Tender Detail

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Ref. Number : 38328377 Tender Number : 2020_TMC_536387_1 Tender Prod. No : 2020_TMC_536387_1
Requirement : Supply of spare parts - profile body, spacer (large), spacer (medium), spacer (small), nut, nut, nut, bolt 10 x 25 x 1.5 p, bolt, bolt, allen bolt, bolt special, allen bolt, allen screw, self-lock nut & bolt 5/8 x 7" long, self-lock nut & bolt 1/2 x 2 1/2 long, washer, u bolt, u bolt with clamp assembly, mounting bracket, 1" nipple and union, 3/4" nut and nipple, 3/8" nut and nipple, nipple, split pin (small), split pin (large), 3/8" elbow, 1" x 3/4" elbow, 3/4" union, 3/8" union, hydraulic clamp with nut & bolt, pneumatic clamp with nut & bolt, pneumatic fitting set, aluminium pipe fitting set, gusset, ball, bush m.s., bush g. m., air-breather with cap, pressure gauge gl. filled 0 to 3000 x 6" x 3/8, cap for hydraulic tank, indicator (hydraulic tank), guide plate, container lifting beam assembly, container lifting arm (big), carrier plate assembly, packer plate assembly, fixed slider channel, hopper box channel, vertical fixed side channel 10 mm th., rear channel, hopper sheet (old .c.), rear chassis foundation box channel (big), rear chassis foundation box channel (small), container lifting box channel, curved hopper 5 mm. thick, shifter box guide channel 8 mm. thick, container lifting arm with bush, vertical channel-body-6mm. thick, vertical channel rear body-6mm. thick, carrier plate bracket, carrier box channel, side profiles (container lifting cylinder), mounting profile (container lifting cylinder), guide wheel bracket (pushout system), swivel ball assembly (pushout system), tailgate vertical (inner), tailgate vertical (outer), elbow for rotary valve, adapter for rotary valve, lifting cable assembly, tilting cable assembly, dog chain (big), dog chain (small), pulley bracket, vertical side channel, slider channel assemble, top rear body 'c' channel 8ft (8mm), inner flat and angle (vertical fixed channel), upper channel for packer plate 6 mm. thick, lower channel for packer plate 6mm. thick, hopper angle 6mm. thick, hopper channel (lower) 6mm. thick, container lifting hook and chain for dp, hook with chain only (container lifting), container lifting frame with arm mtg. bracket, mounting profile assembly (container lifting_), swivel pipe-8'long, m.s. bush & g. m. bush assembly with pin, bracket for lifting arm, guide box channel for lifting arm, c channel for fixing pushout cylinder, i beam for pushout plate 6mm. thick, ejector rake, intermediate lock, resting rod with 3 nos. gussets, hook of resting rod, stopper bracket for resting rod, tailgate profile, tailgate lock assembly, bracket with pin for tailgate lifting chain, arm mounting bracket assembly, mounting profile (telescopic cylinder), ejector cylinder guide channel, front body mounting channel, pushout plate wheel with bracket assembly, vertical fixed channel, packer plate assembly (multipack), rope spring, loading hook-dumper placer, unloading hook-dumper placer, rounding bracket for lifting boom (small), rounding bracket for lifting boom (big), hook with chain (modified), i beam assembly, guide, gussets-6mm. (bulk refuse carrier), m.s. profile with g.m. bush assembly (brc), guide flat, pushout plate beam assembly, pushout plate assembly, tailgate locking system, nylon slider, rolled cross channel, shifter box guide channel 8mm. thick, stud, wire rope 5/8 or 3/8 thick dia 1 mtr., shaft or piston rod (t/g cylinder), pipe with end fitting (t/g cylinder), tailgate cylinder assembly, shaft or piston rod (pac. cylinder)d, pipe with end fitting (pac. cylinder), packer cylinder assembly, shaft or piston rod (carrier cylinder), pipe with end fittings (carrier cylinder), carrier cylinder assembly, accelerator cylinder assembly, shaft or piton rod (p.out cylinder), pipe 110 x 1675 (pushout cylinder), pushout cylinder (single stage), shaft or piston rod (container lifting), pipe with end fittings (container lifting), container lifting cylinder assembly, telescopic cylinder (three stage), telescopic cylinder (three stage) with imported seal, telescopic cylinder (four stage), telescopic cylinder (four stage) imported seal, shaft or piston rod (packer cylinder ), pipe with end fittings (packer cylinder), packer cylinder assembly, packer cylinder assy. with imp. seal, shaft or piston rod (pushout cylinder small), pipe with end fittings (pushout cylinder small), pushout cylinder assembly-small, shaft or piston rod (pushout cylinder big), pipe with end fitting (pushout cylinder-big), pushout cylinder assembly-big, pneumatic cylinder, lock cylinder of ejector rake, shaft or piston rod (stabilizer cylinder), stabilizer cylinder assembly, stabilizer pad with ball attachment, shaft or piston rod (lifting cylinder), pipe with end fittings (lifting cylinder), cylinder assembly (lifting cylinder), shifter or pist rod (lock cylinder), pipe with end fittings (lock cylinder) 696 l, lock cylinder assembly, shaft or piston rod (150 dia cylinder), pipe with end fittings (150 dia cylinder), cylinder assembly (150 dia cylinder), shaft or piston rod (flap/tailgate cylinder), pipe with end fittings, cylinder assembly (flap/tailgate cylinder), bell crank for brc, pin packer mounting, pin-container lifting/tailgate, pin-carrier top mounting, pin 150 l x 60, pin carrier top mounting, eye (container lifting cylinder), eye, piston 110d, end cap 110d, piston (ut), pipe end, slider block, slider block, short bend, steel ring, bush g.m., bush g.m., bush m.s., bush m.s., bush g.m., locking flat, guide flat, handle with head (d.c. vale), coupling for p.t.o., p.t.o. shifter gear, p.t.o. shift small, p.t.o.shaft big, p.t.o. joint assembly with cross, spline for side p.t.o., shifter plate (side p.t.o.), dowel pin (side p.t.o.), shifter serrated rod, p.t.o. gear (propeller shaft type), pump mounting flange 1", pump mounting flange 3/4", pump mounting elbow (suction), pump mounting elbow 3/4", flange coupling, keys for p.t.o., ball, ball attachment, ball attachment, clevis, clevis, clevis assembly (lifting wire rope), clevis assembly, g.m. bush pulley (lifting wore rope), square bush, split bush, g.m. bush for swivel pipe, pivot bush square plate, eye bush, stud for clevis, tension spring, clamping flat, m.s. slider for push plate, pulley, pivot pin, slider, cylinder casing (ut), thrust bearing, shaft housing (ut), cylinder casing, spring seating, spring seating, slider pin (upper), slider pin (lower), piston 138d, endcap 238d, slider, slider lock, piston 150d, endcap 150d, piston 85d, endcap 85d, clevis, shaft attachment, u seal, o ring, u seal, o ring, lifting cyl. seal kit (tata), seal kit 110d, seal kit 110d d (p.u.base), seal kit special 100d (imp), seal kit (container lifting), seal kit (container lifting) p.u.base, seal kit (container lifting) imp, seal kit 85d, seal kit 85d (p.u.base), seal kit 85d (imp), seal kit 138d, seal kit 138 d (p.u.base), seal kit 138d (imp), seal kit 150d, seal kitb 150d (p.u.base), seal kit 150d (imp), seal kit -relescopic cylinder, seal kit-telescopic cylinder (p.u.base), seal kit-telescopic cylinder (imp), p.r.v.seal kit, p.r.v.seal kit special, d.c.valve seal kit, d.c.valve seal kit (vicker's), seal kit-sequence valve, seal kit special-sequence valve, seal kit-auto accelerator cylinder, seal kit rotary valve, seal kit (hydraulic pump)-dowty, oil seal p.t.o., seal p.t.o. cum pump (ut), rubber ledges, rubber ledges, rubber flap-sides, flap bottom(r), flap bottom(l), rubber wheel assembly for pushout plate, non-return valve assembly vicker's/apl, p.r.v. big (pressure reliefvlave) assy. vicker's/apl, p.r.v. small (pressure relief valve) assembly, d.c.valve assembly-vicker's (single plate), d.c.valve assembly-vicker's (two plate), d.c.valve assembly- vicker's (three plate), d.c.valve assembly -one set (hitech), d.c.valve assembly - two set (hitech), d.c.valve with relief-one set (hitech), d.c.valve with relief-two set (hitech), d.c.valve with relief-three set (hitech), d.c.valve without relief-one set (hitech), d.c.valve without relief-two set (hitech), pressure relief valve 3/4 bsp (hitech), pressure

Key Values

Document Fees : INR 560
EMD : INR 24,000
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 2,400,000
Closing Date : 11/02/2020
Document Sale To : 11/02/2020
Location : Maharashtra - India

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