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Ref. Number : 49690516 Tender Number : PHQ(Prov)-55/2017-18(PT-III) Tender Prod. No : PHQ(Prov)-55/2017-18(PT-III)
Requirement : Supply of various equipments for district forensic mobile unit and for setting up of regional forensic science laboratory, mobile forensic vehicle compatible to accommodation the mobile investigating team and investigating kit boxes for preliminary testing at crime scene and packing of exhibits, complete fingerprint taking kit, latent fingerprint developer kit, foot and tyre print casting kit, electrostatic dust mark lifting kit, crime scene illumination system, blood detection kit, semen detection kit, narcotics detection kit, explosive detection kit, gun shot residue kit, trace metal detection kit, bullet hole testing kit, bullet trajectory kit, evidence collection and packing kit, general investingation kit, soc sketch and measuring kit, arson ivestingation kit, dna collection and sexual assault investigation kit, set of magnifiers, crime scene cordoning kit, set of search lights, coat / dangri, gas mask, protective shoes, head gear with torch, jacket for scientific staff, first aid kit, forensic light source, collapsible ladder, digital camera, raman spectrometer, slr digital camera with accessories, blue ray player, video camera, consumables items, lab apparatus and chemicals, laboratory apparatus / glassware, chromatography sprayer with rubber bellow capacity, chromatography sprayer bottle type with interchangeable joint rubber, test tube stands made of perspex/ plexi glass sheet, test tube holder, spatula stainless steel both end flat or end spoon, tongs for holding flask, tongs for holding beaker, crucible tongs, strirring rod, dropper with capillary jet and rubber teat, medicine dropper with rubber teast, dropping bottle, automatic pipette, laboratory glassware, conc sulphuric acid, formaldehyde, selenius acid, molybdic acid, amonium vandate, acetic acid, copper sulphate, sodium hydroxide, cobalt thio cyanate, stannous chloride, hydroclochloric acid, nitric acid, sodium bicarbonate, cobalt acetate, methanol, sodium nitropruside, acetaldehyde, sodium carbonate, acetone, vannilin, chloroform, p dimethyl amino benzaldehyde, ethyl acetate, ammonia, toluene, ethanol, acetone, silica gel g, di ethyl amine, di ethyl ether, n hexane, benzene, fast blue b salt, di chloromethane, petrolium ether, sodium hydroxide, ferric sulphate, p amino phenol, caustic potash, cyclohexene, butyl ether, bismuth subnitrate, potassium iodide, plantinic chloride, ammonium molybdate, glycerin, sodium acetate, sodium bisulphite, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, microtome, incubator, electronic weighing balance, heating mantle, rotary mixer, micropipette, microwave oven, water purification system, ultra pure water system, high speeds refrigerate centrifuge, items for ballistic cases examinations, digital varnier callipers, electronic digita pointed jaw callipers, electronic digital pointed jaw scale, measuring tape, lens, electronic weighing balance, spring balance, magnifying glass, ram rod, vice, hammer, tool kit box, cutting plyaer, screw driver set, regents bottle, googles, ear mufflers, boroscope, screw guage, engraver, trigger, fire arms storage almirah, drill machine, bullet recovery box, narcotic testing (detection) kit, evidence / sample collection, labelling, packing and sealing items kit (envelopes, jars, bags etc), vials, zippy bags, envelopes, evidence bags, labeling, plastic container, integrity evidence bags, bio hazard leves, rechargeable vacuum cleaner, electric sealing machine.

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EMD : INR 308,000
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 15,400,000
Closing Date : 8/06/2022
Location : Arunachal Pradesh - India

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