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Ref. Number : 38323574 Tender Number : 2020_TMC_536377_1 Tender Prod. No : 2020_TMC_536377_1
Requirement : Supply of spare parts for the repairing of chain dozer for the period of two years - case main cluth, o' ring, bushing, screw, washer spring, o' ring drain plug, shaft main cluth, spring main cluth, spring main cluth, screw, lock, flange main cluth, bearing, ring snap, cage brg, ring snap, main cluth yoke a, bushing, bushing yoke, yoke joint, joint nut, nut screw, wire cage brg, cage brg gasket, screw washer spring, washer spring seal oil, seal oil cap brg, brg roller, lock, lock, plate, plate, plate lock, lock, dis main clutch, plate main clutch, plate main clutch, gear main clutch, brg main clutch, ring snap, cover main clutch, bolt, washer spring, seat, screw, lock, lever main clutch, pin main clutch, washer, pin cotter, support main clutch, rod, ring main clutch, lock, washer spring, stud, nut, pin cotter, nut, holder main clutch, spring, guide main clutch, lock main clutch, guide, collar main clutch, guide, band intertia brake, lining brake, rivet, bracket, bolt, washer spring, lever intertia brake, yoke intertia brake, yoke, pin, pin cotter, pin cotter, nut, nut, pin cotter, washer, stopper, spring, pin, guide, rod, spring, guide, nut, pin cotter, rod intertia brake, nut, drum brake, cylinder booster, gasket booster, cover booster, gasket, screw, washer spring, piston(h) booster, bushing booster, valve booster, seal, ring booster, spring booster, screw, washer spring, o'ring, screw, washer spring, o'ring, shaft, lever, washer, nut, pin cotter, shaft, lever, pin, washer, key, key, bolt, washer spring, lever, washer, ring snap, cover, gasket, washer spring, gauge level, filter oil, gasket, gasket, cover, gasket, washer spring, cover booster, gasket, bushing booster, bushing booster, bushing booster, bushing booster, seal oil, plug, pin dowel, screw, bolt, bolt, washer, screw, booster pump, tube assly discharge, pipe assly suction, bracket, pipe assly, pipe assly, elbow, clamp, lock nut, screw, o' ring, clamp, hore, nut, filter, universal joint assly, joint assly, coupling, seal oil, case brg, brg roller, cage brg, o'ring, gear (a)22 teeth, collar, plate, lock, brg, shaft main, brg ball, ring snap, ring snap, coupling, gear (b) 3rd teeth, gear ( c ) 2nd 37teeth, gear (d), gear (e), brg, ring snap, ring snap, cover brg, brg, shaft counter, holder, lock, washer, gear, collar, gear, gear, collar, gear, washer, ring snap, nut, ring snap, pin, cover, brg ball, holder, lock, washer, shaft intermediate, gear, gear, collar, gear, geat, collar, brg, ring snap, thrower oil, lock, gear shift fork, final drive gear, lock, bolt, nut, packing, cage, pinion second, bearing, brg roller, gear, key, spacer, sprocket & shaft, bevel gear & shaft, gear bevel, shaft pinion, bolt reamer, lock, plate, shaft, cage bearing, brg, seal oil, o' ring, cage brg, spacer, steering clutch, drum stering clutch, retainer, rod, lock, spring clutch, nut, brg, screw set, retainer, retainer, ring snap, disc clutch driven, plate clutch drive, lock, washer spring, screw, screw, screw, screw, gasket, drum brake, gasket.

Key Values

Document Fees : INR 560
EMD : INR 24,500
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 2,450,000
Closing Date : 11/02/2020
Document Sale To : 11/02/2020
Location : Maharashtra - India

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