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Ref. Number : 49662925 Tender Number : 2022_SAI_688538_1 Tender Prod. No : 2022_SAI_688538_1
Requirement : Supply of mess items ie dry ration wheat rice pulses spices cereals and their accompanyments dryfruits beverages and softdrinks continental and bakery products miscellaneous non vegetarain items dairy products drinking water vegetables - atta(annapoorna), atta(ashirvad), atta(pilsburry), multi grain atta(annapoorna), multi grain atta(ashirvad), multi grain atta(pilsburry), sonamasuri(raw) -daawat, sona masuri(raw)-fortune, sona masuri(raw)-kothari gold, sona masuri(steam), basumati rice (kohinoor), basumati rice (lalqilla), basumati rice(daawat), basumati rice(india gate), basumati rice(darbar), basumati brown rice, jeera rice, brown rice, puffed rice, boiled rice, rice flakes avalakki) poha (tata sampan), rice flakes avalakki) poha(elworld agro), rice flakes avalakki) poha(mantra), red poha(tata sampan), red poha(elworld agro), red poha(mantra), wheat flakes(kellogs), rice 404 (pacada) daawat, parboiled rice(cooking )white rice, mata rice(double horse), mata rice(karken), idli rice(country brand), rava idli mix, rice flour(bhagyalakshmi), rice flour(swastik), maida(bhagyalakshmi), maize flour (corn meal flour), sugar(dampure), sugar(mantra), sugar(tata), brown sugar (crystals) sri sri brand, brown sugar (crystals) mawana brand, palm sugar crystal (panag kalkandu), kalkandu sugar, crystal sugar, sugar cubes(brown)demerara, sugar cubes(brown)mab, sugar cubes(brown)uttam, sugar cubes(white)demerara, sugar cubes(white)mab, sugar cubes(white)uttam, sugar free (sachet), sugar sachet, jaggery (country), jaggery (palm), powdered jaggery, table salt(aashirvad), table salt(tata), salt(aashirvad), salt(tata), black salt(catch), catch salt(catch), sunflower oil(cardia life), sunflower oil(safal kof), mustard oil(safal kof), gingelli oil(safal kof), coconut oil(safal kof), vanaspathi / dalda(safal kof), ground nut oil(safal kof), rice bran oil(safal kof), olive oil (pomace)(safal kof), olive oil (extra virgin)(safal kof), ghee, bengal gram flour, corn flour(weikfield), roasted sooji(bhagyalakshmi), sooji(upma rawa)(bhagyalakshmi), idli rava(bhagyalakshmi), bansi rava(bhagyalakshmi), samba rava (whole wheat)(bhagyalakshmi), rice sevai (anil), rice sevai (manna), rice sevai (concord), ragi sevai (anil), ragi sevai(manna), ragi sevai(concord), sago (sabbakki), pulses (part - b), toor dal, moong dal, black channa, channa dal, black dal, masoor dal, moong husk, moong whole, fried gram, fried gram (whole), urad dal (whole), urad dal (split), kabuli channa, green peas, soya bean, urad husk(black), urad whole (black), ragi flour(finger millet), jowar flour, horse gram, bajra, foxtail millet( navane), aarka (millets), lobia (karamani), alasande kalu (white), white rajma, pickle (mixed) (per kg), papad (south indian), pepper papad (northindian style), "dry ration (ie) spices etc, (part-c)", red chilly (byadigi), red chilly, chilly powder(mtr), chilly powder(mdh), chilly powder(catch), chilly powder(aachi), chilly powder(other standard brand)), chilly power (kashmiri) , dhaniya (corianderseeds), dhaniya (coriander) powder(catch), dhaniya (coriander) powder(aachi), dhaniya (coriander) powder(mdh), dhaniya (coriander) powder(other standard brand), dhaniya (coriander) powder(mtr), turmeric powder(mtr), turmeric powder(mdh), turmeric powder(catch), turmeric powder(aachi), turmeric powder(other standard brand), methi(fenugreek), mustard, cumin seed (jeera), jeera powder(mtr), jeera powder(mdh), jeera powder(catch), jeera powder(aachi), jeera powder(other standard brand), black pepper(mtr), black pepper(mdh), black pepper(catch), black pepper(aachi), black pepper(other standard brand), white pepper (whole), black pepper powder(mtr), black pepper powder(mdh), black pepper powder(catch), black pepper powder(aachi), black pepper powder(other standard brand), white pepper powder(mtr), white pepper powder(mdh), white pepper powder(catch), white pepper powder(aachi), white pepper powder(other standard brand), cayenne pepper powder(mtr), cayenne pepper powder(mdh), cayenne pepper powder(catch), cayenne pepper powder(aachi), cayenne pepper powder(other standard brand), coconut milk powder(mtr), coconut milk powder(mdh), coconut milk powder(catch), coconut milk powder(aachi), coconut powder (desicated), garlic powder (mtr), garlic powder (mdh), garlic powder (catch), garlic powder (aachi), garlic powder (other standard brand), ginger powder(mtr), ginger powder(catch), ginger powder(mdh), ginger powder(aachi), ginger powder(other standard brand), amchur /dry mango powder, cloves, cinnamon stick, cardamom, black cardamom, ananas flower, marathi moggu, kasturi methi, biryani leaves, dry parsley, dry thyme, dry oregano, gajan spice, dry rosemary, chives, till seeds ,white, till seeds ,black, seesame seeds, dry basil, chilly flakes, ajwaian, chia seeds, sabja seeds, cheddar, poppy seeds, melon seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, saunf, jakai(nutmeg), japathre(mace), tamarind (seedless), asafoetida(hing) 50 gm(lg brand), channa masala(mtr), channa masala(mdh), channa masala(catch), channa masala(aachi), chat masala(mtr), chat masala(mdh), chat masala(catch), chat masala(aachi), garam masala(mtr), garam masala(mdh), garam masala(catch), garam masala(aachi), chicken masala(mtr), chicken masala(mdh), chicken masala(catch), chicken masala(aachi), mutton masala(mtr), mutton masala(mdh), mutton masala(catch), mutton masala(aachi), biryani masala(mtr), biryani masala(mdh), biryani masala(catch), biryani masala(aachi), kabab masala(mtr), kabab masala(mdh), kabab masala(catch), kabab masala(aachi), sambar powder(mtr), sambar powder(mdh).

Key Values

Tender Estimated Cost : INR 35,000,000
Closing Date : 2/06/2022
Document Sale To : 02/06/2022
Location : Karnataka - India

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