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Ref. Number : 37625078 Tender Number : 2019_SMKMC_514732_1 Tender Prod. No : 2019_SMKMC_514732_1
Requirement : Purchase of allo. medicine, medical equipments, surgical materials, lab chemicals - tablet. albendazole 400mg, tablet.reglan, tablet.lomofen plus, tablet.emeril od 4mg, tablet. cefodoxime 200mg, tablet.ferium xt, tablet.cacela, tablet.diclo + para, tablet.cefixime 200mg, tablet. tinidazole 300 mg, tablet.tenolol 50mg, tablet.glyciphage sr 500mg, tablet. stemetil 5mg, tablet. sorbitrate 10mg, tablet. soda- bicarb , tablet. septran s.s., tablet. septran kid, tablet. septran ds, tablet. salbutamol 4mg, tablet. salbutamol 2mg, tablet. roxithromycin 150mg, tablet. ranitidine 150mg, tablet. prednisolone 5mg, tablet. perinorm, tablet. paracetamol 500 mg, tablet. osto-calcium, tablet. ofloxacin 400mg, tablet. ofloxacin 200mg , tablet. oflox 200mg + ornidazole 40mg, tablet. norfloxacin 400mg, tablet. norfloxacin 100mg, tablet. nimesulide 100 mg, tablet. neurobion, tablet. multi vitamin, tablet. metronidazole 400mg, tablet. metronidazole 200mg, tablet. methergin , tablet. mebendazole 100mg, tablet. lomotil, tablet. lasix 40mg, tablet. ibuprofen 400mg, tablet. ibuprofen 200mg, tablet. ibuprofen + para, tablet. grisofluvin 250 mg, tablet. glynase mf , tablet. furazolidine 100 mg, tablet. flucanozole 150mg, tablet. fersolate (large), tablet. erythromycine kid, tablet. erythromycin 500mg, tablet. erythromycin 250mg, tablet. envas 2.5mg, tablet. envas 5mg, tablet. entroquinol, tablet. ecosprin 150 mg, tablet. duvadilan, tablet. dulcolax , tablet. doxinate , tablet. domstal d.t., tablet. disprin 150mg, tablet. diclophenic sod. 50mg, tablet. diclofenac sodium 100mg sr, tablet. diazepam 5 mg, tablet. dexamethasone, tablet. deriphylline , tablet. cyclopam, tablet. cpm 4mg, tablet. ciprofloxacin 500mg, tablet. ciprofloxacin 250mg, tablet. cipro500mg +tinidazole300mg, tablet. chloroquin 250 mg, tablet. cetrizine 10mg, tablet. cephalexin kid, tablet. cephadroxyl 500 mg, tablet. cephadroxyl 250mg , tablet. celin 500mg, tablet. canesten vaginal (v-6), tablet. betnesol , tablet. b complex, tablet. azithromycin 500mg, tablet. azithromycin 250mg, tablet. avil 25mg , tablet. augmentin 625mg, tablet. antacid mps, tablet. amoxycillin kid, tablet. amolodepine 5mg, tablet. amolodepine 5 mg + atenolol 50mg, tablet. amolodepine 10 mg, tablet. norfloxacin 400mg + tinidazole 300mg, syp.tonoferon 200 ml, syp.protobion 200ml, syp.neoguadine 300ml, syp.cypon 200ml, syp.cefixme 30ml, syp.cefadroxil 30ml, tablet.toptrip, tablet.zyred xt, tablet. theo-asthalin, tablet.melanocyl, syp. wikoryl 60ml, syp. walamycin 30ml, syp. septran 60ml, syp. paracetamol 500ml, syp. metronidazole 60ml, syp. ibugesic plus 60ml, syp. hepatoglobin 300ml, syp. furazolidine +metronidazole 500ml, syp. erythromycin 60ml, syp. azithromycin 15ml, syp. asthalin 100ml, syp. amoxycillin 60ml, syp. alminth 10ml, syp.becozinc 200ml, surgical dynaplast 4”, surgical blades no.21, surgical blades no.20, stethoscope , spray relaxyl / relies 150ml, solution god pod (kit), scalp vein set no. 23, scalp vein set no. 22, scalp vein set no. 20, sanitary pads 1x10, pregnancy test, powder potasium permangnate 400gm, powder ors 21gm, powder neosporin 10gm, powder mag. sulpf 400gm, powder glucose-d 200gm, powder french chalk 400gm, powder boric 400gm, p.scabe soap , onit. soframycine 30gm, onit. candid b 20gm, ointment. white field's 10gm, ointment. topicosone 15gm, ointment. thrombophob 20gm, ointment. tenovate 15gm, ointment. soframycine 100gm, ointment. sofradex 20gm, ointment. nimesulide 20gm, ointment. neosporin 5gm, ointment. ledercort 15 gm, ointment. flucort 20gm, ointment. exsora 15gm, ointment. ensamycin 15gm, ointment. dipgenta 20gm, ointment. diclofenic sodium.30gm, ointment. canesten 15gm, ointment. betnovate 20gm, ointment. betadine 250gm, ointment. anovate 20gm, ointment. acivir 5gm, oil clove , drops nasal otrivin 10ml, n/10 hcl 500ml, surgical sprit 450ml, mackintosh , lotion savalon 1ltr, lotion gamascab 100ml, lotion eusol 400ml, lotion dettol surgical hand wash 200ml, lotion calamine 400ml, lotion betadine 500ml, liquid glycerin 400ml, liquid formalin 500ml, liquid cital 100ml, liquid gelusil mps 200ml, liq. mediclore m 100ml, liniment turpentine 400ml, leishmens stain 500ml, jelly white petrolleum 1kg, iv. set, inj.methergin 2ml, inj.gentamycin 2ml, inj.epidosin 2ml, inj.dopamine 5ml, inj.diclophenic sod. 3ml, inj.dexmethasone 4mg 30ml, inj.deriphylline 2ml, inj.aninophylline 5ml, inj.adrenaline 2ml, inj..anti d 300mg 2ml, inj. xylocaine 2% 30ml, inj. water for inj. 5 ml, inj. vitcofol 10ml, inj. taxim1gm, inj. soda bi carb 10ml, inj. ranitidine 50mg/2ml, inj. phenergan 2ml, inj. oxytocin 2 i u/ 5 i.u 2ml, inj. mephentine 10ml, inj. lasix 2ml, inj. hydrocortisone 5ml, inj. fortwin 2ml, inj. duvadilan 2ml, inj. betnesol 2ml, inj. b complex forte 10ml, inj. avil 10ml, inj. atropine sulphate.2ml, inj. 25% glucose 25ml, i.v. ringers lactate / r.l. 500ml, i.v. normal saline 500ml, i.v. haemaceel 500ml, i.v. dns 500ml, i.v. d.l.r 500ml, i.v. ciprofloxacin 100ml, i.v. 5% dextrose 500ml / , liq. hydrogen peroxide 400ml, glucometer, glass slide 1x50, gention viotet (aqua) 15ml, gel. persol 2.5% 30gm, gel. clindamycin 15gm, gel. zytee 10gm, gel persol 5% 30gm, fouchets reagent 125ml, foetal monitor gem-gfm , eye drops soframycin 5ml, eye app.chloromycetin 1x100, episicotomy scissor, electric autoclave with 2 drum 12x20, ear drops otosol 300ml, e/e drops sofracort 5ml, e/e drops norfloxacin 10ml, e/e drops betnesol 5ml, e/e drop pyrimon 5ml, e/e drop gentamycin 10ml, e/e drop ciplox 5ml, drops otogesic 10ml, drop soliwax 10ml, dressing scissor 6 inch., doctor’s torch big 3 cell, distiled water 5ltr, disposable syringe with needle 5 ml, disposable syringe with needle 2ml, disposable syringe with needle 10ml, disposable delivery kit , disp.rubber hand gloves no. 7.5 pairs, disp.rubber hand gloves no. 7 pairs, disp.rubber hand gloves no. 6.5 pairs, disp.rubber hand gloves no. 6 pairs, disp.inj needles no.23, disp. inj needles no.22, disodium phosphate enema kit 100ml, diastix for sugar & albumin , crape bandages 4'', cotton thrcad no.10 reel, cord cutting scissor , cord clamp, clinical thermometer , cat gut plain on needle 1-0, cat gut chromic on needle 1-0, cap.becosules, cap. zevite, cap. vit. a & d, cap. tetracycline 250mg, cap. ocid 20mg, cap. evion 400mg, cap. doxycyline 100 mg, cap. dolonex 20mg, cap. depin 5mg[sublingual] , cap. cephelexin 500mg, cap. cephalexin 250mg, cap. ampicilline + cloxacilling 500 mg, cap. ampicilline + cloxacilling kid , cap. ampicillin 500mg, cap. amoxycillione + cloxacillin 500mg, cap. amoxicillin 250mg , cap. ampicillin 250mg, cap. amoxicillin 500mg , blood pricking lancet , blood grouping anti a 10ml, blood grouping anti b 10ml, blood grouping anti d 10ml, black phenyl 5ltr [for hospital use], belladonna plaster, barium chloride 10% 500ml, b.p. apparatus diamond isi, b.p arm cuff with ruber tubing , adhesive tape roll 7.5cm x 9 mtr, acid carbolic 400gm, acid (hcl) 1ltr, absorbent gauze 45 cm x 16mtr, absorbent cotton wool ip 500gm, '' rolled bandage '' 7.5x' x 3mt, '' rolled bandage '' 5'' x 3mt, '' rolled bandage '' 10'' x 3mt, xahist expectorant 4.5ltr, widal antigen 4x5ml, weighing machine adult, tr. iodine 400ml, tr. benzoin 400ml, test tubes 10", tailor scissor, x-ray hangar 8x10, x-ray lead number 0 to 9, x-ray film 8x10” 1x50, x-ray film 10x12” 1x50, x-ray film 12x15” 1x50, x-ray developer 22.5 ltr, x-ray fixer 22.5 ltr, x-ray lead letter a to z, tablet. deriphylline retard, tablet.folic acid, tablet.gatiflox 200, ointment. mometasone 15gm, ointment. whitecare 20gm, tablet.ivermecthin 12mg, tablet.ivermecthin 6mg, tablet.ivermecthin 3mg, syp.visyneral 100ml, syp.aristozyme 200ml, band-aid 1x100, crape bandage 6”, sanitizer 100ml, disp.face mask, disp.tripple layer face mask, rubber hand gloves (m), haemometer square tube, vacum tube, centrifuge machine, e.d.t.a soln. 500ml, biohazard disp. bag 24x24, tablet.magnarab 20mg, tablet.orosprin-sr, tablet

Key Values

Document Fees : INR 5,250
EMD : INR 59,000
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 5,900,000
Closing Date : 24/12/2019
Document Sale To : 24/12/2019
Location : Maharashtra - India

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