Tender Detail with Corrigendum

Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 16/01/2020
Corrigendum Details :TEOD EXTENDED UPTO 27 JAN 2020
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
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Ref. Number : 38142452 Tender Number : 2020_IDS_534143_1 Tender Prod. No : 2020_IDS_534143_1
Requirement : Supply of 101 items, rack 8 slotses6031d-7690156000, illuminated blue push button 2noes6031d-7690154000, selector switch 2 positions with 2no contactses6031d-7690142000, illuminated red push button 2positions maintained with coveres6031d-7690141000, illuminated red push button 2positions maintained with coveres6031d-7690138000, selector switch 3 positions withdra wal from centre 2noes6031d-7690134000, nut-1" bsf normal class - grade pes6031d-5001510000, stud 5/16"bsfx2.5/8"grade res6031d-5003002016, set bolt- m12x45-10.9es6031d-5007606010, allen screwes6031d-5007606010, keyes6031d-5040205030, circlip external-30mmes6031d-5050130000, circlip internal - 55mmes6031d-5050255000, banjo bolt-m22x1.5es6031d-5050407000, plain punched washer -m6es6031d-5050706000, copper washeres6031d-5050815000, spring dowelpines6031d-5054003020, injection pump asslyes6031d-7204670000, stand tube for glacier filter gf600-11es6031d-7215251000, water pump shaft (incoly 925)es6031d-7236101000, gasket pn6, dn65 t 1.5es6031d-7446041000, flex hosees6031d-7600668000, o ringes6031d-7602466000, o ring - d4, 21a7, l=2.13mtres6031d-7602524000, gasketes6031d-7602552000, o rind- ms 29513/238, v 75 ees6031d-7602723000, shop ringes6031d-7602726000, inlet valve guidees6031d-7602729000, exhaust valve guidees6031d-7602730000, gasket exhaust manifodes6031d-7602751000, support washeres6031d-7602752000, valve seat metallic ringes6031d-7602770000, spring collares6031d-7602807000, inner springes6031d-7602808000, outer springes6031d-7602809000, spring collares6031d-7602810000, inlet valvees6031d-7602882000, exhaust valvees6031d-7602913000, safety valve assemblyes6031d-7603150000, rocker arm bushes6031d-7603402000, washeres6031d-7603437000, screw with expanded tappetes6031d-7603480000, v clamp-dn 247-s.s.es6031d-7603509000, metallic jointes6031d-7603510000, bellowes6031d-7603516000, seal, l=1.21 mtres6031d-7603702000, piston ring - top - chrome, ceramiquees6031d-7603803000, piston ring - compression-g2-chrome, ceramiquees6031d-7603804000, piston ring - compression-g3-chromees6031d-7603805000, pistones6031d-7603830000, o ring an 76,21 a7es6031d-7604304000, ring -ba -60*75*8es6031d-7604332000, resilient coupling-rotex-24/28es6031d-7604355000, ball bearing-3206es6031d-7604370000, seales6031d-7604407000, set of gasket for hyd. motores6031d-7604699000, o ring ms29513/355,60c7es6031d-7604706000, gasketes6031d-7604708000, o ring an70, 60c7es6031d-7604786000, set of gasketses6031d-7605175000, set of sealses6031d-7605176000, o ring - ms29513/230,60c7es6031d-7606401000, o ring an26, 60c7es6031d-7606402000, nozzle assly -9 x 0.52 x 148es6031d-7606409000, gasket - msi d.17.33 x 1.57mmes6031d-7606415000, o ring d290*3v 70des6031d-7607019000, joint type c with limiteres6031d-7607022000, metallic jointes6031d-7607103000, v band clampinges6031d-76071040000, illuminated selector switch 3 positions 4no with ledes6031d-7690133000, selector switch 2 positions withdrawal from 3noes6031d-7690129000, selector switch 2 positions inoes6031d-7690124000, socket for relayes6031d-7690123000, threshold modulees6031d-7690119000, ae 24-24es6031d-7690112000, coupling assly ccwes6031d-7652030000, set of gasketes6031d-7650315000 of ko group-c004

Key Values

EMD : 370,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 17,076,519
Closing Date : 27/01/2020
Document Sale To : 15/01/2020
Location : Andaman And Nicobar - India

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