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Ref. Number : 43680624 Tender Number : 2021_IDS_626622_1 Tender Prod. No : 2021_IDS_626622_1
Requirement : Supply of 109 items, control transformer, power contactor, aux contactor, gland packing, electro magnetic brake, phase failure relay, thermistor protection relay(d6&d7), drum type master controller switch, electromagnetic brake, brake release bolt eg3232b, power contactor, power contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k1-94-99, power contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k3-92-93, power contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k3-94-99, mcb, 3 pole eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-q2, mcb 2 pole, 16a eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-q3, brake lining eg3232b-0309-6292-2300-3091, timer on delay (d2,d3) eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-d2, aux contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k12, relays eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k6-92-93, relays eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k6-94-99, control transformer eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-t1, sae flexible pipe x 45" bend eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-16-6, breather cum filter eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-18, shock mount eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-23, motor eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-21-1, fuse 2a eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-f2, fuse 2a eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-f3, fuse 1a eg3232b-550236b1a, meter non-illuminated (-35 deg to +35deg)(rai) eg3232b-ipms1048i9501, control transformer eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-tr1, transformer eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-tr2, rivets (flat head) eg3232b-0309-6292-8301-14, micro switch eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-08-4, motor eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-1, pressure gauge eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-15, r to i-isolator o to 2k ohm) eg3232b-ipms1108kns01, indicators, 24v dc-red eg3232b-ipms1108hnj03, selector switch eg3232b-0309-6292-3003-s1, wiper seal eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-02-12, potentiometer eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-08-3, flexible pipe eg3232b 0609- 6279-2000-16-19, flexible pipe eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-16-8, return line filter eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-16, float switch eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-17, nrv eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-6, flexible pipe eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-7, suction filter eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-21-13, return line filter eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-21-15, nrv eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-21-6, flexible pipe eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-21-7, relay eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-d1, relay eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-d2, fuse 2a eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-f4, o ring for propeller cone eg3232b-0709-6278-f-1-1, bearing for motor eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-2010-1, oil seal for motor eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-2010-2, power contactor (c1 to c5) eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-c1, aux contactor (d1,d2,d5 & d10) eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-d1, motor protection relay (d6&d7) eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-d6, fuse 4 amp (f1-f3), f8-f10) eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-f1, switch fuse unit eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-is1, aux contactor (d1,d2,d5&d10) eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-d1, phase failure relay eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-d3, thermistor protection relay (d4) eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-d4, switch fuse unit eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-is1, timer eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-t, control transformer eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-tr1, transformer eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-tr2, slipping clutch eg3232b-0309-6292-0020-1120, packing eg3232b-0309-6292-0020-1201, oil seal eg3232b-0309-6292-0020-1205, oil seal eg3232b-0309-6292-0020-1345, band brake eg3232b-0309-6292-0020-1550, ferodo lining eg3232b-0309-6292-0070-1154, timer multifunction eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-d1, aux contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k10, aux contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k11, power contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k2-92-93, power contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k2-94-99, power contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k4, power contactor eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k5, relays (k9,k14) eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-k9, fn switches eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-q1, current tranformer (t2,t3) eg3232b-0309-6292-3001-t2, relay eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-d3, limit switch eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-ls1-ls2, selector switch, 2pos eg3232b-ipms1052njp01, motor protection relay (d6&d7) eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-d6, fuse 4 amp (f1-f3),(f8-f10) eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-f1, drum type master controller switch eg3232b-0109-6272-3003-mc1, temperature gauge eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-26, fuse 2a eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-f1, relay eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-d4, powwer supply unit eg3232b-44078m24vdc, fuse 3a eg3232b-550236b3a, power supply module eg3232b-5502c263r01, indicators, 24v dc-green eg3232b-ipms1108hni01, timer eg3232b-0109-6272-0410-t, packing eg3232b-0309-6292-0020-1161, gland packing eg3232b-0609-6279-f1-11, isolator switch eg3232b-0709-6278-3002-sw1, digital tach hour meter eg3232b-0709-6278-f-15-4, power pack eg3232b-gew6-6279-2000-18, temperature sensor eg3232b-0609-6279-2000-18-32, power contactor(c1 to c5) eg3232b-0109-6272-3001-c1, aux contactor eg3232b-syga287-k4, o ring eg3232b-691-00026, o ring eg3232b-671-00012

Key Values

Tender Estimated Cost : INR 16,390,157
Closing Date : 21/04/2021
Document Sale To : 21/04/2021
Location : Andaman And Nicobar - India

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