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Corrigendum - 3 Published On : 10/04/2020
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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 25/03/2020
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Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 09/03/2020
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Ref. Number : 38877092 Tender Number : 2020_GMCK_179105_1 Tender Prod. No : 2020_GMCK_179105_1
Requirement : Supply of lab reagents and equipment, blood sugar god-pod liquid stable, blood urea berth lot, s. creatinine jafereaction, s. bilirubin total and direct liquid stable, s.g.p.t. ifcc kinetic l-s, s.g.o.t. ifcc kinetic l-s, alk phosphatase pnpp kinetic kinetic l-s, total protein biuret liquid stable, s. albumin bcg liquid stable, s. calcium kit ocpc/arsenaso liquid stable, s- cpk-nac ifcc kinetic l-s, s- cpk-mb ifcc kinetic l-s, s. ldh ifcc kinetic l-s, s-amylase kit direct subs kinetic l-s, uric acid uricase liquid stable, total cholesterol cho-pod liquid stable, s. hdl cholesterol direct enzymetic gpo-pod l-s direct without pptation, s. triglycrides liquid stable, c.r.p. reagent agglutination, r.a. factor kit agglutination, v.d.r.l. test card who approved lateral flow cassette, aso-kit agglutination, australia antigen card who approved lateral flow cassette, widal test- slide method to&th agglutitation, pregnancy card who approved lateral flow cassette, h.i.v. card who approved lateral flow cassette, dengue card (igg & igm antibody, ns-1- antigen), malaria card, cedarwood oil (immersion oil), distilled water, leishman stain liquid with buffer, methanol, normal saline, sodium citrate 3.8%, uristix strip (for protein and glucose), uristix strip multipara, blood group reag. a,b,d, ct capillary tube, cover slip 18mmx22mm, e.d.t.a. k3 tube 2ml with sticker coated with spsay dry pulv, esr tube (without marking), filter paper, glass slide standard size, slide box, syringe disposable, microscope lens labomed vision -2000, urine sample containar (30ml) 30ml with, tissue paper roll, micropipette tips of-100 ul, test tube stand for 12x75mm test tube, test tube borosil 12x75 mm, beaker 50ml, torniquet, dropping bottle 250 ml, esr cup 5 ml, droppers 5ml, slide tray (aluminum), micropipette fix vol.10 ul, micropipette adjustable 10ul to 100ul, hypo solution 5 %, sprit, blue card board boxes, white (translucent) puncture proof container, diamond glass marker, pencil cell for hemocui, plain tube 4ml with clot activator with label, fluoride tube 2ml, hand sanitiser, timer digital, disposable needle 22g, electric needle syringe destroyer, printing roll 110 mm cpc make for semi auto analyzer, cbc printer roll 3 part (horiba), coombs anti sera 5ml, prothrombin time kit, esr stand, hemocue hb 301 microcuvette, neubauer's counting chamber, semen diluting fluid, platelet diluting fluid, neubauer's counting chamber cover glass, disposable gloves 6", disposable gloves 6.5", disposable gloves 7", disposable gloves 7.5", plastic test tube 3" 12x75mm, test tube washing brush small 1x20, test tube washing brush big 1x20, measuring cylinder 100ml, measuring cylinder 500ml, glass marking pen, cotton bundle, non chlorinated plastic bags for bmw (yellow and red colour, microscope bulb for labomad vision 2000, mindil lmg horiba, abx lyse bio horiba, abx cleaner horiba, minoclair horiba, minotrol 16 (2l) horiba, biochemistry control, flowcell cleaner, sterile blood lancet, tec diluting fluid, tlc diluting fluid, trbc diluting fluid, coplin jar, sodium citrate (3.2%), diamand proeyte na,k,cl electrolyte analyzer, fluid pack na/k/cl, daily cleaning solution, wash solution, internal filling solution, electrolyte contrast trilevel govt. district hospital, (rate contract two year)

Key Values

Document Fees : 1
EMD : 30,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 1,500,000
Closing Date : 30/06/2020
Document Sale To : 11/03/2020
Location : Rajasthan - India

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