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Ref. Number : 38752153 Tender Number : 399265 Tender Prod. No : 399265
Requirement : Repairing & restoration to a.p.m.c. happa components auction shade , road and godown & guest house - Dimolitation of terrace including stacking of serviceable materilas and disposal of unserviceable materials with all lead and lift.
Providing and laying cement concrete flooring124 (1 cement 2coarse sand 4 Machine Cut stone aggregate 20mm nominal size) laid in one layer and finished with floating coat of neat cement (b) 50 mm thck Providing and Applying of water proofing materials (s.b.r) in proportion recome and by manufacture.
Providing and laying broken China Mosaic Flooring for Terrace using 12mm to 20mm broken pieces of glazed tiles to be laid over cement mortar 13 to plain or slope and to be tempered to bring mortar crème out upto surface using white cement including rounding off junctions and extending them up to 15cm. along the wall, clearing with water and oxalic acid etc. as directed.
earth work in cutting in all sorts of soil and soft murrum including conving and spreading the stuff embankment as and were directed lead from the end of the cutting with 3 K.M. lead and left supplying and stacking quarry spall material with lead of 15.00 k.m.
Spreading the murrum /blinding materials /quarry spall filling the gaps in metal and leveling to camber and gradinent as directed Rolling and watering of quarry spaul with vibratory roller including filling in depression which occure during the process.
Providing & laying spreading and compacting 300 mm each layer of 150mm thick WBM Grade - II of B.T.M.C. metal 40mm to 63mm size including using 20% (13+7%) filler i.e. stone screening 13.2 mm at the rate 0.16 Cumt. & 0.08 stone dust including spreading in uniform thickness hand packing rolling with vibratory roller8-10 tonnes in stages to proper garde and cmaber applying and brooming required types of screening/ binding materials to fill up the interstices of coarse aggregate watering and compacting to the required density.
Providing and filling in foundation with ordinary cement concrete M- 100 mix and providing necessary vertical pin headers including formwork, vibrating ramming and curing complete.
Providing and fixing pre Cast Rubber dying inter locking concrete block 80 mm thick with grade of concrete M-250 pneumatic compressed by mechanically Pressed and as per approved design including 75 mm sand layer for leveliing and filling the joint with sand in proper line and level.
Providing and casting in situ controlled Trimix cement concrete M -300 for average 200 mm thick road work laid as directed over a prepared sub base mixed in batching &mixing to the approved mix desgin using surface hardener & other admixtures in proportion mentioned by the manufacture transported to site and laid in alternate of continuous day as per the direction of engineer -in - charge by providing longitudinal joints including providing and laying MS side rail of road thickness with necessary nut bolts plates fixing as per width width applying plate vibrator ( Electric or Diesel )on channel compressor with vacuum dewatering system by using all necessary equipment and materials and machinery such as running creed vibrator on prelaid MS Channel for leveling vacuum pump floating power troweling etc Cutting the groove joint and filling the joints with Bitumen as directed etc. comp. (R.A).
Finishing wall with water proofing paint of on undercoated wall surface (two coats) to give required shape even and manufacture and of required shape even shade after thoroughly brushing the surface to remove all dirt and remains of loose powders materials. out side.
Providing and laying 24" X 24" Vitrified 8mm thick tile flooring over 20MM (average) base of cement mortar 16 (1 cement 6-coarse sand) on new surface or fixing on existing flooring by adhesive material including dismentlling of existing flooring and jointed with colour cement slurry including finished with flush pointing and cleaning the surface etc. complete for Light shade.
Providing and laying 24” x 24” Vitrified 8 to 10MM thick tile in skirting, risers of steps and dedo on 10mm thick Cement Mortar 13 (1-cement 3-Course sand) and jointed with white cement slurry and cleaning the surface etc.
removing and scrapng of old deteriorated plaster of any thickness of wall/r.cc. member including stacking of servicable material and disposal of unservicable from site of work with alllead and lift 20mm thick sand faced cement plaster on walls upto height 10 metres above ground level consisting of 12mm thick backing coat of C.M. 13 (1- cement 3-sand) and 8mm thick finishing coat of C.M. 11 (1-cement 1- sand) etc. complete.

Key Values

Document Fees : INR 7,500
EMD : INR 135,000
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 13,414,567
Closing Date : 25/02/2020
Document Sale To : 25/02/2020
Location : Gujarat - India

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