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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 31/03/2020
Corrigendum Details :19WKOC001A
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 02/03/2020
Corrigendum Details :19WKOC001
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
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Ref. Number : 38728982 Tender Number : 2020_NAVY_325954_1 Tender Prod. No : 2020_NAVY_325954_1
Requirement : Procurement of main engine spares - o ring, thermostatic element, parafin paper 100/1000, 'o' ring, valve exhaust, gasket, washer z12v nse, filter element for 2-stage marin engine, valve for water pump, main bolts, set of full flow filtering element, set of diversion filtering element, o ring, sleeve centrifuge connection, nut, set of diversion element for fms01 lo filter), bolt, copper washer(12x18), banjo bolt-m12x1.5, self locking nyloc nut-m12, o' ring, flex master connection ( ac ), bolt, stud, pressure gauge forbes marsh ss316 0-10 bar glyf fil, guide piece f (valve gear), clmping collar, spacers, oval joint, set of full flow elements(fm s01 lo filter), joint, dia 184x240xep.2, o'ring bush, bs ring-bsb d12 nse6.51 20a8, expansion bellow, gasket, gasket, half clamping collar, o ring, tie rod, shim injection, distributor disk tufftriding co, washer copper, tie rod, sealing product glue 1005l, o ring,ms 29-513/226,21a7,nse 6.531, over load relay, stud, screw set, stud, rack, copper joint, joint, temp sensor exhaust, bush, bs ring-bsb d12 nse6.51 20a8, pipe, gasket, o ring nse 6.531, 137 x 1.8,60c7, bearing bush, air staring vale, loctite 242, roller bearing nj 218, `o' ring d=41d225,60c7 nse 6.531, tappet for valve gear, stop ring, rod push, bolt banjo, gfl bolts, gfl nuts, gfl washer, exhaust manifold duct, injection pump roller, expansion bellow, feed valve spring, gasket, viton oil seal(15x30x10), indicator cock assembly, push button green (s84), injector nozzle assembly, circlip i48, flexmast coupl(pipe-88.9mm-o.d), joint, flexmaster conn (pipe-60.3mm-od), guide rocker, compression ring, pressure gauge forbes marsh ss316 0-6 bar glyf fil, o' ring, chrome plated piston ring, piston ring, o ring, cyl head sleeve, seal joint, socket head cap screw-m12x70-12, oks 200 molykote-250 gm upto 450 deg c, bush, o ring, seal joint, washer copper, gasket for exh, cam shaft stud, cam shaft nut, injector assembly, seal-balmo fuel feed pump, normal inspection door, cam shaft section, cam shaft section, spring, cam shaft section, cam shaft section, cam shaft section, o ring, joint, sleeve nt1-cc-pn16-dn40-av-cb, cam shaft section, cam shaft section, cam shaft section, valve exhaust, screw, lgc pin (bar)lgc g5 8x30, camshaft stud, zinc rod, gasket, cross beam for coupling piston, o ring, copper washer (18x24), o ring for glacier filter, serrated bush, intermediate pinion, con rod small end fitting & dismantling tool (nitrogen fit, strap for piston, extractor for valve guide, cam shaft section, cam shaft section, cam shaft section, regulation valve 6436-1c-25-20-32pa, fuse 2a(f76b,f76a,f77,f78), pipe, valve safety, cup plug, shim, flexible sealing joint, indicator cock assembly, tool fit/dismantle of sleeve nut, socket head cap screw-m12x25-12.9, mechanical seal for pump, nitrile cord d7 1123l, bs ring, extractor for injector body gasket, pressure gauge 0-60 bar, gasket, o ring an21 nse 6.5 60c7, serrated bush, bush, elastic mountings tsc t140/70 d, spring, speed sensor 19050, helicoflex sealing joint, joint, cam shaft nut, spanner for connecting rod bolts, thermostat element, cam shaft section, fuel feed pump - cw engine, loctite 518, injector gasket, fuel pump filter, flex hose for hydraulic tool, plug, valve inlet, spring collar, spring collar (tufftriding comp).

Key Values

EMD : 837,762
Tender Estimated Cost : 27,925,415
Closing Date : 29/04/2020
Document Sale To : 02/03/2020
Location : Karnataka - India

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