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Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 25/11/2019
Corrigendum Details :Extension
Corrigendum Type :Date
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Ref. Number : 37165331 Tender Number : 2019_HFWD_14567_1 Tender Prod. No : 2019_HFWD_14567_1
Requirement : Supply of reagent and consumables Mini Vidas Paper Roll, 110mm, T3, T4, Tsh, Troponin-I, Ferritin, Afp, Cod-30413, Cea, Cod-30453, Ca 19.9, Cod-30427, Psa Total, Cod-30428, Ca 125, Cod-30426, Free Psa, Cod-30440, Ca 15.3, Cod-30429, Vitamin D, Hbsag (rapid), Hbsag (elisa, Hbeag Elisa (envelop), Anti Hbe Elisa (envelop), Hbcag Elisa (core), Anti Hbc Elisa (core), Hcv (elisa), Hcv (rapid), Hev (rapid), Hev (elisa), Hav (rapid), Hav (elisa), Malaria (rapid), Parahit Total, Leptospira (rapid), Leptospira (elisa), Salmonella (rapid), Filariasis (rapid), Leishmenia Ab, Chikungunya Igm (rapid), Chikungunya Igm (elisa), Rpr/Vdrl, Widal (tube), Rf (latex), Crp (latex), Aso (latex), Je Mac Elisa , Dengue Mac Elisa , Dengue Ns1 Ag Elisa, West Nile Mac Elisa, Helicobacter Pylori Igg Elisa, Helicobacter Pylori Iga Elisa, Measles Igg Elisa, Measles Igm Elisa, Mumps Igg Elisa, Mumps Igm Elisa, Mycoplasma Pneumo Igg Elisa, Mycoplasma Pneumo Igm Elisa, Toscana Virus Igg Elisa, Toscana Virus Igm Elisa, Varicella Igg Elisa, Varicella Igm Elisa, Borelia Igg Elisa, Borelia Igm Elisa, Ds Dna Elisa, Ds Dna Elisa Igm, Ds Dna Elisa Iga, Leptospira (igm Elisa), Scrub Typhus Elisa Igm, Anti Cardiolipin Elisa, Anti Ccp Elisa, Insulin (ins), Ifn-G Elisa, Il-6 Elisa, Il-1b Elisa, Il-10 Elisa, Il-12+P40 Elisa, Il -4 Elisa, Il-8 Elisa, Stnf-R1 Elisa, Stnf-R11 Elisa, Tnf Alpha Elisa, Igf-I Elisa, Igfbp-3 Elisa, Igfbp-1 Elisa, Monolisa Anti Hbs Plus, Ana Elisa, Igfbp-11 Elisa, Ana Ifa (ana Hep2), Anti Ds Dna (crithidia Lucilliae), Ana Profile 3, Ana Profile 31, Ana 17 Pro (immune Blots), Profile Autoimmune Liverdisease, Anca Profile, Myositis -pro (immune Blots), Vasculitis Pro (immune Blots), Gastro Pro (immune Blots), Borelia G (immune Blots), Borelia M (immune Blots), Allergy Profile Food India, Allergy Profile Inhalation India, Allergy Profile Paediatrics, Neuronal Antigen Profile 2, Gangliosides Profile 2, Ebv Profile 2, Toxo Igg, Toxo Igm, Rubella Igg, Rubella Igm, Cmv Igg, Cmv Igm, Hsv (i & Ii) Igg, Hsv (i & Ii) Igm, Asca Profile Iga, Asca Profile Igg, Gad Elisa Igg, C-Peptide Elisa, Cr Ag Lateral Flow Cryptococcus, Aspergillus Fumigatus Igg, Micro Tips 0.2-10µl, Micro Tips 2-200µl, Micro Tips 100-1000µl, Micro Tips 0.2-10µl, Micro Tips 2-200µl, Micro Tips 200-1000µl, Micro Tips 100-1000µl, Gad Elisa Igg, C-Peptide Elisa, Crag Lateral Flow Cryptococcus, Aspergillus Fumigatus Igg, Micro Tips 0.2-10µl, Micro Tips 2-200µl, Micro Tips 100-1000µl, Micro Tips 0.2-10µl, Micro Tips 2-200µl, Micro Tips 200-1000µl, Micro Tips 100-1000µl, Versatrax Redox I, Versatrax Connector, Paper Roll For Elisa, 80mm, Centrifuge Tubes 1.5ml, Centrifuge Tubes 0.5ml, Centrifuge Tubes 2ml, Cryo Vials, 5 Ml, Beakers(Size 50 Ml), Beakers (size 100 Ml), Beakers (size 250 Ml), Beakers(Size 500 Ml), Beakers(Size 1000 Ml), Petri Dishes 80mmx17mm (glass), Petri Dishes 100mmx17mm (glass), Petri Dishes 90mm (disposable), Petri Dishes 150 Mm (disposable), T Tubes 12x75mm, T Tubes 18x150mm, Microscopic Slide , Microscopic Slide , Cover Glass 22mmx40mm, Filter Paper, N 95 Mask, Nitrile Gloves, Urine Container 30ml, Tourniquet Belt, All Himedia Product , Surgical Mask, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, Tissue Paper, Immersion Oil, Rectified Spirit, Esr Pipette Disposable, Esr Stand , Sodium Hypochlorite, Formalin, Nutrient Broth 100ml, Nutrient Agar 100ml, Macconkey Agar , Macconkey Broth, Methyl Violet , Gram's Iodine , Deionised Water, All Blood Collection Container (clot Activator,Edita, Esr, Sev Etc. (non-vacuuam, Non Irradiated), K2/K3 Edta (vaccuam, Irradiated), Clot Activator, Esr, Citrate 3.2%, Citrate 3.8% Vial (vaccuam, Irradiated), No Additive Vial (vaccuam, Irradiated), Glucose (vaccuam, Iradiated), Disposable Syringe 10ml, Disposable Syringe 20ml, Disposable Syringe 2ml, Disposable Syringe 5ml, Insulin Syringe, Microscope Bulb, Phenyl, Act 5 Diff Diluent, Act 5 Diff Fix, Act 5 Diff Hgb Lyse, Act 5 Diff Wbc Lyse, All Thermo Fisher Lab. Consumables , All Life Science Research Lab. Consumables , D-125 Disinfectant, Fogger Machine, Bbl Mgit 7ml Tubes (100 Tubes), Bbl Mgit 960 Supplement Kit (100 Tubes), Bbl Mgit 960 Sire Kits (40 T), Bbl Mgit 960 Ir Kit (40 T), Bbl Mgit 960 Pza (25 Tubes), Bbl Mgit 960 Pza Kit (50 T), Genotype Mtbd Plus V2.0, Genotype Mtbdrs, Genolyse, Diamond Pencil, Gn Test Kit Ktk2, Gp Test Kit Ktk2, Yst Test Kit Ktk2, Nh Test Kit , Anc Id, Ast P628, Ast St 01, Ast N281, Ast N280, Ast N235 (urine Specific Card), Antifungal Ast Ys 07, Suspension Solution(3x500ml), Unsenitized Tubes (1x2000), Macartney (blood Culture Bottle), Blood Culture Bottle 125 Ml, Whatman Filter Paper, Densicheck Plus Calibration Standard, Trueprep Mag Blood Sample Prep Kit For Blood/Serum/Plasma/Body Fluids, H1n1 (swine Influenza), Hbv (hepatitis-b), Chik V (chikungunya), Pf (falciparum Malaria), Dengue Spp. (typhoid Fever), Rabies, Salmonella Spp. (typhoid Fever), Mtb, Mtb-Rif, Truprep Mag Sputum, Eptb Pack, Ppd 5tu, Ppd 10tu, Acetone, Methanol Emplura, Leiishman Stain, Microscope Bulb 6v20w, Iso Propanol Alcohol Lr, Parafin Liquid Light, Sulfuric Acid , Glycerin Lr, Ethanol (diethyl Ethar Lr), Coplin Jar, Absolute Alcohol, Sodium Chloride, Liquid Parafin, Nitrile Gloves, Spirit Lamp, Funnel Plain Short Stem, 75mm, Parafin Wax, Adhesive Plaster, Cedar Wood Oil, 25%Dextrose, Glycerol, Cidex, All Molbio Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd Reagent, Qlaamp Dna Mini Kit(50), Qlaamp Dna Mini Kit(250), Qiaamp Dna Blood Mini Kit (50), Qiaamp Dna Blood Mini Kit (250), Qiaamp Viral Rna Mini Kit (50), Qiaamp Viral Rna Mini Kt (250), Taqman Universal Pcr Master Mix, Nuclease-Free Water, Ethanol (molecular Grade), All Roche Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd Reagent, Cell Culture Flask 25 Cm 2, Cell Culture Flask 75 Cm 2, Centrifuge Tube 15 Ml, Centrifuge Tube 50 Ml, Storage Vial 5ml, Storage Vial 2ml, Micro Centrifuge Tube, Serological Pipette 5ml, Serological Pipette10ml, Serological Pipette2ml, Liquid Nitrogen, Media Preparation Glass Bottless, Volumetric Flask (glass), Glass Beaker , Phosphate Buffer Saline 10x, Syringe Filter, Hoechst Stain Kit For Mycoplasma, Dimethyl Sulphoxide 250 Ml, Measuring Cylinder (glass), Cryogenic Vial Canes, Isopropanol 500 Ml, Nitrile Powder Free Gloves (small/medium/large), Sodium Hydroxide Pellets, 96 Well Clear Flat Bottom Microplate , All Applyed Biosystem Reagent, Tri Sodium Citrate, N-Acetyl L Cysteine, Di Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Potassium Di Hydrogen Phosphate, Phenol Crystalline, Geno Type Mtbdr Plus, Mgit Tube, Mgit 960 Supplement Kit, Lj Media, Mgit Calibration Vial, Mgit 960 Sire Kit, Mgit 960 Pza Kit, Mgit 960 Pza Susceptibility Test Media, Mgit Tbc Id Test Device, N95 Particulate Respirator (kimberlyclarck), Pcr Tubes 0.2 Ml, 15 Ml Centrifuge Tube, Disposable Lab Coat (kleen Guard A40), Mct 1.5 Ml, Scott Compact Towels, 10 Ul Sterile Filtered Tips, 200 Ul Sterile Filtered Tips, 1000 Ul Sterile Filtered Tips, Aluminium Foil, Cv Strip Super Lock Nylon Cable Tiles, Pas Stain, Gms Stain, Lateral Flow Assay (cryptococcus Ag Detection) Emee Company, Assay Plate 96 Well With Lid, Clear Round Button, Non Treated, Polysterrene, Rpmi Broth (1640) Mops Buffer, Dmso Solvent, Ethyl Alcohol, Polyethyl Lene Glycol And Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Antfungal Powder, (i) Amphootericin B, (ii) Caspofungin, (iii) Voriconazole, (iv) Fluconazole, (v) Itraconazole, Salmonella Typhi Igg/Igm (rapid), Hbs Ag Ultra, Remel Nitrocefin Discs, Rapidec Carbanp Test, Antisera Set- Vibrio Cholerae, Antisera Set- Salmonella, Antisera Set- Shigella, Antisera Set- Diarrhoegenic E Coli, Wellcogen™ Bacterial Antigen Rapid Latex Agglutination Test, Bacterial Meningitis (remel), Lateral Flow Assay For Cryptococcus, Bbl Vacutainer Anaerobic Specimen Collector, Universal Viral Transport System, Muslin Cloth , Sterigreen Paper , Polivinyl/Plastic Pouch, Ecoshield, Test Tube Rack Plastic, Colistin Sulfate Salt , Vancomycin Hydrochloride With Additional Supplements, Oxoid Pbp2 Latex Agglutination Test Kit, Blood Culture Bottl

Key Values

Document Fees : 5,000
EMD : 100,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 50,000,000
Closing Date : 2/12/2019
Location : Assam - India

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