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Ref. Number : 49700043 Tender Number : TET2223GLLB00033 Tender Prod. No : TET2223GLLB00033
Requirement : Supply of necessary tools, equipment & machinery etc – measuring steel tape, combination plier insulated, screw driver insulated, electrician screw driver thin stem insulated handle, heavy duty scew driver, electrician screw driver thin stem insulated handle, punch centre, knife double bladed electrician, neon tester, steel rule graduated both in metric and english unit, hammer, cross peen with handle, hammer, ball peen with handle, pincer, c-clamp, spanner adjustable drop forged, blow lamp brass, chisel cold, firmer chisel, allen key, grease gun, bradawl, pully puller with 3 legs, bearing puller (inside and outside), pipe vice cast iron with hardened jaw open type, scissors blade, crimping tool, wire cutter and stripper, mallet hard wood, hammer extractor type, hacksaw frame, try square, outside calliper, inside calliper, divider, pliers long nose insulated, pliers flat nose insulated, pliers round nose insulated tweezers, snip straight heavy duty, snip bent heavy duty, d.e. metric spanner double ended, drill hand brace, drill s.s. twist block, plane cutters, smoothing cutters, gauge wire imperial stainless steel, file flat, file, file round, file flat, file flat bastard, file flat smooth, file rasp, copper bit soldering iron, de soldering gun, hand vice, table vice, oil can, contactor & auxiliary contacts, limit switch, rotary switch, relay, cut out relays, reverse current, over current, under voltage, pin type insulators including hardware fitting, shackle type insulators including hardware fitting, egg type insulators including hardware fitting, suspension type insulators including hardware fitting, hydrometer, hand drill machine, portable electric drill machine, load bank (lamp/heater type), brake test arrangement with two spring balance rating, laboratory type induction coil, out side micrometer, thermometer digital, series test lamp, knife switch dpdt fitted with fuse terminals, knife switch tpdt fitted with fuse terminals, miniature breaker, earth plate copper, earth plate GI, earth electrode, MCCB, ELCB and RCCB, fuses, rheostat sliding type, capacitors, various electronic components, various lamps, plug socket piano switch lamp holder, cables, bus bar with brackets, rubber mat, electrician helmet, rcc pole with accessories (MS angle iron, C clamp, stay insulator etc) and materials, safety belt, ohm meter, series type & shunt type portable box type, digital multi meter, a.c. voltmeter m.i. analog, portable box, type housed in bakelite case, milli voltmeter centre zero analog, portable box type housed in bakelite case, ammeter mc analog, portable box type housed in bakelite case, ac ammeter mi, analog, portable box type housed in bakelite case, kilo wattmeter analog, digital wattmeter, a.c. energy meter single phase, a.c. energy meter three phase, power factor meter digital, frequency meter, magnetic flux meter, lux meter, tachometer, tong tester/clamp meter, megger, starter, wheat stone bridge with galvanometer and battery, single phase variable auto transformer, phase sequence indicator, growler, ac starters, auto transformer, oscilloscope dual trace, function generator, soldering iron, temperature controlled soldering iron, discrete component trainer, linear I.C. trainer, digital I.C. trainer, domestic appliances, electric induction plate, electric kettle, electric iron, immersion heater, a.c. ceiling fan and AC table fan, geyser, mixture and grinder, washing machine semi-automatic, motor pump set, oil testing kit, inverter with battery, voltage stabilizer, dc power supply battery charger, current transformer, potential transformer, solar panel with battery, ink ket/laser printer, d.c. shunt generator with control panel, motor-generator, d.c. compound generator with control panel, dc series motor coupled with spring balance load, dc shunt motor, dc compound motor with starter and switch, motor generator, ac squirrel cage motor with star delta starter and triple pole iron clad switch fuse with mechanical load, ac phase-wound slip ring motor with starter switch, universal motor with starter/switch, single phase transformer, core type, air cooled, three phase transformer, sheel type oil cooled with delta/star, electrical machine trainer, used dc generators-series, shunt and compound type for overhauling practice, pillar electric drill machine motorized, motorized bench grinder, a.c. series type motor, single phase capacitor motor with starter switch, manual motor coil winding machine, ceiling fan coil winding machine, primary current injection set, stepper motor with digital controller, shaded pole motor for new electrician trade and for up gradation of institute.

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Tender Estimated Cost : INR 2,500,000
Closing Date : 24/05/2022
Location : Rajasthan - India

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