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Ref. Number : 38292000 Tender Number : CE/D/TIN/MM/SCRAP/EA-05/2019-20 Tender Prod. No : CE/D/TIN/MM/SCRAP/EA-05/2019-20
Requirement : Sale of scrap materials available at various sub stores - m.s scrap, stainless steel scrap, auto parts scrap, tube light fitting scrap, condenmend type-writter, aluminium scrap, acsr scrap, ug aluminium cable scrap, bronze scrap, aluminium cable scrap, condemned wall clock, condemned mv/sv lamp choke, condemned pedestal fan, condemned tubelight choke, condemned megger, condemned air conditioner, condemned exhaust fan motor, condemned rhoneo machine, condemned stabilizer, mv/sv lamp fitting scrap, m.s.scrap, m.s / steel wire rope scrap, stainless steel scrap, bearing scrap, auto scrap, tools & plants scrap, tube light fitting scrap, cast iron scrap, aluminum scrap, lead scrap, deal wood / country wood scrap, waste paper scrap, condemned tube light choke, ms empty drum leaky 200/210 litre capacity, condemned ceiling fan without regulator, ug aluminum cable cut bit scrap, condemned s.v / m.v lamp choke, condemned a.c unit window type-2-ton cap, condemned motor for exhaust fan, condemned submergible pump motor (25hp), make texmo, condemned thickness measurement gauge, ac induction motor 400 v, 72hp bth make (sh), ac induction motor 400v,156a, 11hp (sh), transformer oil pump motor 4.3 hp (sh), ac induction motor 10hp 400v. (sh), ac induction motor 400v,18.5hp (sh), dc generator type dy 11 kv, 100/63a (sh), oil starter hp 18.5 (sh) w/o oil, 22kv pt insulator (sh), hv busing (sh), star – delta starter suitable 72hp (sh) w/o oil, c.g make 75hp oil starter without oil - (sh), t.w. tray (sh), empty wooden drum 2' x 3', t. w. sc table with drawer (sh), t.w. dining table (sh) 4 1/2' x 2 1/2', t.w sc table (sh), t.w sc table without drawer (sh), t.w jc table without drawer ( sh), tw. form rack (sh), form rack cw (sh), magnetic level oil indicator (sh), interapting champer (sh), supporting insulator (sh), breaking champer insulater's (sh), waste oil (lub), empty drum 200 / 210l (sh)', distance ring for guide vane servomotor, piston ring for relief valve, ci piston for pressure relief valve 180/169, metal sealing ring for relief valve, flange for guide vane bearing bushing, valve seat sluice valve, distance ring for guide vane servomotor, metallic ring, cup seal for guide vane 200/155mm servo motor, sealing for draft ball valve, strainer disc as per drawing, lamination filter element, gm retaining cup, pb bush 70x85x155, packing ring 164x100x45mm, sealing ring 164/100q, plunger 120x45x105mm, control piston 230x50mm, plunger 120mm dia of spl brass alloy, shear pin mst 50/2, bolts 20x35m ss coated, guide vane key, coupling bolt for shaft, steel coupling bolt 195mm x 2 ¾, piston ring( for gate servomotor) 425x408x18mm, sealing ring for relief valve, ball bearing f a g 6212, gauge glass for governor tank, pilot sleeves actuator piston, piston valve 200x120mm, gear oil pump w/o ac motor 1400rpm, steel sleeve, gun metal safety valve ½’’, thrust ball bearing skf 51111, ci piston for pressure relief valve 100/93mm, piston for non-return valve 40mm, valve pin 210x28mm, pilot valve pin 12mm dia, pilot piston of actuator, taper roller bearing skf 30204, sealing ring for impulse valve, guide van lever, pilot piston for the unloaded valve, runner diaphragm rayon, spring charging handle, guide vane link, phosphor bronze bush, ss impeller 6 kw, steel gauge clutches, buna cup seal for guide vane, 137x110x10mm, buna cup seal for guide vane b type, cylindrical pressure spring, 35x22x3mm, buna pin cup for guide vane, spring for air valve, cylindrical pressure spring, 140x19x2.2mm, ci bushes for guide vane, air gauge 0.200lps, air gauge 0.100lps, compression air pressure gauge pipe, diaphragm plate 120513/a, stator winding bar for generator no3, stator coil, hydraulic u seal, tunnel tube for air cooler, spring for pre adjusting valve, glass cover with two flanges, illumination flanges with pump holder, 11kv spark horns with name plate for, distance, 11kv spark horns for gap distance, name plate), 6kv dw pump housing, cylindrical pressure spring, 220x32x4mm, cylindrical pressure spring, 46x30x3.5mm, spring for non return valve, bushes 25/22x12mm, bushes 40/35x39mm, pressure spring 123x35x5mm, pressure spring for nrv, 28x4x3.3m, spring for control magnet valve, cylindrical compression spring for the, unloaded valve dia 5mm, cylindrical pressure spring 22mm, polishing ball bar roller 18mm d, pressure spring for the unloaded valve, 5x45x120 mm, ss wearing ring, grinding wheel, grinding wheel 45x45x6.35mm, grinding wheel 1 ¼’’x1 ¼’’x1/4’’, grinding wheel 1 ½’’ x1’’ x1/4’’, (aluminium oxide), grinding wheel, 45x45x6.35mm, grinding wheel 1 ¼’’x1’’x 1/4’’, grinding wheel 1 ½’’x1’’ x1/4’’, polishing ball bar roller 60mm d, grinding wheel 30x30x6.35mm, polishing ball bar roller 60mm d(fine), runner skirt ring outer (ss), runner skirt ring inner (ss), piston rings for the relief valve 950x900x30mm, sealing ring 1210/1100x50mm, spl. brass alloy, de watering pump housing 22kw, thrust runner disc for 35 mw, upper regulating lever, special protection plate for aligning rotor, lower regulating lever, guide bearing segment, bearing disc, empty cylinder co2, mangalore tiles (sh), omcb operating mechanism sh, omcb supporting structure sh, change over valve complete, inner collar turbine guide bearing, guide bearing bush, transverse for assembling & dismantling, poles(used), lower wearing ringno.12172, gliding ring w/o tearing bolt, ms column made up of pipes with base plate, (sh), commutating poll for main exciter, coilm2 f1000-220vdc for pilot exciter, coil for solenoid field 100 ? for pilot excitor, bushes 35/30x29mm, magnetic complying coil for avr, brush gear, field coil for main exciter, bearing 5 ¼’’ x3 ¾’’, slot wedge, field pole with coil, commutating pole with coil, ms runner skirt wearing ring outer 1314 x 1277, x 50 mm, ms runner skirt wearing ring inner 1244x 1207, x 50 mm, 110kv ct 600/5a-1a.w/o oil, make tael sl.no 1- 04185, 2 - 04181, omcb single pole chamber only sh, insulator 2732651-1, field coil complete with clamp, released rotor pole coil, neutral point transformer 50 kva w/o oil, insulator of emprit for neutral transformer, rheo for 60 hp motor, flexible coupling, bottom end shield released from aeg oil motor, (used), control governor ats, starter for dc governor oil pump motor, filler 940x19x2mm, damper bar connection, separator 940x19x10mm, coil connector 151.2x40x16.2mm, coil connector 106x40x16.3mm, relay and signal limit switch, stator lamination sheet, slot liner 2820x240x0.15mm, fixed contact arching, selector switch 230v, governor solenoid valve, reverting throtting valve, re capable for relay box, moving & arching contact for breaker, bush button switch 230v, pilot valve solenoid coil, ocb transformer, magnetic switch 400v 8a, ht fuse for pt, re capable for switch box, lamination sheet of sizes, (used damaged), heater og 150w, three pole knife switch, over current relay 400v-50w, air valve limit switch, relay box magnetic switch 20a 50w, lamination sheet various sizes, slip ring rc, slip ring (used), rotating insulator for omcb, support insulator for breaker pole for asiea, omcb (19 inch), single phase potential tr.11kv 110v w/o oil, single phase potential tr.11kv 110v, indoor type w/o oil, spring winding motor dc, thrust motor md 17-500, thrust motor md 15, field discharge resistance r4 r5 r6, single phase protection capacitor, generator connection bar, stator coil for 390 kv motor, 110kv neutral bushing (used), lamination sheet with slots, lamination sheet 3 ½ slot, lamination sheet with 6 full slot, lamination sheet with 3 ½ slot, stator winding material (lower bar), stator winding material (upper bar), stator bar(re-insulated), pole winding coil, ms rts grill rod scrap, auto parts scrap, t& p scrap, m s misc iron scrap, brass scrap, country wood scrap, empty barrel 40/45gl leakey, condemned potential transformer w/o oil, rmu released runner, released condemned split ac unit cap ; 1, .5 ton, condemned split ac 2 ton cap, rmu released governor guide vane servo, moto

Key Values

EMD : INR 500
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 5,735,000
Closing Date : 3/02/2020
Document Sale To : 03/02/2020
Location : Tamil Nadu - India

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