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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 13/01/2020
Corrigendum Details :corrigendum for extension of date
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 01/01/2020
Corrigendum Details :corrigendum for extension of date
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
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Ref. Number : 37760615 Tender Number : 2019_HBC_112035_1 Tender Prod. No : 2019_HBC_112035_1
Requirement : Supply of medicines & medical consumables Td Vaccine,Single Unit, Anti Rabies Immunoglobulin Injection (Human) 150 IU/ml, 2ml vial, Acetylsalicylic acid Tablet 150 mg,14x10, Hepatitis B Vaccine (r DNA) I.P.Single Unit, Albendazole Chewable Tablet I.P 400 mg with dissolution test,10x10, Normal Saline (Sodium chloride) Injection solution 0.9% isotonic, 100ml with FFS packing, Desferrioxamine Injection 500 mg,Ampoule/vial, Ethamsylate Injection 250 mg/2 ml,Ampoule, Mephenamic Acid + Dicyclomine Tablet 500 mg +20 mg,10x10 , Medroxyprogesterone acetate Injection IP (DMPA ) 25 x 1x 1ml (contraceptive injection for IM use only), Multi Vitamin Injection 10 ml, Anti Diptheria Serum,Single Unit, Ateplase Injection 50 mg,Single Unit, Diclofenac Supositories 50 mg,Single Unit, Hydroxycobalamin Injection 1 mg/ ml,ampoule, Immipenum Injection 500 mg,Ampoule, Ribavirin Tablet 200 mg,Ampoule, Adrenaline Injection 1 mg/ml, 11000, 1 ml amp, Vecuronium Injection 10 mg vial, Pyridium Tablet 200 mg,10x10, Ateplase Injection 20 mg, Ampoule/vial, Normal Saline Injection 3%, FFS technology,100 ml bottle, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Injection 2% , 3 ml PFS (glass syringe), Tenecteplase Injection 20 mg,Ampoule/vial, Mephentermine Injection 30 mg/ml, 1 ml amp., Meropenum Injection 125 mg,vial, Lorazepam Injection 4mg, 2ml vial, Olanzapine Injection 40 mg/2ml vial, Sodium bicarbonate Infusion 7.5% w/v, 10 ml ampoule, Potassium chloride (solution) Injectable 15% (150mg/ml), Midazolam Injection 1 mg/ml, 5 ml vial, Triamcinolone Injection 20 mg/ ml,ampoule, Intermediate-acting insulin (NPH) Injection 40 IU/ml in 10 ml vial, Donepezil Injection 10 mg,5 ml vial, Bupivacaine Injection 0.5%, 5ml amp., Diltiazem Injection 5 mg/ml,5ml amp, Fluphenazine Injection 25 mg, 1 ml ampoule, Methyl Prednisolone Injection 1gm, 1 gm vial with diluent, Netilmycin Injection 25mg/ml,2ml amp., Octreotide Injection 100 mcg/ml, single dose 1 ml vial, Sodium Valproate Injection 100 mg/ml, 5 ml, Heparin Injection 1%,5 ml vial to various hospitals of government of haryana for a period of two year for group a medicine

Key Values

Document Fees : 5,000
EMD : 50,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 500,000,000
Closing Date : 23/01/2020
Document Sale To : 01/01/2020
Location : Haryana - India

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