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Ref. Number : 39214438 Tender Number : 2020_ARMY_334960_1 Tender Prod. No : 2020_ARMY_334960_1
Requirement : Procurement of alcohol methyl, benedict solution, blood lancet disposable, brush tube wash small, capillary tubes, cell clean (sysmex item code no 120515), cell pack 20 ltr (sysmex item code no 120543), chlorhexidine solution containing chlorhexidine gluconate bp 7.5% v/v cetrimide bp 15% w/v 500 ml bott, chloroxylenol sol pot hydroxide 13.6g, chloroxylenol solution 50.5g oleic acid-7.5ml castor oil-63.0g (dettol) can of 5 ltr, cleaning solution b erma pce 210, cover slip microscope, crp test kit( 50 test), cyanmethohaemoglobin standard for haemoglobin estimation ampules of 10ml., dengue test card (ns1 + igm/igg), diatro cleaner 1 ltr (iris), diatro diff lyse 1 ltr (iris), diatro dill-diff 20 ltr (iris), diatro hypoclean 1 ltr (iris), diatro hypoclean 100 ml (hard cleaning) (iris), distilled water can of 5 ltr, drabkin solution bott of 1 ltr, edta powder , erba wash kit (4x50ml), esr tube (westegrens), estimation of albumin (5 x 50 ml ) erba, estimation of alk phosphatase (10x 2.2ml) erba, estimation of aso titre kit erba, estimation of billirubin kit (4 x60 ml) erba, estimation of calcium erba, estimation of cholesterol (5 x 20 ml ) erba, estimation of creatinine (4 x60 ml ) erba, estimation of glucose kit(10x200ml) erba, estimation of hdl cholesterol(2x50ml) erba, estimation of ra factor kit of 20 test erba, estimation of sgot (5 x 20 ml ) erba, estimation of sgpt (5 x 20 ml ) erba, estimation of total protein (5 x 50 ml ) erba, estimation of triglyceride kit (5 x 20 ml ) erba, estimation of urea(5 x 20 ml) erba, estimation of uric acid (5 x 20 ml ) erba, filter paper round, glass pipete 20 ml, glass pippette 10 ml, glass pippette 5 ml, hba1c test card, hbsag rapid card test, hcv test strip, hiv i & ii rapid test kit, hydrochloric acid 500 ml, ink glass writing bottle of 30ml, malaria parcheck rapid test card, micropipette tips large (max upto1000ul-blue), micropipette tips small (max upto 200ul-yellow), micropippete (100-1000), micropippete (50-500), phenol bott of 500 ml, pregnancy test strip, printing paper for fully automatic blood cell counter model pce-210(n) 55 mm, round spot plater, slide microscope 25x75 mm pkt of 50, slide microscope thickness 1.15 mm to 1.35mm size 76mm x 50mm, soap solution tube wash, sodium hypochlorite 5% can of 5 ltr, spirit surgical bott of 500 ml, strip ketodiastic glucose & ketone bott of 50, strip of albumin +glucose) bott of 100 , stromatolyser wh 500ml (sysmex), test tube (12 x 75 mm), urine collection bottle, vaccutainer edta, vaccutainer sodium citrate, vaccutainer sodium floride, vaccutainer sterile (red capped), vdrl test strip, wbc solution, widal test kit, autoclean -n (2 litre) erma, abdominal binder size-l, abdominal binder size-m, abdominal binder size-xl, adhesive plaster 7.5 cm x 5 mtr, adhesive plaster micro porous tape 1 inch , adhesive plaster micro porous tape 2 inches , adhesive plaster micro porous tape 3 inches , adhesive plaster zinc oxide 2.5 cm x 1 mtr, band aid (wound aid), bandage `t` shaped, bandage crepe 10 cm, bandage crepe 15 cm, bandage elastic adhesive 8cm x 4 mtr, bandage roller 10 cm, bandage roller 2.5 cm , bandage roller 6 cm, soft cervical collar size -large, soft cervical collar size -medium, soft cervical collar size - small, "coloplast bag 13986- 60 mm coloplast plate 1973- 60 mm coloplast paste 2650 coloplast barriers cream 4720 coloplast tape 12070 coloplast adhesive remover spray, ", colostomy bag 25 x 14 cm with flangs comp set (coloplast), colostomy bag 50 mm with flangs comp set (coloplast), colostomy bag 57 mm with fangs comp set (coloplast), colostomy bag 60 mm with flangs comp set (coloplast), colostomy bag washable (1902) 15 mm set with flanges (coloplast) , colostomy bag washable 45 mm set with flanges (coloplast), corn cap 30%, cotton absorbent pkt of 300 gm, cotton wool, absorbent pkt of 50 gm, developer soln for automatic film processor, developer x-ray films fast to make 9 ltr of solution, ecg electrodes (disposable), ecg paper (50 mm x 20 mtr) (bpl 6108t), ecg paper (55 mmx 20 mtr) bpl, ecg paste/gel, ecg paper (model no - eli-230) 210mm x 20 mtr, film x-ray (10" x 8" ) (blue), film x-ray (12" x 10" ) (blue), film x-ray (15" x 12") (blue), film x-ray (17" x 14") , gauze absorbent, folded 10 cm x 10 cm , gauze surgical, open wove, unmedicated 60 cm x 3 metres packet, gauze surgical, open wove, unmedicated 60 cm wide x 18 mtr, gloves surgical sterile size - 6.5, gloves surgical sterile size -7, gloves surgical sterile size -7.5, gloves surgical sterile size - 8 , glucostrip- one touch-horizon (one touch), glucostrip- one touch-select (one touch), glucostrips accu sure bott of 25 strips (acusure), glucostrips for sugar check (sugar check), knee caps size- large, knee caps size- medium, knee caps size- xl, dvt stocking/medical compression stocking below knee size - m, dvt stocking/medical compression stocking below knee size - l, dvt stocking/medical compression stocking below knee size - xl, fixer for automatic film processor, foleys balloon catheter 2 way silicon 16 g, foleys balloon catheter 2 way silicon 18 g, lumbo sacral belt size - m, lumbo sacral belt size- l, lumbo sacral belt size- xl, non absorbable surgical suture s- 3.0 (mersilk), pad abdominal swab 25 x 25 cm , pad abdominal swab 40 x 25 cm , urine collection bag (urobag), urine collection bag 2ltr (romson), urostomy bag 60 mm (11856) coloplast complete set (coloplast), u-drain male incontinence device size small 25 mm., ultrafine needle 31g for insulin pen, ultrasound jelly tube of 250 gm., transparent medicated wound dressing pkt of 10, transpore 3 inch, syringe disposable plastic, sterile 2 ml with needle , syringe disposable plastic, sterile 5 ml with needle , syringe insulin disposable 40 units, paraffin soft yellow 350 gm, comfed barrier cream, effluent bags (baxter).

Key Values

EMD : INR 241,154
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 12,057,712
Closing Date : 16/04/2020
Document Sale To : 16/04/2020
Location : Tamil Nadu - India

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