Soldering Iron 350 Gm., Blow Lamp 0.50 Liters., Spanner D.E. 6 -26 Mm Set Of 10 Pcs., Spanner Adjustable 15 Cm, Clamp “C” 10 Cm, Hand Reamer Adjustable Cover Max 9 ,12,18mm – Set Of 3, Hand Reamer Taper 4 -9mm Set Of 6 Or 4 -7 Mm Set Of 4., Reamer Parallel 12 - 16mm Set Of 5., Scraper Flat 15 Cm., Scraper Triangular 15 Cm, Scraper Half Round 15cm, Chisel Cold 9 Mm Cross Cut 9 Mm Diamond., Chisel Cold 19 Mm Flat, Chisel Cold 9 Mm Round Noze., Stud Extractor Ezy – Out, Combination Set 30 Cm., Micrometer 25 – 50 Mm Outside., Micrometer 50 –75 Mm Outside., Micrometer Inside 25 - 50 Mm With Extension Rods., Vernier Caliper 15 Cm, Vernier Height Gauges 30 Cm., Wire Gauge, Metric Standard., Drill Twist Taper Shank 12 Mm To 25 Mm X 1.5., Drill Chuck 12 Mm, Pipe Wrench 40 Cm, Pipe Vice 100mm, Adjustable Pipe Tap Set Bsp With Die Set Cover Pipe Size, 15,20,25,32,38,50mm, Wheel Dresser (One For 4 Units)., Machine Vice 10 Cm., Sleeve Drill Morse 0 - 1, 1 - 2, 2 - 3., Vice Bench 12 Cm Jaws., Vice Leg 10 Cm Jaw., Lockers With 6 Drawers (Standard Size)., Metal Rack 182 X 182 X 45 Cm, Machine Vice 100mm., Wing Compass 25.4 Cm Or 30 Cm., Hand Hammer 1 Kg. With Handle., Torque Wrench (14 To 68 Nm), Slip Gauge As Johnson Metric Set., Carbide Wear Block 1 Mm – 2 Mm., Gauge Snap Go And Not Go 25 To 50 Mm By 5mm., Set Of 6 Pcs., Gauge Plug Single 3 Ended 5 To 55 By 5 Mm. Set Of, 11 Pcs., Gauge Telescopic Upto 150 Mm., Dial Test Indicator .01 Mm On Stand, Sine Bar 125 Mm., Sine Bar 250 Mm., Lathe Tools H.S.S. Tipped Set., Lathe Tools Bit 6 Mm X 75 Mm., Lathe Tools Bit 8 Mm X 75 Mm., Lathe Tools Bit 10 Mm X 85mm., Arm Strong Type Tool Bit Holder R.H., Arm Strong Type Tool Bit Holder L.H., Arm Strong Type Tool Bit Holder Straight., Stilson Wrenches 25 Cm, Pipe Cutter 6 Mm To 50 Mm Wheel Type., Pipe Bender Spool Type Up To 25 Mm. With Stand, Manually Operated., Adjustable Pipe Chain Tonge To Take Pipes, Steel Tape, 15 M Length, Plier Insulated, 150 Mm, Plier Side Cutting, 150 Mm, Screw Driver, 100 Mm, Screw Driver, 150 Mm, Electrician Connector, Screw Driver Insulated Handle Thin, Stem, 100 Mm, Heavy Duty Screw Driver , 200 Mm, Electrician Screw Driver Thin Stem Insulated Handle, 250, Mm, Punch Centre , 150 Mm X 9 Mm, Knife Double Bladed Electrician, Neon Tester, Steel Rule 300 Mm, Hammer, Cross Peen With Handle, Hammer, Ball Peen With Handle, Gimlet 6 Mm., Bradawl, Scriber (Knurled Centre Position ), Pincer 150 Mm, C- Clamp 200 Mm, 150 Mm And 100 Mm, Melting Pot, Oil Can 0.12 Ltr, Grease Gun, Rawl Plug Tool And Bit, Bearing Puller, Pipe Vice, Thermometer 0 To 100 Deg Centigrade, Scissors Blade 150 Mm, Crimping Tool, Chisel Cold Flat 12 Mm, Mallet Hard Wood 0.50 Kg, Hammer Extractor Type 0.40 Kg, Hacksaw Frame 200 Mm Adjustable, Hacksaw Frame 200 Mm Adjustable, Hacksaw Frame 300 Mm Adjustable, Pliers Flat Nose 150 Mm, Pliers Round Nose 100 Mm, Tweezers 100 Mm, Drill Hand Brace, Drill S.S. Twist Block 2 Mm, 5 Mm 6 Mm Set Of 3, Desoldering Gun, Hand Vice 50 Mm Jaw, Table Vice 100 Mm Jaw, Pipe Cutter To Cut Pipes Upto 5 Cm. Dia, Pipe Cutter To Cut Pipes Above 5 Cm Dia, Stock And Die Set For 20 Mm To 50 Mm G.I. Pipe, Stock And Dies Conduit, Multi Meter (Analog) 0 To 1000 M Ohms,2.5 To 500 V, Digital Multi Meter, Milli Voltmeter Centre Zero 100 – 0 – 100 M Volt, D.C. Milli Ammeter 0 -500m A, Dc Power Supply 0-30v, 2 Amp, Rheostat ,0 -1 Ohm, 5 Amp, Rheostat ,0 -10 Ohm, 5 Amp, Rheostat, 0- 25 Ohm, 1 Amp, Rheostat, 0- 300 Ohm, 1 Amp, Rheostat ,Battery Charger, Hydrometer, Miniature Breaker 16 Amp ( Raw Material), Growler, Tong Tester / Clamp Meter 0 – 100 Amp(Multy Rang). Ac, (Analog Type), Contactor 3 Phase, 440volt, 16amp (Raw Material), Auxiliary Contacts 3 Phase, 440volt, 16amp (Raw, Material), Contactor 3 Phase, 440 Volt, 32 Amp. (Raw Material), Auxiliary Contacts 3 Phase, 440 Volt, 32 Amp. (Raw, Material), Limit Switch (Raw Material), Rotary Switch 16 A (Raw Material), Load Bank 5 Kw( Lamp / Heater Type), Brake Test Arrangement With Two Spring Balance 0 To, 25 Kg Rating, Knife Switch Dpdt Fitted With Fuse Terminals 16 Amp, (Raw Material), Knife Switch Tpdt Fitted With Fuse Terminals 16 Amp(Raw, Material), Voltage Stabiliserinput 150 – 230 Volt Acoutput 220, Volt Ac, Electrical Machine Trainer – Suitable For Demonstrating, Steel Rule,300mm, Screw Driver ,200mm, Screw Driver ,100mm, Terminal Screw Driver,75 Mm (Connector), Knife Electrician, D.B., Hammer Ball Peen. 0.25 Kg, Plumb Bob , 115grams, Combination Pliers Insulated,200 Mm, Neon Tester Pencil Bit Type,500 Volt, Try Square ,200 Mm, Small Crimping Tools (Assorted) ,10 – 100 Mm (5nos), Spanner Set De,Set Of 6 From 6x7 To 16x7, Screw Driver Set (Set Of 5),100-300 Mm, File Half Round 2nd Cut ,250 Mm, File Round 2nd Cut ,150 Mm, Soldering Iron ,60 W/230 V, Neon Tester ,230 V, Forge With Hand Blower, Conduit Pipe Cutting And Threading Machines Adjustable,, For 15mm To 30mm., Conduit Pipe Bending Machine, Suitable ,For 15mm,18mm,, 25mm And 30mm Pipe, Bar Magnet, Drill Bit, 6mm, Drill Bit 8mm, Drill Bit 10 Mm, Horse Shoe Magnet, Crimping Tool,25mm, Crimping Tool For Telephone/Lan Cable, Rubber Matting ,2 Meter X 1 Meter X 9mm, Wiring Board On Stand ,3 Meter X1 Meter With 0.5 Meter, Projection On The Top, Fire Extinguishers , Dry Chemical 5 Kg, Set Of Rowel Punch ,8,10mm, Rawal Tool Holder & Bit,No.8, 10, 14, & 16, Set Of Wall Jumper Octagonal ,37mm X 450mm And 37 X, 600mm, Center Punch ,100mm, Combination Pliers Insulated,200 Mm Insulated, Rule Four Fold Wood ,600 Mm, Spanner Set De 6 X7,8x9,10x11,12x13,14x15,16x 17, ,Set Of 6, Bradawl ,150 Mm X 6mm Square Pointed, Set Of Rowel Punch ,8,10mm, Wooden Mallet ,1kg.(75mm X15mm), Pliers Side Cutting Insulated ,200mm, Pliers Flat Nose Insulated ,150mm, Pliers Round Nose Insulated ,200mm, Pliers Long Nose Insulated ,200mm, Screw Driver Heavy Duty ,200mm, Screw Driver Heavy Duty ,300 Mm, Firmer Chisel ,1”, Firmer Chisel ,½ ”, Hammer Ball Peen ,0.50 Kg., Wire Stripper ,150mm, Hammer Ball Peen ,1.00 Kg, Hammer Cross Peen ,0.50 Kg., Rawal Tool Holder & Bit ,No.8, 10, 14, & 16, Set Of Wall Jumper Octagonal ,37mm X 450mm And 37 X, 600mm, Scriber, 150mm, File Flat,300mm Rough, File Flat Round ,150mm Smooth, File Round ,300mm 2nd Cut, File Triangular,150mm 2nd Cut, Spanner Set Of 6 18 X19,20x22,21x23,24x27,25x, 27,30x32, Double Ended, Foot Print Grip ,250mm, Allen Keys, Set 5 To 11, Spirit Level ,300mm, Electric Soldering Iron ,125 Watts 230-250 V, Blow Lamp ,1 Litre Capacity, Forge With Hand Blower, Bench Vice ,150mm, Hand Vice ,50mm Jaw, Rubber Gloves,5000volts, Safety Belt With Provision For Keeping Tools, Tower Ladder On Type Wheels ,Min 10ft-Max 30ft, Portable Extension Ladder ,Aluminium 6 To 9 Meters, Trowel,150mm, All Types C.F.L. Lamp Sets , 5watt, All Types C.F.L. Lamp Sets , 15watt, All Types C.F.L. Lamp Sets , 25watt, Multi Meter,0-5, 100, 200, 500 Milli Amperes 0-100-1000,, 10000 Ohms. 0-150, 300, 600 V Ac/Dc 0-15 Amps., Hot Wire Ammeter, Wheatstone Bridge, Electrical Power Drilling Machine ,12mm, Capacity 250, Volts Universal Type, Megger (Insulation Tester ), 500 Volts, Voltmeter M.C. ,O.-300 Volts, Voltmeter M.C/ Multi Range,0.70, 150,300 & 600 V, Voltmeter M.C. Multi Range ,0-15,30,50 & 75 V, Voltmeter Centre Zero ,15-0-15 Volts, Voltmeter M.I. Multi-Range,0-150, 300, 600 V, Voltmeter M.I. Multi-Range ,0-50, 75, 150 V, Ammeter M.I. ,0-30 Amp, Panel Board Type, Ammeter M.I.0-30 Amp, Panel Board Type, Ammeter M.I,0 - 10 Amp. Panel Board Mounting Type, Ammeter M.C. Centre Zero ,5-0-5amp, Ammeter Mc ,0 – 1 Amp, Field Regulator,0 – 1000 Ohmic, 2 Amps, Single Phase K.W.H Meter Digital ,5a, 250 V A. C, Single Phase K.W.H Meter Analog ,5a, 250 V A. C, 3 Phase Kw Meter,15a 440 V, Clamp On Ammeter,0-25a,0-200a, Three Phase K.W.H Meter Analog ,25a,415 V A. C, Three Phase K.W.H Meter Digital ,25a,415 V A. C, Ups 500va With Battery ,230v, D.C. Compound Motor ,3 H.P 250 V With 4 Point Starter, And Field Regulator (Laboratory Type), D.C. Shunt Motor,3 H.P 250 V With 3 Point Starter, Dc Power Supply, 250v Dc , 25 Amp, Capacitor Motor ,1/2 H.P. Single Phase 250 V, Split Phase Motor ,1/2 H.P. Single Phase 250 V, Universal Motor , 1/2 H.P.Ac/Dc 250 V, Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 3 H.P. 400 V With D.O.L., Starter, Semi-Automatic Star Delta Starter, Automatic Star Delta Starter, Automatic Reverse Forward Starter, Single Phasing Preventer,415v, D.O.L Starter, Two Point Starter For Dc Series Motor, Soft Starter 1ph, Tachometer - Digital Type ,Non-Contact Type 0-6000 Rpm, Flux Meter, 2kva Alternator With 3 Ph Induction Motor, 5 Hp Slip Ring Induction Motor With Rotor Resistance, Starter, Lux Meter, Lead Acid Battery 75ah ,12v, Battery Charger ,15v,Current Controlled, Solar Street Light Lamp Set,12v , 18 / 24 Watts, Hydraulic Crimping Tool For Ug Cable Crimping With Bits,20 Sq Mm To 250sq Mm, Current Transformer for Trade Of Draughtsman Civil.

Key Values

EMD : INR 15,000
Closing Date : 25/01/2016
Document Sale To : 25/01/2016
Location : West Bengal - India

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