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Ref. Number : 39193781 Tender Number : 2020_MGM_44728_1 Tender Prod. No : 2020_MGM_44728_1
Requirement : Supply of medicine other surgical and consumable items - cap. nifedipine (soft gelatin capsule) (aluminium foil/blister pack), tab. nifedipine sustained release (sr) (aluminium foil/blister pack), inj . labetalol, inj. magnesium sulphate, inj. isoxsuprine hc1, tab. isoxsuprine (aluminium foil/blister pack), inj. betamethasone sod. phosphate, inj. ampicillin sodium (with diluents in plastic container), cap. ampicillin (aluminium foil/blister pack), tab. erythromycin esteolate (equiv.to erythromycin 500 mg), tab. nitrofurantoin (aluminium foil/blister pack), inj iron sucrose, inj. sodium bi-carbonate, sterile water for injection (plastic container as per ip), inj. carboprost tromethamine, inj. human premixed insulin (50/50, 30/70), inj. human soluble insulin, verglove inj, disposable sterilised needles in blister pack, umbilical cord clamp / vascular clamp, infant mucous extractor, k-90 plain catheter, roller bandage, tab. cefadroxil (aluminium foil/blister pack), inj. human anti-d immunoglobulin, sanitary napkins, inj. bupivacaine, inj. lignocaine hc1 and dextrose (heavy), inj. lignocaine hc1 and adrenaline bitartrate, plasmaexpander infusion polygeline, inj. carboprost tromethamine, foley's urinary catheter, catgut chromic atraumatic, polyglactin (braided coated) - 910, monofilament polyamide black breaded silk, suction tube, spinal needle disposable adult as per bis, urinary drainage bag, infant mucous extractor, surgiwear, epidural set, inj. adrenaline bitartrate, inj. dopamine hc1 (intravenous infusion), halothane, inj. thiopentone sodium, inj. vecuronium bromide, inj. succinyl choline chloride, inj. glycopyrrolate, inj. atracurium besylate, inj. ephedrine hc1, inj. midazolam, inj. theophylline & etophylline, inj. human anti-d immunoglobulin, sanitary napkins, inj. tetanus toxoid (adsorbed), inj. clindamycin, cap. clindamycin, inj immunoglobulin, inj. amikacin sulphate, inj. ampicillin sodium, (with diluents in plastic container), inj. ampicillin sodium, (with diluents in plastic container), inj. cefotaxime sodium (with diluents in plastic container), inj. cefotaxime sodium (with diluents in plastic container), dextrose 25%(d25), paediatric maintenance fluid, inj. pottasium chloride nfi, inj. sodium bi-carbonate, inj. kenandione (vit. k), paracetamol drop, (palatable, with dropper and container as per i.p), calcium suspension, (with measuring cap and palatable, plastic container as per i.p), vit. e drop (palatable, with dropper and container as per i.p), multivitamin drop (palatable, with dropper and container as per i.p), inj. vancomycin (with diluents in plastic container), surfactant(neosure/ exosurf), inj caffain citrate, n/2 normal saline, 3 % ns, inj meropenem, inj kenadione, inj forcan(fluconazole), blood culture bottle, simyl mct oil, disposable syringes, naso-gastric tube (infant feeding tube), naso-gastric tube (infant feeding tube), sucction catheter, endotracheal tube, umbilical catheter, de-lee mucous trap, baby sock, cap, gloves (cotton), 3 way stop cock, baby napkin (polythene drape sheet), human milk fortifier, triple (three) layer face mask, eye shield (for phototherapy unit), absorbent clear acrylic dressing, hand steriliser, surfactant (neosurf/exosurf), n/2 normal saline, 3 % ns, inj ceftazedime, amoxcillin drop, cefadroxil drop, multi vitamin drop, iron drop, clotrimazole mouth paint, ensamcycin ointment, cefixime drop, vit d3 drop.

Key Values

EMD : INR 50,000
Closing Date : 7/04/2020
Document Sale To : 07/04/2020
Location : Jharkhand - India

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