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Ref. Number : 50401770 Tender Number : 08221301 Tender Prod. No : 08221301
Requirement : Supply of design, development, manufacture, supply, testing and commissioning of electrics with 3 phase ac propulsion system for kolkata metro as per rdso specification no. rdso/pe/spec/emu/0182 (rev-1) 2015 and addendum/corrigendum-1 with icf annexure-icf/km/0182-01(rev.00). bidders should factor in the quoted prices of the items of any other equipment on returnable basis, which the bidder feels necessary or shall be required during manufacturing, installation, testing/trials of the kolkata metro rakes but not included in item details of tender document from s.no.1 to 45
high speed circuit breaker as per clause 4.30.0 (one number per basic unit) notequantity includes 2 numbers as spares.lightning arrestor as per clause 4.2.0 (one number per basic unit) note quantity includes2 numbers as spares.third rail current collector complete with mounting arrangement andalong with third rail current collector junction box. as per clause 4.28.0 (four set percoach) note quantity includes 16 sets as spares.traction motors with flexible coupling, complete with pinion, gear, gearcase, hardware, air bellows complete in all respect with speed and temperaturesensors (if provided) & motor connection boxes as per clause 4.4.0. note quantity includes 12numbers as spares.complete auxiliary inverter with power panels, filters required forharmonic suppression, etc. as per clause 4.15.1 (one number per basic unit) note quantity includes 2numbers as spares.master controller, combined traction and braking, complete withaccessories. as per clause 4.7.0 (one set per dtc) note quantity includes 2 numbers as spares.complete traction converter/ inverter, filters requried and all relatedequipment complete in all respect. as per clause 4.3.0 (one set per basic unit) note quantityincludes 2 sets as spares.train control and management system complete in all respect. as perclause 4.5.16 (one rake set)set of diagonostic & display units complete along with set of switchesand their connecting cables. as per clause 4.5.0 (one rake set) note quantity includes 1 set asspares.set of control equipments i.e. mcbs, contactors, cab meters like batteryvoltage, energy meter, speedometer, pressure guage for hr, bp, bc switches andrelays for propulsion, auxiliary and control circuit duly mounted in dust proofenclosures as per clause 4.11.0 (one rake set).battery charger (one set per basic unit)ergonomically designed driver's desk pre-wired and complete in allrespect including electronic hooter (signal bell) & electronic hooter (emergencybell) as per clause 4.8.0 & 4.9.0 (one set per dtc)tcms-multiplexing system/equipment for inter coach data transmission &controls and all other accessories including cables, etc. as per clause 4.5.16 (one rakeset) note quantity includes 1 set as spares.complete brake system with microprocessor control for braking, brakeblending, slide and slip control, acceleration, deceleration and jerk rate control,monitoring of commands to the control units and protections, etc. along withmicroprocessor based diagonostic system. as per clause 4.13.0 (one rake set)main compressor complete with 3 phase motor, dryer and accessories. asper clause 4.25.0 (one set per basic unit)pis system & passenger saloon surveillance system using cctv as perrdso specification no. rdso/spn/tc/106/ 2019, rev-1, amendment no.1 with icfamendment no.1 complete in all respect including front and side cameras as perclause 4.6.2 (one rake set) note quantity includes 1 set as spares.all the cables & wires (power & auxiliary) complete as required inharnessed form including communication and fire survival cables as mentioned inthe relevant clauses, including termination crimping lugs, cable markers with heatshrinkable sleeves and other accessories as per clause 4.23.0 & 4.24.0 (one rake set)iv couplers and jumpers in harnessed form as per clause 4.19.0 (one rake set)note quantity includes 1 set as spares.automatic smoke / fire detection system with alarm as per clause 1.4.6 & 4.31.0 (new clause) ofrdso specification. (one rake set)all interior lights, led head lights (as per rdso specn no.rdso/2017/el/spec/ 0134), tail lights, marker lights, flasher lights, cab lights andcabin emergency light as per clause no. 4.20.0 (one rake set) note quantity includes 1 set asspares.guages for pneumatic indication and electrically driven wiper system i.e.motor + wind screen wiper and sunscreen (one rake set)roof mounted air - conditioning system. as per clause 4.21.0 (one set consists oftwo rmpus per coach) note quantity includes 4 numbers as spares.traction power supply arrangement for workshop as per clause 2.14.0(one rake set).instrumentation required for commissioning and field testing of theequipment (may be taken back by the supplier after completion of thecommissioning and field testing activities) (adequate sets of instrumentation mustbe available at any point of time for commissioning and field testing activities at icfas well as at user railways). firm should quote lumpsum amount. (one rake set).supervision of installation and complete commissioning as per clause18.3 and 18.4 of special condition of contract (one rake set)training as per clause 18.7 at supplier premises for 200 man-days. firm to quote singlerate for 200 man-days.page 4 of 17 run date/time 20/06/2022 160731stores/fur/icftender documenttender no 08221301 closing date/time 12/07/2022 1415training as per clause 18.7 at icf/metro railway, kolkata for 250 man-days. firm to quotesingle rate for 250 man-days.laptop computers with necessary interfacing equipment and drivingsoftwareset-up for testing and trouble shooting of main inverter and auxiliaryconverter/ inverter and control electronicsjigs and fixture for repair of main inverter/auxiliary converter/inverterpower semi conductornecessary software tools for carrying out modifications by purchaserin futurejigs fixtures and lifting frames for mounting, dismounting andlifting/lowering of all equipments needing special facilities, including bearingmounting/dismounting tool.kit for testing of transmission and communication signals, multiplexingetc throughout the train lengthrepair kit for air dryer, air control equipment etcinverter testerset of driver's desk equipments/ components (one rake set)set of brake equipment including specific electronic cards, becu, etc &parking brakes (one set per basic unit)isolation switches with interlocking box (one rake set)complete main compressor with motor and accessoriesset of air filters (one rake set)set of mcbs, contactors, meters, switches and relays for propulsion,auxiliary & control ckt. (one rake set)set of consumables e.g. lubricants, cooling oils, brake pads, fasteners,etc.(one rake set)set of complete drive unit including flexible coupling, gear pinion andgear case(one set per basic unit)set of complete pcbs of main inverter and aux. converter/ inverterincluding gate unit and of control electronics equipment.(one set per basic unit)driver cab equipments (one set per dtc)

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Closing Date : 12/07/2022
Location : Tamil Nadu - India

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