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Ref. Number : 49682755 Tender Number : 2022_HRY_220256_1 Tender Prod. No : 2022_HRY_220256_1
Requirement : Purchase of tool, equipment, machinery and furniture - tenon saw with handle, contraction measuring scale, portable disc sander, fire buckets, tenoning machine (single ended), foot rule steel tape, steel measuring scale, marking knife, try square, bevel square, carpenter marking gauge, carpenter mortise gauge, hand saw, metal smoothing plane, firmer chisel, mortise chisel, screw driver, mallet, claw hammer, oil stone, hand brush for cleaning, carpenter vice, blower, steel lockers 8 compartments with individual locks., instructors table, instructors chair, students chairs with writing pads, white board size , lcd projector with screen, cd and dvd of different joint related to carpenter works and variety design of modern furniture, visualizer latest configuration, mortising machine, carpenter work bench , carborundum stone, rip saw, cross cut saw, circular adjustable plane, moulding plane set, triangular file slim taper, triangular file slim taper, centre bits, combination side cutting pilers, slip stone, saw sharpening vice, glass cutter, plotter a1 size, prismatic compass with stands, dlp projector, screen for projector, document camera visualiser, air conditioner, set square transparent, set square celluloid, steel tape, digital theodolite, instrument for total station, hand held gps, white board, drawing table with board, calculator scientific non-programmable, box drawing instrument, protractor celluloid, scale plotting box wood 6 metric scales, scale card board, mini drafter, template- architects and builders, geometrical models (wooden/plastic), cad software, server work station with latest configuration, computer table, computer chair, furniture for server/printer, class room chairs (armless), ranging rod wooden fitted iron shoe, steel arrow, wooden peg, wooden mallet, hammer, plane table, telescopic alidade, transit theodolite with stand with all accessories, digital board model, leveling staff, rule steel , drawing board, rule wooden (consumable), brush round short hair- (consumable), "brush flat short hair -, (consumable)", "varnish brush soft hair-, (consumable)", colour pallet for water colour (consumable ), "stencil/ paper cutter, (consumable)", t' square , easel 'a' type stand , marking gauge, wing compass, carpenter hammer (ball pin), hammer (claw), "portable electric hand drill, machine", drill bits (consumable), chisel knife, hacking knife, palate knife set, diamond glazier knife, paint tin opener, scraper knife, shave huck knife, glider knife, paint burner (acetylene gas), blow lamp, step ladder (aluminum), scaffolding (movable), working bench, bench vice, weight per litter cup, "ford cop for viscosity, measurement with stand", mild steel panels, sink (stainless steel), fire buckets with stand (4 in 1), "suction feed spray gun with, accessories.", gloss meter, digital dft meter, orbital sander machine with dust collector, aerograph (air brush/ pen gun), "pneumatic polishing machine, with pads", "face mask & respirator, (consumable)", pipe vice, flat file- smooth finish, circular cut file, raft cut, pipe die set metric & inches, gun spray with gravity feed cup with complete accessories, "conventional spray gun for, pressure feed", electric spray gun, comb gauge, pencil hardness tester, digital weight machine, air compressor, air compressor, pressure feed container with conventional, electrostatic spray gun unit, airless spray gun unit, sealer drum press pump with sealer gun assembly, side draught dry paint booth- overall dimensions (mm), powder coating set up with gun, stool, desk with locker, cupboard, computer table, students chair, anti virus , radium plotter and cutter with stand, square blade, scriber, hand saw, tendon saw, hack saw with frame, smoothing plane, jack plane, mallet round, hammer (crass pin), pliers insulated, screw driver, fire extinguisher, portable electric hand grinder, infra red lamp, goggles (consumable), gloves (rubber) (consumable), hacksaw, pipe wrench, booth & oven, metal shelving rack open type, steel locker's with 8 drawer's, green glass board, instructor table, instructor chair, photoshop software, page maker, shree lippi, ism, acee-dcee viewer, "radium plotter and cutter with stand , ", steel almirah, air conditioner , computer work station module type, vaccum cleaner, steel almirah, instructor revolving with arm chair, armless chair with back (revolving type), drawing board, white board for using lcd projectoroptional, lcd projector ohp, sever true dedicated sever, plotter, mini drafter, chest of drawer 8 drawers standard, software - solid works, external storage device, computer chair.

Key Values

Document Fees : INR 2,000
EMD : INR 150,000
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 7,000,000
Closing Date : 27/05/2022
Document Sale To : 27/05/2022
Location : Haryana - India

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