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Ref. Number : 50549471
Requirement : supply of ration items, fruits and vegetable, sweets and samosa, daily use items, stationery items, student uniform items, stitching of uniform, bedding materials, sports items, electricity items, science laboratory items, hair cutting, washing and pressing cloth,tunkshop, furniture items, utensil.
annual maintenance contract of cctv photo state machine computer water cooler ro.
building repair items and labour work. r.o, a.c water cooler, cct v camera, photo copier machine, computer & printer, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, tongue cleaner, broom, toilet cleaner, phenyl, hair oil, trolley brush, phenyl tablet, wiper, odonil, mosquito coil, shoe polish, harpic, pads, led tube light, led bulb, multi wire, switch, starter, switch board, cut out, fan rewinding copper wire, bearing, fan regulator, button holder, fuse connector, tape steel grip, insulator, street light cover, change over, street light set, fan, fan blade, clamp, flexible wire, mcb box, dp, battery, inverter, cable, single stand, led street light, clamp, electrical instrument kit, safety belt, shoes, gloves, gate wall, elbow, socket, tee socket, toti, cock, nipple, union, suta, tapelon, white lead, m seal, cock, sawer, reducer, wash basin, connection pipe, tiles, pipe, cistern, sink steel, pipe, toti, cpbc, lime, rabin, fevicol, enamel paint, distemper, paper, stainer, bajri, white glass, acrylic fiber, putty, tarpin, cement bag, aluminium sheet, ply, board, sunmica, iron angle, barbed wire, brush, wall putty,primer, murram, white sand, dalagreet, brick, bars, door lattice, a. natraj hb pencils, natraj rubber plasto, sketch pen luxor (set packet 12 colours), pen renald 045, cello ball pen butterflow, scale plastic natraj ( 12”), tube colour (set of 12 shades camel), drawing brush no 01, drawing brush no 02, drawing brush no 03, drawing brush no 04, drawing brush no 05, chalk- white dustless (apsara), coloured dustless (apsara), drawing punch sheet sangam, chart paper (card bord size 20” x 30”orient product) thick, quality, duster a) good quality for green board, duster b) for white board, graph paper a4 size 100 sheets per packet, board thumb pin, per pkt, a4 size paper- j.k.bond - 75 gsm, a4 size paper- century - 75 gsm, a3 size paper- j.k.bond - 75gsm, fun gum (pedilite) tube 25 ml. & 500 ml., tag synthetic 8” bunch (50 pcs), geometry box camel, geometry box scholar, map world,india,uresia etc. per hundred coloured, register plain 29x18 cm orient paper 192 page dafti, coverhard 58 gsm, register plain 29x18 cm orient paper 96 page hard board, hp laser jet 1020 plus cartridge (12a), samsung cartridge, pro-dot printer cartridge, poster colour camal a set of 12, paper, experimental copy, exam copy, school bag, pencil, note book, stapler, stapler pin, test tub brush, gas defector, wash bottle, wire, pipe, charcoool borer, busen burner, starech, acetic aicd, acetone, ferric chloride, methanol, potassium hydroxide, dropper, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, lead nitrate, barium chloride, glass tube, triangular file, rubber corks, corks borer set, filter paper, litms, ph indicator, breaker, ph chart, universal indicator, ammonium chloride, lead acetape proper, starch, tumeric paper, copper metal, zine gramiles, ammonium sulphide, methyl, sodium nitropruse, acetal dehyde, bromive water, line water, ammonium chloride, nitrate, borax, cabalt nitrate, ammonia, nessler reagent, sodium sulphite, chloride, bromide,iodide, spherometer, screw gauge, vernier calipers, ohm law intwgrated circuit, potentiometer, metre bridge, optical bench with four uprights, pn junction integrated circuit, galvanometer.
canteen and telephone booth operation work.
plate, glass, spoon, aluminium lid, canoe, kadai, ladle, pena, , football, football shoes, handball(men), handball (women), hand ball net, basketball, basketball, cricket kitbag, cricket bat, cricket ball canvas, cricket ball canvas, cricket ball, cricket batting pad, cricket batting gloves, w.k, gloves, volley ball, volley ball net, volley ball net, volley ball wire, volley ball pole, basket ball net, helmet for cricket, tt table with wheel, tt bat, tt ball, tt net, badminton racket, badminton shuttle cock, badminton net, hockey stick, hockey ball (turf), running spikes, kho-kho pole (wooden), kho-kho kit, kit sports (half pant+t-shirt), track suit, cricket kit (lower t.shirt.), cricket shoes, covering net for cricket nylon, 100x10 feet, whistle, cricket ball, cricket thigh pad, cricket abdominal gaurd, cricket inner gloves, cricket canvas bat, badminton shuttle cock feather, stocking, shin pad (football), shin pad (hockey), sports shoes(jogger), shotput senior/junior(boys/girls), discuss 1kg, 1.5 kg , 2 kg, victory stand, clapper for races, cross bar fiber, takeup board, javillin 600gm., , 800gm, alumunium, javillin 600gm., , 800gm, judo mates, judo dress, cricket net 60/10 fit. naylon, caram board, chess board, drill rings (flaxible) wodden, skeeping rope, knee cap, anklet, tighty for girl, badminton pole, badminton kit, badminton shoes, taekwondo uniform pc fabric up, to 30 size, 32, 34, 36,38,40, taekwondo uniform semi korean, fabric can up to 40 size, 42 size, head gaurd cma, chest guard reversable (new), taekwondo hand gloves cma, aim guard s, m, l, o leel cma, shin gruard s,m,l, with foot cover, cma, fan pad (korean style), kick pad cma, bin paid cma, leg weight, rubber nan chek, taekwondo shoe, extra big pad (strike kicking, shield/power pad, hurdle, football/hockey/handball goal, keeper kit, hoop ring, yoga kit, medicine ball diff. size, tackwonda mat, ad & supporter, punching bag, yoga mat, chest guard archery, aero (aluminum), aero (carbon), finger tab (recurve), string (indian round), string (recurve round), dining table (sunmica, top), dinning table, dinning bench, dining bench, steel alimrah for, office, library book shelf, double bed, dual desk, teacher’s table, single bed (wooden), single bed (wooden), plastic chair (molded), cello, plastic chair (molded), cello, plastic chair (molded), neelkamal, plastic chair (molded), neelkamal.

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Closing Date : 30/06/2022
Location : Uttar Pradesh - India

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