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Ref. Number : 35041357
Requirement : Supply of bedding items -, coir mattresses foam, pillow with cover, canteen / tuck shop, grocery(dry ration items), vegetable items, furniture items -, dual desk, office table, teacher’s table, single cot, steel almirah, library table / dining table, iron rack 1.5 x 2feet s full size, iron rack medium size, iron box, office chair without arm, office chair with arm, computer table, pvc molded chair, godrej office steel almirah, computer chair, display board, lecturer stand for class room, visitor chair, plastic chair with cousin, visitor chair, novapan one side laminated board, fiber sheet, glass door with aluminum frame, revolving office chair, office table, bench, pvc stool, partition in office, flouring tiles “kajaria” with complete fixing., office counter table, attendance register stand, student utensil stand, window blinds, steel trunk 4’x2.5’2.25’, filling cabinets, godrej office filling cabinet, side stool, sofa set, centre table, double bed 6.5’x6’, single bed 6.5’x3’, show case, computer work station for language lab, single seater chair with out arms, wooden stool, round revolving stool, victory stand, staff room chair, repairing of chair, repairing of table, repairing of single cot, repairing of dual desk, repairing of steel almirah, wall plate form, key stand, folding table 3’x1.5’x1.5’, side stool, bath room flush door, wardrob iron gate, laboratory items - , charts storage stand for 36 charts, chart display stand, label book with sticker, surgical gloves, chemical eosine stain solution (2%w/v), sudan iii solution, vaslene, borax, safranin stain solution, methylene blue stain solution, spirit, acetone, barfoed 's reagent, glycerine, napthalene balls, petrolium ether, tartaric acid, rexine bio visual charts virus types, structure and life history, forms of androecium, forms of gynaeciu,, placentation, aestivation, in fluorescence (simple, racemose,cymose), in fluorescence (compound & special), forms of ovules, life cycle of algae(spirogyra), life cycle of plasmodium, life cycle of gymnosperm (pinus ), life cycle of angiosperm (brassica), life cycle of bryophyte (moss), life cycle of pteridophyte (fern), water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, food chain & food web, polyart plastic human anatomy charts skeletal system, skull & joints, spinal cord, human blood group, classification of organism five kingdom, human blood - composition and function, immune system, human eye & ear, human reflex arch, human gaseous exchange system, excretory system in human - malpighian corpuscle, mitosis cell division, meiosis cell division, diatoms, evolution of man, human teeth, chromosomes of man, life cycle of fungus, plant families (with floral (a) solanaceae, formula & floral diagrams (b) fabaceae, funnel stand, glass tube, ferrus ammonium sulphate, igmition tube, ferrus sulphate, ethynl alcohol, ammonium hydroxide, potassium chloride, potassium iodide, potassium bromide, hydrochloric acid, ammonium chloride, sulphuric acid, benzene, aniline, ph indicator, pheropthaline, nitric acid, tollen reajent, litmus paper blue & red, glass tube, rubber cork, ethylacetate (ester), pipette, test tube, periodie table chart, digital thermometer, weight box, digital multimeter, thermometer(-10 to 120) (mercury in, color), calorimeter, measuring cylinder 500ml, measuring cylinder 500 ml, beaker 250 ml, beaker 500 ml, beaker 100 ml, stop clock racer, burettes stand, voltmeter 0-2.5v, voltmeter 0-5volt, prism (big size), rheostat, resistance box manual, battery eliminator (0-12 volt), upright for optical banch with niddle & with lens holder, capillary tubes fitted on stand for surface tension without microscope, apparatus to find frequency of ac using sonometer, apparatus to find viscosity of fluids, resonance tube apparatus, tele scope, microscope, melting appratus, test tubes, tongs, copper sulphate, ferrous sulphate, chart stand, charts, chemical kits, ohm's law apparatuss, voltameter, golvenometer, ammetin, microscope chemistry kit, teaching aid, projector, screen projector, base for projector, stand for projector, markers, wind mill model, biogas plant model, educational cd (for 6 to 10 class), medicine items, mess utensils items -, gas oven (big) iron frame, iron oven (big size height 2ft. width 1.5ft, iron karai (big size 2ft 2ft, bhagona (aluminium) size –dia-42” height-26”, bhagona (aluminium )size-dia-36” height-18”, tawa iron (big & heavy) dia-36”, pressure cooker 60 litrs. (gold king), pressure cooker 80 litrs. (gold king), aluminum bhagona (big size) height 1.5ft diameter 2.5ft., aluminum bhagona medium size height 1ft diameter 2ft., steel balti (plain) medium, steel glass(plain)medium, aluminium bucket, steel bucket (10lits.), plastic bucket (10lits), steel spoon, steel composite thali(round), steel composit thali (rectangular), steel half plate, steel bowl, steel glass, steel service spoon (round shape) for dal & vegitable, plastic tub (big size), aluminium patila big size, aluminium patila small size, iron chhalni big size, iron jharjhara big size, iron jharjhara medium size, iron jhajhara small size, iron karahi big size, iron karahi medium size, iron tawa, steel kalchhu, steel rice service spoon, steel service container, steel service container 20 liter, steel service container 15 liter, steel service container 10liter, steel service container05 lter, steel tea container 20 liter, steel tea container 05 lter, heavey duty mixer grinder (isi mark), chapati making machine - 1000 chapati per hour, chapati making machine - 500 chapati per hour, hot case -steel body - 10 ltr, steel tanki 100 kg capacityincluding dhakkan, rice stainer-big size, milk product, m & r items -, cement (mention brand), glass (plain) 3mm, glass (design) 3mm, glass (mirror), iron net for window, lime, blue, g.i.wire (for bamboo fencing), aluminum sheet, glass putty, zebra pin, nail, lime cool, nail ½ inch, washable distemper, paints- all colour, nut & bolt 2”, g.i. wire (for hanging of cloths), l-drop (iron), door lock(iron), door handle (iron), kobja(iron), curtain spring, alum, cement paint, red oxide, enamal paint synthatic 4 ltr, bricks, sand, white cement, wood primer (berger), wood primer(asian paint), wood primer (dulux), wood paint (berger), thinnar, 10 mm chips, 15 mm chips, terracotta acro paint - yellow, terracotta acro paint - brick, brush, 5", brush 3", turpentine oil, aldrin, fenval dust, ddl sh, type-i white wash 2 cote including paint, office stationery -, a4 size xerox paper, fs size xerox paper, a3 size xerox paper, eraser, sharpner, wood pencil, gum stick (any colour), gum tube(any colour), gum bottle -700 ml, paper pin, stampad-(blue/black/red), stampad ink-(blue/black/red), stapler machine, stapler machine, stapler pin no-10-1m, stapler pin no-24/6-1m, calculator, cd r 80/700 mb, cd rw 80/700 mb, dvd r, dvd rw, cd/dvd cover, cello tape, register no. wise with binding-rulles, flag for file flaging, file cover-fs, file folder-fs, file cover-spring pin-fs, file tag-small, file tag-big, petty cash book-good quality, ledger-good quality, attendance register, cash book-good quality, paper punch machine, note sheet pads, inward register, dispatch register, spiral note pad 50 pages, note pad 50 pages, basta cloth-full size, plumbing items -, union upvc, pipe upvc, socket upvc, elbow upvc, t upvc, elbow upvc reducer, shoket upvc reducer, upvc solution, upvc solution, 1 1/2" valve pvc, 1 "valve upvc, 1/2"valve upvc, 1"plug upvc, 1/2 " plug upvc, taps pvc, taps brass, hook metal, shoket 1/2"gi, union 1 "gi, union 1 1/2"gi, t 1 "gi, 2 "valve brass, 1"elbow gi, 1 1/2"black pipe pvc, 1 1/2"elbow gi, sistern, upvc mt 1/2", upvc ft 1/2", upvc mt 1", upvc ft 1", uniform ( shoes/chappals), sports equipments -, foot ball, foot ball net, foot ball stud., foot ball stud., volley ball, volley ball, volley ball net, volley ball net, basket ball (size-7), basket ball ring net, basket ball ring, hand ball, t.t board, t.t. bat, t.t ball, cricket bat (tennis), cricket bat

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Closing Date : 27/06/2019
Location : Rajasthan - India

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