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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 13/12/2019
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 05/12/2019
Corrigendum Details :Key Date And Eligibility Criteria Revised
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
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Ref. Number : 37570294 Tender Number : 2019_DTE_62568_1 Tender Prod. No : 2019_DTE_62568_1
Requirement : Supply of civil engineering lab equipment, metric chain, gunters chain, engineers chain, steel tape, fibre glass tape, invar tape, ranging rods, peg, off set rod, open cross staff , french cross staff, optical square prism type, line ranger prism type, prismatic compass, surveyor compass, plane table, alidade simple , levelling staff, transit vernier theodolite, planimeter, tacheometer, compression testing machine (200 tonnes), vicat apparatus, slump cone apparatus, compaction factor apparatus, rebound hammer apparatus, vibration table, concrete mixer, cube moulds, cylindrical moulds, beam moulds, steel mould for 70.6mm cube, mason tool kit, plumber's kit, aggregate impact test apparatus, flackiness and elongation apparatus/ thickness and length gauge, le-chatelier apparatus, bulk density buckets, briquette mould , sieve sets for coarse aggregates, sieve shaker, electronic weighing machine, gi tray, electric hot air oven, air permeability testing apparatus for cement, los angeles abrasion testing machine, aggregate crushing value test apparatus, standard penetration test apparatus for bitumen, ductility test apparatus for bitumen, softning point test apparatus, specific gravity test, viscosity test(ring & ball test ), flash and fire point test, float test, determination of water content of bitumen, electric oven with thermostatic control, cnc milling trainer machine stepping resolution 0.003mm weighing balance electronic, pycnometer, density bottle, sand replacement method apparatus, cylindrical core cutter field density kit, liquid limit apparatus hand operated, plastic limit apparatus , shrinkage limit set, sample extractor for 38mm dia hand operated, sampling auger outfit blade type (post hole type), proctor compaction mould and rammers, laboratory cbr test machine, direct shear test apparatus, triaxial shear test apparatus with electronic instrumentation system, proving ring with calibration charts, dial gauges, glass ware is 2386 (part iii)- 1963, graduated cylinder , volumetric flasks, desiccatory., porcelain ware, colmcilles, mortar and pestle, moisture cans, sundry tools, sample container non - corrodible air tight, spatula , palette knives, straight edge, ground glass plate, square trowel, gi trays, split spoon sampler, grain size apparatus (pipetter method) , standard proctor compaction apparatus, modified proctor apparatus, vane shear apparatus, digital ph meter, turbidity meter, photochem colorimeter, digital type choloroscope for residual chlorine, digital do meter for sewage sample, bod incubator for sewage sample, bacteriological colony counter, bacteriological incubator (hot count), jar test flocculator, centrifuge, mechanical stirrer, water analysis kit, hot air oven, water sampler , water distillation apparatus, high volume air sampler attachement for gases , glass ware of different size, digital electronic balance, b.o.d incubator with shaker., hot plate.

Key Values

Document Fees : 5,000
EMD : 240,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 8,000,000
Closing Date : 14/12/2019
Location : Madhya Pradesh - India

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