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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 11/12/2019
Corrigendum Details :Revised BOQ Changed and Revised Tender Document
Corrigendum Type :BOQ
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Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 05/12/2019
Corrigendum Details :Pre Bid Meeting Date Changed
Corrigendum Type :Date
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Ref. Number : 37587128 Tender Number : 2019_GMCS_32926_1 Tender Prod. No : 2019_GMCS_32926_1
Requirement : Supply of dental materials - alginate (1 kg), adhesive plaster/ micropore 4", aldehyde free disinfectant for intrument (5 litres) , aquacaine spray(bottle) , alvogyl dressing, articulating paper(pkt of 120 strips) ) , activator tube for facbow(pair), air rotor burs, amulgum liner, applicator tips (pkt 50 no.), addition silicon putty/regular/ medium body/light body, acrylic stone trimmer (black, white, pink round conical, cylindrical pear shaped each size equal quantity ) each, autoclaveable gloves 6", autoclaveable gloves 6.5", autoclaveable gloves 7", amelogenin for periodontal regeneration .15ml & .3ml, arch bar , assorted brackets 022 mbt premolar to premolar upper lower (kit), base plate (pkt), broaches(pkt), bonding agent 7th generation bond, bond 9th generation , bone grafting material natural bone material spongiasa granules small particles size 1.4 mm , bone grafting material natural bone material spongiasa granules large particles size 0.25, bone grafting material synthetic bone graft material containing either hydroxyatelie or beta tri calcium phosphate crystals (block omfs ot)), bp blades (pkt of 100 no.)size=11/12/15/22/23, bp blade with handle (disposable)=11/12/15nos., bleaching kit agent 37.5% h2o2 and 10% carbemide peroxide, bp handle 12 no. 23no. & 15 no., bristle polishing brushes, bio dentin, bulk fill composite universal rstoration, bonding agent for panavia resin condition/adhesive-a& b, band material premolar, biphasic calcium phosphate 60%ha /40$ beta tep, biphasic calcium phosphate 60%ha /40$ beta tep .15ml (450x630 hm), biphasic calcium phosphate 60%ha /40$ beta tep .4ml (450x1000 hm), cold cure pink (liquid & powder), cold cure clear (liquid & powder), cold cure liquid , cold mould seal (pkt of 500 ml ) , campher phenol, cresophene, clove oil (110g), calcium hydroxide powder (pkt), crown cutting bur kit, ca(oh)2 iodoform paste syringe/ tubes, core buildup composite/material, cord poker, composite polshing plus kit, composite preparation and finishing kit, calcium hydroxide points(15-40), carbide bur fizzer st flame, conical round, round, cylindrical, tappered, cotton roll 500gms each , casting ring ( small medi large), crucibles for casting, casting metal cobalt chrome, casting metal nickel chrome each pallate of 3 gms each , ceramic finishing kit, cotton bandage 2", catgut 3-0 round body needle ( pkt of 12 ) , collagen memberan made of pure type-i collegen 25x25x.2mm, collogen periodontal chip -sterile collegen periodontal chip impregnated with 2.5mg chlorhexidine gluconate and thickness 1-2mm, cancellous bone block- rigid with proper fixation size 10x10x20mm, chemical cure gp points, composite polishing discs ( coarse, medium, fine and extra fine ) , ca(oh)2 tubes, carbide burs size 169l/245/271, closed coil springs (various length), disinfectant sleeves for all types of hand pieces etc. (pkt of 24) , denture adhesive powder, dental varnish, dycal, dental floss, dental chair bulb, devitaliser arsenic free, diamond bur i) egg shaped (ii) wheel rounded (iii) wheel burs, diamond marking pencil, disinfectant for cleaning of burs (liters), die stone (3 kg), dematerialized bone matrix- high purty type-1 collogen, duplicating material agar /silicon, drip set bt, distilled water for autoclave (liters), disposable syringes 2cc, disposable syringes 5cc, disposable syringes 10cc, disposable syringes 20cc, disposable face mask ( 2 ply) , disposable face mask ( 3 ply) , disposable gloves sterilized(pkt of50 no.) 6 no., disposable gloves sterilized(pkt of50 no.) 6.5 no., disposable gloves sterilized(pkt of50 no.) 7 no., disposable gloves sterilized(pkt of50 no.) 7.5 no., disposable turban caps (nos.), disposable surgical gowns, disposable surgical drape set, disposable dental unit drapes, disposable patients drapes, etchant, endosolve-e, endo rotary files protaper, edta 17 % , edta gel, ethylene /vinyl acetated co-polymer fibre diameter 0.5 mm containing tetracycline (1 pkt x4 fiber carton), emergency kits, endo access burs, elastomeric modules, elastomeric chain short/closed/open, elastics extra oral 8 oz, elastics intra oral 1/4", elastics 5/16" &3/16", finger plugger, finger spreader, formacrysole (liters), flucal gel, fluoride varnish, flowable composite with etchant, flowable composite without etchant, flux , facebow standard short or long, face mask( multi adjustable) pair, glycerin bottle of 500 ml, green stick (pkt), grinding stone( assorted), gic lutting cement (pkt), gic –type-ii (pkt), gic re-in forced restorative, gp point, gic light cure, gp sticks , gum paint 60 ml, gate glidden drills size
1/2/3, gutta purcha solvent, gc plus tooth mousce, gauze than, gloves powder, gp points protaper (pkt ), gutta flow bio seal, gold polishing kit stones of coarse , med, fine grade size , heat cure pink veined, heat cure light pink, h-files, hand sanitizer (bottle), headgel with chin cap, hand piece oil (bottle), heat cure clear , haemostatic agent for restoration cord, highpull head gear with safty modules, hyrex screw(11 & 13mm), heat cured soft liner , hand protaper files, hand protaper gp, impression compound (pkt), interim restorative material eugenol free, implant kit with all the accessories., inlay wax, investment material gypsum bounded kg, investment material phosphate bounded kg, intra oral lips for light body, k-files, kalzinol liquid/powder, kit for micro abrasion for teeth , lysol bottles (liters), light cure syringes of all kinds of shades (10 shades) , light cure syringes various shades, nano hybrid composite with duo shade system-, light cure bonding agent for orthodontic bracket, light cure cavity liner, lead marker pen , ligature wire (.001"), ligature wire 26 gaze, lidocaine topical spray, lighter gas cylinders, light cure opaquer composite syringes, low fusing wax, lentulo spiral, lingual button bondable , lip bumper without loops, lingual sheath , mackintosh (mtr) , molar band material, molar tubes(bondable) upper triple & lower double(pairs), mercury (225g), matrix strip, mylar strips, mouth wash 60 ml, moulding wax , membranes for guided bone regenenration resirable bilover collagen memberances, mineral trioxide aggregate, medical examination gloves (pkt of 100no.), matrix band- 1 & 8 no., mta light cure, microspores hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive tape for medical use 4", topical tissue adhesive 0.25ml (box), ni-ti files both equal, niti wire, niti open coil spring (012”x030), nylon 4.0 cutting needle ( pkt of 12 ) , nano crystalline graft material, ni ti upper & lower, pop (pkt of 3kgs ) , partial teeth u/l anterior assorted (set) 23/24/25/26/27, partial teeth u/l posterior(set) m-1/n-2/s-2/d-2, polishing cake, polishing buff, paper point- (1) 15-40 & 45-80, peeso reamer - 1 /2/3nos, pit & fissure sealant (light cure), poly carboxylate cement (hybond), polishing paste, plaque disclosing solution two tone disclosing solution to distinguish between old and new plaque 10ml, perio pack non eugenol, pre fabricated posts fiber (1 & 2) each, pre fabricated posts metal, pre fabricated posts parapost, panavia resin cement, perfect bite regeistration material, pumice powder(kg) , pattern waxes, preformed bands molar permanent ( first permanent molar) box, pattern resins for post and core 100g, prophy paste , polishing strips proxa, posterior composite universal (syringes), propylyne glycol, reamer, replanishers 4.5 ltr for developer, hardner 4.5ltrs for fixer, retraction cord 0,/00,/000,/1, root canal sealer (powder / liquid), rubber dam sheet size 5"x5", ribbond (fiber reinforced coup), fiber reinforced splinting (3 units 8.5cmx2mmx0.2mm), rubber polishing cups, reproximation diamond strip both ended, stone plaster (pkt of 3kg), suction tip (1 pkt of 100no.), suction catheter 10,14, 16, 18 (nos.) , suction catheter 10nos.), sponge stone/gelatin sponges (pkt), soldering wire (spool of 10 mtr ) , silver

Key Values

Document Fees : 2,000
EMD : 100,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 15,000,000
Closing Date : 20/12/2019
Document Sale To : 20/12/2019
Location : Himachal Pradesh - India

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