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Ref. Number : 49581345 Tender Number : 2022_ARMY_522797_1 Tender Prod. No : 2022_ARMY_522797_1
Requirement : Supply 10244552 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-001-2 crank, case, 10244554 lv1/pl(frt) b71-29-1788 cover, shield, 10244558 lv1/pl(frt) b71-29-178-2 pipe, small, 10244559 lv1/pl(frt) b71-29-1780-2 bracket, 10244560 lv1/pl(frt) b71-29-1782 cover, 10244561 lv1/pl(frt) b71-29-1783 (b71-29- 148z) stringer, 10244562 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-34z2 brush, 10244566 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-005-1 washer, 10244568 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-3z-1a driving, shaft, 10244570 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-6z8 pipe small, 10244571 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-8z1, connector pipe in the set, 10244573 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-z2 pump drive, 10244574 lv1/pl(frt) b71-50-70z/1, conductors specification, 10244577 lv1/pl(frt) b71-60-14z lug, 10244579 lv1/pl(frt) b71-05-1z3 front, tank, 10244580 lv1/pl(frt) b71-50-70z, conductors spec lycek-l-1k-075, l=100, 10244582 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-020 elbow, connection body, 10244585 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-10z-1 box, 10244586 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-11z1 box in, the set, 10244587 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-12z1 relay, plate, 10244589 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-14z-1 cable to, control the crane, 10244592 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-013-2 plate, 10244594 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-004 washer, 10244595 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-002-1 board, plate, 10244596 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-013-2 cover, 10244598 lv1/pl(frt) b71-43-016-5 tconnection, body, 10244601 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-8z-2 tough, small, 10244602 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-6z4 rope, drum, 10244604 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-9z-2a board, plate, 10244611 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-161 spring, 10244614 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-17z1 lever, 10244617 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-160a valve, head, 10244618 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-20z2 lever, complete, 10244619 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-6z-2 control, desk, 10244626 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-46z2 ele, bundle consisting of conductors 323, 10244629 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-49z1 relay, plate, 10244631 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-61z box, 10244632 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-64z cover, small, 10244635 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-48z, assembling of winch clutch switch, 10244637 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-24z lever, 10244638 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-30z4 bracket, 10244639 lv1/pl(frt) bn-74-3687-03, cylinderical fuse 8a, 10244640 lv1/pl(frt) bn-74-5027-02 chain, zpo8-3 l-162/6 link, 10244641 lv1/pl(frt) bn-74/3687-08/6, condtr tip longitudinal 2side con m8-0-, 6, 10244642 lv1/pl(frt) bn-75/3061-06 bulb, typec20-26v,012a with lampbase10, 10244643 lv1/pl(frt) b75-28-1408zy, console, 10244644 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-42z2 board, plate, 10244645 lv1/pl(frt) bn-72/3281-05, resister rdc-210-2e-12-100-10-426, 10244646 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-28z-2 (b71-57-, 131) housing, 10244647 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-44z right, cover, 10244648 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-45z left, cover, 10244649 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-49z over flow, valve, 10244653 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-27z desk, 10244655 lv1/pl(frt) b75-28-4150-y clamp, 10244656 lv1/pl(frt) b71-95z-1 emergency, feeding set, 10244657 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-33z1 right, lever in the set, 10244659 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-37z5 lever in, the set, 10244660 lv1/pl(frt) bn-77/5410-12/5 as, cop ring gsket cft ty 2-16,2x22x2.5, 10244661 lv1/pl(frt) bn-77/5410-12/11 as, cop ring gsket cft ty 2-24,2x30x3, 10244662 lv1/pl(frt) bn-75/4513-04 centre, punch rdta 125 or rdta 125 hb, 10244663 lv1/pl(frt) bn-75/4513-02 cap, chisel rdwk-8, 10244664 lv1/pl(frt) b71-95-10z gear pump, pz-2-k-2.5, 10244666 lv1/pl(frt) b71-95-1z-1 feeding, assy, 10244667 lv1/pl(frt) b71-95-2z-1 pressure, reducing valve, 10244668 lv1/pl(frt) b71-95-3z-1 bracket, in the set, 10244670 lv1/pl(frt) b71-95-7z-1 pipe, 10244671 lv1/pl(frt) b71-57-43z2 winch, signalling board, 10244672 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-7z-2a sleeve, 10244675 lv1/pl(frt) b71-29-1886-1 spring, 10244679 lv1/pl(frt) b71-38-25-z2 decantre (setting tank) with cock, 10244681 lv1/pl(frt) d45-29-3540y block, 10244692 lv1/pl(frt) b71-39-001-2, flexsible shaft, 10244693 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-002 driving, shaft, 10244694 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-003-3a cover, of the crank case, 10244695 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-004-2 crank, case, 10244696 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-005-2 toothed, wheel, 10244697 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-006-2a, toothed wheel, 10244698 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-007-1 slider, 10244699 lv1/pl(frt) b71-38-z1 clamp, ruber packing holding pipe lines, 10244700 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-008, intermedite gear crank case, 10244708 lv1/pl(frt) b71-40-001-4 shaft, 10244709 lv1/pl(frt) d45-29-2738 block, 10244710 lv1/pl(frt) d45-29-2673 bracket, 10244711 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-023-6 toothed, wheel, 10244712 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-6z1 crank, case in the set, 10244713 lv1/pl(frt) b71-91-8z-x2 shield, 10244720 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-011 rope, shield, 10244726 lv1/pl(frt) d45-29-2695 block, 10244736 lv1/pl(frt) b71-92-035-2 pulley, 10244744 lv1/pl(frt) b71-39-049 fuel level, indicator wpp-80, 10244746 lv1/pl(frt) b71-36-17z-5 pipe, small, 10244747 lv1/pl(frt) pn-70/m-82952/- rivet, 3.5x16, 10244748 lv1/pl(frt) pn-67m-80026/77, steel wirezinc coated 1,6pb-1-nal60, 10244750 lv1/pl(frt) pn-71m-64990, dodecagonal changeable cap rwab, 12c12.5c, 10244752 lv1/pl(frt) d35-04-239-1 distance, ring, 10244753 lv1/pl(frt) pn-67m-80026/90, steel wire zinc coated 5ga-gts l = 45, 10244755 lv1/pl(frt) d35-04-247 washer, 10244756 lv1/pl(frt) d35-04-34-z plug with, oil indicator, 10244757 lv1/pl(frt) pn-71/m-82105 bolt, m6x35-5, 6-1, 10244758 lv1/pl(frt) d40-29-276y angle, bar, 10244759 lv1/pl(frt) d40-29-2195, insulating washer, 10244761 lv1/pl(frt) d35-04-244-1 plug, 10244762 lv1/pl(frt) b71-29-968 block etc.

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Closing Date : 30/05/2022
Document Sale To : 30/05/2022
Location : Maharashtra - India

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