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Corrigendum - 6 Published On : 15/05/2020
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Corrigendum - 5 Published On : 15/04/2020
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Corrigendum - 4 Published On : 06/03/2020
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Corrigendum - 3 Published On : 04/03/2020
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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 15/02/2020
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Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 22/01/2020
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Ref. Number : 37903755
Requirement : Supply of reagents and consumables 5 - ki67 (mib), kit for identification of mac a gene for mrsa, kligler iron agar, koser’s citrate broth, kovac's indole reagent , krait, kukri, kupferberg t.v. broth base , 5% solution of l-napthol in absolute ethanol - 500ml, l - glutamine arl- arabinose , l –cysteine hydrochloride ar , l –cysteine hydrochloride (0.5mc3h7no2s.hcl) , l(+)-tartaric acid, l.j. medium slant(sl001), l.d.h., l.j. medium slant , lab site leucocyte filter, labels for cryogenic storage white 1.28”x0.5” , labolene (lab detergent) lr , laceration of liver , lactate ringer, lactate , lactic acid , lactic acid (rm243), lactometer, lactophenol cotton blue, lactose, d(+) lactose monohydrate, l-amino acid , lancets, lancets steel disposable sterile pkt of 100-tissue culture flask, 25 sq.cm length area flask centered neck, 75 sq.cm flask centered neck, l-arbinose lr, l-arginine hcl, l-arginine monohydrochloride, l-aspargine lr, l-lysine 100 gm, lead acetate, lead acetate paper, lead acetate – ar grade, lead citrate , lead nitrate, leishman stain, leishman stain powder leoginella agar base, leoginella broth supplement, levofloxacin (0.002-32 ug /ml.), levofloxacin (pure), levofloxacin 5 ug ( imported) 50discs/cartridge, lh, lia media, libolene., light green , light green sf, light magnesium carbonate , linco t suppiement (linocmycin, colistin, amphotericin, trimethoprin), lincomycin 2 ug, linezolid 30 mcg (imp) 50discs/cartridge, linezolid (0.016-256ug/ml), lipoprotein (a), liquicillin with calcium chloride., liquid paraffin ( heavy ) , liquid paraffin ( light ) , liquid nitrogen, liquid phenol , liquiplastin , liquor ammonia , listeria broth listeria identification agar, lithium sensor, 3/bxcrt, lithium carbonate.ar, lithium carbonate ar grade, litmus paper blue, litmus paper red, l-napthalamine, l-pyrrolidonyl. ß-napthylamide, l-lysine , l-lysine dihydrochloride, l-mold, l-mold (brass), l-moulds 37x25x15 mm (pair), l-moulds 50x25x15 mm (pair), l-moulds 75x25x15 mm (pair), l-napthol , l-napthol , l-ornithine dihydrochloride, loeffler’s alkaline methylene blue, loeffler’s serum slope, lomifloxacin 10 ug, lowenstein jensen base (l.j media) m-162 , lowenstein jensen base (l.j media) m-162 , i. streptomycin 5 ug/ml , ii. streptomycin 50ug/ml, iii. inh 1ug/ml, iv. inh 5 ug/ml, v. rifampcin 20 ug/ml, vi. rifampcin 40 ug/ml, vii. rifabutin 0.5 ug/ml, viii. ethambutol 2 ug/ml, ix ethambutol 10 ug/ml , x. ethionamide 20 ug/ml, xi. amikacin 674 ug/ml , xii. kanamycin 30 ug/ml, xiii. ciprofloxacin 12.5 ug/ml, xiv. para-amino-salicylic acid 2.5 ug/ml , xv. pyrazinamide (at ph-5.5) 50 ug/ml , xvi. d-cyclocerine 30 ug/ml, xvii. clarithromycine 8 ug/ml, lowenstien jensen medium, lowenstein jensens’s medium with pyrovate media, lowenstein jensens’s medium with thiophene media -2- carboxylic acid 5 ug/ml, l-rhamnose monohydrate(rm-062), lupus anti coagulant (lca), luria bertani (imp) lysine , lysine decarboxylase (m376), lysine(m-330), lysol (disinfectant) cresol and soup solution, mac cartney bottles for microbacteria culture, mac cartney bottles flat bottom with aluminium screw cap & rubber liner. 20ml capacity, mac conkey agar , mac conkey broth , mac conkey broth purple with bromocresol purple, mac conkey broth with nuetral red, mac-conkey agar with salt (082), mac-conkey broth purple (us formulation), mac cartney bottles flat bottom with aluminium screw cap & rubber liner. 20ml capacity, madar , madar hydrocyanic acid , magnetic stirrer, magnessium, magnesium carbonate , magnesium carbonate light, magnesium chloride ar, magnesium citrate (rm1866), magnesium sulphate, magnesium sulphate with 7 h2o(rn684), malachite green, malachite green (rm245), malaria kit (parascreen), rapid test for malaria (parascreen)pf/pb antigen card (30tests), maleic acid , malonate ar, malonate broth, malonate with phenol red indicator, malt diatase , malt extract lr, maltose (rm - 018), manitol motility test medium , mannitol, mannitol salt agar powder, mannitol salt broth, mannose, masson's trichrome staining ( ready made), may & graunwalds , mbl e-test strip for imipenem, mccoy's 5 a, measuring cylinder glass 1000 ml, measuring cylinder glass 500 ml, measuring cylinder glass 250 ml, measuring cylinder glass 150ml , measuring cylinder glass 100ml , measuring cylinder glass 50 ml, measuring cylinder glass 25 ml, measuring cylinder ,glass 10ml, measuring glasses 5ml, measuring glasses 10ml, measuring glasses 20ml, measuring glasses 50ml, measuring pipette, capacity-1 ml, measuring pipette, capacity-2 ml, measuring pipette, capacity-5 ml, measuring pipette, capacity 10 ml, measuring pipette, capacity-25 ml, meat extract powder, mecuric oxide, d(+) mellibiose monohydrate, mellibiose with phenol red indicator, melibiose -ar, mem base (at049-1l) (for virology lab), mem eagle (at020-1l) (for virology lab) , mem eagle (at056-1l) (for virology lab), mem medium, meningitis set (h influenza b, n meningitis a & c, s. pheumonia), meningococcus typing sera a and c, meningococcus typing sera a,b,c,y, w135, 2-mercapto ethanol ar , mercaptethanol, mercuric chloride extra pure , mercuric chloride – ar grade, mercuric nitrate, mercuric oxide , mercuric sulphate, meropenem (0.002-32/ug/ml), meropenem 10 ug (imported) 50discs/cartridge, metaphosphoric acid, methanol ar grade , methanol(acetone free) ep , methaqualone, methyacrylate , methylated spirit, methyl green, methyl orange, methyl red , methyl red , methyl red indicator powder, methyl red indicator solution, methyl umbelliferyl ß-d glucoromide, methylene blue , methylene blue powder , methyl-umbelliferyl ß-d glucoromide, methyl violet (powder) , metranidazole powder, metronidazole 5 mcg, mesothelin, mg++, mhd8 flotrac sensor (for vigiles monitor), mib, micafungin (0.015-128µg/ml) 30 strips/pkd, micafungin 10 µg 50discs/cartridge, microbar barium emulsion (95% weight/volume), microbar hd barium glasses, micro albumineria, micro centrifuge tube 0.5ml, micro centrifuge autoclavable plastic tubes with cap 15ml , micro centrifuge autoclavable plastic tubes with cap 10ml , micro centrifuge autoclavable plastic tubes with cap 5ml , micro centrifuge autoclavable plastic tubes with cap 2ml, micro cover glass 18mmx18mm, micro cover glass 22mmx22mm, micro cover glass 50mmx22mm, micro cover glass 40mmx22mm, micro cover glass 24mmx60mm, micro cover glass 16 mm dia, micro cover glass 18 mm dia, micro esr tubes (ginevri), micro esr tubes - sealing / wax / clay, micro protein (ep, pyrogallol red) kit, micro protein sestem pack , micro titer plate flat bottom, micro titer plate round bottom, microcyline , micropipette stand for 4 & 6 with attached box to keep the tips pvc made, 6 positions, micropipette tips(100-1000 micro litre), micropipette tips(200-1000 micro litre), micropipette tips(1000-5000 micro litre), micropipette tips(20-200 micro litre), micropipette tips(40-200 micro litre), micropipette tips(5-40 micro litre), micropipette tips(1-10 micro litre), micropipette tips(10-100 micro litre), micropipette tips (2-200µl) yellow, micropipette tips 0.2-5ul, pipette tips volume range 10ul (1000/pack), pipette tips volume range 20ul (1000/pack), pipette tips volume range 200ul (1000/pack), minus 20 mini cooler with gel cover, microtip box (2-10 µl), microtip box 1000-500, micro centrifuge tube (1.5ml), microtip box (2-200 µl), micropipette(tarsons) -t 5000-range 1000-5000 ul (030060), micropipette(tarsons) t100 range 10-100ul (030030), microscope cover slips optical grade 24x60 mm. thickness 0.08 to .012 mm., microscope cover slips optical grade 19 x 19 mm. thickness 0.08 to 0.12 mm., microscope cover slips optical grade 22 x 22 mm. thickness 0.13 to 0.16 mm., microscope cover slips optical grade 22 x 50 mm. thickness 0.13 to 0.16 mm., microslides with sinlge cavity/cavity slides, microtip box (autoclavable) code524050), microtip stand/microtip bo

Key Values

EMD : 30,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 3,000,000
Closing Date : 8/06/2020
Document Sale To : 23/01/2020
Location : Meghalaya - India

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