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Ref. Number : 43456520 Tender Number : 2021_ARMY_432866_1 Tender Prod. No : 2021_ARMY_432866_1
Requirement : Supply of consumables (hospital / lab), blood urea nitrogen (bun/ urea), chloride (cl-), creatinine idms (crea idms), potassium (k+), sodium (na+), alanine aminotransferase (altv), albumin (alb), alkaline phosphatase (alkp), aspartate aminotransferase (ast), bilirubin, unconjugated and conjugated (bubc), gamma glutamyltransferase (ggt), total bilirubin (tbil), total protein (tp), cholesterol (chol) slides, direct hdl cholesterol (dhdl), triglycerides (trig), creatinine kinase (ck), creatinine kinase mb (ckmb), lactate dehydrogenase (ldh), iron (fe), calcium (ca), magnesium (mg), phosphorus (phos), amylase (amyl), lipase (lipa), csf protein (prot), c-reactive protein (crp), glucose (glu), uric acid (uric), urine protein (upro), hba1c reagent (hba1c), direct ldl cholesterol (dldl), direct total iron binding copacity (dtibc), haptoglobin (hpt), high sensitivity c-reactive protein (hscrp), homocystine (hcy2), transferrin (trfrn), microalbumin (malb), calibrator kit 1- bun/urea, ca, crea, glu, lac, li, mg, phos, sali, theo, uric, calibrator kit 2- chol, cl-, eco2, k+, na+, trig, calibrator kit 3- acp, alt, alkp, amyl, ast, ck, ggt, ldh, lipa, calibrator kit 4- alb, bubc, fe, tbil, tibc, tp, calibrator kit 5- amon, prot, calibrator kit 6- che, ckmb, calibrator kit 10- upro, calibrator kit 25- dhdl, calibrator kit 19- dldl, calibrator kit 31, calibrator kit 7- crp, calibrator kit 24- malb, calibrator kit 20- c3, c4, iga, igm, trfrn, crp performance verifier i, crp performance verifier ii, isoenzyme performance verifier i, isoenzyme performance verifier ii, liquid performance verifier i, liquid performance verifier ii, performance verifier i, performance verifier ii, hcy2 per ver i, ii, iii, malb per ver i, malb per ver ii, reference fluid 800, immuno-wash fluid 30 pouched, fs humidification pack, desiccant pack, apolipoprotein a1 (apoa1), apolipoprotein b (apob), upro performance verifier i, upro performance verifier ii, %a1c performance verifier i, %a1c performance verifier ii, dtibc performance verifier i, dtibc performance verifier ii, 7% bsa solution , fs reconstitution diluents, microsensor check fluids i&ii, fs diluent pack 1 (apo diluent/ ued), fs diluent pack 2 (dat diluent/ dat diluent 2), fs diluent pack 3 (specialty diluent/ water) , fs diluent pack 4 (dat diluent/ dat diluent 2), air filter, ud01 packs (empty), fs micro tip, fs cuvettes , micro samples cups (0.5 ml), versa tips, calibrator kit 27- hcy2

Key Values

EMD : INR 1,960,928
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 65,364,266
Closing Date : 15/04/2021
Document Sale To : 15/04/2021
Location : Delhi - India

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