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Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 05/12/2019
Corrigendum Details :DATE EXTENDED
Corrigendum Type :Date
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Ref. Number : 37421135 Tender Number : 2019_HEdD_321566_1 Tender Prod. No : 2019_HEdD_321566_1
Requirement : Purchase of sports equipments under plan 2019-20 -take of board( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), javelin wood bamboo (600g)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), javelinwood bamboo(700g)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), javelinwood bamboo(800g)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), wooden discusi1kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), wooden discus( 1.5 kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), wooden discus(1.75 kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), wooden discus(2 k.g)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), shot put(3kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), shot put(4kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), shot put(5kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), shot put(6kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), shot put(7.260.kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), hammer(3 kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), hammer(4 kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), hammer(5kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), hammer(6kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), hammer(7.260 kg)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), steeple chase hurdles( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), starting block( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), measuring tape(50 m)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), measuring tape(30 m)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), measuring tape( 15 m)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), stop watch(cosco /nivia iaaf approved, jump rope( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), high jump cross bar(fibre)( nelco/vinex iaaf approved), kids athletics kit, basketball men (size 7)--nivia top grip, basketball women (size6) -nivia top grip, basketball women (size6) -nivia pro touch, basketball ring net- cosco pp (white ), boxing pad usi- normal , boxing usi bag glove, pu leather -8 ounz, boxing usi bag glove, pu leather-10 ounz, boxing usi bag glove, pu leather-12 ounz, boxing pucnhing bag, usi -180 cm, boxing amature contest head guard usi- medium, boxing amature contest head guard usi-large, boxing head band punching reflex ball-adjustable, iris speed ball speed bag-standerd 10 kg, boxing wrist wrap usi -normal, boxing wrist wrap usi -large, baseball-basheen crown super plus (abfi approved), baseball slugger-louis villa (abfi approved), baseball practice ball-playball (abfi approved), baseball home plate-basheen (abfi approved), baseball base-basheen (abfi approved), baseball pitching medicine ball-basheen (abfi approved), cricket bat-(dsc conter suge english willow cricket bat/ ss masters 7000 bat/ new balance tc-860 english willow), cricket thigh guard-moonwalker endos, cricket arm pad-dsc intence attitude, cricket kitbag-new balance club wheelie , cricket bating pad-dsc conder surge , cricket ball leather-sg club , omtex elite plastic side arm pro(omtex elite ), cricket batting tea cones-roxan rubber, " leather cricket gloves-(dsc intense passion, (right hand -4,left hand -2)", pug net for cricket fielding-6 feet, catching practice cricket bat-ss/sg, katchet board-omtex orange, cricket spring back stumb-(ce rino plstic), cricket helmet-(shrey mil steel visor), cricket keeping gloves for men-dsc intense speed c, wicket keeping inner gloves-dsc pro /sg/ss, wicket keeping legguard-(dsc intense speed/ss), coir cricket mat-( standared size-(66 feet x 8 feet), tennis ball cricket bat (full size)-mrf popular willow (full size), cricket tennis ball-nivia/ cosco (pack of six, green), cricket batting grip-sg /ss, amaron battery-12 watt , " leverage master digi pro bowling machine-bowls outswing and inswing , offspin , and legspin, , power consumption 4hr/1 unit, battery compatability, 230 v ac and 12 v dc", electrical blade complete(fencing)-foil, electrical blade complete(fencing)-epee, electrical blade complete(fencing)-sabre, electrical blade(fencing)-epee, electrical blade(fencing)-sabre, electrical blade(fencing)foil, non electrical metal point blade(fencing)-foil, non electrical metal point blade(fencing)-epee, mask(fencing)-epee, mask(fencing)-foil, weapon gloves, football-nivia- shining star, football -nike-mercurial fade,size 5, "corner flag-set of 6 corner flags for soccer football,, standard size corner flags, package contents - 6corner flags, bottom spring set of 6 pieces, durable and water proof,made in top-quality premium fabric with pvc pipe, ( setof 6 pieces)", football kick trainer -(sahni sports), "plastic agility ring ladder-(sahni sports)material, plastic,color multi-color, product size standard 18 inch dia.", "poly proplene , shoulder resistance harness fitness band -, ", "pop up soccer goal-(set of 2 portable goals with, carry bag)( set of 2 )x 2= 4 pieces", "adjustable hurdle cone set -, ( sports cone for agilty trng) 18 inch cones,heavy duty cones and resistant poles, 4 set (6 cones and 3 poles", flat agility ladder (4meter with 10 rungs), "speed running parachute for practice , -sahni sports pro grade running parachute", "training bibs-for football,size l,, jersey number printed", "movable football goalpost, -standard size ( 24x 8 feet)", soccer goal post ( small size) -vinex- 2 pair, "sauser cones (set of 50), -5 set ( 250 cones) for football coaching", "digital substitution board, -for football substitution", hockey stick -alfa cyrano unisex, hockey ball -flash , shin guard-ce rhino theranga , flap cones -sas, marker cones -sas 9 inch, hockey kit bag -bas vampire, ", pommel horse- stag pommel horse competition adjustable height 1.10mtr to 1.50mtr , ", parallel bar -stag parallel bar adjustable height 1.65mtr. to 2.25mtr. , balancing beam-stag balancing beam adjustable height 1.10 mtr to 1.50 mtr, , mushroom horse -stag mushroom horse training 60cm x 60cm x 60cm , "spring board-stag spring board laminated pylwood 1.20mtr x 60cm x 22cm, ", grip-dare buckle grips - high bar (hand), grip-champions velcro ring grips (hand), magnesium carbonate-champions velcro ring grips (hand), mat-nelco mat for school-pvc cover without attachment strips reinforced corners 200x100x23 cm, tera tube-thera-band exercise tubing kit with soft grip handles - 50" - silver - super heavy, tera band-tdas theraband resistance bands- 1.5 meters thera , "stag judo mat-2m length, 1m width, 50 mm thickness, material belgium made covering rubber cotting", "green hill judo gi, /eagle judo gi , (judo dress) ijf approved-whiite judo gi - small 150 cm(suit for person 150cm height) ", "green hill judo gi, /eagle judo gi , (judo dress) ijf approved-whiite judo gi - medium 160 cm(suit for person 150cm height) (medium)jfi approved", "kabaddi mat-size - 1mx1m ; colour-dual tone (international standard) ; thickness- 30mm; , quality -anti static , anti skid, premium grade pro kabaddi mat,, interlocking system ; density 120kg/m3;material japanees synthetic rubber", "sepaktakraw ball(men)-international sepaktakraw federation, approved , marathon sepaktakraw competition ball (men)product codemt 908 weight 170-180gm, circumference 0-41m -0.43m, *ball material synthetic fibre wih rubber covering", "sepaktakraw net- international sepaktakraw federation, approved , marathon takraw net product codemn 801, the net should be made of fine nylon cord, with a mesh of 0.06m - 0.08m", "sepaktakraw ball (practice ball men)-international sepaktakraw federation, approved , marathon sepaktakraw practice ball(men) product codemt 301 wight 170-180gm, circumference 0.41m -0.43m, ball material synthetic fibre without rubber covering ", "sepaktakraw ball (practice ball w0men)-international sepaktakraw federation, approved , marathon sepaktakraw competition ball(women) product codemt 909, weight 150-160gm , circumference 0.42m- 0.44m, ball material synthetic fibre with rubber covering", tera bandnelco/tdas/technto theraband resistance bands- 1.5 meters thera , softball-basheen 530 c ( isa approved ), softball slugger-mizuno night hawk (isa approved ), softball gloves-play ball (isa approved ), catcher leg guard-basheen (isa approved ), softball mask-basheen(isa approved ), softball practice ball-playball(isa approved ), softball pitching medicine ball-basheen(isa approved ), "chest guard-dae-do /adidas/mooto taekwondo plus foam chest guard wtf recognised, *

Key Values

Document Fees : 8,400
EMD : 34,767
Tender Estimated Cost : 3,476,713
Closing Date : 11/12/2019
Document Sale To : 02/12/2019
Location : Kerala - India

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