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Ref. Number : 38248408 Tender Number : Dy.Ch. Eng./CPD/65/TDR/AE-3 Tender Prod. No : Dy.Ch. Eng./CPD/65/TDR/AE-3
Requirement : Supply of laboratory materials to science laboratories of schools of education department, mcgm calcium oxide -500 gm (l.r.), calcium carbonate-500 gm (l.r.), copper sulphate-500 gm (l.r.), sodium carbonate-500 gm (l.r.), sodium bi-carbonate-500 gm (standard), potassium permagnet-500 gm (l.r.), iodine solution-500 ml (standard), ammonium chloride -500 gm (l.r.), zinc powder -500 gm (l.r.), aluminum foils-500 gm (standard), magnesium ribbon-25 gm (standard), iron fillings-500 gm (standard), copper fillings-500 gm (standard), blue litmus paper-500 gm packet (l.r.), red litmus paper-500 gm packet (l.r.), phenolphthalein solution -500 ml (l.r.), methyl orange solution-500 ml (l.r.), concentrated hcl-500 ml (l.r.), dilute hcl-500 ml (l.r.), concentrated h2so4-500 ml (l.r.), dilute h2so4-500 ml (l.r.), naoh solution-500 ml(sodium hydroxide solution dilute) (l.r.), koh solution-500 ml(potassium hydroxide solution) (standard), koh pillets-500 gm (l.r.), sodium chloride crystal -500 gm (l.r.), alum-500 gm (l.r.), mno2-500 gm(manganese dioxide) (l.r.), copper sulphate solution-500 ml (standard), universal indicator solution 500ml (l.r.), zinc metal granules 500gm (l.r.), calcium hydroxide 500gm (l.r.), ferrous sulphate solution 500ml (standard), aluminum sulphate solution 500ml (standard), zinc sulphate solution 500ml (standard), ferrous sulphate 500gm (l.r.), acetic acid 500ml (l.r.), barium chloride 500gm (l.r.), metanil yellow solution 100ml (standard), sodium sulphate 500gm (l.r.), lime water solution 500ml (standard), carbon disulphide 500ml (l.r.), starch powder 500gm (l.r.), glycerin 500ml (l.r.), ph paper, sand paper ms.

Key Values

Document Fees : INR 3,990
EMD : INR 93,800
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 468,771,608
Closing Date : 14/02/2020
Location : Maharashtra - India

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