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Corrigendum - 3 Published On : 04/06/2022
Corrigendum Details :Deadline has been changes from Jun 2 2022 12:00AM to Jun 17 2022 12:00AM
Due Dates Extension
Corrigendum Type :Date
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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 18/05/2022
Corrigendum Details :Deadline has been changes from May 23 2022 12:00AM to Jun 2 2022 12:00AM
Extension of Due Dates
Corrigendum Type :Date
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 04/05/2022
Corrigendum Details :Identified OPM
Corrigendum Type :Technical Bid
Corrigendum Document : Available Corrigendum Document For Download
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Ref. Number : 49236998 Tender Number : 2022_NCL_242063_1 Tender Prod. No : 2022_NCL_242063_1
Requirement : Supply of critical spares for 24/96 dragline - arrester, ckt breaker 3p 70a, brush holder with spring, contact kit, cage block, bush, thrust washer, set of oprt pannel indication, cover end non drive end, cover end drive end, gear wheel 1st reduction, gear intermediate, pinion 2nd reduction, pinion2nd reduction, pin jib head pulley, brake assembly with air bridge, connecting rod hp, connecting rod lp, seal, blower housing, compressor valve, tune up kit, boom pressurization assembly, bolt insulating, switch, brush holder, fuse 2ag 0.5a 250v, cpt asm. 4.6a, fuse kldr-8, srb (swing motor), srb (swing generator), micro genius pwb, sola conditioned power xformer 10kva ,41, srb (hoist/drag motor), srb (hoist/drag generator), ckt breaker 3p 150a, ckt breaker 3p 15a, safety valve, fan us quick pannel, vaccum contactor, brake drag/walk release set, valve measuring complete dm33, valve measuring complete dm51, ring o basket, filter basket, pressure gauge, screen 100 mesh, switch pressure, flow monitor 3/4 inch complete 8 g, flow monitor 1/2 complete 1 g, coupling, pump, air motor repair kit, pump repair kit, pump complete a / cw, valve reversing, line strainer 3/8", valve solenoid, pump fireball, reversing valve dr4-2, oil pump anti clockwise, motor 5.5kw 1450rpm,415v 3ph, proximity switch, limit switch, pump clockwise sw,lub, ogl motor repair kit, oil seal, valve-safety 1/2 inchx65lbs, element replacement, air compressor, valve safety 190 p.s.i. h.p.un, kit repair cylinder, safety valve comp., mg set starting relay, breaker motor control, interface module resolver, insulating washr cap, relay-under volt, movable contacts, transformer 750va, coil, bracket brshholder, gauge oil sight, cartridge bearing, cap bearing, w/bars main coil pole, armature only, w/both armature cplgs, commutator, shim insulating, thrust brg asm, w/bars main coil-pole, spacer 47 connector, comm coil & pole, 11 connector, arm rewind kit, meter, contact set 3 pole, oil ring, main movable tip asm, heavy duty dc contactor, blower motor, fuse kldr-5, 2ag fuse 3.0a 250v, 8 pl cable, scr module, 1pl cable "dc_gx", aux dc2k gen intr/conf coat, transucer card connector, 24v lambda pwr sup, motor breaker control, thermal, o/l 1no+1nc, 8-12a, hoist and drag motor coupling, block rubber, bolt fitted, breaker main transformer, switches limit, selector switch, kit motor management relay ge make, timer ,sr 1, alarm annunciator unit, seal rubber, walk shaft, pulley 70mm rope, jib head pulley for 60 mm rope, spacing sleeve, bearing spacer, inter contact set assy, bush bearing, d c coil 300 amp, fuse-250v-150v, rectifier contr, int contact set, w/spring brushholder, connector 35, arresters 7 5 kv, arrester, motor ol heater control, motor starter control, overload relay, fuse relay loss, relay time delay, timer relay, fuse-250-10a, fuse-250v-500a, dual oper amp, relay volt sensitive, relay, relay walk control, starting reactor, 12/24 vdc i/o block 32 ckt, genius blk 115v 16 circ, genius 115vac analog 4i/2o block, 100a 700vac leg fuse, power supply 120/240v 100w, aux. cont.3no+1nc,16a 110v ac., relay,110v, module drag regulator, multilin 369 relay, main board,150a chopper, control board, 350a conv., resolver master switch, main stationary contact, outlet socket, male, inlet plug female, fdn 160/63a,mccb,3p 50ka comp. breaker, thermal,o/l 1no+1nc, 25-32a, thermal,o/l 1no+1nc 4-6.3a, fdn160/50a, mccb 3p 50ka comp.breaker, thermal,o/l 1no+1nc,10-16a, thermal o/l, 1no+1nc,21-26a., contactor,3p 50a 110v ac,1no 1nc, auxi.contact,fd/e/g no ri for mccb, module, input,16pt,110v.ac, module,output,16pt,relay, ptm interface module, ethernet switch,12-48v dc, relay, 110v ac, telephone module, socket, outlet ethernet, module ethernet interface, aux.contact, 2xn/o side mtg, contactor, assy., module,analog input,4ch isolated, module,mixed i/o 8pt relay op 16pt24vdc, profibus network interface unit, igbt exciter,with profibus comm card, source converter, 2p sz9 latch cont, walk regulator module, contactor sync fld, circuit breaker, fld excit mod rev, oil seal - leather, swing feedbk module, 09 spacer asm, air lubricator, air pre.regul.with pres.guage, coupling for swing oil pump, dc contactor, hd. cap screw m6x35skt, screw, joystick, strainer line 1 bsp, strainer line 1-1/2 bsp, ring o, switch low oil level complete, cleaner inlet air, valve ball, swing motor coupling complete, wheel 1st reduction gear, screw hex head m6 x 40 lg., fuses, half coupling de for swing/drag generator 36b465278aa002, half coupling de, half coupling ac for syn motor 36b465278aa004, half coupling-ce, bolt 040b coupling, gauge, pressure, 0 to 14 bar, spreader bar assy.upper, spreader bar assy.lower, resolver interface module amci1962 slot3, swing motor brake assembly, starter size 5, 4 pl cable, 6 pl cable, cbl 2pl w/cssa slcc, fuse-250v-10a, timer, circuit firing, genius no relay output block, breaker-aux xfmr, sleeve, sleeve split - rh, sleeve split - lh, crank shaft, v belts, stationery contact, moving contact, speed limit asm, brush holder spring, transformer, fuse 7 a, power supply board r170, master switch drag / walk, contactor,4p-2no+nc 40a ac3 110v ac, gf crowbars, fuse link,semiconductor 100a 690v, bolt insulating cap, motor 7.5hpx1150rpm380v- 3ph-50, spray nozzel, element filter, air operated grease pump, gasket.

Key Values

EMD : 5,000,000
Tender Estimated Cost : 305,203,831
Closing Date : 17/06/2022
Document Sale To : 23/05/2022
Location : Madhya Pradesh - India

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